Why stress now


i really like my outfit today, even though it kind of makes me feel like i’m a scout of some sort??? but i’m gonna make the internet look at it anyway!!!!!

On today’s episode of How Long Until Bethany Elopes to Niagra Falls:

My wedding venue, that I’ve been in love with for years and booked IN DECEMBER, had a fire in early June. I panicked, they assured us they were rebuilding, and a couple of weeks ago I was given the date of May 1st for the lodge’s reopening…. 

TODAY I get an email from the owner, saying that they have decided NOT to rebuild, and are going to be using just their pavilion from now on. Which is too small for my 250 person wedding. Which means now, after 8+ months of thinking I had almost EVERYTHING all set for my wedding (this place included the ceremony site, the reception venue, the food, the cake and a DJ), I am now starting from scratch.

Have you ever tried to hide the fact that you’re crying at work??? It’s GREAT. 10/10 would NOT recommend. 

Okay so I made sure to keep at least 2 binders when I packed to move. 

While I was unpacking there was this white one that kept getting in my way. I swear to god no matter where I moved it to I was stepping on it or tripping over it. 

And now that I need the binder? FUCKING GONE! Literally nowhere. I’ve checked every box, rechecked the things I do have unpacked and put away, and scoured my half sorted piles on the floor (that have no where to go, that’s why they are on the floor) checked the living room, kitchen, bathroom, even the linen closet, mom swears she hasn’t seen it. OMG WHY!? 

btw thank you to everyone who sent messages abt the whole ship thing earlier……… .. ..  . .. . im not going to answer all of the messages because ive already made my point and i dont want to keep talking about it since i understand the topic makes many people uncomfortable….. but anyway yeah thank you!!! :—-)

for the first time in too long I sat down and did my favorite stress relieving thing and I feel so much better my god
what do?
I get a sheet of paper and at the top I write “why am I stressed?” and then I list all of the reasons until I feel like I’ve covered all the bases
then I read them all again and try to figure out what’s in common between them (find the essence or root ya know- sometimes that makes it easier to deal with or I realize what I thought was bothering me was only on the surface and its something more than that)
and then I argue with myself about why the things I’m stressed about shouldn’t stress me out so much (like not deny myself the feeling of stress because that’s not good but like combat it by giving myself confidence that I can handle whatever is stressing me out)

anonymous asked:

To answer how people know he has abs, fans staying at the same hotel saw them at the pool. They also took photos of jihoon and Joshua shirtless, invading their privacy.

That’s so unnecessary and rude of them to do that. It’s one thing to limit a person to their looks, but to also invade their privacy and spread photos around is beyond inappropriate. I know fans being disrespectful and dismissive of their idol’s comfort is not an uncommon thing - but it’s just so annoying to hear fans treat their faves as if they aren’t human and asked for this type of behavior.

Thank you for clarifying this anon. I was thinking it had to do with a situation like this, but I was hoping for something less aggravating.