Why stress now

On Kadara

Ryder: *does something*

SAM: Pathfinder, maybe you should ask Mr Vidal about Something.

Ryder: it’s just a pebble in my shoe, SAM

SAM: well maybe Mr Vidal has information on that pebble

Some Nyance doodles


here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

does anyone else ever like … sit down and try to type out a measured post about their life to explain to their friends/followers why they’ve been such a tire fire lately, but it’s really complicated and you don’t know where to start and so all that comes out is incoherent pterodactyl screeching?

I guess this is a general suggestion, coming from a supportive place that I hope doesn’t sound patronising. 

I want Louis to succeed, I want that for him more than anything. He deserves it, and he has the talent to make it happen. 

I know we use JHO as an example of how his team failed him, and while I agree to a large extent, I do think we have to acknowledge Jay’s passing, and the possibility that, quite rightly, Louis may not have wanted, or been emotionally capable of the pressure more than the commitments he carried out would have brought with it.

I’m going to try as much as possible to treat the next single and the album as a blank slate. And judge them on it when there is something to judge them on. It’s too early. Like I said yesterday, they know when Louis’ music is coming out, we don’t. If the album is more than a few months away it’s too early to be amping it up in the media. And who knows what they are planning for the single release and when that will be, so for me, the same goes with that. 

Believe me, I will be first in line to shout and scream if I feel he is being treated badly when the promo kicks off. Until then I really would suggest waiting it out. I know we’re an army of bees - this time around though, I’d love it if we could just hang fire for now, braced to sting anyone senseless if we need to.  


I was thinking about fusions and clothes, and then this happened.

Human Sci and Fell have a bit of trouble with random, accidental fusing. Also, Silica didn’t just fix the issue by unfusing because, as I’ll probably explain more another time, they usually wait at least several hours before attempting to unfuse. (Also this is supposed to be happening early in the morning at Sci’s house. Papyrus just came over, possibly to pick up his brother. They were watching boring morning television of some kind, possibly those really little kid shows.)

This marks my first time successfully drawing a human Papyrus. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I made it the first time I tried.

Don’t ya just wanna say “fuck it” and scream very loudly? Then go to bed til they invent either a cure for constant sickness or a full on stomach transplant? Or is it just me? XD

Ahhh, even though I know what happens at the end of this stupid book, it’s still stressing me out because I don’t know how they get there.

(^ me, reading the X-Wing novels for the first time)

He was still only in his early twenties, but the wide gold streak in his dark hair had turned to silver.

#i’m incapable of stressing at this point #niall could announce his engagement to bigfoot #and i’d be like mmm this gonna be good #baptize me in your river of lies
—  that-regular-chick on adopting a chill attitude since we’re constantly lied to by 1DHQ.