Why should Mal come for him

Things For Descendants 2 (New Version)

1. Chad and Audrey apologize to the VKs for how they acted in the first movie. (mainly to fulfill my Chadlos heart)

2. China Anne McClain star as Freddie.

3. Do NOT pair up Carlos with Jane and Jay with Audrey or Lonnie. Don’t even PLAY Disney.

4. Tiana and Naveen have a son, in contrast to Freddie.

5. More stuff focusing on The Isle of the Lost

6. Prince Aziz (son of Aladin and Jasmine) appear due to him being cut out in the first movie.

7. Aziz and Jay form a friendship cause why not.

8. Queen of Hearts having a daughter that butts head with Evie on beauty and shit.

9. The four Descendants that come to Auradon are Anthony Tremaine, Queen of Hearts daughter, Harriet Hook, and Reza (following Wicked World canon, Freddie should already be in Auradon)

10. Screen time for Jordan and Ally

  • Mal: fuck the darkling
  • Alina: ikr? i mean at first i was really into him but then he turned out to just be using me for his own ends but sometimes he visits me and im starting to think maybe i should give him another chance since he's really opened up to me about his real name and why he's doing this so i can kinda get where he's coming from plus we have so much in common and he's really hot but idk if i can afford to get into a relationship rn
  • Mal: ??? (ಠ_ಠ) ???

Anonymous prompted: “Rumple returns from NYC to find a very different Belle. She is tired of her "heroic acts” always involving everyones happiness except her own and is ready to join the villains.“

Note: Dark!Belle


They’re celebrating her pain, can’t they see that? They’re celebrating Rumpel’s pain, celebrating the fact he will never get his happy ending, and they can’t see that if Rumpel never gets his happy ending, she doesn’t either.

Belle sits at Rumpel’s desk in the pawn shop, palms pressed flat against the warm wood. Everything about the place is full of him, of his essence; it weighs down heavy on her and she welcomes it.

They are celebrating her pain. She has sacrificed so much for them and she receives no pity, no thanks, she only receives their mocking celebration. Belle has sacrificed her own happy ending so that they will all have theirs and this is the way she is repaid. 

She won’t stand for it. Not any more. 

Someone once said that she brought out the best in Rumpel. 

What they didn’t know was that he brings out the best in her, too.

Rumpel told her once that desperate souls are capable of anything, and Belle is desperate. 

Let them celebrate her pain, let them belittle the sacrifices she has made for them. They’ll be sorry. 

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