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A Diamond In The Rough [Jay Imagine] [Request]

A Diamond In The Rough

Jay Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @fleurhermione

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“You five are going to bring me Fairy Godmother’s magic wand,” said Maleficent.

You and your friends–one of them being your brother, Carlos–all glanced at one another. You shared a rather long exchange with Jay in particular.

“[Y/N]!” shouted your mother, Cruella.

At the same time, Jafar shouted, “Jay!”

The two adults didn’t seem happy. They gestured for the two of you to pay attention. As you turned your attention back to Maleficent, Jay gave you a small smile, which you returned.

- -

You checked to be sure Mal and Evie were both asleep. The dorm room you now shared with them was dark. You opened the door, pulling a blanket around your shoulders. You walked to the floor above you, knocking on a door, which Jay opened.

“Hey,” you greeted.

Jay gave you a tired smile: “Hey. You couldn’t sleep again?”

You nodded, “I’ve been awake all night. Can you walk with me?”

Jay gave you another smile. He stepped into the hallway. You opened the blanket and Jay wrapped it around both of you.

Just like every night on the Isle when you were unable to sleep, Jay took you on a walk.

- -

Days later, you were doing your homework with Mal. Evie was making a dress while Carlos sat on the floor with a dog. You felt a smile grow on your face when Jay entered the room. He was wearing a blue and gold jersey.

“Nice,” you said.

Jay grinned at you brightly. He posed before sitting down beside you. There was a knock on the door. Mal stood and opened the door to reveal Prince Ben. He smiled kindly at all of you.

“So, you really think this looks good?” asked Jay, gesturing to his jersey.

You nodded, “I think you look great, Jay. You always do.”

Before he could reply, Mal closed the door. She smirked, “Ben is going to need a new girlfriend if we want to get the wand at his coronation. You up for it, [Y/N]?”

Jay spoke before you could: “No!”

You all looked at him. He blushed and struggled to say something else, though nothing seemed to come to his mind.

“Why, Jay?” asked Carlos, a smirk on his face.

“Is there something you want to tell us?” smiled Evie.

“No, it’s just that I think Mal should do it. Her mom is the one who wants the wand, after all,” answered Jay.

The others shrugged, but acted as if they knew something. You placed a hand on Jay’s shoulder: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replied, and then he stood up, making your hand fall. “I’ll see you later.”

You could only watch as he left.

- -

Weeks later, Ben’s coronation arrived. You had recently been avoiding Jay as much as possible. Every time the two of you had an encounter, it would be incredibly awkward.

However, Maleficent somehow left the Isle during Ben’s coronation. After defeating her mom, Mal began telling each of you why you should all stay in Auradon. Finally, she pointed at you and Jay.

“And you two need to start talking to each other again!” she exclaimed. “You two have liked each other forever, but haven’t done anything about it!”

- -

Later at Ben’s celebration, Jay approached you with a wide smile: “Hey, you wanna go for a walk?”

“Right now?” you asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “come on.”

You stood up with a smile on your face. Jay took your hand in his own. You both stepped away from the party.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I like you,” said Jay. “It’s just… my dad always told me that love doesn’t matter to a villain, but that’s not true. I should have known that. Love is the most important–”

You interrupted him with quiet laugh, “Jay, just kiss me.”

And he did.

Things that I wanna say about Descendants 2:


+ It was important how they showed that all of that pressure to be perfect was affecting Mal and Ben

+ Ben had a lot of things to do all the time and he had no time to stay with his friends and Mal, it was clear that he was tired.

+ Mal was faking to be someone that she isn’t. After “Ways to Be Wicked”, in her interview, we can see how the reporters were asking things that were kinda disrespectful, like: “Did you imagine that you would be with a VK?” (to Ben), and come on, Mal had all the rights to get sad. 

+ Mal wanted someone to listen to her, to understand her. She was screaming.

+ I don’t know why they are so against magic, but Mal is half-fairy, so she should use her magic.

+ That doesn’t mean that she was right in try to spell Ben, but all that she wanted was give him the perfect things. She was trying to be perfect to him (what she didn’t need to do!).

+ I really loved how they showed not only Mal’s insecurities, but Evie’s too. Evie was really afraid of coming back to the Isle Of the Lost. She didn’t want to be left there again. Evie was trying so hard to forget her past and focus on her life in Auradon now. She is a stylist, a designer. She’s very, very, talented. 

+ But we all know that our past will always be part of us and it was important to make us what we are now

+ I still don’t think that Carlos and Jane are the perfect couple, but they had one scene that I really thought it was important: when Jane hugged Carlos. 

+ Not because it was cute, but because Carlos’ facial expression showed that he needed that. Not a girl. A hug. He hugged her in a way that I wished I could hug him too. We all know that Cruella abused him and that’s why he doesn’t wanna go back to the isle, and that scene showed that he needed affection.

+ Lonnie. That’s all. She is a badass. I had my issues with her before. I mean, of course I liked her in the first movie, but I didn’t like how she cared so much about her hair since she had potential to be more.

+ And guess what? She is so much more! She knows how to fight and how to use a sword better than all the boys in the team! This. Is. So. Important! 

+ They showed how there is sexism in Auradon even after strong womans like Elsa, Merida, and Lonnie’s mother, Mulan. She saved China! And the boys like Chad act like this has no value! 

+ I mean, she’s an excellent fighter, but they don’t want her in the team because she is a girl?! WHO THE FUCK WROTE THAT RULE BOOK?!

+ Let’s calm down and think… Why nobody is talking about how Chad was creepy and crazy?!

+ Audrey broke up with him and he went crazy. He has the key to Jay and Carlos’ room. How creepy is that?!

+ You know in Girl Meets World when Farkle says that if something bad happened to Lucas, he would be the president in his place with a creepy face? CHAD WAS THE SAME.

+ Like, he put a crown on his head and imagined that he was king. I MEAN, HIS FRIEND WAS KIDNAPPED AND HE WAS THINKING ABOUT TAKING HIS PLACE!

(I need to calm down. Omg, I have a lot to write…)


+ Uma is amazing. I’m in love with her. And she is not evil. I know, she kidnapped the king of Auradon, but what I love about her is that all that she wants is let everyone of the isle be free. I don’t think she cares about taking over Auradon she just wants to be free.

+ Her conversation with Ben was very deep. She said that the isle is a prison, and who wouldn’t be angry in her place? The movie is 6 months after that the rotten four chose good, and they didn’t do anything to take other villain kids out of the isle, and Ben didn’t do anything too.

+ They really were the forgotten villain kids. Uma, Harry, Gil, Dizzy. All of them.

+ You know what I loved? The chemistry between Uma and Harry. It was very clear that he has a huge crush on her. My favorite scene was when he falls (in the ocean, I guess) and he calls Uma to help him. This happens when Mal and the other are running back to the limo and Uma could reach them. But she stopped. She stopped to help him. She didn’t need to do that, but she did.

+ Now, Gil. I love him, I wanna protect him. He’s so happy, he has no idea about what is happening all the time! He keeps calling Uma “shrimpy”, and when Harry pulls him out of the restaurant is amazing!

+ It’s like Harry is saying: “You are going to sit here for five minutes and think about what you said to my darling Uma, did you get it? Don’t you dare go back there before the time is over!”.

+ Gil is so precious <3




+ And Evie. I love Evie so much that I wish I could hug her! She wants to take care of the kids, she wants them to have a better life, she’s Ben counselor, she loves Dizzy and wants to protect her as a sister.

+ I loved how we saw Uma with tentacles. How we saw Mal turn into a dragon. I loved how Ben enters in a “beast mode” sometimes.


+ It was clear how he was able to attack Harry if he did anything to Mal while he was singing his part in “It’s Going Down”, and when he said that he could drive Mal to the isle if she wanted. He wants to see her happy.

+ And he gave up of being captain of the team so Lonnie could finally be on the team, because he knew that she deserved to be there.

+ The rotten four are family. They will always be. I love how Carlos remembered Mal and Evie that.

+ And we had Doug’s insecurities too. He’s afraid of don’t be enough to Evie, he’s so sweet!

+ This movie gave me so many ships, OMG

+ Evie x Ben (matching clothes, come on!) / Uma x Ben / Dizzy x invitation to Auradon / Jay x Lonnie / Mal x Uma…

+ Gaston still wants Belle and kill Adam/Beast. And Gil says that so calm, I love him.






I guess that’s all for today. I wrote so much, OMG.

Sorry guys, but I’m so in love with this movie. But I know I’m not the only one.

Have a nice day, guys. I love you all <3

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tell her you love her

a minific requested by @purplemeetsblue that ran away from me a little, i’ve just really wanted to write a “same situation different times” comparison for so long and this isn’t enough i’m 100% writing another with more stark differences

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s not my girlfriend!”

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Things For Descendants 2 (New Version)

1. Chad and Audrey apologize to the VKs for how they acted in the first movie. (mainly to fulfill my Chadlos heart)

2. China Anne McClain star as Freddie.

3. Do NOT pair up Carlos with Jane and Jay with Audrey or Lonnie. Don’t even PLAY Disney.

4. Tiana and Naveen have a son, in contrast to Freddie.

5. More stuff focusing on The Isle of the Lost

6. Prince Aziz (son of Aladin and Jasmine) appear due to him being cut out in the first movie.

7. Aziz and Jay form a friendship cause why not.

8. Queen of Hearts having a daughter that butts head with Evie on beauty and shit.

9. The four Descendants that come to Auradon are Anthony Tremaine, Queen of Hearts daughter, Harriet Hook, and Reza (following Wicked World canon, Freddie should already be in Auradon)

10. Screen time for Jordan and Ally

anonymous asked:

the post you reblogged is dropping all kinds of truth bombs re: mal and audrey and uma. it's a disturbing trend in both movies mal's "foes" are both woc and always lean towards mal being "right". we are always meant to see her pov and feel for her. ben was 100% right about how bad it was of mal to be lying to him the whole time yet he is the one apologizing? ben is 100% right about uma wanting what's best for the isle and using the means she has to do it but we're not meant to agree with him?

Honestly, has Mal ever apologized for anything??? For love-spelling Ben? For lying to Ben? For convincing Jane that she was ugly? For dumping shrimp on Uma and ostracizing her? Even for coming to Auradon with the intent of destroying them all? No. And why should she when no one ever holds her accountable for her actions? She gets away with it all and somehow, we, the viewers, are supposed to act as if she’s always right or make excuses for her actions as if the other characters haven’t had hard lives as well. 

Also, has anyone noticed that Mal only becomes a caring person AFTER she’s gotten what she wants? In Descendants 1, it’s only after she “chooses good” and defeats her mother that she decides to save face with the Jane situation.

In Descendants 2, it’s only after she knows Ben is her true love that she decides to act as if she’s this authority figure willing to give Uma “a chance.”

As if her and Uma are the same. The big difference is when Mal tried to steal the wand it was due to her self-involved desire for her mother’s validation. However, Uma wanted to steal the wand to release herself, her crew, and the other innocent victims on the Isle from their lives of imprisonment and destitution.

I’m just bothered that Mal does all these conniving things and then turns around and tries to act all high and mighty and innocent without actually being apologetic or truly remorseful. I don’t completely dislike Mal as a character, but the way the plot presents her as some kind of golden child whose feelings are top priority is very annoying.

And this trend of her foes being non-white definitely warrants a side-eye.

If Chad Charming was at the Cotillion.

  • When Uma comes in Chad would probably make a comment like ‘he gets two girlfriends and I cant even get one Audrey? That’s so unfair’
  • Evie would shove him because he made the comment whilst he’s right next to Mal who’s about to burst into tears.
  • In fact he’d then ask Mal why she’s crying.
  • Jay would hit him because of that.
  • When Uma hugs Mal, he’d probably shout ‘YOU GUYS SHOULD KISS’
  • Lonnie and Carlos would both hit him
  • He’s start singing along to Kiss The Girl whilst it’s playing
  • Doug would then proceed to hit him
  • Everybody’s done with Chad by now.
  • He’s sobbing for a good while whilst everything is happening.
  • When Mal and Ben kiss he’s just like ‘MAN CHOOSE A GIRL ALREADY BEN’
  • When Uma jumps overboard he mutters ‘do a flip’ under his breath, Jay and Carlos both hear it
  • Giant Uma gets everybody wet and Chad full on screams again ‘MY CAAAAAAPE’
  • Mal turns into a dragon, Chad yells ‘WHAT IS GOING ON?’
  • When Mal’s fighting Uma, ‘IT’S NOT GONNA WORK MAL, SHE’S A WATERTYPE’
  • Ben does his Beast roar and Chad just goes ‘weak’ and when he jumps overboard and everybody’s calling for him, he pathetically goes ‘beennn’
  • He zones out whilst Ben’s doing his chat with Uma and Mal, and starts folding up his cape because it’s heavy af when it’s wet
  • And he realises they won when everyone starts applauding then then joins in like he was paying attention.
  • He zones out again whilst Ben and Mal are having their chat.
  • During ‘You and Me’ he doesn’t join in with the dancing because he doesn’t like having wet feet so he’s stood up on the steps, until Jay and Carlos pull him down into the water. He doesn’t actually have anyone to dance with tbh but he breaks it down on his own.
  • He’ll probably try to do a snow angel even though it’s water

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so I've been reading all the ficlets based off of your Carlos left behind prompt and they are all awesome, but I was thinking... what if Carlos is left, and joins up with Uma's crew. Maybe after protecting some of the Warf Rats or patching up Harry or Gil in the apartment/hideout. So when Uma hears rumor of Mal, Jay, Evie and Ben on the isle, she has a back up plan with Carlos either acting as a false hostage for Uma or a fake ally to Mal right up until the trade-off.

(This is the prompt that Anon is talking about: http://bunny-lou.tumblr.com/post/161718284882/carlos-centric-descendants-prompt)

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this, I’m terrible at keeping track of my inbox.

But I love this idea! And I think it could be a full-length fic (which I don’t have the time to write at the moment, unfortunately :/ ).

 - Carlos waits and waits for his friends, for a letter or an invitation that never comes

 - he’s immediately a target because Jay and Mal were the muscle and threat. Without them, Carlos is nobody special on the Isle

 - finally, after like a year or something, he’s fed up of beatings and perverts and people who are stronger. His resentment for Jay, Mal and Evie is really setting in, so Carlos reaches out to Uma and is like ‘hey, let’s bond over our hatred for those assholes.’

 - and Uma’s like ‘ummm, no thanks, Dog Boy. I don’t need you.’

 - but she remembers how she and Mal were once friends and Mal left her, it causes a teeny stirring in Uma’s cold heart

 - so she checks back in on this lonely De Vil boy and stumbles upon his inventions and chemicals and re-considers if Carlos really could be valuable to her and her crew

 - blah blah, Carlos is initiated in as a pirate!

 - More time passes, Mal, Evie, Jay and Ben are on the Isle and Uma’s “take the king! revenge! freedom!”

 - Carlos is “meh, I don’t need those people in my life, I don’t want them here.” and he associates Auradon with being left behind, so he doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether they take down the barrier or not

 - but Uma is his new Mal his captain and just like he did with Mal Carlos will follow her anywhere

 - Uma’s original plan was for Carlos to be a fake hostage and for his old friends to try and save him, but she’s secretly terrified that they won’t care and she knows Carlos is tough and strong, but she also knows how much their abandonment killed him and Uma doesn’t think Carlos can survive rejection like that again.

 - so he’s a fake ally, approaching Jay, Mal, Evie and Ben casually, like he doesn’t hate three of them for leaving and one of them for taking his family

 - Evie, Mal and Jay are like ‘hey buddy…long time no see. Whoops.’

 - Carlos has new scars, a new reputation on the Isle, his hair is straight and long and he’s so small and thin (because Cruella never fed him and he’s still on the bottom of the food chain for pirates because he’s so new), Evie tries to hug him and she can feel his ribs through his jacket.

 - Jay is so happy to see his old friend, he momentarily forgets how he left Carlos alone on the Isle. He goes to put Carlos in a headlock and there’s a violent flinch and bared teeth and a low growl, that’s not the sweet and gentle Carlos he remembers

 - they’re all so distracted by this new, almost vicious Carlos, that no one noticed Ben being captured and taken away.

 - Mal goes to Uma, who is seething. Mal ruined their friendship, Mal abandoned the Isle, but worst of all: Mal hurt someone on Uma’s crew. That is unforgivable.

 - she can’t say that Carlos is hers now and that Uma values his intelligence, his skill, his strength. She can’t rub it in Mal’s face that Uma has someone amazing because Mal was too stupid to realize it.

 - Mal is dead-set on staying on the Isle, confides it to Carlos secretly in her warehouse. Says she’ll stay with him and things will be just like they use to be

 - and he’s torn because beneath his anger and bitterness, he’s missed Mal. He’s missed her authority, her concern, her wit.

 - yet, she can’t just bail him for over a year and expect things to be okay. He’s not going to be her lackey when it’s convenient for her.

 - without Carlos in Auradon, no one has access to a 3D printer, so Jay and Evie try to steal the wand or maybe they just bring the limo with the button for the barrier, very similar plan of ‘give Uma a fake button and then run when we have Ben’

 - so Carlos relays the information to Uma, tells her to try the button before she returns the king. He visits Ben, some pretty boy with un-calloused hands, and he has no idea who Carlos is

 - and why should he? Jay, Mal and Evie were never really his friends, of course they never talked about him, Carlos doesn’t understand why he’s still hurt

 - Ben asks to explain more of Jay, Mal and Evie, what were their pasts like because none of them are willing to talk about the Isle at all.

 - Carlos is furious, burning with rage that they just forget all of them on the island, until Ben, soft and too trusting to be a king, talks about Mal’s nightmares, Evie’s self-hatred, Jay’s aggression. He talks about how all three of them cling to each other, even after being in Auradon for a year. The bond they have is unnatural and Ben just wishes he could understand

 - and Carlos is no less furious, but he wonders that if he were given a better life in Auradon, would he ever think about the Isle? Or would he want to forget all of its horrors.

 - He looks at Uma, at Gil, at Harry and Harriet and CJ and thinks he could never ever leave any of them behind. Maybe Carlos is just useless and unwanted, that’s all he was ever seen as, that’s why his former friends didn’t want him

- and later, when it’s just the two of them, Mal cracks, silently cries. Says that in all her duties, her responsibilities, she has done so many wrong things. She tried to steal the wand, she can hardly control her magic, she and Jay and Evie are suppose to be these perfect, wall-mannered Auradon kids so that the citizens will support bringing over more kids and the pressure was worse than anything Maleficent did. Knows she should go back and advocate for more kids to come to Auradon, but she’s cracking and can’t find the strength to return.

 - She’s fully convinced Jay and Evie will be fine without her and Carlos can’t stop himself: “I wasn’t.”

 - Mal turns to him, but Carlos changes the subject, talks to her about the plan, tries to pretend he didn’t just admit his weakness.

 - when the trade-off comes, Ben is gagged. He recognizes Carlos as the pirate from the night before, but he can’t warn Jay, Mal and Evie.

 - Mal gives Uma the fake button, grabs Ben and turns to run, Evie is right behind her, but Jay can’t move, sword at his throat with Carlos at the handle, trembling

After this, I get stuck. It could be a happy ending with poly Carlos/Jay/Mal/Evie, or it could sad with Carlos never forgiving them.

Or someone could put their own twist on this idea and ignore all of mine, I’ll read anything if someone wanted to write this!

Together at Last

3rd and Final Part of Left Behind But Not Forgotten (Part 2)

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  • Title: Together at Last
  • Fandom: Disney Descendants
  • Pairing: Gil x Fem!Reader
  • Warnings: some slight swearing, LOTS OF FEELS (fluff overload), violent overuse of commas, and I say “Gil” like 60 million times- ya know, just in case you forgot who this fanfic was about.
  • Description: (Y/N) has arrived in Auradon and in that moment, Evie knew she fucked up. The happy couple is reunited, Gil is back to his normal self, and everything seems right in the world again. Our happily ever after has come.
  • A/N: The end is nigh, my dears! The final chapter of Left Behind But Not Forgotten is here! Thank you guys so much for all the love and support you’ve given me and this series! You guys are honestly the best and I’m so happy that you enjoyed these so much. I hope you enjoy this part as much as you did the last two; this part does have a female reader due to certain circumstances, but if you would like a male version, just let me know and I’ll whip it up as soon as I can! So now, without further ado, here is Together At Last!

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Angelo:  Flo’s conforting a little girl…  I thought I knew him! 

Rosie:  I don’t think she’s a little girl anymore! Not the way she’s dressing! Or Flo may be gettingi into big troubles if she’s only desguised! I think we should do something! 

Mal:  Why are you caring so much about Flo?  Affraid you may be losing your greatest fan… after you, Angelo, ofc… stop looking like that! I’ve already apologise!   Aha… I think you really lost him, Rosie… he’s still looking at her! 

Angelo:  One day you’ll be sorry for your big mouth… but maybe this time you’re right!   Flo can’t stop looking… wait!  Don’t look now!  Someone is coming!    Dee is missing something!  She would love these guys!  Both look like her! No… there’s another man… huh! I think they are all somehow desguised… watch up! One is coming this  way! 

Mal:  Lovely evening sir! Are you selling these pumpkins?

Man:  You may  take them all and go, while you can!

Flo:   What? Why? You are not the owner! Where are they?

Man:   Why, we killed them and are taking over of course! That’s what vampires do,  you must know… 

Mal:  Oh my!  Your are taking this Halloween stuff seriously…  but there are still 4 days to go, pal!

Man:  I see you don’t believe me… so go and ask my siblings, if you like… and don’t tell I didn’t warn you! 

  • Mal: fuck the darkling
  • Alina: ikr? i mean at first i was really into him but then he turned out to just be using me for his own ends but sometimes he visits me and im starting to think maybe i should give him another chance since he's really opened up to me about his real name and why he's doing this so i can kinda get where he's coming from plus we have so much in common and he's really hot but idk if i can afford to get into a relationship rn
  • Mal: ??? (ಠ_ಠ) ???

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Darling we need a sequel of the Harlos in Harry's pov (the one Mal appears at the end) it's was so damn good (congrats) i love it, maybe about Harry finding out that Carlos is back 💕💕

I had a lot of fun writing it, I’m glad so many people enjoyed it, so here is part 2!

(Link to part 1: http://bunny-lou.tumblr.com/post/164767399722/why-not-something-before-canon-about-harlosmaybe )

Basically, Harry obsesses over Carlos in a very dark way and plots to re-claim his runt once he finds Mal has returned to the Isle.

Rated: PG-13 for Harry being creepy.

He waits patiently beside Uma for her to notice him - like the proper way to greet the captain - but before Harry can open his mouth, Gil comes barreling through, practically tackling both of them. The quick, hot desire to swing a hook into Gil’s neck dies with his breathless words.

“Uma…Harry,” he pants, “Mal’s crew is back on the Isle. With the king!”

If Uma is displeased at Gil’s sweaty arms still around her, she doesn’t show it. “What are you talking about?”

“King Ben, he’s here,” Gil struggles between breathing and speaking. “With Jay, Carlos and Evie!”

Oh, Davy Jones must be looking out for him. Harry looks out toward the ocean and sends a silent thank you.

Uma’s eyes flicker to her first mate, but Harry doesn’t react right away. He’s waited six months and it’s suddenly as if things are falling right into his favor, Harry can wait a little longer and be respectful to his captain, provide her with important information first. “Mal’s here too,” he purrs, watching the way Uma’s face lights up and her mouth twists into a grin. “I saw her. She was getting her hair done by the wicked granddaughter brat.”

“Interesting,” Uma hums, one finger to her lip. “We have five people on the Isle with access to the other side of the barrier… With access to the wand.” She says softly, piecing together a silent plan. “We need the king.”


“Because, Gil,” she grits and places a hand on his cheek, “we hold him hostage until Mal and her little friends bring us the wand to take down the barrier.”

Gil’s jaw drops. “You always think of the best plans, Uma.”

She grins, pats his face and turns to Harry. “Think you two can handle getting his highness?”

“Actually,” Harry sings, trying not to grin, twirling his hook absentmindedly. His unwavering loyalty to Uma is about to pay off. Hopefully. “I was thinking we can maybe nab one o’ the others? Like, oh, I dunno-.”


“Yes. Please.” Harry gives her his best pleading face, full with pout.

Uma groans and pinches the bridge of her nose. Uh oh. That’s what she usually does with Gil, not with him. “We need someone we’ll actually give back.”


“So they have a reason to give us the wand.” Uma explains slowly, so similar to Mal just an hour earlier. “If they don’t think they’ll get the dog back, they won’t have a reason to bring us the wand.”

There’s a tight feeling in his chest, like his ribs are being constricted, but Harry keeps a straight face. According to Mal’s reaction, Carlos’ friends knew nothing of his relationship with Harry and the time they spent together. Jay and Evie and, most likely, the king would have no suspicion that Harry would never give Carlos up for the wand and it would have worked so well in his favor if he had just kept his fucking mouth shut with Mal.

But now Mal knows. (She should have known the whole time but Carlos chose to hide Harry from his friends.)

Speaking of the bitch, her inconsistencies are making their way around Harry’s head. Mal said she was here alone, but her friends have come too. Was she lying or does she not know she was followed?

She must not know, Harry decides. Not only would Mal be a fool to disregard any back-up she has here and willingly travel alone on an island that hates her, but she had no fear when she realized Harry’s claim on her little pup. She thinks her friends are still in Auradon.

“Can we get both? Pretty please?” Harry bats his eyes.

Uma groans. “Would you actually give the dog back?” Silence. “Could you at least make them think you would give him back?”

“No,” Harry admits slowly, “but she’ll do what we say anyway just because we have him.” Mal had been livid at the idea of Harry touching her friend, flashing green eyes and bared teeth and she was so smug and haughty that Harry would never touch Carlos again. If they managed to capture the little runt instead of the king, or even just with the king, the fairy bitch would lose her mind.

His captain studies Harry for a long moment, staring into his eyes like she’s determining his loyalty all over again. “Your main goal is the king,” she says sternly, “besides, once the barrier is down, we can have anyone we want. But we need the king for that to happen.”

“Wait one second,” Gil waves his hand between them, “since when does King Ben have a dog? I didn’t see one with him.”

“Ignore that, Gil,” Uma instructs and he nods. “Your focus is getting the king, understand?” Both boys nod, she snaps her fingers and shoos them away. “Bring him to the ship as soon as you have him.”

“Right-o, captain!” Gil chirps with a salute and turns to Harry. “I saw him last at the edge of the marketplace. Wanna go check there?”

“No,” Harry purses his lips, “he’s here looking for his little girlfriend. We need to find Mal.” They find Mal, they find the king, they find Carlos. Harry grins and wraps an arm around Gil’s shoulder, “let’s go check out her old hiding spot.”

He keeps his eyes open as they walk, checking every alley and corner for red, black and white.

There’s no sign of anyone, no Carlos or Evie or Jay or Mal or stupid king. Like the entire Isle has no idea they’re back yet.

With Gil yammering away about the king and all of the food he stole today, Harry lets his mind wander. If Uma can take down the barrier and wield the magic wand, Auradon would be completely under their control. Harry could keep his runt to himself, smash in the face of Breakable Brunette and live out the rest of his days on the sea.

But he doesn’t have to wait that long to get his pup back. In fact, he could take Carlos earlier, weaken Mal’s side by another person and leave her with just Jay and Evie. Uma would be ecstatic at Mal being so defenseless and Harry would have his own little reward. It’s just a matter of being able to reach him…

When they stumble upon the king, it’s because Gil is waving happily and shouting. “Hi King Ben! Do you remember me? We met earlier, you look a lot like your poster.”

He’s nothing like Harry expected. The pirate assumed there would be guards and trumpets and an oversize crown on his head.

But the man Gil is happily chattering with is decked in dark leather and frowning. Having been so set on blue hair, purple hair, black and white hair (that he could grab a fistful of and pull until it nearly ripped out), Harry would have never noticed him.

The Isle has taught him how to be observant though and Harry catches so many little things even as Gil keeps chirping - asking Ben what he likes about the Isle and how is Queen Belle? Gaston talks about her all the time. The king’s hair is messy, but clean. His leather is dark, but new and shiny. His teeth are straight and white, his hands lack callouses, his clothing isn’t ripped.

This is King Ben, the leader of Auradon. The one who wrote some stupid bullshit decree, taking Carlos to a happy life away from Harry and left the pirates to rot.

So, with Gil being a distraction without realizing it, Harry draws back his fist and punches the new king once, twice for good measure, and then slams his head against a crumbling brick wall.

Ben drops immediately, unconscious on the dirty ground.

“Whoa!” Exclaims Gil, jumping back before rushing to Ben. “What was that for?”

And there’s a whole list of reasons that Gil won’t understand, so Harry tilts his head and simply says, “so we can get him back to the ship easier.”

Gil clicks his tongue and grins. “Man, you and Uma are so smart.”

Before he can answer his companion, Harry hears a voice from behind him.

Wait, where’s Ben?

Oh, he must have really pleased Davy Jones with something.

“Take the king,” Harry snaps, hauling up the unconscious body and shoving him toward Gil. Maybe he’s not bright, but Gil is wonderful muscle that Harry genuinely appreciates in times like this, where he hauls the king over his shoulder without a second thought. “Get him back to the ship, I’ll be there soon.”

Harry spins on his heel, tries not to run toward his runaway.

There’s fog and shadows that distort everything, but he can see just enough blue to make out a wannabe princess. “Ben!” Evie gasps. “Ben don’t scare us like that!”

“Don’t scare ye? That’s ma specialty.”

The pirate steps into the light, ignoring Evie’s sneer and Jay’s scowl, focusing on the only thing he gives a damn about right now.

Carlos’ mouth is hung open and his eyes are wide in shock. His hair is longer, straighter, cleaner and Harry has the same idea as before, grabbing his hair and ripping some of it out. But that can wait for a few more hours.

The little runt isn’t so little anymore, having sprouted a few inches in Auradon. His signature shorts haven’t changed much either, still making him look so young and vulnerable. Freckles remain everywhere, big brown eyes filled with terror, curved shoulders like he’s fighting the urge to hide.

Harry has missed him so much.

“What did you do with Ben?”

“Oh, we nicked him,” Harry sings, taking a step toward Jay. “And if ye want to see him again, have Mal come to the Chip Shop tonight. Special request that you - and only you - come with her.”

“Why me?” Jay has his guard up, which he should, but that doesn’t stop Harry from dancing around his lie.

“Uma wants a visit, maybe she’s missed you too,” Harry pouts. He’s trying not to worry how pissed Uma will be with an additional guest, but Harry can make it up to her later. “Or maybe she knows Mal isn’t dumb enough to wander onto our territory alone.” 

“Why can’t they come?”

“Oh, they can,” Harry grins at all three of them, “as long as ye’re alright with Ben being fish food.”

Jay bares his teeth, but stays silent. Good.

“Oh, princess,” mocks Harry, “if ye’re going to see the wicked granddaughter, tell her I said hi,” he throws a wink in for good measure.

Evie’s face flashes into ugly anger. “What’ve you done to Dizzy?” She moves toward him, but Jay grabs her shoulder.

Two down, one to go.

Harry bats his eyes at the two on his right, then turns to Carlos. His runt has taken some steps back, turned away and fully prepared to run at the slightest chase. “Bye, pup,” Harry sings and gives a quick bark, reveling in how Carlos flinches sharply.

And, with every instinct fighting him to do the opposite, Harry turns away, walking back toward the ship.

His plan is all in motion, he just has to wait.


        So, now ye want tae join me in bed. Tell me, what happened tae sleepin’ on the couch? Just couldn’t pull yourself away from me for a night, could ya, luv? ❞ Harry teased her, very glad she nmade the right choice by coming back to the bed instead of some highly uncomfortable couch. ❝ Ye gonna just lay there now? Or are ye gonna give me some lip? ❞ He turn over to face her directly. 

“There was a spring sticking into my back, I think it gave me a bruise.” Mal grumbled, she really had been in Auradon too long. “Besides, if anyone deserves the couch it’s you.” The pixie rolled her eyes at him, rolling over to show him her back. It wasn’t her fault he had been a jerk, why should she suffer for his mistake?

Home Sweet Home

Warning: Not my usual fun Jaylos piece. Deals with some bad stuff and a little self-hatred from Carlos. Warnings in the tags.

He was fucking stupid. In the many comforts of Auradon, Carlos had let his guard down, stopped viewing everything and everyone as a threat and that’s fucking stupid.

It wasn’t a matter of getting lost on the Isle, Carlos still remembered every turn and crack. It was a matter of not watching his back, being ignorant of his surroundings. All it took was a hand over has mouth and an arm around his waist and Carlos was getting hauled away from Jay and Evie. He had been grabbed and pulled so fast that he didn’t even have time to think about fighting back.

Oh, Evil, Auradon has made him so weak.

It’s been months but Carlos recognizes the body pressed against him, the scent of sea water, the cold metal at his hip.

“You should have told me you’d be back in town.”

There’s no longer a hand covering his mouth, but Carlos can’t find his voice. Can’t tell Harry to fuck off and leave him be because Carlos can’t even open his mouth.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Harry’s hook runs down his face and Carlos can hardly breathe. “Have you missed me?”

His voice is still gone, probably running away with his pride and courage. Carlos can only close his eyes and shake his head.

“No?” He can hear the insincere pout in Harry’s voice. “I’m sure I can change your mind.”

Lips are on his immediately, rough and intruding. Harry bites at his mouth, pulls at his bottom lip, but Carlos keeps his teeth clenched. He’s not giving in, he’s not letting Harry just take from him again, he’s not -.

The tip of Harry’s claw is digging into his ear and a calloused hand is gripping his chin. Carlos whines pathetically, opening his mouth and letting Harry in.

The pirate is pushed against him, pinning him so tightly to the wall that Carlos fears he’ll be flattened between Harry and the bricks at his back. A warm tongue against his and a knee settled between his legs has him trembling and gasping.

“I knew you’d be excited to see me again,” Harry purrs against his lips before diving forward again, licking the inside of Carlos’ mouth, nipping at his tongue, sealing them together. A hard bite makes the younger man cry out, twisting away from Harry.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asks in between kisses at Carlos’ jaw. “I thought you liked the pain.”

No. He never did. Harry liked the pain. Harry liked causing the pain and making him suffer.

Carlos continues to squirm. “No,” he breathes. “No.” Why does he sound so fucking pitiful?

“Shhh, none of that now. Just relax.” 

That’s always what he had done in the past. Relaxed, let Harry take and thrust and hurt. When he knew (or, thought), he would stay in Auradon forever, Carlos tried not to think about it. If he did, it was with a promise to always fight back, never again just lay down and suffer through anything with no fight.

It was a broken promise though. His hands are limp at his sides, not even trying to hurt Harry or just push him away. Carlos doesn’t move when Harry’s hand travels up his shirt, along his bare chest. The hook trails back and forth at his exposed stomach. Carlos is hit with a terrifying image of Harry pushing the tip in and dragging it across, disemboweling and leaving him to die. Harry might even fuck him as he bled out. It’s not the first time he’s had that thought, but it always makes him sick.

“Let me go.” He places a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Carlos has grown more in Auradon, with proper medical care and nutritious food. He and Harry must be close to the same height. Hell, if Carlos could find his spine and stand up straight, he could even be the slightest bit taller.

Harry responds with a quick bite at his throat, pushing his knee up to grind against Carlos. He grabs a thin wrist and slams it against the wall, pinning it there for a moment and when Carlos brings his other hand up, Harry digs his claw into a freckled hip, warning him to stay fucking still.

“I’ve forgotten how pretty you are, love.” Harry raises his head to stare into Carlos’ eyes, sneering with the younger looks away. “The new hair makes you absolutely delicious.” He plays with a blonde strand before grabbing a fistful of it. “So long and lovely.”

Carlos is cutting it all off. Taking a razor and shaving it until it’s gone as soon as he gets away. If he gets away.

“You haven’t let a single prince touch you, have you? No princesses have worked their little hands down your shorts?”

Jay and Evie have to be looking for him. But maybe they’re not. Ben is here too, so is Mal. Carlos should be able to hold his own on the Isle, stand up to past bullies. He shouldn’t be waiting for his friends to come save him from this humiliation.

His head is pulled forward before being slammed back against the wall. “Answer me.” Harry drags his hook down Carlos’s side, through the shirt and tearing his skin.

“No!” Carlos sobs. “No one.”

He’s not sure why he hasn’t tried to hook up with anyone else. Maybe because he’s afraid everyone will be like Harry. Maybe he’s secretly terrified of what Harry would do if he ever found out. Maybe any kind of sex has just been ruined for him forever.

Whatever the reason, Harry visibly relaxes, moves his hand to replace his knee at Carlos’ crotch, kneading and fondling in a way that leaves Carlos ashamed and bucking.

“Good,” he purrs. “You’re all mine.” Licks up Carlos’ jaw and bites at his ear.

Carlos can’t find the words to argue, to fight back and say Harry is wrong. Though even if he could speak, Carlos doesn’t think he’d deny it. Part of him thinks Harry is right.

In some fucked up Isle way, he does belong to Harry.

Like usual, Harry takes his silence as a kind of agreement, working his way past the belt and into Carlos’ shorts. He doesn’t fight back, just stays still and quiet, giving up while Harry takes and takes and takes.

Donnie felt bad for leaving Julie’s house without saying goodbye, or explaining why he’d left so early. In hindsight, he should have left a note, but it was too late to go back now. He hadn’t gotten much sleep, and he couldn’t get his mind off of Mal, and what might have been going on with him back at home.

It was early in the morning, too early for anyone in his house to be awake, unless Gordon’s insomnia had come back. Donnie crept into the house as silently as possible, not wanting to wake anyone. He locked the front door behind him, deposited his keys on the entry table, and left his shoes and jacket behind as he headed downstairs.

“Mal?” he asked softly, venturing cautiously towards the guest room. “You awake?” 

Anonymous prompted: “Rumple returns from NYC to find a very different Belle. She is tired of her "heroic acts” always involving everyones happiness except her own and is ready to join the villains.“

Note: Dark!Belle


They’re celebrating her pain, can’t they see that? They’re celebrating Rumpel’s pain, celebrating the fact he will never get his happy ending, and they can’t see that if Rumpel never gets his happy ending, she doesn’t either.

Belle sits at Rumpel’s desk in the pawn shop, palms pressed flat against the warm wood. Everything about the place is full of him, of his essence; it weighs down heavy on her and she welcomes it.

They are celebrating her pain. She has sacrificed so much for them and she receives no pity, no thanks, she only receives their mocking celebration. Belle has sacrificed her own happy ending so that they will all have theirs and this is the way she is repaid. 

She won’t stand for it. Not any more. 

Someone once said that she brought out the best in Rumpel. 

What they didn’t know was that he brings out the best in her, too.

Rumpel told her once that desperate souls are capable of anything, and Belle is desperate. 

Let them celebrate her pain, let them belittle the sacrifices she has made for them. They’ll be sorry. 

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