Why am I posting this

It’s been a while since I did a post on my amiibo collection. I think the last time was back in 2015 in December… Anyway, in the span of a year, it’s only gotten bigger and bigger. This isn’t even including all the AC amiibo cards I’ve collected. And with the release of Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch in only about a week and a half, I’m sure I’m going to have to figure out how to make more room again. I’ve seen a picture of that Guardian amiibo, and it looks giant.

Lately I have been seeing people saying that Dan was upset/tired of phannies for shipping him with Phil and all that because they’re are not in a relationship and that phannies needed to understand that and i just wanted to say something I think and probably nobody cares but well (?

I think that, if he is tired of it, it can be not just because he isn’t in a relationship with Phil, but also if he actually IS in a relationship with him.

I mean just think about it, being with someone and everybody looking for your relationship and expecting things about it, making theories about it, trying to be part of the relationship, writting about you having sex, making stereotypes about the relationship, stablizing a Top/Bottom, putting you as a person by a side to just care about the ‘ship’… Something  that usually is intimate is now… public. People are expecting things about a relationship they are not part of (and that’s why he said “and with I lived the way you wanted”, for me it can work in both ways, if they are dating and if they are not).

And if he isn’t in a relationship with Phil well, I think obviously he’s gonna be tired because he can’t  name him without people freaking out (and I’m part of the people that freak outs tbh -even if I just scream in my bedroom and/or cry and reblog things to save them on my profile- so I’m not judging) and he can’t (if he has) be with a pontential gf without being worried about people harassing her (also they have said a few times that there’s things they wouldn’t like to share bcause it’s private, and that also can work with them being or not romantically together)

But I also understand shippers (not the ones that are agressive with them, or girls near them, or the ones that JUST want Phan to be real)! Because I’m one! And shipping them doesn’t mean that if they are not together I’m not gonna follow them anymore, or I’m gonna hate their gfs (at first I would probably be sad but that’s gonna be my problem, not theirs). It’s not because they are two hot guys and gay gay gay, it’s because I see something pure there, something happy, maybe it’s the kind of relationship I would like to have with my boyfriend someday,i don’t know. And, about the phanfictions, that’s art too. Sometimes I think people forgets that writting IS art too. You’re putting your soul in that thing, you put love on your story, you’re disconnecting yourself from reality for a while, or expressing yourself with those words, and yeah, writting about Dan and Phil, because they inspire you to do it, because you want to write about them, just as people wants to draw them (and the draws of them are just So AMAZING I DONT KNOW HOW PEOPLECAN DRAW SO GOOD I LOVE PHANARTS SO MUCH) and…. yeah. I understand people disliking phanfiction, and “they are real people!!!” “why you write those things!!” but I also know the happy feeling when you write/draw something you are proud of, when people tell you that that thing you made is great, or beautiful, or it made them cry, or just enjoyed, AND also know the sad feeling when people say  “you disgust me” “you shouldn’t write those things” “stop writting about real people”, because it’s something you like to do, something you want to share with other phangirls, something you wanted to write for yourself and just thought it was so cute that you needed to post it online…

I don’t know. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, because if I did it absolutely wasn’t my intention. I just try to understand everyone. And also I don’t think Dan was being TOO serious about the shipping thing, and he said it because people didn’t let him take out his flower’s tattoo as if they have power over what he does (and.. well, he didn’t take them off, so..(?) I just wanted to said that ^-^

And I’m also sorry about my English I swear I can express myself properly in Spanish, the only Engish I studied were 6 years on High School (and DnP helped a lot too) and I can’t afford classes right now I’m so sorry and thank you if you read this whole thing :)

tfw Jeremy Shada talks about Voltron ships

“I think they’re playing a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff.”

look me in the eye and tell me that’s not fanfiction terminology!!

but then…

“I imagine that throughout the course of the series it’ll probably lead to something.” we all know what this means… :^)

“Jeremy doesn’t write the show.”

“I do not, unfortunately… I cannot make 2 characters get together on the show.”

“So he cannot make all of your Klance dreams come true.” These interviewers know what’s going on.

“Everyone is together because they form Voltron.” Voltron true OT5.


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