Why am I posting this


so leah forced me to watch megamind and she thought of a voltron megamind au and so Naturally I Had To Provide

@keithmeinyourheart i hope you’re happy

Your fave is problematic: Mabeuf
-makes friends w/ Marius? like buddy all his friends die it’s the main plot point
-wrote a book on plants and is Really Proud of it
-gavroche gave him money once and he was like ‘angels threw it down from heaven, to me and my desperately poor housewife, it’s fate, oh well guess I better turn in this convenient money bag to the police instead of taking any for myself’
-forgets to eat sometimes
-worries his housekeeper
-sold his books last, after his furniture and everything
-just wandered off and found a bunch of rioting students and was like 'ah. young people are so polite nowadays,’
-waved that flag like a Pro™
All round a v cool guy
Enjolras kissed him. But he was dead and also it was on the forehead so it doesn’t rly count

tfw Jeremy Shada talks about Voltron ships

“I think they’re playing a pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff.”

look me in the eye and tell me that’s not fanfiction terminology!!

but then…

“I imagine that throughout the course of the series it’ll probably lead to something.” we all know what this means… :^)

“Jeremy doesn’t write the show.”

“I do not, unfortunately… I cannot make 2 characters get together on the show.”

“So he cannot make all of your Klance dreams come true.” These interviewers know what’s going on.

“Everyone is together because they form Voltron.” Voltron true OT5.

I just had a thought. Like…Lance. And Ikanaide. Did someome make animation yet?
Like…Ikanaide is so perfectly? Song about Lance who loves Keith and want be just as good as him in Lance’s eyes. But he’s sure he is just a seventh wheel and can’t reach Keith. So he end up on thinking about this all and repeating “Don’t cry”