||The Angels Take Manhattan 7x05||

•I will never be able to see you again💔•

AMY: That gravestone, Rory’s, there’s room for one more name, isn’t there?

DOCTOR: What are you talking about? Back away from the Angel. Come back to the Tardis. We’ll figure something out.

AMY: The Angel, would it send me back to the same time? To him?

DOCTOR: I don’t know. Nobody knows.
AMY: But it’s my best shot, yeah?


RIVER: Doctor, shut up. Yes. Yes, it is.


AMY: Well, then. I just have to blink, right?


AMY: It’ll be fine. I know it will. I’ll be with him, like I should be. Me and Rory together. Melody?

DOCTOR: Stop it. Just, just stop it!

AMY: You look after him. You be a good girl, and you look after him.

DOCTOR: You are creating fixed time. I will never be able to see you again.

AMY: I’ll be fine. I’ll be with him.

DOCTOR: Amy, please, just come back into the Tardis. Come along, Pond, please.

AMY: Raggedy man, goodbye!


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You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning? That sound brings hope wherever it goes.

Happy 10th Anniversary New Who!




Hello Whovians! A few weeks ago we reminded everyone about the really cool TARDIS that popped up on Google Maps in 2013 which you can actually explore via streetview. 

We mentioned how cool it would be to have a Google map that mapped the TARDISes all across the world, SO WE MADE ONE, and we’re opening it up for EVERYONE to submit! 

If anyone sees a TARDIS in any form in their community, take a picture and place it on the map (you’ll need to host the picture elsewhere.) 

And if anyone sees TARDIS spottings on the internet as well, feel free to place those on the map too with a credit back to the original source. Let’s try to fill this map up, click here to get started!



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Guys, I am so proud of myself.

I was telling my friend to watch Doctor Who for weeks and two days ago she finally did it. Yesterday she told me in school that she watched Doomsday clip on youtube and cried like a girl. Usually, she despises everything romantic and is quite unemotionall.

Now, she ís writing me that she´s not going out with her friend just to watch Doctor.

 Another friend converted into a whovian: positive.

My work here is done.

Hello Whovians. We’re excited to announce today that there will be an official Doctor Who Fan Meetup during San Diego Comic Con! Here’s all the details- 

WHEN: Saturday, July 11th from 2:30 to 4:30pm PT.

WHERE: House of Blues, 1056 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. (This address is a different entrance from what comes up if you just search House of Blues!)

WHO: Everybody! Anyone is invited to the meetup, you don’t even need a Comic Con badge to attend, and it’s first come, first served. Also, we encourage cosplay, so get your attack eyebrows ready. 

WHAT: Activities include a Whovian dance party with music mixed by DJ Eclectic Method, a Weeping Angel photo booth, a DW (temporary) tattoo station, a live game show, and surprise SPECIAL GUESTS.




Sorry, we seem to have forgotten. Also it’s a surprise! 

If anyone has questions feel free to send us an ask, if there’s enough questions we’ll put together an FAQ later this week. We can’t wait to see everyone at Comic Con!