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how big, how blue, how…

I dunno if someone has done some meta about this scene before, but here comes mine:

I was thinking about this episode another day and in this part the Doctor says “how can you think I’m her dad when we both look exactly the same age?” when Danny calls him “Clara’s space dad” and I don’t think he said that only to mock him. Actually he was saying the truth.

Come on, what is really old on The Doctor? His body? No. His mind? Yes! His body looks like he is 50+ years old of course, the actor who is playing the character is 50+ years old. That is not the point here. The Doctor’s memories that are two thousand years old. And so are Clara’s memories.

When Clara threw herself on the Doctor’s timeline part of her was divided in echoes with the only purpose of saving the Doctor. In the episode “The Name of The Doctor” we discover that this purpose is what links all the echoes and the original Clara. It clears to me that Clara can remember one thing or two about her echoes which is splendid coming from an ordinary human brain.

The very first moment in history that Clara and the Doctor really met was in the celery where the little Doctor was having troubles to sleep (episode Listen) but that doesn’t really count because it was just some wibbly wobbly timey wimey. The first Clara and The Doctor’s encounter was when we are watching the Clara’s echoes and one of them tells the Doctor to pick the right TARDIS.

Since then the Clara lives and dies a lot of times just to save the Doctor from the evil, not especifically only from the The Great Intelligence (as we could see in the episode The Asylum of the Daleks). In both episodes, The Asylum and The Snowmen, Clara dies at the age twenty+. We don’t know much from her other echoes but Amy meets Clara’s ghost ( in the beginning of the novel Summer Falls and other stories) asking if everything was alright because she probably died of old age and she didn’t fulfilled her purpose of saving the Doctor.

Okay, now that I put all these arguments on line, let’s come back to the alien called The Doctor which doesn’t see people like us. He doesn’t see species, race, color, none of this. He only sees the mind and what it is capable of. 

Yep. The original Clara is twenty eight years old, but the connection she has with the echoes makes her mentally as old as the Doctor himself. And this is what he’s seeing.

TLDR: The Doctor wasn’t mocking Danny. Clara is mentally as old as the Doctor because of the memory of her echoes. 


O.M.G. Twelve and Clara as romantic comedy. I have died. Please bury me somewhere nice.


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The Phone Call

Title: The Phone Call
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: wavingkilts  
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (12th), Clara
Rating: G
Spoilers: None at all!
Summary: “-why are you phoning me?” She loved the odd phone call from the Doctor.
Word Count: 491
Notes: Just to point out I don’t hate Danny in any way I just wish he hadn’t been such a… UGH about Clara’s relationship with the Doctor! Anyway I found this app on my kindle and decided to try it :P 
Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who. Everyone belongs to BBC… sadly I am just borrowing them! I own the planet Chardonnay ;)

read it here