If you awake
and find yourself
tucked into the corner morning
and your smile has too many thorns
and loneliness is a rumor your thoughts
are spreading about your bones.

If it’s raining, if it’s cloudy, if it’s not.
If you have the unshakable urge
to reach out for something
and have no idea what it is.

Maybe I am somewhere
doing the exact same thing.

Maybe you left the bookstore
right before I got there.
Maybe you were two cars
behind me at the stoplight.
Maybe I got off the train
before you got on.
Maybe I transferred to a school
that you just left.
Maybe I moved into a house
Next door to the house you moved out of.
Maybe we were both in an elevator
on opposite sides of the same building.
Maybe I’ve been three steps
behind you my whole life.

Maybe we are just two planets
in the same solar system
hoping to find something in this galaxy
that will look at our eyes like they’ve
never seen two of them on the same face
and think maybe we are magic.
Someone who will hear the forever in our laugh.
Someone who will see beautiful in our mistakes.

Dear whoever you are,
on the day we finally meet
I imagine, there will be
static electricity in your voice.
You name will be the sheet music
to a song I’ve been trying to play by ear
and we will fall into each other
like two stars that are tired of the sky.

—  Rudy Francisco, “Whoever”

hi lil cute flower, reading these words. So, I don’t know if your day is still going, or has ended. But I hope you know that I’m proud of you, for making it through..for not giving up. You’ve almost made it through another year. Like you’re alive and fuck, do you know how special that is? I love you, and think you’re amazing, even when your inner voice tells you otherwise. Stay alive |-/