🔥🔥Darius DID NOT come to play y'all …..Turn Up King 🔥🔥
“WOW! @d9rius is one talented young brother! Aye @karriemriggins1 @questlove @frankknuckles one of y'all got some explaining to do. #muarypovich #beafathertoyourchild” ~ @common 🔥🔥 #Frobabies #naturalhair #babyfever #magic #melanin #toddler #neworleans #nola #beautiful #sun #turnup #black #lit #prince #springbreak #momlife #sweetness #504 #whodat #drummer #king #precious #toddlerlife #nawlins #spring #essencefestival #blackboyjoy #smile #love #toddler

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You can’t just do that to a witch.
—  Getting out of my car at work in the dark I hear a woman’s voice say “Hello?” like she wants my attention…I jerk my head around looking for the source. I can’t find it. I see no one. I feel someone though. In my head I’m like, ‘Don’t they know you can’t do that shit to a witch?” Witches NEED a follow up statement, dang it! Gaaww! 

“When me and my brothers started sewing I was about seven years old and a friend of ours by the name of Hoppy and his sons were sewing so we started sewing with those guys. First was our little brother - we masked him first. After we masked him we liked it even more, so we started sewing for our older brother. He was 13 when he first came out as a Mardi Gras Indian. All the friends, we’d all be at mama’s house stretched out and everybody was in a different room sewing and doing different things… We sew patches here, we put together patches there, we sew crowns in the next room, then marabou. Every year we made a new suit, a different color. Never used the same stuff twice. It was something to do and something to keep us out of trouble.“

Black and Gold of the Week - Saints vs 49ers

This will be an interesting game. Our boys are coming off an ultimate high with the win they got against Dallas, and the 49ers are coming off of a loss to the Panthers. (Damn, North Cackalacky….you guys are starting to worry me!) I’m sure if you follow any sort of football news, you have heard the name Frank Gore.  Yeah, he’s something to worry about.  We will definitely be missing Kenny Vaccaro’s brut strength and wild tackling in this game. (Note to Kenny: You have got to stop cracking your skull! We need you.)  Hopefully we can keep up the diligent play style that we had last week to redeem our past match ups. Today, you can find me sitting on my couch, flooding my game day anxiety with beers and cheez-its.