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who would win in a fight jiwoo or matt??

Jiwoo would beat Matts ass in 0.635 seconds flat without breaking a single nail or dropping a single bead of sweat and you can jot that down 📝

Cute Domestic Marcellia...

-They are cuddled up next to each other on the sofa. Marcia is quietly reading aloud a story from the book on her lap and Marcellus is absolutely entranced by the story, by the feeling of closeness, by her.

-Marcellus is in the kitchen washing dishes when Marcia sneaks up behind him and gives him a surprise hug. Startled, he jumps in the air, accidently flicking soap all over Marcia. A long and epic soap war begins.

-It’s way past midnight and they have both gotten to that point of exhaustion where anything and everything become utterly hilarious. They get into a playful argument about who would win in a fight between a duck and a cat and can’t contain their giggles.

-They are sitting across from each other on one of their very first dates in Wizard Sandwiches when without thinking, Marcia takes Marcellus’ hand and holds it gently. Unused to physical affections of any kind, Marcellus goes pink and absolutely melts. However, he simultaneously feels very proud and continues holding her hand for the rest of their date.

-Marcellus kisses Marcia’s cheek for the first time after a date and is very nervous about it since she didn’t have much of a reaction at first. That is, of course until she surprises him by leaning over and kissing his cheek.

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Allura vs Korra


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Okay now while Allura is Physically stronger than Korra with her ability to Morph into other species and how she manhandled Zarkon’s Hench Man on his spaceship when sneaking on.

And while she had that BADASS FIGHT against the Witch and her men on the Season 2 finale

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I’d give the slight edge to Korra because Korra has all the elements on her side and is more of a Brawler MMA Fighter

also when she unleashes her Avatar State she becomes a force of nature and could overwhelm Allura by using Earth, Metal, and Air.

Gotta go with Korra there since she’s more of a combatant 

Headcanon (AU and Canon-verse): Sasuke suffers from migraines, as he is often not sleeping enough hours at night and is under emotional stress and fatigue. Although he doesn’t like to make a big deal about them, if he pushes himself too hard he will end up with terrible nausea, and can sometimes vomit. 

Whenever Naruto is around and Sasuke has a migraine, the blonde immediately helps Sasuke to his room, and closes all the curtains and blinds to prevent any bright light from seeping through. He makes sure the TV and any music is turned off, and closes Sasuke’s door. Then, he sits down on the bed next to Sasuke, who after taking his medicine silently rests his head on Naruto’s lap and tries to rest. When he is having a particularly bad migraine, Naruto will stroke his hair and rub softly around his temples. Most of the time ends up with Sasuke falling asleep, and Naruto stays with him until he wakes up. This is one of the rare times Naruto is quiet, and calm. 

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sokka vs saitama during the crab fight, please

Okay Sokka 

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Pre-Training Saitama

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Okay lets look. like I said before. Saitama before Training was your typical average joe and the only fights he had were with bullies and other school children

and he got his ass whooped.

And while he did Kill Crablante that can be agreed as LUCK

Sokka while a Jokey Character is still a badass

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Even if he was a goof he was still and Intelligent and Trained Warrior when the time came and could hold his own and he constantly tried to better himself. Like when he got his meteor sword and practiced every day. And when he trained with Suki dressing like a girl

I would go with Sokka winning this fight. It may be Dumb Luck but Sokka was honestly a more competent fighter 

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Heart and Clover doodles I’ve accumulated in the past few months! Do you ever just like daydream about your character’s story and forget about the passing time? I just love that. ;//u//;

More scribbles of these two nerds under the cut! 

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me: wants The Ship to cuddle and kiss and hold hands and be gross

also me: wants The Ship to be locked in an intense battle w/ guns or motorcycles or giant swords or some shit, like full-on fight where they’re evenly matched and in The Zone and there’s a strangely sexual atmosphere about the whole thing but also someone might die

myself: wants The Ship to have a completely trusting relationship where they would easily risk their lives for one another and they both consider the other the top priority no matter what

also myself: wants The Ship to be wary of each other, accepting but not trusting, the participants of a new partnership or smth that’s on the brink of collapsing but is also steadily gaining more ground as they learn more about each other….still wouldnt trust the other to not shoot them tho

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Alright bud, how about a good ol' fashioned water fight? Juvia vs Katara.

Oooo one of my anime baes

Juvia Lockser

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Now heres the tricky part about this. 


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Just her feats speak for themselves. 


which Katara bends

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Also Katara can Blood Bend if she needs to. 

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But still from the Manga and Anime I say Juvia has shown more impressive Feats and I think her Water magic stalemates Katara’s Water Bending

Heres the thing Juvia’s POWER could Tire Katara out to the point where she could not move or fight back as much as she wanted to. and at that point when Benders are tired they cant move their Elements as Easily and Juvia could Put Katara in her Water Lock and BAM she’s done

JUVIA wins

(way to go bae)