Characters I get confused in my mind because of the fandom:

Lucius Malfoy

Cause like they both drink wine, embarrass their sons and are too extra to function. There is crossover fan fiction,right?

I have important questions that need answered…like
Who would win in a fight?
Who would spend more on Gucci?
Hair flip battle?
According to them, who’s son is the biggest disappointment while simultaneously the best son to ever exist in the nine realms?
Who wore it better: Uggs version
What would their YouTube channel be about?
Who can drink the most wine before jumping up on the bar and singing 80s power ballads?

httproses  asked:

in your opinion, who would win in a match between Seijoh and Nekoma? and Seijoh vs Fukurodani?

Aoba Johsai vs Nekoma: aka “The Battle of the Second Strongest”

I think Seijoh wouls win, but with a struggle. It’s gonna be a 3 sets match for sure, with Nekoma taking the first, while Seijoh the last two. 

It’s Seijoh with his incredible attack power vs Nekoma and their excellent receives and blocks. They are both very stable teams which work very well as a team, with two wild cards (Kyoutani and Lev) who can sometimes be difficult to handle but never compromised the other players so much. But, at the end of the day, Seijoh has a better setter (the best setter) and a better ace. Oikawa and Iwaizumi are deadly together, in a way that only Hinata and Kageyama could ever aspire to be. Also, they have versatile attack patterns and even more versatile players, all with a victory-driven attitude. 

It’s not gonna be easy, the margin would be minimal, but Seijoh would win. 

Aoba Johsai vs Fukurodani: aka “The Battle of The Setters and their Aces” 

Fukurodani would win, taking both the sets. 

If the rest of the team is pretty similar (nice receivers, good blockers, and a very skilled libero), what would make the difference in here it’s the setter/ace pair. Surely, Oikawa and Iwaizumi are way more stable than Akaashi and Bokuto. Bokuto and Iwaizumi are extremely similar when we look at the stats, with the only difference being Bokuto having more stamina than Iwaizumi. Oikawa and Akaashi are both scheming setters, they are petty and would do anything to win. Stats at hand, Akaashi is overall stronger than Oikawa. But we all know that stats don’t mean anything.

What would make the difference it’s not the fact that the two strongest players are paired together, though. Seijoh it’s a team led by the setter, while Fukurodani is a team led by the ace, and it’s all about it. While Oikawa works alone to bring out the best of every player, everyone in Fukurodani works to bring out the best of Bokuto. 

The fact that the only gamble in Fukurodani is the captain himself and that the team would bet on him every single time is what would make Fukurodani win. 

eien-misui-ni-goodbye  asked:

headcanons of chuuya (bsd) fighting one of the boku no hero characters

Hmm, I guess since he’s a gravity manipulator, I think I will match him against Uraraka… just because of how they have the same power and it would pretty much make it difficult. So I created advantages/disadvantages for the both of them.  So who would win? You decided. I hope this is accurate lmao. <//3


  • Since Chuuya and Uraraka both have similar powers, both would probably try to get their hand on each other and makes them float into the air. 
  • Both have the ability to float/fly obviously.


  • Uraraka would use one of her old tactics against Chuuya- ex: She would touch any heavy objects around her while trying to approach Chuuya, this would actually distract him because he’s trying to prevent her from coming close to him while he’s distracted. There will be many objects floating in the air and creating a meteor shower upon him.
  • She is working with Gunhead, so now that she knows hand-to-hand combat, she also knows martial arts and could use that against him.
  • She is an intelligent person, if Chuuya isn’t looking, she would touch any pillars or anything similar and use skill release, collapsing on him. She will distracted him,.
  • But if she uses too much of her quirk, she becomes physically weak and have these sick side effects to her/motion sickness. 


  • Chuuya is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and he isn’t playing around.
  • His most advantages would be his true ability: Corruption. If he activates it then red marks would appear on his skin, he creates a red orb and can destroy anything with it.
  • He can change the density of an object and crush it with his barehands if he wanted, so he can change any density and it probably would hurt Uraraka less or major.
  • He can also create these black orbs that can swallow anything, so if an object is flying towards him, he could use that.
  • His disadvantage would be that is Uraraka crushes him or kills him, then he is dead and no longer can use it of course.

the-demon-reaper  asked:

OH SHIT YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AMAZING?? Who would win a melee fight between Wrench with a sledgehammer, and H2O Delirious with a baseball bat? I mean, it's an open-shut case really, but I'd still love to see it.

(Of course, I’m always going to go in assuming I’ll win. We might need to bring out MythBusters for this one.)