How Pan Shows His Love For You

Because we all know he isn’t the most openly affectionate or emotional.

  • Always making sure you’re okay when things get intimate between you two.
  • Bringing you handfuls of flowers as an apology after a fight.
  • Making sure that you’re the first to eat at every meal.
  • Wrapping you in extra blankets on particularly chilly nights.
  • Mumbling ‘mine’ between kisses to reassure himself (and you) that you truly do only belong to him.
  • Teaching you protection and healing spells, because he worries that someday he won’t be there to help.
  • Memorizing every little thing about yourself that you tell him, such as your favorite flower and favorite color.
  • Shyly whispering that he loves you. He doesn’t do it often, and it means the world to you when he does.
  • ”I don’t want you going alone, I’m coming with you.”
  • Knowing every single one of your emotions and giveaways to know how you’re feeling inside, from facial expressions to the tone of your voice.
  • Worrying about you constantly, though he may not always vocalize it.
  • Being really overprotective.
  • ”I care about you, princess. I promise I do.”
  • Getting jealous really easily.
  • Becoming restless when he isn’t sure where you are.
  • Telling you every secret of his and never being dishonest with you.
  • Tracing ‘I love you’ on your skin as you fall asleep at night.
  • Threatening to hurt anybody who hurts you.
  • Having Felix watch over you when he isn’t around.
  • Showing you his favorite scenic areas on the island and exploring with you.
  • Trusting you with all his heart.


Business and Pleasure - Part 17

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,881

Warnings: Swearing, angst

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

In the weeks following, you had almost completely isolated yourself. You were now working from home, unable to find the motivation to drag yourself into the office. It wasn’t like you had to be there anyway. Your job mostly consisted of things that could easily be done remotely. Any time your team needed to consult with you, they just scheduled a conference call. Anyway, Steve kept you updated if there was anything you missed. That was one of the many bonuses of working with him.

You were still staying with Steve, but you preferred to spend most of your time in your room. You were suddenly thankful that he had ignored your advice and rented the two-bedroom apartment rather than the one bedroom that you had initially suggested. When he was at work, it was either Wanda or Steve’s friend Natasha who watched over you. You tried to insist that it was unnecessary, but none of them would listen. They usually left when Steve got home, and you would sit with him, eat dinner and watch whatever sports game or TV show Steve was watching, then excuse yourself to go to bed.

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NDRV3 Valentines Advice

Find yourself a Kaede, who will cheer on you for every little thing you do and hums with you all the songs you love at midnight.

Find yourself a Shuuichi, who will blush at compliments and will be there for you, on the loneliest nights, whenever you feel down.

Find yourself a Kaito, who will boast about how much you mean to them to everyone and will always tell you to follow your dreams.

Find yourself a Maki, who expresses their love in meaningful moments, and keeps doing it even if they go unnoticed.

Find yourself a Tenko, who will fight anyone who belittles you and will show you how to stand up for the things you love.

Find yourself an Ouma, who teases you a lot but actually cares so much of your well-being.

Find yourself an Angie, who will be the brightest light in your life and will teach you how to paint everyday in vivid colours.

Find yourself a Shirogane, whom you’ll watch shows together and will love your atypical quirkiness.

Find yourself a Gonta, who will treat you like royalty and will forever take care of you as a gentleman.

Find yourself an Iruma, who will put you as the most beautiful thing that has ever been created (after them, obviously :P)

Find yourself a Ryouma, who will always be watching over you, protecting you from any harm.

Find yourself a Toujou, who will serve you and will take on making you happy as their duty.

Find yourself a Himiko, who will sleep next to you and will teach you magic tricks when you are sad.

Find yourself a Shinguuji, who will tell you that you are living proof of humanity’s beauty and will recite you bedtime stories.

Find yourself a Kiibo, whom you will try to find the human part living inside you with, but will remain hopeful until the day both of you find it.

Find yourself. Find love. It can be romantic, it can be platonic. It will appear in the little things people do. 

It’s in the goodbye kiss your mother gives you before you leave.
It’s in the cake your friend bought you that one day.
It’s in the hug your brother asked for yesterday.

Realize that Valentines is supposed to be about every type of love out there, and that these little traits are everywhere.
Love yourself first, then go and find your match.

Good luck, and don’t despair. Remember: the truth will always hold some kind of hope.

Date the one who has watched over you ever since you were young. He seemes scary, with his large presence and his bright red eyes, but he tries his best to be in love with you. He shifts into a humanoid form. This is what he uses to speak to you, to kiss your soft lips and to hold you in his arms. He promised the moment that he saw you being attacked by one of his kind that he would be safe within his soul, that the love that he would give you would save you from certain doom. He was right. He saved you from your family, from your back stabbing friends, and from a abusive man who tried to make you his. Now you are the so called “monsters” own love. He will protect you forever and ever.

Today is Imbolc pronounced ‘im'olk this is the first of 8 Pagan holidays throughout the year called Sabbats. Imbolc is a time to acknowledge the First Spark of Spring, the embedded energies that have been sleeping over the winter. The seeds that are underground acknowledge the returning energy and will begin to convert it to life deep within. Underground and unseen by man they will start to make their way to the surface and break through the soil and begin to bud. Even though it is still the dead of winter and feels like winter in most places, the Sun’s energy has been returning ever since the Winter Solstice (longest night of the year, Yule)

On Imbolc we celebrate the first days of Spring, snowdrops and crocuses begin to appear, things become very spring-like with daffodils, daisies and hyacinths coming early. Animals begin to wake from their winter hibernation. Nights get shorter and days will get longer and it will start to get warmer as winter snow and frost begin to thaw.

We celebrate the rebirth of the Goddess on Imbolc after she sacrificed herself on Yule to give birth to the Sun God. Both the God and Goddess are young, the triple Goddess is in her maiden form and gains strength from the earth, while the Sun God will grow in strength over the coming months.

Imbolc is a Celtic fire festival, where in ancient times most towns and villages would build a ceremonial bonfire. The Goddess Brigid the Goddess of fire, healing and fertility is worshiped on this day. The lighting of fires celebrated the increasing power of the Sun. The Goddess Brigid was so much loved by the Celts that when the Christians were converting Pagans they could not change the holiday of Imbolc so the holiday was reformed and renamed to 'Candlemas’ when candles are lit to remember the purification of the Virgin Mary, and they changed the Goddess Brigid into Saint Brigid.

Imbolc is a fire festival it is the ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring. To celebrate Imbolc, light a fire, it may only be a very small one and make wishes for the coming year into the flames. Burn any leftover evergreens that were decorating your home at Yule. Clean your homes of clutter that was gathered over the Yuletide and get rid of the old and bring in the new. Plant seeds for them to bloom in the Spring and Summer. Use a sage smudge stick to cleanse your home of stale or unwanted negative energies.

It was customary to make a Corn Dolly on Imbolc, this represents the Goddess, who will watch over you and your home throughout Spring and Summer. It is also traditional to make a Brigid Cross or Sun Cross on Imbolc, this is a cross woven traditionally from reeds but can be made with anything such as wheat, straw or paper and put them around your home to bring luck and protection for the coming year. Fill your alter with lit candles and leave them to carefully burn through the day. Add any blooming flowers such as daffodils or daisies and anything yellow, orange, gold or silver to honour the Sun God.

Imbolc is a time of contemplation, to think about the year that has past and the mistakes or successes we have had and what we have learned from them to help us achieve our goals, dreams and ambitions for the coming year. As well as planting seeds to grow in the earth also plant seeds and ideas in your mind to grow and blossom over the coming months.

Have a blessed Imbolc, May the God and Goddess watch over you.

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-What do you mean?

Thank you @juanchachi for requesting!! I changed a few things and I hope you like it! 

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t go to the party’?  I have attended many of your galas before and I do not understand why I cannot join you to another?” asked Damian.

His father sighed and said, “This is very important for Wayne Enterprises and your brothers are not able to come.  They usually are the ones who watch over you during these events, but since thy are not here, you are staying here with Alfred.”

“Why do you keep treating me like a child?!?” Damian shouted.

He grit his teeth and walked away, hoping not to break anything fragile during their fight.  He clenched and unclenched his hands while traveling up the stairs.  Titus was by his side in an instant and nudged his hand.  Damian looked at his companion and smiled.  Titus could always calm him down whenever he was in a mood and he was thankful for that.  Alfred watched the youngest of the family stomp up the stairs with Titus in tow.  He looked over to Bruce and shook his head.

“He needs a companion other than Titus, Master Bruce.  Do you think we can contact him and ask to drop her off?  They are around the same age and will have to get to know each other eventually.”

“I know.  I’m just worried that he will scare her off,” Bruce said.

“If I know Miss (Y/N) correctly, she will be the one who scares him away,” Alfred said with a slight smirk crawling onto his face.

Bruce laughed and shook his head, “I think she has spent too much time with him if she’ll scare Damian.  I’ll call him and ask if he can drop her off before patrol before I leave for the party.”

“I’ll go fetch the camera.”


“What do you mean, ‘I have to go spend time with the Demon’?  Are you trying to sentence me to death?” you asked your dad.

“I know that he’s a pain in the ass, but you’re gonna have to deal with him until Bruce finishes playing ass-kisser at the party,” your dad said with a gruff voice.

“And what will you be doing while I’m going to the first annual Wayne Hunger Games?” you questioned while folding your arms.


“I could be out there with you and make life so much easier.”

He rolled his eyes and threw you over his shoulders, “You’re going and that’s final.  If you even think about escaping the manor Alfred will contact me, and I will drag your sorry ass back there.  Do you really want to have a bad first impression?”

You laughed and said, “I’ll give him hell.”

“That’s my girl!!”


Your dad had driven you to the manor on his motorcycle.  You had your bag packed with all of the necessities: clothing, weapons, back-up weapons, a taser, two cellphones, random supplies and some books.  Isn’t that what everyone needs when seeing a Damian Wayne in the wild??  

“Welcome, Miss (Y/N).  It’s wonderful to see you again,” Alfred said with his heartwarming smile.

You smiled and ran up to hug him, “It’s nice to see you again too, Alfie.”

He chuckled and waved to your father, who just nodded and drove back to the city.  You watched him travel down the road until you could no longer see him.  Alfred then guided you through the entrance and into the kitchen where a wonderful aroma was coming from.

“Did you make cookies?” you squealed.

Alfred chuckled and nodded.  He grabbed the plate and offered.  You grabbed the one on the top and bit into the sugary goodness they call a cookie.  

“You gotta give me this recipe.  Dad can cook, but he can never replicate your cookies,” you said while grabbing another cookie.

“As long as you don’t give it to Master Grayson I will,” he responded.
“Awesome!!” you shouted.

“Who is this Pennyworth?” a voice asked behind you.

You turned around and saw Damian Wayne standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a scowl on his face.  You heard a bark and felt something bump into your hip.  You looked down and saw a dog nudging you.  You smiled and scratched behind his ears.  He licked your face and walked to Damian’s side.  You laughed and wiped the slobber off of your face with your jacket.  

“I’m (Y/N).  It’s nice to meet ya,” you said while holding your hand out.

He looked at your hand and walked passed you.  You dropped your hand to the side and frowned.  You knew that he was a ‘Demon’ from your dad, but you finally get why they call him that.

“Jerk face,” you muttered under your breath while grabbing another cookie.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Alfred said and walked off, abandoning you in the kitchen with an asshole and his adorable dog.

“I hope that father didn’t adopt another sob story,” Damian said.

You whipped your head toward his direction and said, “Excuse me?  Listen here you shit stain, your father did not adopt me or pick me off from the streets.  I happen to live happily with my badass dad and have respect for those I have around me.  Before you say anything from that shitty mouth of yours, how about you stop your judging and actually get to know the person you spoiled ass.”

You grabbed the plate of cookies and walked out of the kitchen.  Damian just stood there with a horrified expression painted on his face.   He never expected that colorful of a vocabulary from someone his age.  Titus nudged his side and walked out of the kitchen.  He scowled once again at the thought of you stealing his companion.

Saying you were pissed was an understatement.  He did not have the right to assume you were just another sob story that was taken off of the streets by his father.  You weren’t trying to overreact, but your anger got the best of you.  You sat on the very comfortable and expensive couch in the living room and ate Alfred’s cookies while watching your favorite movie and scratching Titus’ ears and head.  He was nuzzled to your side and rested his head on your lap.  You wondered how a nice dog could belong to the bag of dicks that was in the other room.
“Titus!  What are you doing?  I hope you are not feeding him those diabetic disks that you call food,” Damian said while walking up to you and Titus.

“Yes.  I’m feeding your dog Alfred’s most delicious cookies in the world that I only get to have every few months,” you said sarcastically while returning your attention to the movie.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, brat,” he hissed.

“Are we starting the name calling game? I have a lot of great ideas for your names and I don’t think you’ll want to hear most of them,” you said while smirking, “assbutt.”

Damian’s face went from angry to confused.  You tried to hold it in, but you bursted out laughing, stood up, and walked to the kitchen to return the plate.  Even if Damian is not friendly, he’ll be fun to mess around with until your dad comes to get you.

“Who is this?” Damian asked while holding your locket.

Your eyes widened and raced to take it out of his hands.  He held his hand high, but you knew how to win this game.  You turned around and walked away, but turned back around and tackled him to the ground.  You pried his hand open, took the locket and put it back on your neck.

“You had no right to take this,” you said while leaning up against the counter and shoving another one of Alfred’s cookies in your mouth.

“Who is in the locket?” he asked once again.

“My dead family. You happy now?”

You took another cookie from the second plate and ate it.  You didn’t like to talk about your old family because it brought up too many memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My parents and siblings were murdered five years ago and my grandfather died due to natural causes a year later.”

“Did they get the murderer?”

“Why were you talking about your father earlier?  I thought you said that he was-”

“My adoptive dad you idjit.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that I said those things to you.  It was irrational and unfair to you.”

“Apology some-what accepted,” you said while smirking.

“I guess that will suffice.  Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked.

“My grandfather was a boxer and he taught me everything he knew before he passed.  I also took many self defense classes because of my parents, but I perfected most of it while I lived on the streets and when I was adopted by my dad,” you said while pulling yourself up on the counter.

“Did you look up to him?”

“Yup.  He was my role model and basically took care of me when my parents couldn’t, which was all of the time,” you said while faintly smiling.

“How did you meet your adoptive father?” he asked.

“I busted into his apartment and tried to steal some food.  He tried to stop me from leaving and received a fist to the face.  If his friend wasn’t there he would’ve been knocked out on the floor with a nasty headache.  He gave me some more food while he asked me how long I’ve been on the streets and offered for me to stay awhile.  That was about three years ago.”

“Maybe we do have some things in common,” he said.

“Care to explain?”

“I was raised by my mother and grandfather and I looked up to him like you did to your grandfather.  Now I live with my father and Alfred.  They saved me from a very dark future.”

You nodded, “I guess if I never ran into my dad I would become a criminal and get my ass kicked by you and your father.”
Damian’s eyes widened, “You know about that?”

You rolled your eyes, “Of course I do.  Do you even know who my dad is?”


You smirked and said, “Better not ruin the surprise then.”


“Miss (Y/N), your father has arrived,” Alfred said.

You smiled while jumping out of the couch and running to the entrance.  He was talking with Alfred while you jumped on him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t miss me too much did ya?” he asked.



You looked behind you and saw Damian with a shocked expression on his face.  You and your dad laughed.  

“Did he do anything?” Jason asked while glancing at Damian.

“Yup but I used by colorful vocabulary and everything turned out well.”

He held out a fist and you bumped it.  You let go of him and dropped yourself on the ground.

“Go get your stuff.  Roy is at home with a bunch of junk food and over fifty movies, so get your stuff and let’s get out of here.”

You squealed and ran off to the kitchen to grab your bag and pack all of Alfred’s cookies.  Jason watched you run out of the room before glaring at Damian.

“If you ever hurt her, physically or mentally, I will kill you slowly and make sure they will never find your body.  Not even Bruce will be able to find you.  She will be visiting more often due to me being out on missions and you better not do anything again.  You got it?”
Damian gulped and nodded.  

“I got everything!! Let’s go!!” you shouted.

“Bye (Y/N)!” Damian shouted.

“Bye Damian!” you shouted.

Alfred put a hand on Damian’s shoulder and said: “Be thankful she did not overreact when you said all of those things to her.  Master Tim was not as lucky as you when he first met her.”

Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

(A/N: To Anon, sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoy. Only 4k so a bit on the short side than usual but hopefully, you all still enjoy it. Had to take a half an hour break from writing though after hearing SENSE8 is getting a special! Needed to celebrate!) 

Imagine Nick’s daughter, Zara, letting it slip that he likes you

“Well,…um…you aren’t who I was expecting,” Nick commented as he opened the door which consequently revealed you standing on his doorstep.

“Who were you expecting at this time?” You smirked, leaning casually against his doorframe.

“The pizza guy,” He nodded, seriously.

“But you’re more glad to see me, right?” You grinned, playfully.

“Did you bring a pizza?” He asked seriously.

You hit him with the files you were carrying in response.

“I’ll take that as a no,” He quipped as he dodged the final sing you took at him.

“Are you going to let me in?” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Depends,” He dragged out, leaning against the doorway you just pushed off from and folding his arms, “Tell me what brings you to my apartment at this time on a Thursday night?”

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Date the lady made of shadows. She hides in the darkness of your room at night. But she’s always careful not to let you see her. She’s worried that you’ll get scared.

She loves it when you talk into the darkness, it’s almost like you’re talking to her. All she’s ever wanted was to talk to you.

She’s been waiting for a sign, a sign that you’re ready to know her. So tonight when you’re going to sleep, let her know that you’re ready. You’re finally ready to meet the woman made of shadows who watches over you as you sleep.

Being the Youngest Member of the Avengers Would Involve

 (youngest by a pretty large margin, maybe they’d be like 19)

Requested by @hotmessofafangirl

  • Steve getting mad when he first discovers you’re on the team because “You can’t just bring a kid into a war like this, Tony!”
  • Proving to Steve that you can handle yourself and he really needn’t worry (he still does of course)
  • To make Steve feel better, Bucky and Nat both specifically look out for you and make sure you’re in close range of them at all times - after all, who better to watch over you than some of the world’s best assassins?
  • Having to choose a side during Civil War but also being told to stay out of it because they don’t want you hurt - do you listen though?
  • Being teased by Tony, Steve and Clint about Peter who has a bit of a crush on you
  • Tony helping you with school work because there’s no way you’re falling behind. It turns into a regular thing where you sit down with one of the Avengers and they just give you a hand
  • Natasha and Clint basically adopting you as a younger sibling
  • Wanda also treats you like a sibling, always calming down when you get anxiety or just get a bit stressed
  • You’d occasionally get teased but it’s pretty light hearted especially since you start calling Tony and Steve “Dad”
  • Everyone always underestimating you but they soon learn that that’s a mistake.
  • The public would love you - there’d be loads of fan pages and it would get to the point that you’d make an instagram or tumblr or something and just interact with people
  • Becoming best friends with Peter but also Sam because you make each other laugh easily
  • Growing your powers and learning to control them better
  • Creating this sort of second family who supports you through everything and keeps you safe

Date a dragon who stays up late 

Date a dragon who’s really fun to have pillow talk with 

Date a dragon who is always up to kiss you goodnight when you go to bed

Date a dragon who watches over you and smiles when you fall asleep first 

Date a dragon who is careful not to wake you up when they get late night snacks 

Date a dragon who snuggles up to you when they finally go to bed 


Kiss Me Goodnight And Sleep

Rating: G

Genre: Hurt/Comfort - Fluff

Requested by: @melconnor2007

“You’re replacing me, your girlfriend, by hiring a new person to watch over you while you slept?” You asked in confusion, and slight hysterics.

“Listen, Y/N,” Steve started quietly, 

“No, Steve. You listen.” You turned to face him, pointing a finger at him to silence him. “You’re literally telling me that you’re gonna let some stranger to watch over my boyfriend a job I am perfectly capable of by the way.”

Steve remained quiet, unsure what to say.

“Y/N,” This time it was Bucky who called your name, “I’ve almost seriously hurt you last night.”

Your mind quickly replayed the image of the previous night. 

You and Bucky were sound asleep and you felt Bucky turning and whimpering in his sleep. You woke up and gently called Bucky’s name. His eyes shot open and his hands quickly held your neck in a tight choke. 

You began to wheeze his name but he couldn’t listen. You started to scratch at his hands but that only made him tighten his grip against your neck.

You then raised your knee and kneed him in the crotch resulting in him letting you go. You quickly jumped off of the bed and opened one of the drawers to pull out a gun. 

“Bucky,” You called his name in warning.

“Who the hell is Bucky?” the man before you questioned.

This is a regular occurrence in your relationship. Bucky would dream about the day he was captured by Hydra and remember them reciting the code which usually activated the Winter Soldier. Normally, it wouldn’t be bad. He wad only be in that state briefly before reverting back to Bucky, the man you fell in love with.

“Great.” You muttered under your breathe.

He took a step towards you and you pulled the trigger. It missed his head by two inches.

The loud BANG had Bucky covering his ears, yelling, “I surrender!”

“Bucky?” You called out, making sure it was him.

“Y/N,” He asked as he looked at the gun in your hand. “What happened?” 

Yeah last night it was an accident and sure you missed sleep whenever Bucky changed into the Winter Soldier but this is what happens when you date an ex - brain washed- Hydra agent. You know what you were getting yourself into when you started Bucky, And you were ok with all of that.

“And I handled it, Bucky.” Your voice was softer this time.

“I just don’t want to hurt you and succeeded.” Bucky whispered.

You knew there was nothing more you could do. You sighed before nodding your head at Steve. 

“Fine.” You agreed. “But I will train them.”

Steve nodded and went to make the call. Bucky smiled at you in gratitude. You gave a tight smile in return.

It’s been three weeks since the Bucky Watcher (you didn’t know what to call them) had been hired. She was a tiny girl but with masculine physique. You could tell that she could handle Bucky. Every afternoon you trained her what to do if Bucky ever reverts back to the Winter Soldier. 

She was a nice and polite and everyone got along with her but you strongly disliked her. Now that she was the person in charge of Bucky at night, you weren’t allowed in the bedroom. Bucky had told you that it was for your protection and you trusted him but you couldn’t help but that you were being replaced.

A tear slipped down your cheek as you packed you duffle bag. You couldn’t stand being in the same apartment as the Bucky Watcher and Bucky and not being able to sleep in the same room as him. And to be honest, if you were being replaced, you didn’t wanna be there when you’re replaced as a girlfriend as well. 

A knock on the door interrupted your packing (and stopping you from sobbing). You turned and gave what you hope was a bright smile to Sam.

“Hey, Sam!” You greeted. You could tell he didn’t believe your smile. “How can I help you.”

He cautiously walked into your room, “You going somewhere?” He asked, pointing at your bag with his head as he crossed his arms against his chest.

“Oh,” You threw a quick glance at your bag, “Umm, yeah. Gonna spend a couple of nights at my mom’s.” You replied with a cheerful tone.

“You ok?” His brows furrowed. 

“Huh? Oh no, yeah I’m totally fine. It’s just that my mom misses me so…”

Sam slowly nodded. 

“Well, I just wanted to drop by and say hi.” He said as he made his way out of your room. 

“Bye!” you waved and once you were sure he was out of ear shot, you let the tears fall.

“Hey, Tin Man!” 

Bucky lifted his head at the nickname.

“Bird Boy!” His smile was big at seeing his second best friend.

“What’s wrong with, Y/N” Sam asked. 

Bucky gave him a confused look, “What do you mean?” his smile became an awkward one.

“Well, she’s in her room packing her bags.” Sam answered.

“What?” Bucky was honestly surprised. Was his girlfriend upset? How did he not know?!

“Yeah, man. She looked like she was about to cry. She said her mom misses her but I know when she’s lying since she’s horrible at it.”

Bucky stayed quiet. Why didn’t Y/N tell him she was upset? Did he do something wrong? Was she hurt? Well, whatever it was, Bucky needed to find out.

“Thanks, man.” Bucky patted Sam’s shoulder as he headed to his girlfriend’s new bedroom.

You heard a knock as you buttoned up your jacket.

“Sam, I thought you le-” The words died as you saw a worried Bucky standing at your door frame.

“Can I come in?” He asked hopeful. 

You nodded your head, eyes never leaving him.

“Are you really leaving?” he asked.

You nod your head and cross your arms.

“Is there something wrong? Are you ok?” his voice is full of worry and it broke your heart. 

“I’m fine, Bucky. It’s just that my mom is lonely. I’ll be back in a couple of days.” You smiled at him, trying to assure him that you were alright.

“Y/N,” he gave you his infamous guilty look. The look of a lost man who knows that everything is wrong but doesn’t know what it is or how to fix.

You sighed before sitting on your bed.

“I am going back to my mother. Not because she misses me…”


“But because I feel like I’m being replaced.” You finished, avoiding his look.

“Being repla-what are you talking about?” Bucky walked in further and sat next to you.

“You know,” You laughed in ridiculousness. “You and whats-her-face are always together. She sleeps in our - sorry, your bedroom and watches over you when you sleep.” you said in a tone of accusation.

“That’s to protect you.” Bucky stated as if it were obvious.

“But I don’t need protection, Bucky,” You turned to face him fully, “I want to be the one who watches over you. I don’t care if I get hurt. As long as you don’t suffer, I’m fine.”


“But nothing. I know what I was getting myself into the moment I started dating you.”

Bucky looked down before nodding his head at you. “Ok,” He whispered. “I’ll talk to Steve.”

You smiled and then leaned in to peck his lips.

Later that night, you were both in bed back in your shared bedroom, embracing each other.

“What if I turn into him again?” Bucky asks with a hint of fear.

“I’ll be there.” You assured him kissing his nose.

“What if I hurt you?” He whispered.

“You won’t.” Again, you assured him.

“How could you be so sure?”

You smiled at him despite it being dark before saying, “Because I trust you.”

As you kissed him, you could feel his body relax and his lips forming into a smile.

The King of Hell Walks into a Church

Relationship: Crowley X Niece!Reader, Winchesters X Sister

Words: 1,217

Summary: Due to the Winchesters’ incompetence, Crowley is stuck babysitting their little sister at Christmas Eve mass.

Warnings: None, really. Unless Crowley’s never ending sarcasm needs its own  warning.

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A/N: This was written for the wonderful @cici0507‘s Heaven vs. Hell: Christmas Edition. I had Christmas Mass with a Hell character. First Crowley fic, too! AND this is the second one shot within like 10 days! What an accomplishment, right? I think I’m getting better at this whole writer thing.

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Heaving a great sigh, Crowley shook his head. He was the King of Hell, dammit! Demons groveled at his feet, sniveling and begging for forgiveness. How in the name of his kingdom had he been roped into babysitting?

Oh, right, it was because those two idiot Winchesters and the angel were too incompetent to accomplish their ridiculous hunt on time and take their little brat of a sister to the gathering of Bible thumping freaks.

At first, he’d refused. Or, at least, he’d tried to. But the moose had been annoyingly insistent, promising that it would only be a few hours at the most. Plus – even though he’d vehemently deny it were anyone to ask – the demon had a very, very small soft spot for the youngest Winchester.

And that was how the King of Hell found himself holding the door of a church open for a ten year old urchin on Christmas Eve.

Dear god, it sounded like a bad joke.

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anonymous asked:

What if girl ran for help and managed to get to the police. When she thinks she's safe and they'll protect her, yandere man arrives all badass and psychotic and angry. Slaughters everyone while she screams. Genji could slice up everyone with his dragons, reaper would be a smoke of death and gunshots and roadhog could be a slice and blast battle all around her. She's left crying and as she's dragged away she's struggling but slipping on the blood surrounding her?

Only did Genji for this one, lemme know if ya’ll want others cause this was fun. 


The fact that you had managed to make it out still had you in a state of shock. It was almost like a dream. It’d been so long since you felt the heat of the sun soak into your skin and you couldn’t remember the sky being such a vivid, blue color. As much as you wanted to soak in everything you had missed since Genji had locked you up, you were too busy with running as quick as your legs could take you. 

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When I'm gone. Harry styles imagine

He smacked his hand on table “shut the hell up for a moment” immediately I close my mouth. Not because I’m scared of him, it’s because I never saw him like this. I can’t even remember how the fight started but it soon turned into a Tsunami.
“It’s just a fucking book y/n. I can buy you thousands of those and you still act like this over a fucking stupid book. That shit wasn’t the most precious thing” he said and that was enough to break my heart.
The book he’s talking about is the most precious thing in world for me and I thought he felt the same as well.
Tears fall down of my face. The first month we saw each other I was so into the book, After I finished it we decided to talk our cheesy conversation over book by marking the words. So the book includes our thoughts and emotions and he just gave the book to one of his friends that she lost it as well.

“But it was important to me” I whispered “I told you I’ll buy thousands of them. Just stop it right here. I know you’re just jealous. So stop this childish behavior because I’m fucking tired of you and your stupid behavior” he shout as he waltz over the mess he made.
After two years dating I thought I meant something for him but I’m so stupid.

“So you’re tired? Yeah?” I get into room as he was hot on my heels “the hell I am ” he said start unbuttoning his shirt. I pull out a suitcase , decided it’s not my place anymore. He look at the suitcase and my clothes “it’s the exactly what I’m talking about ” he laying on bed “maybe it’s for better” he mumbled before closing his eyes.
I don’t know how harry turned into this heartless man he is right now but it happened and before I know I was in airplane going back to my parents house back in America. My heart is in million pieces and I know it never gonna heal.

Harry’s POV

she left and I was so scared to even stop her. I was under so much pressure because of media and my new album and the idea of engaging to y/n was over my head. I was so scared to decide so soon and without thinking, I was scared of everything and everyone and there was thousands “what if’ in my mind, what if the love is temporary? What if she finds out she can do better? Times pass and things changes so people so what if we change?
I was so scared that I didn’t even notice how I pushed the love of my life away until she’s mikes away from me.
"Earth to harry” Mitch waves his hand in front of me, I look around “sorry, I was, I was in …. let’s start again” I start playing guitar but Mitch didn’t budge.
“I think you should call her” he said “what?” He shakes his head “before it’s too late, you need to win her back, if you still have feelings for her”
Of course I do have. She’s still the biggest part of me and now thousands miles away. How can I survive without my soul?
What if she never forgive me because I hurt her so bad that I can’t even forgive me.
“I need to go” I stand up and unlock my phone, it’s now or never “hello Paul, book me a flight to France, as soon as possible”

“Ok stop it now” my mom came into room with this sentence “stop what mom?” I start reading again not really care what she want to say “stop being like this, stop being depressed” I sighs , I’m not as outgoing as I was but it doesn’t mean I’m depressed, I’m just not in the mood “I’m not depressed mom” she shakes her head “look y/n, your my only daughter and I’ll do anything for you, even if it means I kick you out so you can take a breath, if you know what I mean” I nod at her “I know mom”
She close the door behind her and I close my book as well. Without harry is so tough , without him everything is pointless, even sunrise!
I’m so broken , mostly because I can’t hate him.
Bell rings and I heard mom opened the door downstairs, minutes later she was in my room “this is for you” she gave me a packet. I look at it but there was no name on the packet “from who?” I ask but she was no where to be found.
I opened the packet and there was a book, not every book, it was our book, mine and Harry’s. and a tiny pink paper was in between pages

‘I know I screwed up, but give me a chance. If yes then open your window. H’
“What?” I put the book down and stand up from the bed walking to my window while my heart was beating so fast. Is this real? Am I sleep?
There was standing harry with a guitar in his hands “I know here isn’t Spain but we’re pretty close so” he looked in my eyes as his lips start moving while his hands play the guitar
“I can’t go on and
Let you lose it all
More than I take
Who will ease your pain?
And who is gonna save
You when I’m gone?
And who watch over you?”
He sings and I cried “y/n I know I was a dick” he starts “you were” I cleared my tears but it’s pointless “I know I am a joke but I want you to be the one to forgive me and I want to be the one to forgive you because I can’t promise you I’m not gonna act crazy because I’m madly in love that I’m losing my mind” he said
“So will you forgive me my amor?”
I nod how can I not “I forgive you harry”

Hope you enjoyed, this was one of the old requests I had, I’m sorry if it’s too late to post it but I hope whoever that request it still want it. All the love. Della

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord , the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121:1‭-‬8

Give No Quarter VII

You had spent hours patching the sails of The Fury, the main sail having taken most of the damage and slowed the progress of the ship by hours, if not a full day. Cleaning up the remnants of the battle had been tiring and you had spent three days alongside the crew mopping away blood and repairing what had been ravaged by gunshot and canon.

You were near the top of the mast, a rope around your waist securing you in case you slipped. The sky had darkened but you had continued your work mending the last of the holes, and you looked out across the water, it’s calm surface reflecting the twinkle of stars and the silver glow of the moon. It was almost peaceful, though being trapped on a pirate’s vessel allowed you little true relief.

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