Whiskey and Cigarettes

I’m living this lie
cause I think that I
am better than the truth.
Deny deny
cause it feels better
than trying to live through this pain
of being alone in a world full of bodies and souls
who would rather avoid the pot holes
I create.
I’m only 8
years old in my mind
and I’m wasting so much fucking time
birthdays past
refusing to grow old.
I’m not really trying
to change
because change means accepting
I’m through
with being sad
that I was left alone to fight a war
I didn’t choose.
Nothing good can come from this,
I know.
But I’m going to stand a little longer on these tracks,
staring at the pretty lights
blinding me as they move
but no cigarette

“No freedom ‘til we’re equal. Damn right I support it.” Macklemore ✨ // So I recently watched Ingrid Nilsen’s coming out video. I was speechless. I cried for her. Having to suppress who she really was for all those years…. I support her with my whole heart. 💛 I am so very passionate for universal equality - amongst all genders, sexualities and species. I believe that it’s a basic human right to love who you choose. And who on earth do you think you are if you think you are entitled to tell people who they are allowed to love?! To deny someone their right to love?! Equality is not up for debate. It’s an implicit truth. // Love is patient, Love is kind.

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When you see me, what do you see?
Do your instincts tell you to clutch your purse?. 
Or were you brought up that way and this is no longer a wasted verse. 
Do you imagine a video girl or a rap star?.
Not knowing my achievements have taken me so far.
Do you think my conversations consist of cursing and Ebonics?. 
Not knowing I tutored kids so they don’t need hooked on phonics. 
Do you see me as someone who uses the system?. 
Not knowing the system keeps my people from true wisdom. 
Do you think I cannot achieve in this life?. 
Not knowing my rights. 
Have been denied since light. 
I am Buchi Emecheta, I am Langston Hughes. 
I am bell hooks, I am Sojourner Truth. 
I am Alice Walker. 
I am a daughter. 
A mother. 
A sister. 
A listener. 
And Creator. 
Toni Morrison. 
I know I can. 
I am Nigerian American. 
So please grasp that ma’am. 
When your purse is in your hand.

When You See Me, What Do You See? by Valerie, 2003


Godspeed And Don’t Second Guess Yourself!

According To Newspaper Accounts This Morning, Ian Thorpe Reveals That He Is Gay In An Interview To Be Broadcast On Sunday. He Has Lived Under The Glare Of The Media For The Greater Part Of His Life. I, For One, Do Not Begrudge Him For Wanting To Maintain His Privacy. There Was A Time In Our Lives, When Most Of Us Who Are Gay Denied It At One Point In Our Lives. 

I Am Happy That Ian Thorpe Can Now Admit To The World That He Is Gay. I Wish Him Nothing But The Best For His Future!

Godspeed, Kiddo!

And Smuggle On, Dude!

Something I've noticed about myself lately

is that I have this tendency (which I’ve seen in friends, too) to assume the good things I do are in some way a product of mild mental unwellness.


I am a motivated person who does lots of things!…probably because I am compensating for unconscious feelings of scarcity and fear of dying young.

I don’t mind spending time alone!…probably because I was a lonely child and sometimes have panic attacks if I think people don’t like me.

I love doing really difficult exercise programs!…probably because I was unhealthily overweight for most of my life and have unconscious body image issues.

There’s an element (a tiny, subatomic element) of truth in those ideas.  

But I’ll tell ya what, y'all: I friggin’ call b.s.

This sort of self-deprecation (if that’s what it is) is such a thief of joy.

I refuse to believe that we should value our insecurities more than our ambitions.

We’re more than the sum of our neuroses and contradictions.

Goodness is not always (or even often) a compensation for something ugly and low. It’s so strange how often we think (we includes me) that the most negative criticism is the most honest one.

At some point, cynicism and ironic despair became fashionable. Those qualities seem more “adult” sometimes, frankly. And God knows I am as attracted to them as anyone. 

But as I get older, I’m just so much more interested in being a celebrator than a critic – of myself and anyone else.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Adulthood isn’t something that happens to you; it’s something you make. That’s the wonder and terror of it.  That’s the power of it.

Let’s celebrate it, okay? Let’s focus less on the shadow and more on the light that cast it.

< /rant >

- Mike

I Miss Caspar

So I got the idea of writing this fic because while Caspar was away in L.A all we kept seeing is how much he missed Joe, not the other way around. Obviously, Joe missed him but since he isn’t good at explaining or I mean, expressing his feelings, that’s why he didn’t do it as much. (Except on YouNow) I think this came out better than I planned. 

Note: This ended up being a kinda smut…I don’t know how I got to that point but I mean, who am I to complain??? Am I RIGHT??

Title: I Miss Caspar

Summary: Joe keeps denying he misses Caspar until one day he admits the truth.

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American Sniper PSA

I have never been so ashamed of people in my life. Chris Kyle was a sniper that killed people who were dangerous. They threatened peace and safety, and he did what he was ordered to do. If you want someone to blame, blame the people who gave those orders. People need to learn that he couldn’t deny orders from a superior. Some people can get named traitors of the country for denying orders. But do not blame a man who gave his heart and soul to his country for the safety of his people. I cannot believe that you all hate a man who did what he was trained to do. I am so fucking ashamed of all of you.

He is not a murderer, he is a hero.

Also, if you would all learn to be educated and read his fucking book, you would see his reasoning. Also, it’s not his fault for him trying to tell the truth and the government censoring some of it.

The Truth About Coffee
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Mmm mmm coffee. This wonderful elixir has taken over the world. Though individual tastes and preferences vary, there is no denying that most folks who turn to coffee enjoy its effects as a stimulant. Many an In Defense of Plants post has been written in a coffee-fueled frenzy. Even as I write this piece, I am taking breaks to sip on a warm mug of the stuff. Coffee has plenty of proponents as well as its fair share of nay sayers but the health effects don’t really concern me much. Today I would rather talk with you about the shrubs that are behind all of this. 

The coffee we drink comes from a handful of shrubs in the genus Coffea. Native to parts of Africa, these shrubs are distant relatives of plants like buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) and the bedstraws (Galium sp.). The “beans” that we brew coffee from are not beans at all but rather a type of pit or stone found in the center of a bright red berry. Before they are roasted, the “beans” are actually green. Plants in this genus produce an alkaloid compound known as caffeine. Though it may seem strange, the purpose of caffeine is not to stimulate the human nervous system (though it is a wonderful side effect) but rather it is produced as a defense mechanism for the plant. Making this compound is a complex process that involves many metabolic steps within the tissues of the plant. There are certain factions out there who would like to argue that this is proof against evolution but, as always, evidence seems to be the downfall of their argument. 

Creationists will tell you that the adaptations we see throughout the living world are too complex to have happened by accident. In reality, there is a vast amount of evidence that disputes this. Caffeine is one such example. It has evolved independently multiple times in many different plant lineages. Looking at the genome of coffee, researchers at the University at Buffalo (my alma mater) found that the genes involved in the synthesis of caffeine did not arise all at once. Instead, the genes duplicated multiple times throughout the history of this genus with each duplication coding for another step in the process of producing the caffeine molecule. The interesting part is that each step of this evolutionary process produced a chemical that was itself useful to the plant. The precursor compounds are bitter and toxic to the kinds of animals that like to nibble on the plant. 

As it turns out, the benefits that the plants get from caffeine aren’t restricted to defense either. Coffee, as well as other flowering plants such as citrus, produce small amounts of caffeine in their nectar. Researchers at Arizona State University found that bees were 3 times more likely to remember a flowers scent when there was caffeine in the nectar than if there wasn’t. This serves a great benefit to the plant producing it because it means that its flowers are much more likely to get pollinated. As it turns out, humans aren’t the only species that enjoys a good buzz from caffeine.

Before we get too excited over coffee, we must remember that is definitely has its downside. Worldwide, we humans drink roughly 2.25 billion cups of the stuff every day. In order to produce that much coffee, humans have turned somewhere around 11 million hectares of land into coffee plantations. This has come at an extreme cost to the environment. Also, being a tropical species, the types of habitat used to grow coffee were once lush, tropical rain forests. A majority of coffee consumed around the world is produced in monocultures. Where there once stood towering trees and a lush understory is now an open, chemically-laden field of coffee shrubs. There is hope, however, and it is rising in popularity. 

If you enjoy coffee as much as I do, you should certainly consider switching over to shade grown coffee. I have attached a fair amount of literature at the bottom of this post but the long story short of it is that growing coffee is much less harmful to the environment when it is grown in a forest rather than open plantations. The structural complexity of shade grown coffee farms allows a greater diversity of plant and animal species to coexist with one another. Species diversity and richness are significantly higher on shade grown farms than on open field plantations. 

So, there you have it. Coffee is as complex as it is interesting. We humans are simply lucky to have stumbled across a plant that interacts with our brain chemistry in wonderful ways. Certainly coffee has benefitted in the long run. 

Photo Credit: Ria Tan (http://bit.ly/1pFQD1J)

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Things I wish I knew a year ago:

- don’t stop
- hard work pays off…when it comes from the heart
- if God doesn’t come first, I won’t get very far
- it’s okay to make mistakes
- it’s not okay to let my mistakes stop me from continuing
- there are plenty of others who are going through similar circumstances as me, so I am and will never be not alone
- communicate the truth and never deny the moment
- love yourself, but show it, don’t just say it
- I am smart
- I am capable

Drifting Endlessly.

I’m sorry for caring too much,
I don’t know how else to be.
If it were up to me,
I wouldn’t care at all,
Let you go,
Walk away,
Never to return to this pain.
But that’s not who I am.
So, I’m sorry for caring too much.

Forgive me for falling for you,
I don’t know what else to do.
If it were up to me,
I wouldn’t feel a thing,
Forget all this,
Turn away,
So I forget all this pain.
But that’s not who I am.
So, forgive me for falling for you.

I can’t deny, falling behind,
These fractured memories,
You and me

Forgive me for trusting you,
I couldn’t help but believe the truth.
If it were up to me,
I’d never believed,
Forget your words,
All the lies,
So I’d forget you’re alive.
But that’s not who I am.
So, forgive me for trusting you.

I can’t deny, falling behind,
These fractured memories,
You and me
Drifting endlessly.

I can’t deny, falling behind,
These fractured memories,
You and me
Ending mercilessly.

-H. Murcia 10/12/2016 3:06AM

I just saw a post about how Caitlin was the ‘great woman’ behind Barry. Uhm, I don’t think you’re watching the same show as I am.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Caitlin for who she is, but Iris is and always has been the driving force behind Barry. Look at the comics or not, Iris is the one who helped him fight the bullies and has literally always been there fighting for him even when he wouldn’t fight for himself. It’s just impossible to try and deny that. 

Caitlin is strong in other ways, but she’s certainly not the one with anything to do with Barry being the adorable human he is.

Today is #NationalComingOutDay
Three and a half years ago, I came out as gay by posting ‘my story on YouTube. It forever changed my life for the better. Today, I am able to live with full integrity as the person I was born to be. I no longer have to hide or be afraid of who I am. I have the opportunity to live my life not in fear, but experience the fullness of love and community as God intended it.
Three and a half years ago I was terrified. I didn’t know if my friends or family would accept me. I lost friends, and I lost family, but those who love and support me have stood by my side. It was a Catholic priest who told me that it is better to live your life with integrity and truth, than to hide who you are and to live a lie, denying yourself of God’s greatest gift, love.
It’s crazy to think that by taking a chance and coming out as gay by posting a video, it not only freed me from my own self-oppression, but also connected me with My boyfriend @michaelindsay89 just a year later. He posted his own coming out story as a video response to mine. By opening up about something that I once thought made me unlovable, I found the love of my life. Over the past few years, I have proven to myself that it does get better. My faith in God is stronger, my relationships with family and friends are better, and my confidence in who I am has solidified.
Over the past few years, I’ve seen my old college campus recognize their first LGBTQ club, the freedom to marry accepted in all 50 states, and countless friends come out of the closet. I’ve seen the world grow more and more accepting as archaic and false ways of thinking have been fading. Still, some have been holding onto oppressive behavior. All I can do is live my life with integrity, and hope that the love and freedom I’m now experiencing is seen by those who need to see it. Whether that be someone who’s still in the closet and fearful of how their community will judge them, or someone who refuses to accept people for who they are regardless of their gender or sexuality.
I think sharing your story is one of the most powerful things someone can do. Today’s a great day to share. 📷 @brettbrooner http://ift.tt/2dOQptv

anonymous asked:

What about the mounds of dead bodies from Holocaust pictures? And that no Nazi ever denied that the Holocaust happened? And please don't use "Their jews they lie" or "The jews control the world"

Tons of people died from Typhus, as well as starvation due to food supplies getting cut off to the camps. Food supplies got cut off due to the war, made it impossible to GET food to the camps. And those “mounds of dead bodies” were NOT common.

No Nazi denied it? Really? The only ones who “ADMITTED” it happened were the ones who were tortured until they said it happened.

Oh, btw. I wouldn’t use “Their jews they lie” because that’s completely shitty grammar. Maybe “They’re” ;) Yes, I truly am a Grammar Nazi.





anonymous asked:

Hey Chris so this is a tough question but I need help. So I knew I liked girls and guys by the time I was in 6th grade and I have always denied that I was gay my entire life. I'm tired of hiding who I am I do like guys and girls but my parents are Christian and so am I, I want to tell them but I know this will ruin my life and there's. Also 5 years ago my my mom confronted me about it and she forcefully got the truth out of me, any advice?

My parents and I are Christian too. At some point you have to put yourself first. My mom didn’t take it well but my dad and brother did. Honestly there is no way to tell how people will respond. I say do it and pray for the best. Good luck and you have a huge community of friends and supporters if things get rough.