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I'm sad for you and your relationship with your father as I believe a girl's relationship with her dad is the most important one. Times and parenting were different. I would give my eye teeth if my father could have told me he loved me or gave me a kiss (only one on my wedding day as well). Yet, I do not doubt for one second that this man loved me beyond human comprehension. His albeit silent but unwavering love gave me the strength to be a woman who respects herself above all else.

No… Don’t be sad about it!

It is what it is. I am the person I am today because of it. I’m grateful for the strength it imbued me with. Suffering creates great character. I like to think. 😉 To deny the complete truth is harmful. I have found to face it and embrace it and validate it makes it less of a burden. I am happy to share my past with others if it gives them a sense of solace. I’m not looking for pity…. But for grace. I’m messy. You’re messy. And yet, we can still laugh and love. Tomorrow the sun will rise. Yada yada.

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Hi, Princess Love! It's Heartistry again! I was wondering since you are...well...Love, can you tell if a relationship is going well or can you give signs to other ponies to let them know that a relationship isn't going well? If you've said before, I probably didn't see it, so if so, sorry in advance. ^^"

“Of course, ponies of whom I visit are unlikely to recognize who I am… Many times, they do not even listen. Many a pony would rather deny that their relationship is failing rather than face the truth, and refuse to work towards moving on and taking time to heal their wounds. I witness many unfortunate rebounds, many of which cause ponies to become bitter about me, and scorn me; should I not give them what they desire right away.

Ponies whose relationships are going well can expect to feel a strong sense of felicity upon my meeting with them, and when I leave, they may feel confusion; for I come upon them as a spirit and not a body. They know somepony was there, but they cannot put a hoof on who it was.”

we who so value the fearless impertinence of prophetic-apostolic witness must never forget what a precious and fragile gift it is to be invited into the lives of our hearers. when i think about the glory of the Truth, about its utter and complete coming victory, about its gravitational pull of all things into itself that will not be denied, i am filled with urgency and protest and power. but when i think of my people – their wounds, their bruises, their smoldering wicks – i feel the red hot conviction within cool under the tempering hammerfall of empathy. “i have been invited into this heart,” i think. “i dare not make a mess of it. i dare not leave it the same.” only tempered steel holds an edge; swords blazingly hot out of the furnace are impressive, but they are useless for the work that needs to be done. what grace that we get to work at all, what grace upon grace that we might do it well-tempered in love.

Neither Alia nor Deepika has been roped in for Golmaal 4 - Rohit Shetty

Ever since Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty  announced their next film Golmaal 4, speculations on who would be the heroine of the film started doing the rounds.

Reports were rife that Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone had been roped in for the leading lady’s role.

However, there seems to be no truth to these rumours. Director Rohit Shetty in an interview with us denied the news. He said, “No, Alia isn’t free. Poor thing wants to do a movie like Golmaal but no she is not doing this one. And neither is Deepika doing. She also doesn’t have time. If I am working with her, I would do a film like Chennai Express." 

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Probe him further as to which other heroines he plans to approach and he says, "I am in talks with few. She will surely be from the younger lot but I cannot reveal the final cast.”

And will he miss Kareena?

“ Yes I will miss her. But she is pregnant so obviously we cannot expect her to do the movie,” admits Shetty.

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talk about them!- ironoverwine and wwindbound

I had an inclin8tion that this would occur and still I re8logged the truth serum and url inquiry. There has 8een a numerous amount of asks a8out my opinion on wwind8ound, in which I will resort to answering this one.

As soon as I get rid of these two the sooner I can get on with more important people to discuss. The length of this will also put people off in reading the full amount and most likely avoid the parts that I do not desire in others knowing.

 I am most likely going to write a compare and comparison on them. Usually 8ecause I do not know them well enough to document my thoughts on their personalities alone; what I do know however is that the 8oth share the same symptoms of stupid.

Ironovewine. (More like ironoverWHINE)

Despite him reminding me of a villainous 8rainwashing oddity from several wrigglers entertainment programs and the truth is, that he 8estows the mentality of one who watches it. I cannot deny that my flam8oyancy towards him may at times 8e of an over-exagger8tion to gain his attention; that I do extend effort to o8tain and often frust8ted when it is not (IM8ECILE for if you are reading this).

I have appeared to underestim8 him, as he has thieved my patience many times in which I somewhat congratul8 him for; there are not many who can. I am perhaps a little envious a8out their mutual h8tred shares with Dualscar and how it has appeared to 8lossom over and favoured over the alertness of my own.

As of recent events I do not know where we stand.


A fly 8uzzing around my pan. Dealing with him would not 8e so terri8le if the pair of them didn’t team up to irri8te me at once. I somewhat have a notion that they have their own involvements with each other and that they enjoy it most so than mine. Not like I care, of course.

As of that, he’s tolera8le. Not entirely the worst Orphaner or person I have acquainted; if you can call it that. He tries to gather my attention when jaded 8y the inactivity of his socialis8tion with others. He is somewhat decent appearing too, however uncertain if I would advance on what has 8een descri8ed alone.

In conclusion, they are 8oth irritant yet not enough for me to dislike them with a passion. I am certain if they opened their minds from their petty six sweep old attitudes and grew enough confidence to approach me, then I may find them interesting. As of now however, they are tedious and insignificant and neither of them do I find commenda8le of my presence.

send me “talk about them!” + a url and I’ll talk about that person

No one ever told me it was OK to identify as something other than male or female. Alone, I struggled with how to describe what I knew inside was a truth: I was not going to grow up to be either a man or a woman. I had already spent many years trying to make myself into one or the other and had been unsuccessful.

Society’s need to make gender one or the other sacrifices the life experiences of people like me. We are forced to choose between a man and a woman. For me, this would mean denying a large part of who I am. My journey is not about transitioning into one of the two acceptable genders. It is not about making a political statement. My journey is about becoming a whole person.
—  Mr. Barb Greve, ‘Courage From Necessity’.