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I work at a switchboard @ my school- basically customer service: dealing with idiots who can't Google a phone #, I get yelled at for things that aren't my fault, etc. ANYWAY, why do people say "Hi, how're you" if they're not going to even give you time to answer? I'll be mid "I'm go-" before they continue talking. I mean I'm going to lie anyway because I'm not "good." Sometimes I just say "I can't complain" because I'm at work and I really can't/am not allowed to complain, although I'd love to.


That was not Sara Harvey’s phone! The bottom of the screen says “slide to answer” unless the phone is calling itself–who’s phone is it? Noels? Who has Sara Harvey’s phone?? 

What do you think? 

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I think it’s fantastic, the idea that you’ve got these very caring, lovely people on the end of the phone who listen for as long as they need to, to build the picture of what is going on, and then provide extremely good advice - and then the fact that you’ve got the mental health professionals later down the line if necessary. I think that is a really good balance of getting the right support straight to these families who are clearly at their wits’ end at what to do, and reaching out. Thank goodness they do reach out to something like this.
—  Prince William

It’s always the older sounding people that are so entitled and demanding that their way is the only way and they’re also the ones who’ll scream into the phone and calls us morons and motherfuckers and like

did you grow up in a barn? where are your manners? You know those things that were drilled into us from a young age. If you’re gonna talk the talk you gotta walk the walk

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A flip phone?

Todo: So I found this phone outside.. the cow had brought it to me the moment I opened the door.

Ichi: It’s an old model, isn’t it? Who would leave a phone here?

Jyushi: Ah! It looks like my old phone!

Ichi: ..Speaking of which, what happened to your stuff? You know.. when Kodoku kidnapped you and all?

Jyushi: Besides Kiiro-kun, most of my stuff remained in the mansion. I can’t get them back now, especially after “that”.

Ichi: …Oh. Well, what do we do with this phone then? Kyabarie, do you want it? I already have a phone, and I’ll just get Jyushi a new one later.

Kara: I’m already saving some money for a phone, so it’s fine with me. Why not give it to Todo? He broke his phone by accident; crushing it the night of Jyushi’s kidnapping.

Todo: H-hey! That was an accident.. besides, like you, I’m saving money for a phone similar to my old one.

Kara: Hm. Choro?

Choro: I do not require such a device, my dear fellow! I will simply hand-write letters to my loved ones!

Kara: …Alright, how about Oso?

Oso: …No.

Ichi: Eh? Why? You don’t have a phone do you?

Oso: …The owls… at night.. I can’t.. communicate with them.. with a phone.

Ichi: …

Todo: …

Kara: ..Ichi, since you’re getting Jyushi a phone, please get one for Choro as well. Oso, whether you like it or not, you’re getting a phone. We don’t want to hear from anyone in the city about some “red-eyed madman hooting in the middle of the night”.

Oso: ..Fine.