• Jules Plec:“Ok guys at the conv’ don’t praise any romantic relationship with Bonnie k?”
  • Ian:“I’m sorry new phone who dis?”
  • Chris:“I’m sorry new phone who dis?”

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I like anything floral and its a bonus since its dark! (muhaha) plus its really pretty, and i suck at this blurb thing. i actually changed my lockscreen to farah’s recent art of ss with the pretty black background (<3) but i felt like i was cheating since i got most of the tags when my lockscreen was this

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As of May, about 7,200 of more than 9,600 untested kits had been analyzed, according to DeWine’s office. The result: nearly 2,700 “hits” or matches in CODIS, or the Combined DNA Index System, a national law enforcement database of DNA profiles.

So far, nearly 3,800 of the 4,800 kits submitted from law enforcement agencies in Cuyahoga County have been tested. About half have yielded matches in CODIS, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The “hit” letters are the starting point for investigators who make house calls, scour phone records, track Social Security checks, contact family members and go wherever necessary — West Virginia, Florida, California — in search of survivors and suspects.

In time, McGinty’s office plans to indict 1,000 rape suspects. As of late May, more than 300 men have been charged, resulting in 79 convictions and guilty pleas and seven acquittals. The accused include “John Does,” unknown men who are identified by their DNA in their indictments to prevent the statute of limitations from expiring.

Like many other cities with backlogs, authorities say money and technology contributed to the mess. Early on, testing kits cost up to $1,500 to $2,000 each. It’s now about $435 in Ohio. And DNA wasn’t used widely until the mid to late 1990s.

What if they gave out punch-in-the-face tags like deer hunting tags?

You get, like, 5 a year, and you can use them as you see fit to punch someone in the face but if there is an especially large increase in the asshole populations that year you could get more based on the numbers.

Who has the phone number to the government?

I have an interview tonight! With the pizza place! Apparently the girl who answered the phone last night didn’t ask the boss about the phone call, she just asked the other clerks who said of course “no we didn’t call anyone by that name”. But I just got a phone call from the owner’s wife and I have an interview tonight and I am so incredibly happy and nervous and excited and praying like mad that I get the job.

So between needing to get ready for that (laundry/etc) and waiting to hear back from the plumbers and hoping they come in today because my 92 year old grandpa reeeallly needs to be able to use the toilet e_O I highly doubt I’ll be able to get much else done. I have been writing though!! I am almost done writing chapter… hmmm, six? I think? Of Apollo? In any case, I have been doing some writing which is good. Hopefully I’ll get a chapter out soon this week but today is definitely not the day for that.

Fortunately I decided to go and see dir en grey in Munich at the last minute. Of course it’s sad how tiny the audience was, why the hell did they gave them such a horrible time slot.. but I honestly gave my best to show them how much I appreciate their attendance. They surely looked .. discouraged at the beginning but it seemed like they got to enjoy it anyways later on. At least Dies smile told me there was something we did right out there. I hope they were able to feel the few truly thankful souls in the audience.  I really am deeply grateful.

Thanks for the comments which encouraged me to go, this way I have nothing to regret.

BUT.. fuck those 2 stupid lovebirds who for WHATEVER REASON thought they had to stand in the front row just to leave after the 3rd/4th song or so..  and who were playing with their phones and making out while dir en grey were performing/just entered the stage. I mean what the actual fuck ? ? ? That made me so angry I might have killed them if they wouldn’t have left. Needed to get that off my chest. 

I’m glad about every single person who attended just for the band and didn’t act that disgustingly disrespectful.

  • Me:*send some random text to a friend*
  • Friend:Sorry, I changed my phone, who is this?
  • Me:The ghost of your unborn child.
  • Friend:
  • Friend:I find this idea deeply disturbing.
  • Me:I know...
  • Me:Dad.
Two things

1. I really wish we’d seen far away shot of that kiss to appreciate their height difference one last time.

2. If Annie is the ass crack bandit, then who was on the phone during the conversation? Also, doesn’t the ass crack bandit address the Annie/Jeff issue?

Honestly who has access to the phone or tablet logged into Beyoncé’s Instagram?
Like can you imagine God herself bestowing that much power and responsibility on you?