Okay so I wanna say a few things cause I’m annoyed lol.. Miss DOC is a very pretty girl. She is beautiful, smart and talented.. but I’m so disappointed. Health care is a privilege to those with jobs? So all of those people who can’t work do to illness who in turn can’t pay for health care.. should just go without?.. Okay moving on. I’m not even so much upset that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist but more so her reason for not. The jist of her answer was “I’m a beautiful girl who could afford a good education and a successful job so who needs feminism.” When the whole point of feminism is that there are women and girls in these world who need building up and support because they aren’t as lucky as Miss DC. Sorry but I don’t know how she won and I’m super disappointed.

to those who claim they don’t need feminism:

take a step back.
maybe a few steps back, for some of you.

take a step back out of your world and look at our world, the world you’re still a part of whether you’d like to be or not.

take a step back and listen to the bones crunching beneath your feet.
the spines snapping under your toes. 
the hair tangled in between your neatly trimmed fingernails.

look at our bodies.
our bodies, that we have bent and broken into a staircase for you to walk up.
our bodies, that we have have torn and ripped to pieces so you could use our limbs as a handrail.
our bodies, that have been branded with slurs and jeers that you won’t have to endure because of it.

this platform that you stand upon, this platform you think makes you above the rest of us women who are still fighting, who are still unsatisfied– 
we built this for you. 

you stand atop the skeletons of susan b. anthony, sojourner truth, eleanor roosevelt, betty frieden, maya angelou, coretta scott king. 

tell me, would you tell these women that you don’t need them? 
that you don’t need their accomplishments? the rights they fought their entire lives for? the rights they cried, yelled, protested, and died for?

tell me, could you have done what they did? 

without them, you would not be able to stand so tall.
without them, you would not be able to declare your strength and independence. 
without feminism, you wouldn’t be able to say that you don’t need just that.


we are not asking for you to lay down with us, to take the blows as we do. 

keep your primped hair and your manicured nails, and keep your distance. some people will never be cut out to fight.

and that’s okay. we have enough fight for all of us.

we just ask that perhaps, instead of shunning us and ignoring history,
you open your eyes,
and maybe offer a bit of thanks.


a piece dedicated to those who say they don’t need feminism -c.h. // instagram: @evanescent.love (via @poeticaffinity)

i wrote this piece in response to a comment i got under a poem of mine about slutshaming. a summary of it was that she didn’t need feminism, and that she was strong and independent enough on her own. little did she realize, that the very reason she can be so strong and independent and denounce feminism is because, well, feminism. 

keep in mind that “primped hair” and other similar lines are symbolic of a very clean, distanced female, not of any woman of a certain race or anything. 

Hi there, I’m one of the many admins of this blog and I wanted to take the time to contribute my main reason for being a feminist.

This is something that only really came to me last week.

I was sitting in a bar with two of my guy friends, having an end of year beer and I was catching up with one of them about what had been going on in my life and we came onto the topic of why I wasn’t talking to a certain guy I had been dating before. My reply was “Because when I was sexually assaulted and he was the only person that could help me confront my attacker, he didn’t help at all and basically shut me off.”

The reply I got in return was “Do you mean actually sexually assaulted or feminist sexually assaulted?”

I was appalled and shocked that someone that was meant to be my friend would actually ask me such a question and make me explain the ordeal. Which he “accepted” (WHOOPDEEDOO I’M GLAD MY SEXUAL ASSAULT IS UNDER YOUR GUIDELINES)

So, I need feminism because when I told my guy friends about my sexual response, one of their responses was “Do you mean feminist sexually assaulted or actually sexually assaulted?” instead of asking if I was okay.

Responses to every “Why I need feminism” post ever.

“This is just one example of a bad thing, it doesn’t mean you need feminism!”

“What makes you think feminism can help you with that?”

“This isn’t even a real issue.”

“This happens to men too.”

“No one cares.”

“Just because this happens and feminism addresses this does not mean you need feminism.”

“You don’t need feminism you just need better parents/new friends/to behave differently/egalitarianism instead!”

I'm a Woman and I Do NOT Need Feminism

I’m gonna get hate for this post. Go ahead. Hate. I don’t really care. I’m not going to stay quiet anymore.

I am a woman and I don’t need feminism. Saying this seems to be a taboo but I’ve decided that I don’t mind. I have never needed feminism. Not this new bullshit feminism, at least. It seems to be made up of whiny, crybaby, man-hating bitches who think they’re entitled. They claim to want equality and I call bullshit on that. These feminists don’t want equality, they want superiority.

I have seen more women talk about male privilege than is completely necessary. And trust me, sometimes I think they have a valid point. Really. But not most of the time. Especially when I hear people complaining about men who use the phrase “all men aren’t like that.” Well, sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, but it’s true. All men AREN’T like that. In fact, there are a LOT of decent, kind, and fucking brilliant men out there that you’re either ignoring or are simply too stupid to see.

I’ve met my fair share of horrible men. But you know what? I’ve met more useless, pathetic, and frankly abusive women than I have men. You claim to fight for equality while shoving men to the back of the line. That is not male privilege. That reeks of a man-hating feminazi. Which is all I seem to see any more.

Tell me, when do we stop pretending this is about equality and own up to the fact that it is about nothing more than destroying men?

So yes, I am a woman who does not need feminism. I don’t need it because I’ll fight for REAL equality. For both sides. I will fight to earn women the right to equal pay with their male counterparts just as I will fight for the right for men to have a say in the lives of his children. (And no, that doesn’t just go for abortions. That goes for ALL children.) The rest of you can keep man-hating. Eventually, real equality will win.

Rant over.

“To All That Oppose Feminism”
-A Slam Poem:

Oh, I’m sorry.
Did my feminism offend you?
Does the fact that I stand for equal opportunity, disgust you?
How about the hundreds of thousands of children that get abused, murdered, molested and are malnourished?
Do they annoy you, too?
Is it the fact that I stomp on the idiotic patriarchy that runs this country, that you go out of your way to go against my cause?
Do you hate me?
Or do you hate what I support?
Because if that’s the case, then you are quite the jerk, old sport.
Do you fear women that can stand for themselves?
Is that the problem?
Or is it your egotistical selfishness that you are concerned for?
Hey ladies,
The ones who “don’t need feminism”,
why do you think you have degrees?
A corporate job?
Why can you buy a car or a home?
Why do you have birth control?
Why can you express your anti-feminist mindset or, any mindset at all?
Oh, right.
It’s all because of feminism.
Hey people,
the ones in my class that just rolled their eyes because I said the word “feminist”,
screw you.
I stand for little girls and boys all around the world that are denied the rights of humanity.
The men and women, too.
I stand for every victim of rape, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse.
I stand for the elimination of gender roles, and for all to have the right of self- determination.
I stand for stopping the sexualization of female bodies.
And I stand for not using what they wear as an excuse.
I stand for the women, who still do not receive equal pay and opportunity.
I’m for that.
And to all the government officials that are trying to make abortion illegal; you can keep your politics out of my genitals.
For everyone in the LGBTQ community and for everyone we have lost, and for everyone we will unfortunately continue to loose;
I stand for you too.
Feminism is a great thing, and I severely pity those against it.
Who are you to tell me that I cannot be equal with a man; any gender as a matter of fact?
Do you think that what is in between your legs defines your power?
Well if you do, I got some news for you son (especially you, meninists);
the vaginal muscles will probably squeeze the patriarchy out of the overly sensitive meninist testes.
But you know, I don’t hate men.
I stand for men to be able to cry, and show pain; to give them the support they need when they are raped.
I stand for men being able to wear what they want, act how they want (in reasonable manner), and to work as whoever they want.
I stand for male benefits, as well as mine and those of others too.
I fight for women to go into politics, medicine, and engineering.
But if you want to stay at home and maybe start a family on top of that,
then be my guest.
I am for better education, nourishment, health, knowledge, equality, fairness, and so much more.
But what do you,
one who opposes feminism,
what do you stand for?

I think one kind of feminist activism that is often overlooked is women befriending little girls.  On the face of it that might sound slightly creepy but what I mean is if there’s a little girl who lives on the block invite her to come and garden with you.  If there’s a little girl on the same floor of your building ask if she’d like/would be allowed to go to the library with you.  If you are an artist teach her some painting techniques.  Bake some cookies with her.  Sneak her brownie when her parents aren’t looking. Do a science experiment with her.  Do whatever but while you’re doing whatever with her talk to her and listen to her like she’s not just a little girl but that you see her as a person.  A person with valuable input on a variety of topics.  And Yes you may hear more about Hello Kitty or My Little Ponies than you ever wanted but in doing so you are elevating her.  Raising her self esteem in a manner that does not depend upon male validation and helps her learn how to express herself from a young age.  I look at my childhood and the adult women including my mom who listened to me, comforted me when I needed it (which was pretty often because the world is not kind to smart, verbal, little girls who don’t know their place,) they gave me confidence and encouragement and I am eternally grateful for the gift of their time and try to do my best to repay them by making room in my life for little girls like me who desperately need an ally.

anonymous asked:

Tbh the problem I have with white feminism as an Asian women is that ive met many white feminists who act like we are partially responsible for sexism in our culture or some meek helpless girls who need white feminism to swoop in to save us. Like sorry the fuck your parents, bra burning style of white feminism isnt effective against our parents, our culture, and racist assumptions about us

This so much! White feminist fail to understand that what works for them, their form of protests and defiance will not work for women in cultural/traditional homes. And when some woc deny white feminism and their form of protests, they get called weak for it. If you have a very traditional parent, that stuff will not work—like you said. In fact it can put some women in danger. But again, white feminist will not acknowledge that, they will blame you for being in your situation and won’t even hear you out.

White feminist are so trapped in their own privileged bubble that they fail to acknowledge that woc in certain societies and cultures do not have the same benefits as them and therefore can advocate the same way they do, or advocate at all really.

But at the same time that doesn’t mean you, or any other woc needs white feminism to save you lmfao. White feminism is too privileged and racist to actually humble themselves to understand your situation. They automatically think you need saving from them but in reality that makes the whole situation worse.

(Ps tho, even if you are a woc who cannot advocate for your feminism/rights because of tradition/culture that doesn’t’ make you any less of a feminist)

To women who say they "don't need feminism"...

Honestly you are being fucking ridiculous. You may not know a lot about feminism or not feel very passionate about it, maybe you had a bad experience with some radfems/feminazis so you choose not to associate so much with that group. BUT SAYING YOU ARE AGAINST FEMINISM OR THAT YOU DON’T NEED IT THE STUPIDEST FUCKING THING. If it wasn’t for feminism you wouldn’t be allowed to vote, to get a job, to state your opinion, you wouldn’t even be able to wear pants, fucking pants. Not to mention you would literally be considered property. So yeah, you do need feminism. You may not really care about what present day feminists are fighting for, but you DEFINITELY NEED feminism.

lil rant✨

If you actually think that so-called feminists standing in a circle and forcing themselves to menstruate does something, well you’re automatically a white feminist
Keep in mind women in prison get FIVE PADS per period, transgender men get zero! Tampons and pads are too damn expensive for homeless women, and they frequent carry their dried blood for months. So count your fucking blessings and stop wasting your time. Tampons are a blessing! so many women dont have access to these things! if youre gonna free bleed might as well buy a box of pads anyway and donate it someone who needs it!

  • how boybands reach fame: okay singing. at least 2 must have kind of cute faces. maybe some instruments.
  • how girlbands reach fame: perfect voices, choreography, wardrobe, makeup, personalities. and even if they get all that right they still won't be as famous as most boybands because they're too 'slutty' or 'bitchy' or one of them's a little curvier or not as intelligent or not as good of a dancer. but who needs feminism am I right. :)
"I don't need feminism."

What about girls who are forced out of school and into marriages with men decades older than them? What about girls who are forced to carry and deliver children before their bodies are physiologically capable to do so? What about young women who are brutally attacked with acid by men or even their own families for bearing a daughter instead of a son, or refusing to marry someone they do not love? What about little girls who are forcibly held down by their own family members while their genitals are barbarically cut at with old razor blades? What about every young girl who is denied an education and a chance to better herself solely because she is a girl?

Maybe you feel as though female oppression is non-existent, maybe you feel as though a movement towards gender equality is completely unnecessary, but before you so proudly claim the title of an ‘anti-feminist’, you need to consider those who do need feminism.