Meet The Students Who Launched The Mother Of All PR Campaigns

Somewhere in the universe Emily Pankhurst is smiling.

When a women’s studies class at Duke University decided they didn’t like the negative way feminism was often portrayed, they decided to ask fellow students a simple question … who needs feminism?  As with all good things digital, the project took off as people around the world posted their responses online too. Out of one small class of students, feminism 2.0 was born. 

[Original by the students of Professor Rachel Seidman’s Women in a Public Sphere course at Duke University. Wanna play too? Check out the WNF? Facebook and Tumblr pages and post a definition of what feminism means to you.] 

7 Thought-Provoking Feminist Tumblrs You’ll Fall In Love With 

“Tumblr is useful for activists of all kinds. The site hosts countless awesome photos, drawings, and essays carrying messages geared towards various social justice issues. There are thousands of excellent feminist users on Tumblr, so it could take forever to sift through and find some of the best ones out there.

Well fear not, because I have undertaken this daunting but thoroughly educational and enlightening task, and found some feminist gems on Tumblr that you may not have heard of before. During my search, I was impressed by much of what I found. So many users are going far out of their way to educate all of us about further marginalized groups of women, which speaks to the rising recognition of intersectionality within feminism. Some other blogs were absolutely hilarious and creative in their approach to making feminism accessible and lighthearted (while recognizing that the struggle is very real).

Prepare to be amazed by some of the fabulous feminists behind these kick-ass Tumblrs.”

See the full list here



Responses to every “Why I need feminism” post ever.

“This is just one example of a bad thing, it doesn’t mean you need feminism!”

“What makes you think feminism can help you with that?”

“This isn’t even a real issue.”

“This happens to men too.”

“No one cares.”

“Just because this happens and feminism addresses this does not mean you need feminism.”

“You don’t need feminism you just need better parents/new friends/to behave differently/egalitarianism instead!”

Hi there, I’m one of the many admins of this blog and I wanted to take the time to contribute my main reason for being a feminist.

This is something that only really came to me last week.

I was sitting in a bar with two of my guy friends, having an end of year beer and I was catching up with one of them about what had been going on in my life and we came onto the topic of why I wasn’t talking to a certain guy I had been dating before. My reply was “Because when I was sexually assaulted and he was the only person that could help me confront my attacker, he didn’t help at all and basically shut me off.”

The reply I got in return was “Do you mean actually sexually assaulted or feminist sexually assaulted?”

I was appalled and shocked that someone that was meant to be my friend would actually ask me such a question and make me explain the ordeal. Which he “accepted” (WHOOPDEEDOO I’M GLAD MY SEXUAL ASSAULT IS UNDER YOUR GUIDELINES)

So, I need feminism because when I told my guy friends about my sexual response, one of their responses was “Do you mean feminist sexually assaulted or actually sexually assaulted?” instead of asking if I was okay.