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Request: OK HEY since you asked could you do a Billy Hargrove thing where the reader is the bad girl in town and billy wants to be involved with this girl? Plz plz plz - @brioximar

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader

A/N: for some reason my latest fic isn’t really showing up in the tags which is annoying (mostly bc it’s one of my favorite pieces of writing i’ve done) so hopefully this one does.  

also i know nothing about cars and motorcycles so bear with me.

Your engine rivaled Billy’s, which was what first drew his attention. That and the fact that your engine belonged to a 1969 Honda CB750. 

On your first day at Hawkins High, halfway through the spring semester and with five minutes to spare before the first bell rang, you tore into the parking lot with little care for those who crossed your path. You heard the muffled shouts of those you’d forced to the sidewalks with your hasty entrance, and you smiled. Good—let them know who was boss now. 

You found an open space, parked, and slid off your bike. From behind the visor of your helmet, you cringed. What a dump of a school and a dump of a town. Why your father insisted on transferring from Florida to this godforsaken place, you’d never know.

When the bell rang, you let yourself become swallowed by the mass of students as they made their way from the parking lot to the hallways, a never-ending parade of jocks, preps, and geeks just trying to get by and make it to graduation.

By the time you’d located your locker and met the owner of the locker beside you (some impossibly perfect girl named Nancy Wheeler who already got under your skin), the tardy bell had come and gone. The halls were empty, silence reigning in the space where mere moments before the sounds of lockers closing, people shouting, and footsteps had bombarded your ears. You sighed, reached for the pack of cigarettes hidden behind your Biology book, and withdrew a smoke.

“You lookin’ to get caught?”

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wow ceo ian x bodyguard chris now all i can think of is MAMA mic drop! jm and jk just constantly glaring at each other, ian making christian run petty errands like go get my coffee or pick up my car and chris for the sake of it pumps half the syrup bottle into his americano and "accidentally" drives his car into a lamp post (if ian's gonna ignore contract details so is he). but ian never fires him just bc he enjoys having the last say no matter how many times chris fucks up on purpose,

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Strange is Better With You

A/N: Y’all know I love Stranger Things. Like my sons and daughters fighting Demogorgons in the 80′s. What a life! Super thankful that @dangerous-but-fun sent me a request to do an ST Au, I’m like hell yes, and I love you and I hope you enjoy!!

Warning: blood, vomiting, death, sadness.

Kylo walked down the familiar hallway that haunted his memories. He pushed opened the door to see the old man, who was his boss sitting in the large black leather chair. “Kylo,” The word seemed to whistle out of his mouth. “You’ve done well apprentice.” Kylo nodded and sent a smirk to the red-haired man that scowled at him. “All of the patients and workers have been disposed of, sir,” Kylo said. “Except one.” Hux moved in front of him with a file he had hidden behind his back. “Patient 020-021. Or how she is now known Dr. Y/N L/N, a pediatrician. It shouldn’t be hard to find her, as her practice resides in the next town over. However, getting to her might be a little hard, due to her abilities.” Kylo excepted the file and looked at it. A small twitch hit him as he started to look over the file of Y/N L/N. It was a list of your abilities, as well as the list of accomplishments you had to have over the years. He flipped the page to reveal a picture of you from your practice. Strange feelings started to arise in him. The last time he had seen you, you were eight years old; a mix of jealousy, rage, and longing hit him all at once. He furrowed his brows. “Your past will not interfere with this. Would it?” Snoke’s eerie voice bounced off the dimly lit rooms. “No, sir.” Kylo nodded. “Very well, 020-021 is special. Since she killed her twin and absorbed its powers, she will be a great asset for us.” Snoke replied. ‘And hopefully, your replacement.’ Hux smirked at his thought, while Kylo gave him the side eye for his projected thought. “You will not kill her. Bring her to me alive; physically she can be incapacitated, but alive she needs to be.” With Snoke’s final instructions, Kylo was off.

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Toby: "Boss, who's your favorite proxy? Me, Hoodie or Masky?" Slender Man: "Kate." Toby: "Who the hell is that?" Slender Man: "Did you fools seriously think you were my only proxies in the whole world? My incredibly vague goals require much more than 3 slaves, er, employees."

(HC that Slender actually has no earthly idea what the main goal of his is. It’s mostly just protection for his home)

We might and emphasis on might have black potential jedi that isn’t Finn

What is the final scene of the movie? And is there a time jump at all?

This is going to sound random, but it really works in the movie - the last scene is a boy who’s a stable worker on Canto Bright. The alien boss (who we know is abusive from Finn and Rose’s mission) comes in to berate him. The boy goes outside and grabs a broom - except he calls it with the Force. source 

The boy according to the children novel is black boy unless they change it for the movie to white or other race/ethnicity. 

Why can’t they make Finn one too. Is this an apology for screwing that up? This seems insult to injury. 

🖤 Sweet, Sweet Madness 🖤 page 05 of 13

In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

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  • Ron: Excuse me? Who made Hermione the boss of the group?
  • Hermione: You did.
  • Harry: You said, "Hermione should be the boss."
  • Ginny: And then you said, "Let's vote" and it was unanimous.
  • Neville: And then you made her this plaque that said "Boss of Us".
  • Luna: You put little sparkles on it.
  • Ron: ...All valid points.

while im on the topic.. why do anticommunists always do that thing where they say either “learn about history and you wont support communism” or “get a job and you wont support communism” bc actually reading about history and working at a shitty minimum wage job with a boss who was breaking a lot of labour laws is like.. what radicalized me

Secret Technique!!

Sinclair, the ninja butler, has his class specifically built so that he can use improvised weapons and only improvised weapons. So he pulled out cutlery from his sleeve.

Sinclair: “Secret Technique: Midnight Snack!” He rolls three nat 20s in a row after trying to confirm a crit. Insta death, in our game.

The boss drops dead with a butter knife in his forehead.

Second Boss: “Who are you people?!”

Sinclair: He twirls fancily and pushes up his glasses, “Haven’t you heard? I’m Sinclair.”

Monk OOC: “But that doesn’t make any sense!”

Party OOC: Laughing our asses off. We all know the anime he based his character off of and it’s ridiculous.

(Sakamoto Desu Ga)

so much for free speech in america

“On Halloween, after Briskman gave her bosses at a government contracting firm a heads up that she was the unidentified cyclist in the photo, they took her into a room and fired her, she said, escorting her out of the building with a box of her stuff.

“I wasn’t even at work when I did that,” Briskman said. “But they told me I violated the code of conduct policy.”

Her bosses, who have not returned a request for comment, showed her the blue-highlighted section 4.3 of their social media policy when they canned her. (I’m not naming the company yet to give its officials a chance to respond.)

“Covered Social Media Activity that contains discriminatory, obscene malicious or threatening content, is knowingly false, create (sic) a hostile work environment, or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to discipline up to an including termination of employment.””