Healed yet broken (jelena one shot)

(Justin’s POV)
“Babe I’m home”-I yelled as I walked into the house “oh hey man”-I greeted Johnny who was sitting on the couch watching TV,he just looked at me
“Where’s Jess”-I asked
“she’s sleeping”
Without saying anything else I started to walk to the stairs
“Justin”-His voice stopped me
“What’s up”-I asked turning around,he grabbed my laptop and walked up to me
“You know I had to use your laptop because mine is broken right ?”
I nodded
“Well look what I’ve found”-He put the laptop on the table and pictures of me and Selena from years ago showed up on the screen.I looked away and started to walk to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water,but he followed
“What are those ?”-He asked
“I’m pretty sure those are pictures “-I spat without looking at him
“I thought Selena is the past”
“It is”
“Well it looks like is not”
“What the hell is your problem ? Those are just pictures okay ? It’s not like I’m cheating on Jessica,I just look at them whenever…”
“You try to relive the past for a minute”-He finished.I rolled my eyes taking a sip of water “Like do you hear yourself ? Do you even love Jess”
“You know how much I love her”
“But nos as much as you love Selena.I mean look at you having these pictures in your computer,why didn’t you remove that tattoo it’s been like 5 years already”-I looked at my arm and I was speechless I didn’t know what to say
“If you still think about Selena,you shouldn’t be with Jess.It’s not fair she loves you”
“I love her too so fucking much but that won’t change the fact that Selena is the love of my life”-I yelled Johnny was getting on my nerves now,he looked over my shoulder and his face went blank,I turned around and saw my girlfriend standing there,I looked down in shame
“I will let you two talk”-Johnny awkwardly walked out of the house
“Jess I…”-I walked up to her
“You just called your ex the love of your life I heard that”-Her voice cracked and she immediately started crying
“No,don’t cry”-I tried to wipe away her tears but she stepped backwards
“Justin do you still love Selena ? Like are you in love with her ? And please for once be honest with me”-I looked at her and my heart arched when I saw how broken she is.I knew she deserved to know the true
“Yes”-I mumbled looking down,the next thing I knew is that a loud echo was heard in the room and I felt a sudden pain,she slapped me.

(Selena’s POV)
I was watching TV,when suddenly my phone started vibrating
from babe:”I miss you”

I Smiled before texting back
“I miss you too Ron Xo”

There was a knock on the door forcing me to get up from my comfortable position soon I was standing face to face with Justin.I looked down and saw a suitcase in front of me,he just shrugged and I let him in

(Justin’s POV)
After Jess “kindly” told me to go to hell,I knew I needed to come here,this was “home” she understood me like no one ever could,and after having a pretty big falling out 2 years ago,we realized we need each other so we re-built our friendship
“Oh my God I’m so sorry”-Selena returned with a glass of wine after I tolled her everything about our break up except the “I called you the love of my life and she got pissed as fuck” part
“It’s okay”-I smiled “I Was hoping I can stay here for tonight”
“Oh of course the guest room is always open for you”-She smiled “So why did you guys break up ?”-She asked,and I looked away that’s when I saw her phone next to me,she got a message from “babe” right before I came here
“It…it doesn’t matter”-I fake smiled,I Wanted to tell her.I wanted to tell her how much she means to me,that I still love her with every beat of my heart and no one was or ever will be able to replace her.But 3 words changed everything
“I’m gonna prepare dinner then ? Wanna help ?”-She snapped me out of it
“Sure”-I smiled and followed her in the kitchen,but my heart was completely broken.It was too late,her heart wasn’t mine anymore

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.