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Rivers & Roads: chapter 10 preview

“Should I ask what’s wrong again or are you just going to keep pretending that everything is okay?” He finally said after a while, eyes not meeting mine but rather his empty plate in front of him.

“I’m sorry, I— I’m sorry, I’m ruining this.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

There was it was again; the need for security and reassurance.

“No, Harry— I promise you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Okay.” With a quiet tone, he replied untruthfully, nodding his head despite clearly not being convinced. “It’s just that… you wanted to take things slow and we didn’t and maybe that’s freaking you out and—”

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I've been in a relationship with my crush for three and a half years; a month after we met he had to go back to the country his family is from and he had no return ticket. We had to wait almost four months to be together again, without knowing how long the time apart would last. Everything turned out okay though because he's actually the love of my life nbd

long distance relationships are so angsty and passionate, I want to say that I feel you, but I feel for you. I’m happy you two are very much in love, please stay together

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Judging by his last couple of videos, I'd say it's safe to assume that Cr1t is a fan of Jim F'n Sterling son, or at least watches his videos to find shite steam games to play, especially considering that he played all these games (Alien Wasteland, Silicone, Botology) a little bit after squirty plays were made of them.

I don’t know who that is, but ya maybe.

i’ve just been laying in bed all day sick and miserable and thinking about how things went wrong between me and ken

and i’m


yanno what??

if ya have someone?? who ya love a lot?? even with all their flaws, who ya’d walk to the ends of earth for?? stick with em. don’t mess that up, cause i did. i was that guy who let the one get away

ask em questions. ask em about work even when ya don’t really care. ask em if something’s wrong when their eyes are a lil more sunken than usual, or they’re feeling a lil more bony and when they say “it’s nothing” don’t just stop at “it’s nothing” cause it’s probably not NOTHING it’s probably SOMETHING and eventually all of the somethings turn into one big something and the one big something is what ruins it all

push em when they don’t wanna be pushed

don’t let em go off into the woods alone when ya know there’s a path that’s safe if ya both walked down it together

i made a mistake, i messed up, i can’t change it, but please, if you’re reading this, don’t do what i do, cause love isn’t always sticky and sweet, stuff happens after the screen goes dark and the credits roll and it’s not always pretty stuff and ya hafta love em then too

For day 1, we have this unfinished sketch in which it took me like 20 minutes to realize my tablet driver stopped working. nlnatucker and wedonotapologizeforthehardcore, you guys know who this is =3=

Ya know what I fucking HATE? Every drawing book ever is like, “Drawing heads from different angles is important! You can’t draw everyone straight on! Draw different angles!!1!!” and then shows you a grand total of three different angles. Because you know, everyone always looks straight ahead at all times. IT’S YOUR FAULT I CAN’T DRAW PEOPLE LOOKING DOWN CHRIS HART YOU PIECE OF SHIT

Anyway yep


                                                      Isn’t Tsukiyama also like that?

I don’t care if you think Young Adult books aren’t “real literature” or whatever, because YA novels are giving teenage girls the chance to imagine themselves as rebels and war heroes and goddesses and Amazons instead of love interests and little sisters, and that is incredibly important. 

If you don’t like The Hunger Games or Divergent or whatever, that’s fine, but please understand that those books are important.