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You Can Borrow Mine.

Another small instalment in my 100 ways series on AO3, it’s not a long something but I’m actually quite happy with it..

Dedicating this to @lilsherlockian1975 because apparently she’s had some stupid anons as well <3 feel better dear…

It is on AO3 here..

” You can borrow mine” said a mousy voice behind him, he turned to look at an equally mousy girl standing with one hand outstretched towards him, a pencil laying softly in the palm of her hand.

The girl gave him a gentle smile as he silently accepted the pencil, scribbling down on his paper with it as he had with his own before it had snapped.


“You can borrow mine” he recognised the voice from years ago, it was still mousy but somehow stronger as well.

She still had that gentle smile as she held out a book and he accepted it, just as he had the pencil all those years ago.

He returned to his studies in the school lab and shoved the brown eyed girl out of his mind.


“You can borrow mine” he was surprised to hear her voice, surprised that he recognised it after all those years passing, and after the several times in rehab where he had been so far gone he could barely remember his own name.

He turned, those deep brown eyes staring at him, a smile hidden in the corner.

This time her voice wasn’t all that mousy, but her smile was more shy than gentle if he were to put it into words.

He quickly deduced her, his mind now clear from drugs after his latest stint in rehab.

Lab coat – works here. No ring on her finger. Cheeks flushing – finds me attractive (can use this in the future.) Will be easy to manipulate.

“Sherlock Holmes, I’ll need a lung.”

He grabbed the pen from her hand and scribbled down a few words starting a new experiment he had thought up during the night.


“You can borrow mine.”

Those words had become a lifeline between the two of them, Molly offering her help, her hand, her life to him.

He heard the words in those few occasions that he slept during those two long years away.

Remembered her voice on each occasion, from mousy to strong.

Remembered her chocolate eyes with their hidden smile.

Remembered her actual smile, so gentle and soft mostly so when she smiled at him, it was his smile and he savoured it in those darkest days.


“You can borrow mine” this time he was the one who spoke the words so dear to him.

She turned around her mouth agape as she took in his form, his face, and his gentle smile.

Her brown eyes so familiar.

Her smile so radiant that his mind had not done it any justice.

Her body so warm and soft as she embraced him out of pure joy.

“You’re back.”

Her words were whispered into the nape of his neck, and he could do nothing but nod as he reached his arms around her, breathing in her scent.

She looked up at him, a tear falling slowly down her cheek but smile still firmly at place.

He kissed her, he had denied himself the warmth of her for too long but there was nothing stopping him now.

He had changed, and he knew now why he had always remembered her voice, her eyes, and her smile.

Sherlock Holmes loved her.

And just as Molly Hooper had given him her help, her hand, and her life, he would do it all back.

Hey! I’m Sydney (AKA punk-roctopus); I’m almost 21 years old and I’ve posted on here before and met a lot of really amazing girls!

I’m a feminist, blink-182 loving, bisexual history buff/ conspiracy theorist from Ohio who writes YA fiction novels, loves piercings, tattoos, hairdye, octopi, punk/alt rock, politics, social justice, and other rad stuff. Plus I smoke a lot of weed. I really need more gay/bi/pan women in my life, especially if you live in Ohio! 

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when ya get asks, who do ya imagine is behind the screen?? some preteen hipster with an indie blog?? a 17 yr old sk8islife stoner?? a 62 yr old creep?? who do ya think is behind this ask??

Idk but i think this one is by a dipshit male age 16-20 who thinks playing devils advocate is tite

Rude Gentlemen: Seventeen Kingsman AU

Chapter 2: Search and Annihilate

“Really Chan, I’m fine, I just won’t stay in the dorm for a while. You can manage though, right?” Hoshi said, patting the young boy’s head. The twelve boys visited Soonyoung and told him everything that happened while he was blacked out. Seungcheol did most of the talking while their youngest sat on the bed beside Soonyoung.

“So what am I supposed to do? You can’t just expect me to lie down here while you rascals suck up all the fun!” Soonyoung exclaimed, making the others laugh and guffaw. “I’m being serious here guys! I wanna help too!” he added.

Seungcheol chuckled, “don’t worry Hosh, we’ll let you take the final blow on the dude who did this to ya. Trust me.” Jeonghan stood beside Seungcheol and put his arm around the eldest’s shoulder, “And besides, we need our inventor to modify our weapons and make all the equipment we need, right guys?” Jeonghan added. Everyone shouted in agreement, making Hoshi smile. “Now there’s that smile we always see!” Seokmin said, smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, you dorks never fail to make me smile,” Hoshi said. “Fine fine I’ll stay put, but once I’m outta here I’m in charge of all your weapons, arraseo?” Everyone cheered in unison.

“Sir, are you sure they can do this? They are still fresh graduates,” Merlin said, standing in Galahad’s office doorway.

“I know you don’t trust me Merlin, but trust in them. They kinda remind me of my young self ya know? That energy, that optimism, that… thirst for action,” Galahad said, “I remember when I was still known as Eggsy Unwin, delinquent, troublemaker, pessimistic bastard.”

“Ah yes, I remember. Mr. Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, not the top of the class but hey, you still got to become a Kingsman. Say, what happened to you and Roxy?” Merlin asked.

“No,” Galahad said, “I am not reliving what happened to us.”

“Alright alright,” Merlin chuckled, “excuse me while I restock the boys’ supplies.”

Dorm, 7:30 AM

RISE AND SHINE BOYS, WE’RE GOING TO OUR TAILOR,” Seungcheol shouted at the top of his lungs. Some of the boys sat up and groaned while some covered their heads with their pillows. Unsatisfied with their antics, Seungcheol went to the kitchen and came back with two pots and banged them to each other. “YA’LL ARE WAKING UP OR I WON’T STOP THIS,” he shouted again. The boys, much to their dismay, sat up and groggily scratched their eyes. Seungcheol, satisfied with his work, stopped. “Now hurry up and get dressed, we’re going to our tailor.”

“Good morning gentlemen,” Merlin greeted as soon as they entered the “tailor” in Westminster. “Today, you will be custom-fitted to your very own suits. Now I’ve been through this with every single agent, a suit is a modern gentleman’s armor. The Kingsman agents are the new knights of this century. You will each go into the dressing rooms and get your measurements taken. You can modify your suit, but be advised, modifying the suit may cause some of its special features to malfunction or not work a all. That could cost you your life, by the way. We’ll go by age, eldest first then youngest last. While the others are getting fitted, the others will be in dressing room 3.”

Seungcheol stood up and went to dressing room 2. Inside looked like an ordinary tailor’s dressing room with a full length mirror and a table of combs and brushes. “Uh, what now?” He asked, looking around for a measuring tape. Suddenly, the door opened and a young man came in. He introduced himself as an actual tailor. He then proceeded to get Seungcheol’s body measurements.

In dressing room 3, Mingyu and the younger teens waited for Merlin to come in. They talked about where the car came or where it went. “Youngsters, enough with the chit-chat. It’s time to give you the weapons you need,” Merlin said. Merlin walked up to a coat rack and pulled the 2nd hook from the left. The mirror scanned his hand and granted him access to the concealed weapons room. Their jaws fell at the sight of the rack of guns, lighters and other kinds of weapons. The boys entered the room and looked around. Merlin was entertained at the boys’ reactions. “I had the same look on your faces when I first saw this room too,” Merlin said, slowly walking in and sitting on the leather bench in the middle of the room.

“This was just right in here? No other kind of security?” Vernon asked, eyeing a pair of Oxfords on the shelf. “The front desk was security enough,” Merlin answered, “And besides we’re inconspicuous. Nobody else knows that we’re not actually suit tailors. It’s a front, a façade.” Chan took an umbrella and looked at it. He then approached Merlin and sat beside him. “Merlin?,” he asked, “what does this do?” Merlin looked at him and smiled, “That is the choice weapon for any Kingsman agent, probably because it’s aerodynamic and easy to use. It’s incredibly convenient to bring to places because, well, it’s an umbrella. Who would suspect that an ordinary-looking umbrella is actually a weapon?” Merlin patted Chan’s head and stood up to explain the uses of the various weapons.

6:30 PM

On their way back to their dorm, after fitting and getting lectured about the weapons, the boys stopped over at their favourite restaurant. The owner immediately greeted them and asked about Soonyoung’s condition. “He’s better, still bed-ridden but he’s gonna be out soon,” Seokmin said. They ordered take-out and went back to their dorm.

“Tomorrow’s the big day; do you guys really think we can find that guy?” Chan asked. They were hanging out in the living room, eating their dinner while watching a movie. “We know we’ll find that guy, have a little faith Channie,” Jihoon said, “Besides it is way past your bedtime.” Chan groaned, “oh come on, at least let me finish the movie!” Everyone laughed.

To be continued on 091016

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Imagine the boys busting into your room dressed as the ghost busters yelling "WHO YA GONNA CALL?!" and you're just like "its 3 am, what the fuck are y'all smoking?" (sorry if I already sent this, my phone was acting wonky so i didnt know if it sent)

It’s okay because I cried laughing both times at this….

this is magical. 

I met my favorite person this weekend.

I have these Native American reenactments in the summer, okay. We dress in authentic Native garb and go teach about our culture and whatnot at historical events. There’s this one on a weekend that housed all reenactors from Ancient Greece to World War II–you can walk through a timeline of living history. It’s cool.

So there are these guys in a tent on the far hill called the Scottish Highlanders. They bring about two to five people to their thing per year. They do all the good medieval Scottish jazz. Kilts, weapons, challenging you to fights.

But theres this one guy that is there every time. I always go visit to hear him give in depth talks about Scottish Reavers and their malitia and weaponry and stuff. He’s fun, so I go talk to him and he’s asking about what school I’m going to, what I want to do, etc.

So I tell him I want to be a history teacher and I like to write. He asks me if I have anything published, and I say no, thinking he means an actual book. But he waves me off and asks, “No, online. Have you ever heard of Fanfiction.net?”

Let me explain a thing. This guy. Is well over six feet. His biceps are bigger than my head, he’s about 45 years old, he has the thickest Scottish accent you’ve ever witnessed, he can wave two axes around like nobody’s business, he usually resolves friendly arguments with full on battle in armor with real weaponry with the scars to prove it, and he kind of has a biker gang.

And this guy starts telling me about the 700 page Doctor Who fanfiction that he’s been writing for six years and still running. 

Shamelessly continues to explain how he gets together with his badass biker buddies and they ride to his house with bottles of Jack Daniels and talk about the next fanfiction that they’re going to write together. (More Doctor Who, Xena Warrior Princess, Agents of Shield, Lord of the Rings…) They dare each other to write crossovers for interesting character interaction. This guy raves with excitement over character development and analysis. 

I cried. 

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how do you think people like jokers henchman, other mob bosses in town, and even frost reacted to the joker, someone they probably thought was too twisted and wicked to ever be capable of love, reacted when they found out he had found a girlfriend after he introduced Harley?

I think they’d assume she was just a toy for a while. Obviously knowing what they know about him, it would be very tough for them to comprehend the situation and fathom that he does indeed love her.

After a few months though I think people would realize she wasn’t just a toy like they thought. They’ve probably seen how harshly Joker reacts to anyone he feels is even looking at Harley, so I think seeing that kind of possessiveness would also kind of show he was feeling very strong emotions for her. 

Also I’m pretty sure the way he smiles with her is something he’s never done with anyone else. I feel people would definitely notice that :)

Just a Few: Queer Nerds in YA


Jack Barakat + Music Videos 

(zack) (alex) (rian)

well.. you aren’t going to get any better if you don’t keep drawing and i came to the realization recently that even if i think it looks bad, just still power through because in the end, it’s going to help in the long run

Appreciation post for wlwoc

wlwoc who almost never get recognized. Middle eastern wlw, North African wlw, Arab wlw, Jewish wlw, Saudi Arabian, Jordanian, lebanese, palestinian, Egyptian, kuwaiti, Sudani, Iraqi, Iranian, Syrian, turkish, kurdistani, and every other middle eastern-north African country that I haven’t mentioned (and all the countries that aren’t middle eastern or North African but are full of wlwoc who never get recognition). ya’ll are amazing and don’t deserve the homophobia/transphobia you’re given. sincerely Yours, An Arab wlw who wishes there was more representation of us