Who Shot Mr. Burns


Promotional press slip for Waylon Smithers during the Who Shot Mr. Burns promotion of seasons 6 & 7. There were multiples of these slips created to indicate the main suspects in mugshot style.

Key notes from the profile -

Smithers is good with children. ( We see this in the few episodes that he interacts with Bart & Lisa and it’s as recent as Season 26. Also this is referenced in the comics)

Smithers eye color is hazel (and for comparison, Montgomery Burns’ eyes are canonically blue.)

Smithers has OCD (along with a slew of other ailments we know of like hyperthyroidism, allergies to bee stings and being lactose intolerant.)

Smithers’ wanted poster.  5'9" with hazel eyes.  And his age fluctuates between 36 and early 40s.

Best I can tell (#=can’t make it out):

“Age:  36 (and still not married!)

Height:  5'9” (though he wears the pants of a man 5'6")

Eyes:  Hazel, with a touch of remorse

Occupation:  Former yes-man #######

Distinguishing Marks:  rub-on ankle tattoo of Liza Minnelli

Psychological Profile:  Obsessive-compulsive, #####, good with children"

Annnnd my eyes are shot.

93. When alt.tv.simpsons predicted Maggie shot Mr. Burns (June 2, 1995)

There is a great article over at Slate about the old Simpsons newsgroup, alt.tv.simpsons. I wish I was old enough to have lived in the time of Usenet Newsgroups. I got on the internet in 2000 when I was 16, and by then, newsgroups were fast approaching their downfall. I would have loved to have discussed classic episodes of Simpsons with fans the day after they aired.

In 1995, for the season finale, Mr. Burns was shot, and we were supposed to spend all Summer wondering who shot him. The newsgroup posters immediately went to work, and on June 2, 1995 a Harvard student (or the very least, someone with a Harvard email), Gary Chase posted his theory on how Maggie shot Mr. Burns:

From: nh…@gauss.med.harvard.edu(Gary Chase 732-5133)
  Newsgroups: alt.tv.simpsons
  Subject: The Maggie Theory: A summary
  Date: 2 Jun 1995 18:51:13 GMT
  Message-ID: <3qnmj1$k…@netope.harvard.edu>

  While nothing is certain, it seems that Maggie has become the
  “prime suspect” of many of the posters to ATS.  The following
  is a summary of clues/evidence/stuff….

  - Burns speaks to the “attacker” as if he is talking to a
    child or animal.
  - Maggie was left alone in the car with the door open and
    not buckled into her car seat.
  - She was last seen in the car holding a large sucker.  Burns
    had earlier discussed wanting to steal candy from a baby.
  - All of Burns comments to his “attacker” are consistant with the
    Maggie theory.  Specifically: He struggles with that person over
    some object, most likely the sucker.  Only a baby (or a dog) would
    allow a “struggle” since any other person would quickly over-power
    the notoriously weak Burns. The attacker is someone Burns knows; he
    knows Maggie.  The attacker doesn’t speak; Maggie never speaks.
    Burns says, “Get your HANDS off me” thus eliminating the Santas
    Little Helper theory.
  - Burns wound only went through his shirt not his jacket, suggesting
    he was leaning forward, with his Jacket open, when shot.
  - Only Maggie (and an unidentified black male in the back:Carl maybe?)
    doesn’t avert her eyes when Burns says “Who will stand up to me?”
  - Maggie fits the MS or WS sundial “clue”.

  Thats about it.  Please add other clues that I have missed.


He hit it right on the nose. 

What would be really cool if it was a cry for help made in passing retrospectively when Burns plummets with his dying breath on the sundial during Who Shot Mr. Burns pt. 1.

Think about it, Burns is weakened and collapses upon the sundial, hands pointing at W and S. In his final minutes aside from sucking out the gold fillings in his teeth like he mentioned in part 2, he subconsciously was pleading out for Waylon Smithers, his steady partner. Like from the tendrils of death it was an effort to indirectly apologize through the stinginess, to show Smithers he was right after all, the reason being that out of his stubbornness he had a realization like the stoic mountain he is.

But the whole M S and W S thing iconography was explained that Burns was unaware of it.

It would be a cool idea to revisit in a future episode, though, considering the unstable fluctuating nature of Simpsons canon.

Watching some of the FXX “Every Simpsons Episode” marathon (since it’s still in the good seasons) and man, Twin Peaks reference in “Who Shot Mr. Burns, pt. 2”!!!

Never recognized it before, but hell fucking yes!

(It’s been a long time since I saw the episode before, and hadn’t seen Twin Peaks yet when I did. I was a kid, then.)