The United States of Racism, a broad timeline:

1776-1865: Racists with whips.

1865-1880: Racists mad at Black folks coming up too quick.

1880-1930: Racists with ropes wearing they mama bedsheets setting fires.

1930-1965: Racists only leaving the white side of town to make mixed babies and beat you for voting.

1965-1995: Racists moving to the suburbs and taking all socioeconomic resources with them.

1995-2017: Racists blending in with nice accidental racists who refuse to know any better.

2017: Racists in MAGA hats.


It’s celebration time y'all!!

I went from growing up in a predominantly white town and being discriminated against to the point of being sent to a special education program, to graduating a year early. I am at the top of my class(4.0 !!) , got accepted to 8 colleges (all into the biology program) with up to 100k in scholarships, all while working part time and having internships.

I came from having both of my parents absent, due to drugs and mental illness, and I’ve had my own struggles with depression and eating disorders. At one point I didn’t even think I would make it to senior year. But God really pulled through and helped me take my life into my own hands. Greatness can happen if you have faith and put in work. I’m really looking forward to this next chapter, and all God has to offer. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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I had a dream yesterday where I got drunk and somehow all I could say was "pendejo" and "soy gay", which obviously resulted in some frustrating and also hilarious situations and honestly it's all I've been able to think about for the past day. But I live in a small all white Dutch town, have absolutely no Hispanic background, friends and know like six words in Spanish so really the only person I can blame this mess on is you

you’re welcome.

and also, just in addition to @hoenursey’s post (which i just reblogged, and i encourage you to read, i’d link it but i’m on mobile) about nursey’s class privilege not affecting him like dex’s white privilege:

i come from a small, very white town that has a lot of lower middle class/working class people. i have friends living at the poverty line, and friends living well above it. i have never seen ANY of the upper middle class kids give the poor kids shit for being poor. not saying it doesn’t happen, of course, but what i HAVE definitely seen is a shit ton of white kids use the n-word and make racist jokes. one of the few black kids in my town is definitely one of the wealthier ones here. with regards to his race vs. his class status, guess which i see affecting him more? if you guessed “racism,” you’re right! even if those kids are “just joking.” even if they’re “friends, so he doesn’t mind.”

dex and nursey play hockey at the same school. they’re on the same team, live in the same haus. for all intents and purposes, aside from small things like nursey maybe having a better meal plan and more expensive clothes, samwell is an equalizer for them. outsiders aren’t going to know who’s on a scholarship, who’s paying more. all they’ll know is that both dex and nursey are THERE.

so let’s say they’re facing a bigot on the ice. MAYBE he’s a hardcore conservative, a “taxes are robbery” type who really, truly cannot stand poor people and thinks they all need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps or whatever. you know what those views almost always coincide with? you guessed it again: racism! but if they’re on the ice, who do you think is going to be attacked first: the kid who’s wearing the off-brand under armour under his pads, or the one who’s black in a nearly all-white sport?

yeah. as freezie put it: you can’t see broke. you can see black.

so when dex and nursey are on the ice together or even just on campus in general, remember who’s going to be benefiting from their privilege there. because it’s not going to be nursey.

“I’m a very anxious and nervous person—everything makes me anxious.
“Why do you think this way?”
“I was speaking to my friend last night about race and racism and she was talking about how, in a lot of ways, racism creates anxiety and being racialized is an anxiety-producing position.
“I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, which is a very, very white town. I think it affected my ways of being and viewing myself. It caused me to constantly doubt myself and doubt that I was ever doing things correctly because even something as basic as the way I look doesn’t fit the norm of doing things the right way.
“Astrologically, I’m a Virgo, and we are very nervous and jittery people. So it could be a lot of things.”

Northampton, MA

checkerdandy replied to your post “THANK FUCK”

Thank goodness that POC in alternative music post led me to your Tumblr. As a kid who loved “I Could Never Be Your Woman” (20 years ago?!?!?!), I could never have dreamed that we would be able to communicate on this weird blue website.

It’s good, innit? There’s just enough distance for it not to be weird but immediate enough to enable actual exchange of information. 

BTW - here’s some INDUSTRY GOSSIP for you. As you know, it’s the 20th anniversary of Your Woman this year. Warners bought EMI so now Warners own that recording. But, in typical major label fashion, they’re doing fuck-all with it. 

SOOO.. I’ve re-recorded it (which I’m now allowed to do, contractually) and I’m gonna re-release it. This sums up why major labels suck: even though they’re populated by humans, they become like an ant colony due to sheer size. They are uncaring and inhuman and even making a profit is secondary to their weird colony plans of taking over every other colony. 


*end rant*