77 days left. 

I find myself often thinking about how Percy would respond if/when he found out about Nico’s feelings. 

Personally, I don’t think he’d be homophobic or any crap like that (first off, he grew up in New York (considering that the Stonewall riots happened there, which brought the topic of the LGBT community out from the “we don’t talk about it ever” to an light…NYC’s a pretty liberal city), for all we know he’s been around tons of LGBT people at school and at camp and I just feel that, considering he knows what if feels like to be mistreated for stuff he can’t help, I feel he’d be pretty cool towards LGBT people. So, no homophobia from Percy, imho. 

But I do feel he’d be like “wat?” (his usual dork self, basically) while everyone else is like “I can see it”. Percy’s a very clueless baby. 

And unfortunately, that cluelessness might be partly contributing to Nico’s pain/issues. 

I don’t know how exactly to explain it, but I would really like to see, if/when Percy finds out, him talk to Nico. I have blurb ideas in my head that I am in no way ready to share on the topic.

Guess we’ll just have to wait until October to see how it all plays out. 

77 days until we see if anyone else finds out Nico’s secret. 

Funny art by MissySerendipity


he could have been a poet

1. good city (jason mccrimmon)
2. apistat commander (xiu xiu)
3. dancing on my own (robyn)
4. take ecstasy with me (the magnetic fields)
5. yr million sweetnesses (diane cluck)
6. holocaust (big star)
7. barbara allen (traditional)
8. stone and sticks (holy haunted head)
9. unravel (bjork)
10. running scared (roy orbison)

he could have been a fool

1. i found a reason / then he kissed me (the velvet underground / the crystals)
2. shatter (liz phair)
3. yr woman (white town)
4. a higher power (jens lekman)
5. i was a stranger (smog)
6. silk beetle, this is mine (sarah d.)
7. asking for it (hole)
8. still ill (the smiths)
9. losing a whole year (third eye blind)
10. in grief (shelby sifers)

in my depression, i took comfort in the words of others and made a covers album, or rather, finished one that i started a long time ago. it’s really long because depression depression so i broke it up into a double-album (what?). you can listen to it over here if you want; it’s PWYC but all donations will be going towards the creation of my next record, “the decline of stupid fucking western civilization,” which i plan to release next year.