Let Me Down Slow, a Foxmouth mixtape

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  1. Where the Boats Go M83
  2. Dreams (feat. Beyoncé) — Boots
  3. Cold War — Janelle Monáe
  4. Hey Mama — Kanye West
  5. Moon & Back — Torres
  6. David — White Hinterland
  7. Shadow Dance — The Internet
  8. The Gaudy Side of Town — Gayngs
  9. You. — Gold Panda
  10. i n t r o  2 — elite gymnastics
  11. I Never Learn — Lykke Li
  12. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 — Neutral Milk Hotel
  13. Paint — The Paper Kites
  14. grass stain — waxahatchee
  15. Warm Winds (feat. Isaiah Rashad) — SZA
  16. Pothole — Modern Baseball
  17. Doing It Wrong — Drake
  18. Srxt — Bloc Party
  19. 17 — Perfume Genius
  20. she found now — My Bloody Valentine

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(a mix for eerie fairies, spider angels, & good witches)

sever // iamamiwhoami
Soul To Seoul // TOKiMONSTA
There Was Magic, Then… // The Gentle Waves
Rivers // Black City Lights
Devon // Grimes
Obedear // Purity Ring
Bad Dreams // Boy Friend
Silver // Caribou
Keep the Streets Empty for Me // Fever Ray
Icarus // White Hinterland
Vanessa // Grimes
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 Sherlolly Graphic Prompt (II) by dokufu

 Slender as a carp you are. Your skin is defiantly silver and so sure. As for me, I’m not so sure. I watch you skate like a knife. Beneath the water, together going arm and arm, to meet our solitude, to meet it head on. I’ll meet you where the water’s warm. To meet my solitude, to meet it head on.” — White Hinterland, Icarus ()


Alan Wilkis - Shadow (feat. Lyrics Born and White Hinterland)

This track - the second in a series of singles called PRINTS from the Brooklyn-based producer - feels like it could have been a mashup, but it’s actually a beautiful new collab. If you hit play, you’re going to get drawn into this wicked and weird nerd-boy stalker short film written and directed by Ryan O’Hara Theisen of Lucky Branded Entertainment, too. Hard to resist.

Get the original track and the remixes by CHLLNGR, The Hood Internet, YELLE DJs, and Project Jenny, Project Jan here.

Watch on leighannsays.tumblr.com

i helped theneedledrop say FOREVER.

big moment for me yall.  

you should comment on his video about my lovely performance. something like “this video was better than all the ones before combined. you know why. forever.” or you can just give him a thumbs up because his channel is great and ive loved it since always. go: http://youtu.be/Yc6e–9NCOs (hint: I’m at the end) 


White Hinterland - Huron

White Hinterland is the artist name of Portland, Oregon based Casey Dienel (born March 10, 1985), an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She released her debut album, Wind-Up Canary, in 2006 on Hush Records under her own name. Dienel presently performs and records as White Hinterland, whose first album, titled Phylactery Factory, was released on March 4, 2008, by the independent record label Dead Oceans.