Making Centuries-Old Pottery with Tomoro Mizuno

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(This interview was translated from Japanese.)

Three days — that’s how long it takes Tomoro Mizuno (@tomoro.m) to create one small bowl or sake cup. “It takes about eight hours to make the pattern alone,” he says. Tomoro makes nerikomi pottery, a centuries-old technique that consists of coloring white clay with different oxides and minerals (nerikomi means “kneading” in Japanese) and carefully laying strips into patterns that appear when you slice the clay slab laterally. “My father and grandfather also made nerikomi pottery, so I’ve seen it since I was young,” says Tomoro, who studied pottery and woodworking in school and gradually moved to work full time from his studio in Seto, Japan. He has a steady sale of his intricate designs of wildflowers, pandas and human faces, but it’s still exciting to see people engage with his creations. “I’m always surprised when people have such a reaction to my work,” says Tomoro.

Types as Things from My Childhood That I’ve Found While Moving

ISFJ: List of the Warrior Cats names and clans of every cat at the local humane society

ESFJ: Handmade doll with a Sharpie face, who appears to have been left in the rain at least twice

ISTJ: A composition notebook covered in red construction paper with “Felix is dead” written on the first page; the rest is blank

ESTJ: My collection of silly bands, organized in rainbow order and by species

INFJ: “Why I am glad I am an only child: “I hate my cousin I hate my cousin I hate my cousin…etc.”

ENFJ: A crisp, never-opened Guide to Puberty, found shoved at the back of my closet between a stuffed lion and a giant chenille rabbit.

INTJ: A diagram of every injury I have ever accidently received while playing sports

ENTJ: The score card from the fabled Spoons Tournament of ’08 (I won)

ISFP: A drawing of my fifth grade teacher drooling, with crossed eyes, standing next to a grinning devil with burning pitchfork

ESFP: An unidentifiable lump of crumbling white clay with two bent pipe cleaners sticking out of the sides

ISTP: Unsent letter to my crush from middle school, which included the romantic line “I have been watching you all year. But don’t worry, I’m not a stalker.”

ESTP: Scrap of paper with “Fairies rule! Yeah! Pow! Pow! Pow!” scrawled on it in purple gel pen

INFP: A pink cat-shaped box lovingly filled with acorns and webkinz tags

ENFP: A frankly alarming picture of my cousin wearing my grandma’s face mask

INTP: A three page story about a masquerade ball written entirely in numbers (A=1, B=2, etc)

ENTP: A multi-colored, large scale illustration of the US state “Vaginga” (awkwardness so narrowly averted)

"So what now?"

My first request: @16reasonswhy16q7w said;
But hey ima request, can you do an imagine where clay is in love with you but feels like it’s wrong because of everything that happened with Hannah and her being gone but he is really falling for the reader so he gives in

Also while I was at school someone threatened to shoot up local high schools and I could’ve died so yeah…


Clay mindlessly exchanged books from his locker according to the classes he had left. Honestly, he was just killing time. What Clay was really doing was waiting for a certain h/c haired girl.

Clay heard the familiar voice of y/n; she was still at her locker (three lockers down from Hannah’s old locker) talking to one of her friends. Some feeling similar to guilt filled his stomach. He wasn’t sure why so he re-concentrated on his locker.

Then for a moment he thought he saw a brown haired girl in a white shirt. Hannah Baker. Clay closed his eye and shook his head, when he opened it Hannah was gone. He wasn’t sure which way he liked better; but he knew he liked y/n.

Like he’d ever tell anyone, especially her. After everything that happened… y/n closed her locker and she paused; y/n just stared at Hannah’s locker.

Clay mentally scolded himself…y/n was well known here. At first she was just one of Hannah’s friends that he was too shy to talk to; now the whole school knew her as the girl who had the breakdown after Hannah.

“Hey y/n,” Clay said before even giving himself a chance to decide if he was going to approach her.

Y/n smiled slightly, but it wasn’t the kind he liked. Clay remembered her genuine smiles, the kind that went to her eyes. This smile was a practiced polite smile, one that showed she was closed off.

“Hi Clay,” she replied. Clay didn’t know what to say and he wished he had prepared better. He didn’t know why he felt so awkward, he knew y/n she was a friend. She seemed extra annoyed this morning. “What’s wrong?”

Y/n let out a sigh. “My parents are a little paranoid since I haven’t been going out since…the point is I haven’t gone on dates or parties or anything.” She sighed once again, “my mom’s considering forcing me into joining a painful agony that is emotional therapy.”

Clay wasn’t sure if this was a sign or if this was fate being taunting. “We could hand out this weekend.” Y/n paused raising an eyebrow. “I-I mean to get your parents off your case so you don’t have to go to that.”

Y/n contemplated his offer. “I accept to these terms and conditions,” she responded in a kidding tone.

“Alright,” Clay said trying to sound much more relaxed than he felt. “I should get to class but I’ll text you for a day.”

As Clay started to turn away y/n responded. “You do realize you need my number to text me, right?”

For the first time, y/n felt like she looked forward to something. There always was this guilt for what happened; if she had called more maybe Hannah would still be her.

Clay listened. Listened to the tape.

*** (this is Hannah’s voice in the tape)***

Y/n l/n, where to start with this one. Don’t worry, she isn’t a–not like the others. But she deserves to have a testimony.

Y/n with the h/c hair, the girl always reminded me of hot chocolate. She in herself could solve someone’s problem the same way hot chocolate could.

We were allies long before we were friends. Then one day she showed up, showed up with this expression. Anger, sadness, and fear rolled into one. The expression didn’t fit her. She was too pretty to look so sad.

We were at the lockers and I asked her what’s the matter and I swear she almost told me. But instead she snapped and told me to leave her alone. She broke down though…the way hot chocolate ended was the same way she snapped. It was the greatest falling out.


Clay knew better than to bring this up. All he did was wait for Saturday.


Eventually the day came and y/n wore her grey t-shirt and light blue ripped jeans. She didn’t know what to expect but her mother was happy; and that was one less thing to feel bad about.

Y/n met up with Clay at the park. It was weird for her to be here again. She felt these butterflies…did she like Clay? That’s ridiculous, then Clay’s hand brushed her hand. The butterflies got stronger–yep, she liked him. Maybe even something more.

Clay couldn’t, and that’s why he wanted to so badly. After the whole Hannah incident any feelings like that toward anyone were terrible. Then she smiled, that specific breath stealing smile. He couldn’t stop himself before he took y/n’s hand.

“I know you’ve got complications,” he muttered.

Y/n froze, “I-I.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like that. I just know you and Hannah had a falling out.” The phrase ‘falling out’ made y/n flinch. “A-are you okay?”

Y/n shivered slightly and shook her head. “Y-yeah, just a bit cold.”

Clay handed her his jacket and y/n took it but gave him a confused expression. “Well you said you were cold.”

“Thanks,” y/n said.

“Look I don’t care what happened or what you did or didn’t do…I-I like you a lot.” His admission made her freeze. “Just forget it.”

When y/n’s shock died down she asked a question. “What if I don’t want to forget it?”

Clay gave a small, sarcastic smile. “Are you saying you like me?”

Y/n would never admit that. “I’m not saying I’m not saying that.”

Her expression made him laugh. “I like you a lot, y/n l/n.”

“I like you a lot too, Clay Jensen.” Y/n replied.

Bye the time she realized that she had admitted it was too late.“

“You said it,” Clay teased!

Y/n defended herself, “shut up.”

Clay smiled and once again before he knew what he was doing he did it. He leaned in and kissed y/n. For a moment he didn’t care about anything or everything that had happened or could happen. All he cared about was that he was with y/n.

Y/n pulled away first. “I like you too.”

“So, what now?”

Y/n took his hand. “So, what now indeed.”


I hoped you liked this :)) also I’m willing to do a prologue or part 2 just let me know!

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Skin routine? Im starting to have a bad one ugh

skincare routines always starts off with a cleanser. a cleanser that suits ur skin type (dry, oily, combination or sensitive). it’s important to choose a correct cleanser for ur skin because if wrong cleanser would leads u to drier skin. if u feel ur face is tighten after cleansing, that proves that ur cleanser isn’t suitable for ur skin. always always put some toner after cleansing to prevent dry skin and to moisturizing ur skin.

here goes my skincare routine:
• cleansing: i’m using 3ce water fit cleansing foam. it contains coconut sheer butter that protects and leaves skin smooth and moist.

• scrubbing: i’m using milk plus whitening facial scrub by beauty buffet but only once to twice in a week. it contains milk extracts and co-enzyme q10 which helps to brighten skin. it also contains mineral oil, vitamin b3 that moisturizes skin, leaving it soft, healthy and also protects skin from acne and irritations. facial scrubs exfoliates ur skin, u should do it once or twice a week but not everyday!

• face masks: after scrubbing, always remember to use masks. i’m using 3ce white milk pack to foam (it has really cute packaging!!) after facial scrub. it’s actually a white clay mask that removes excess sebum and impurities pores. it contains oatmeal and honey to keep skin dehydrated with tea tree extract helps to soothe the skin. it double cleanse skin too!

i would also use some sheet masks. because i have dry skin, so i use moisturizing masks all the times. etude house and nature republic has really nice and affordable sheet masks!

• toner: i use dr.g’s hydra intensive toner to soothe my skin. i also apply toner after removing makeups too because it also removes makeup stains that left after removing makeups and soothe ur skin.

• serum: i use etude house’s pink vital water serum. it’s one of my fave serum!! it gives me non-sticky finish and it really moisturizes my face. it smells good too and absorb into my face pretty well!!

• moisturizing: i use etude house’s aloe moistfull soothing lotion. it contains baobab tree extract and aloe vera (my fave).

• other skincare products: i personally would suggest nature republic’s aloe vera soothing & moisture 92% soothing gel. it’s their best product and one of the top korean skincare products. it contains 92% of pure aloe vera extract and it can be used as sleeping masks too. apply thick amount of the gel on ur face before sleeps, it moistures and soothe ur skins. u may apply it on ur acnes to dry up acnes. it can be used on face and bodies without any irritations, even can be apply on sunburns too!! for more uses of aloe vera gel, u can check it here

i also use nature republic’s california aloe vera 74 cooling eye serum and tony moly’s panda dream brightening eye base to brighten my dark circles and reduce my puffy eyes 💛

✨ all my skincare products are mostly korean skincare products because compared to western products, they’re more affordable for a college student like me 🌹

✨ this post is not sponsored too. i’m just sharing my routines and tips for everyone 💞
WLW TV Recommendations for Everyone Sick of the BYG Trope

So, I know that most of us are tired of the representation we get and of wlw characters getting constantly killed off. I wanted to write a post about all the shows that don’t fall into this trap - I have included three shows that do at some point kill off a wlw, however this is either because - in the case of the first two - almost all of the main characters are wlw and the deaths aren’t particularly offensive, or - in the last one - the death is irrelevant, doesn’t have to be watched + and doesn’t have to affect the story (…I’ll explain later, it’ll be in my second post). This post will focus on wlw-centric shows, and then I’ll be making future posts on shows with one or more main wlw character, and then shows with side wlw characters.

WLW-Centric Shows

Shows which feature majority wlw characters and/or explore primarily wlw themes.


Drama. Banana is the counterpart to C4′s Cucumber (a drama about a group of gay men living in Manchester) - it consists of 8 25-minute episodes, each focusing on a different character, all of whom are LGBT+. Three focus on mlm, four on wlw, and one on a straight trans woman. All of them vary in tone and offer very different topics. Most of the characters also appear in Cucumber as side characters or guest stars, and vice versa. How good is the representation? Much more racially diverse than most of the shows on this list (unfortunately) with around half of the episodes focusing at least partly on POC. Some sensitive portrayals of living with mental illness and taking care of someone with a disability. Could use more bi/pan characters - as far as I know none of the primary characters are bi/pan, though there is a main bi guy in Cucumber who appears as a side character in Banana. Status: Completed.  Where can I watch it? If you live in the UK, it’s available on 4OD. It’s also pretty easy to find links online.

Faking It

Comedy. Faking It starts off with a potentially offensive premise - in a hilariously liberal high school in Texas, two best friends are mistaken for a couple and decide to keep up the facade once they realise it’ll gain them popularity. However, by the end of the pilot, one of the girls has realised she has feelings for her best friend and from there on out the show becomes about her getting to grips with her identity, and the relationship between the two girls. The first season is the best, and unfortunately after that its original premise starts to get somewhat watered down as it tries to be an ensemble show - however that ensemble features a gay guy and an intersex girl, and side characters include a number of gay and bi girls, gay guys, a trans guy, and a bi guy (there’s also an asexual who pops up for about two seconds). Both Karma and Amy, our love interests slash best friends, are confirmed by the writers to be wlw, but unfortunately the show was cancelled before one of them could come to terms with her sexuality. How good is the representation? There’s a lot of representation but it’s not always handled in the best way! A number of characters express overt biphobia and aren’t always called out on it - bizarrely, considering Karma + Amy are both portrayed to be bi/pan. Mostly white cast. Status: Completed. Where can I watch it? Super easy to find links online!

Lip Service

Drama. Lip Service follows a group of WLW living in Scotland. It’s basically the less offensive, British version of The L Word. I don’t see it mentioned much and yet it’s one of the gayest shows out there so you should definitely give it a go! There is a character death in S2 and it’s unfortunately when the character is feeling happy about a love interest, but I’m giving it a pass since literally all of the main characters are wlw. How good is the representation? As you can see, the show is overwhelmingly white. There is also very little bi rep - all of the main WLW are lesbians apart from one whom I’m not sure whether is gay or bi, and only one bi love interest. The characters are also all cis. Status: Completed.  Where can I watch it? Easy to find links online.

South of Nowhere

Drama. South of Nowhere follows a relatively conservative family who move to LA, but its primary narrative is the romantic relationship between their teenage daughter Spencer, and the new girl she meets, Ashley. It’s soapy and often over-the-top, but the relationship between the two girls is well-done. It’s also one of the only shows where the WLW couple get a very overtly happy ending. How good is the representation? Throughout the first two seasons there’s a well-done narrative about police brutality against black people and the alienation of being a black kid in a white family (Spencer’s brother, Clay, is adopted) but they unfortunately end that narrative pretty badly. The portrayal of Ashley’s sexuality isn’t great in that, after seeing all 3 seasons, she seems to be pretty clearly bisexual and yet very often refers to herself as gay - however, this is a mid-00s show so I’ll forgive them. Status: Completed.  Where can I watch it? Easy to find links online.

Sugar Rush

Comedy. Sugar Rush takes place in Brighton and follows 15-year-old ‘queer virgin’ Kim, as she navigates coming to terms with her lesbian identity, her infatuation with her straight best friend, and her eccentric family. It’s super fun and light and basically the diary-style teen comedy young wlw need (you’ll enjoy it if you’re older, too!) How good is the representation? The cast is largely white (sensing a theme here), and Kim definitely displays some biphobia (I can’t remember whether she gets over that or not) as well as making some immoral decisions (afaik these are portrayed as such though). Overall it’s pretty good for something released in 2004. Status: Completed. Where can I watch it? It can be a tricky one to find but I’ve personally had good luck with DailyMotion. DVDs are available.

The L Word

Drama. The most classic of all WLW shows, The L Word follows a group of WLW living in LA and generally having a lot of sex and getting into a lot of drama. It has a lot of issues but if you still feel able to watch is a lot of fun and super addictive. How good is the representation? The first 2 seasons are great in terms of bi rep, but bizarrely and unfortunately the show becomes super biphobic as it goes on. It can also unfortunately be very transphobic (this will be expanded upon in the triggers section). Again, very white. Two wlw characters are killed off but I’m giving it a pass because everyone’s a wlw. Status: Completed.  Where can I watch it? Should be easy to find links anywhere online! DVDs are available.


Dramedy. Transparent follows a Jewish LA family after the father comes out as a trans woman - three of the five main characters (pictured above) are WLW, and the focus of the show is on how all of these characters relate to their own genders and sexualities and how that affects their relationships with another. It’s a beautiful, poignant slice-of-life show. How good is the representation? The main trans woman is played by a cis man, which is a con, but all of the trans female side characters are played by trans women. The bisexual wlw never says the word bisexual, and I personally feel they could’ve gone into more depth regarding one character’s realisation of her sexual identity - however, this is really a cut above the rest. Frustratingly, also mostly white. There’s a potentially very triggering scene regarding a trans woman character - as a cis woman I’m not sure I can say whether it’s offensive or not, but I’ll explain more in the triggers section. Status: Still Airing. Where can I watch it? On Amazon Prime, otherwise, it’s easy to find links online.

You Me Her

Comedy. You Me Her explores the polyamorous relationship between two bi/pan women and one straight man. I’ve yet to see it but I hear that it’s well done and a sensitive portrayal of bi/pansexuality and polyamory. Status: Still Airing. Where can I watch it? Easy to find links online.

Please let me know if you need help finding the shows, and if you watch them and enjoy them! Trigger warnings are below the read more (will contain spoilers).

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what are your favourite top 10 french skincare products💕

*LA ROCHE POSAY effaclar foaming gel (the blue one)
*NUXE rêve de miel foaming gel
*NUXE huile prodigieuse (they have a gold version for summer AMAZING)
*AVENE eau thermal
*LA ROCHE POSAY cicaplast baume b5 lip balm (literally the best in the market)
*CAUDALIE l'huile demaquillante
*CAUDALIE rose clay mask
*CATTIER scrubing mask with white clay
*L'OCCITANE shea butter hand cream (been using this since i was like 12 always in my bag)
*CAUDALIE huile de nuit detox C15 (great night oil to use at the end of ur nightime skincare, to lock everything in and make all the good stuffs put beforehand penetrate deeper into the skin)

i know its not skincare, its for hair but PHYTO7 hair cream is the most amazing daily moistruizing hair cream ive ever used. make ur hair shiny, bouncy, its very light u can use it several times a day, every day and even on the top of ur hair it will not make u greasy (i use it every day and only wash my hair every 5 days and its doesnt built up its amazing it really nourish the hair)

In addition to trying to close down White Clay, the Oglala Lakota Nation is actively fighting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. This 1,700-mile pipeline, which would carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil each day from western Canada through South Dakota en route to Texas. At two points it would even intersect with a pipeline that serves as a main water source for the Sioux Nation, affecting all of the Pine Ridge reservation as well as the nearby Rosebud reservation.

Advocates for the pipeline argue the pipeline is the safest way to transport crude oil. TransCanada, the company in charge of the pipeline, predicted that the first Keystone pipeline, which runs from Alberta to Illinois, would spill once every seven years. During its first year in operation, it spilled 12 times. The Lakota, along with other First Nations, have vowed to use direct action to stop construction of the pipeline.

For a nation whose land and sovereignty has been threatened for hundreds of years by U.S. politics, the Keystone XL pipeline is part of a long history of threats to the Lakota Nation – and to the earth itself. […]

“Dead or in prison before we allow the Keystone XL pipeline to pass,” the Lakota warriors, many mounted atop horses, repeated during the Liberation Day celebration. Their words carried the weight of 521 years, and counting, of lived resistance.


Lakota vow: ‘dead or in prison before we allow the KXL pipeline’, Camila Ibanez