White's Bounty Hunter

Something I wanted to share about Kuro chap128


Like Oh my god yes character depth! 

Alright, To me it seems that a good percentage of the fandom thinks that at this point think that Ciel had lost his ability to feel other emotions than like anger, irritation, and smugness. And I feel that most of the time people think Ciel just flat out dislikes Soma. (In like most fanfic and such whenever Soma is in it, he’s only there for a gag about Ciel getting annoyed.) BUT THIS SCENE DISAPPROVES THAT. 

Maybe I’m biased because I personally interpret Ciel as this kid who faced the worst that humanity can offer at such a young age. And, after just losing his family, is forced into being a white-collar bounty hunter. And he thinks to survive in this cruel world he had to be cruel himself. 

Do to his coldness people tend to distance themselves from him, expect for two people Soma and Lizzie! Lizzie went and joined a cult so the only person left is Soma. The guy who still liked Ciel even though time and time again Ciel show disdain for.  No matter how cold Ciel was towards him, Soma was always excited to see him! He was always eager to help him! AND NOW THE GUY WHO LIKED HIM UNCONDITIONALLY PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE!

I personally think that at some point in the later chapters Ciel is gonna had a breakdown because it seems like the person behind the attack is trying turn everybody he knows against him. 

Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing this, I took AP Lang, I did that all the time. 

Overwatch character evolution

Tracer: speedster guy -> speedster girl in a bikini -> speedster lesbian girl in british pilot attire

Symmetra: white girl -> autistic indian woman with a fitting voice actor and lines in hindi

Pharah: white guy -> half-arabic half-native canadian female military officer

Sombra: one asian girl -> two asian guys and female mexican hacker genius

Mei: skinny white bounty hunter -> plump chinese climatologist

Doomfist: mcguffin gauntlet -> a nigerian businessman, martial artist, and mastermind behind a worldwide criminal organisation

Mercy: black man -> white female surgeon, scientist and innovator

Blizzard, how dare you!..

The Huntsman: Do not speak of my wife!

Queen Ravenna: You miss her. What would you give to see her again? You know of my powers. Bring me the girl and I will bring back your wife.

The Huntsman: Nothing can bring her back.

Queen Ravenna: I can. A life for a life.

-“Snow White and the Huntsman”