First Ever White House LGBTQ Leaders of Color Summit (5.2-5.4)

I had such an incredible experience this past weekend attending and shooting the first ever White House LGBTQ Leaders of Color Summit with the incredible women of TWOCC (Trans Women of Color Collective), Casa Ruby and #BlackLivesMatterDMV. It was a transformative experience where we and a total of 60 LGBTQ POC Leaders from across the country drafted policy recommendations from an intersectional framework and brought our demands directly to the White House. 

We also honored LGBTQ legends Miss Major Griffin-gracy and local legend Ruby Corado- both trans women of color- for their incredible leadership during the weekend, and it was such an honor getting to share space with them and hear the wisdom of these living legends in our movement for collective liberation. 

I am also especially proud of the leadership of my incredible sisters at TWOCC  and Casa Ruby this past weekend. Thank you all for your incredible voices and for constantly pushing all of our analyses to truly center those most disproportionately impacted by structural oppression in our communities. That is the only way that we will truly dismantle white supremacy and you all brought this message throughout our planning meetings and right into the White House! We are all truly blessed to have all of you. 

Our struggle goes far beyond the White House, though, and to make that happen though our movement must be funded, so if you all are looking for ways to make a difference please donate to LGBTQ POC led grassroots organizations so that we can keep doing this work!

Here are three below:

Donate to TWOCC (Trans Women of Color Collective)

Donate to Casa Ruby

Purchase to Donate to BlackLivesMatter

This is only the beginning and there is much more to come! Onward and upwards for all of us as the White House is just a symbolic stepping stone in our fight for collective liberation. 

P.S. If you were curious about where I got my shirt- I was wearing Nigerian designer Ikire Jones :). 

This is how high Lake Kaweah in Tulare County, California (where I live) is supposed to be.

And this is how high it actually is. So if you haven’t noticed already, California is in the biggest drought it’s ever had right now. And if you live in California, I urge you to cut how much water you use, and if you don’t please help us or something! I created a White House petition to improve the water conditions, so please go sign it, and share with others!! http://wh.gov/iBhCJ Thank you!