Marvel Princess 2.0! Wanted to revisit the marvel princess crossover I did a year ago. This is the first wave of the disney Heroines as super heroes. 
Anna as Thor
Elsa as Emma Frost
Aurora as Captain Marvel
Esmeralda as Scarlet Witch
Jasmine as Elektra
Merida as Kate Bishop Hawkeye
Mulan as Psylock
Tiana as Storm

Enjoy the first wave for now :)



Superhero Aesthetics // X-Men Pt.1

Mutation, it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millenia, evolution leaps forward.



Recently Comics Alliance posted a great article by Juliet Khan called: Emma Frost’s Wardrobe is malfunctioning.


You should read it. Basically, it says everything I’ve ever though about Emma Frost. She’s never been a character I liked. On paper, she sounds great. Powerful, wealthy woman, likes being in charge, she’s got super powers, and I assume she is into fashion. I can’t find any evidence of her loving fashion, but I’ve read several issues of X-Men where she insists they all go shopping in New York. Let’s face it. She likes clothes.

So you’d think that for someone who likes clothes she would not wear the same thing all the time. I don’t even care about her showing so much skin. There’s variety amongst the X-women to the point where I don’t think they all look the same.

But here’s my problem: It’s hard for me to believe Emma as this kind of character because what has been shown to me is a woman who always has the same kind of hair and considers a white corset to be fashion. Why is this?

If I’m given a comic to draw and it’s about a lawyer, would I research what lawyers do and wear? Since I have to draw them? Absolutely. So why do people not do this for a character who likes fashion? Emma Frost should be a blast to draw and she should always be wearing something different! 

Furthermore, I doubt that someone who is the headmistress of an institute would wear a booby corset in front of students while teaching. Which is my other problem. Her clothes never seem to fit the situation she’s in.

So I’m starting this blog. The Emma Frost Fashion Redesign Project. I drew a whole bunch of Emma’s. I’ve never drawn her before but just having fashion in mind, I had so much fun! I wanted to design three different types of looks:

1. Headmistress/Teacher Realness.

2. Fun Fashion Forward Eleganza.

3. Field Outfit.

These are just sketches. I did them fairly quickly and they’re just my vision for her. I was inspired by Alexander McQueen because I love him, and every once in a while I might do a few more.

HOWEVER…I would love it if YOU showed me what you think she might look like. That’s the purpose of this blog. I’ll post photos of fashion that I think would be great or appropriate for her character or even articles that I come across that I think are good regarding her character and costumes. But YOU should draw Emma Frost, redesign her with one or all three of those categories in mind. SUBMIT it to this tumblr, include your name and any other info important for crediting and I’ll post them here. Or if you prefer, you can email me images and credit info to terryblas@gmail.com. 

Come on, you know you want to.

If you don’t like the messy up-do bun as much as I do, make her your own.

Have fun!

Terry Blas


“When the day becomes the night, 
and the sky becomes the sea, 
then the clock strikes heavy 
and there’s no time for tea.
And in our darkest hour before my finest rhyme,
they will come home back to Wonderland 
and turn back the hands of time…. “ 

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)