White People

The scenes of American injustice that we see on a regular basis are not failures of people being insufficiently nice to one another. They are about the legacies and structures that hem in our choices, that define the circumference of our imaginations, that trigger our personal gut reaction to the very word “dream.” They are about those whom the truth cannot set free. We can control and harness our feelings. I have no idea how to destroy and rebuild our institutions.
—  Hua Hsu, “The Trouble with ‘White People’” 

Minorities dont owe white ppl proof of their experiences in racism. I always see post where a minority is talking about a racist encounter they have had, and a random white person will pop up and say “proof” “source” and then add random statistics. Bitch wtf do numbers and charts have to do with what somebody actually went through. We don’t owe you shit.

Stop. Being. Racist. To. White. People. To. Make. Yourselves. Look. Non-Racist.

Seriously, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts recently, like “things only white people can do” or “stupid white boys” or “white girl basic bitch” or how white people travel in order to brag etc. This is so fucked up. Sometimes tumblr seems so immature that I can’t stand it! Do you see the problem here? Not being racist doesn’t mean bashing one race to look like you support the other. The problem is, that many idiots who think they are the goody goodies and better and more intellectual than everyone, can’t even see that being non racist means not taking into consideration the race, colour, ethnicity, nationality or anything that is given to us at birth. I’ve seen a lot of stupid people, but I never stopped and said “he is stupid because his skin has less (or more) tint than the others. idiots are idiots. They come in all shapes and sizes and colours. So shut the fuck up before you talk, tumblr is always talking about how we should be unique and we should "think differently”, but actually most people here act like sheep. Someone said something? Oh, that must be true then! I will make comments according to that! Cause i will be a cool tumblr girl and i will look smart. Shut up. Not everything is about racism, not everything is about beauty, not everything is about feminism. Grow the fuck up and get your own ideas by reading something other than tumblr posts.

Suicidal Humanism and the White Enemy Within

Poor Bernie Sanders. After provoking the ire of black activists, the beleaguered socialist from Vermont has incurred the wrath of the polemical far-left site Vox. So what was Sanders’ latest “ugly” transgression? He entertains the radical notion that open borders is a bad deal for American workers, and that the US should look after its own people:

So I was disappointed, if not surprised, at the visceral horror with which Bernie Sanders reacted to the idea when interviewed by my colleague Ezra Klein. “Open borders?” he interjected. “No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal.” The idea, he argued, is a right-wing scheme meant to flood the US with cheap labor and depress wages for native-born workers. “I think from a moral responsibility, we’ve got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty,” he conceded, “but you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.”

Dylan Matthews, the gadfly who penned the article, seems intent on validating the argument that leftists serve as useful idiots for the 1% that they supposedly oppose. This article is so ridiculously quixotic and replete with bizarre leftist internationalism that a part of me thinks Keith Preston wrote it as a way to parody “totalitarian humanism.” Just check out this passage (emphasis mine):

There are two problems with Sanders’s view on this, one empirical and one moral. He’s wrong about what the effects of an open-border policy would be on American workers, and he’s wrong in treating Americans’ lives as more valuable and worthy of concern than the lives of foreigners.

Yes, you read that right; apparently, caring more about your fellow countrymen than every person on the planet is anathema to leftists like Matthews. I know that I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but yet again I challenge you to find sizable numbers of pundits in non-white countries who espouse such nonsense. But anyway, the reason why nations and societies exist is to look after their own, and even the leftist economist Dean Baker rightly chides Matthews for his absurd logic. As the tweeter at the bottom named Aaron put it, Sanders isn’t “running for president of the world.”

Matthews only further compounds his fatuousness by citing this ridiculous thought experiment:

The philosopher Michael Huemer has a great thought experiment making this point. Imagine a man, Marvin, is starving to death, and goes to a marketplace to buy bread. Another man, Sam, forcibly stops him and prevents him from buying bread. Marvin starves to death.

That’s wrong, right? And it’s still wrong if the harm caused is less severe. Say Marvin isn’t going to the marketplace to buy bread, but instead to sell it. If he sells it at that particular marketplace, he will make 15 times more money than if he sold it at the other marketplace in town. But Sam stops him, by force, from selling at the lucrative marketplace, forcing him to settle for the other market, where he makes 15 times less.

The analogy is not exactly subtle: Marvin is a potential immigrant (in this case from Nigeria; recall that moving from Nigeria to the US raises an average migrant’s earnings 15-fold), and Sam is a US border patrol agent. If you think Sam is hurting Marvin by barring him from selling bread from the good market, you’ve got to think that border agents are hurting immigrants by keeping them from coming to work in the US.

For starters, there’s an obvious difference between citizens living within a nation and outsiders who intend to move in. To curtail the rights of your own citizens is certainly wrong; nations, on the other hand, have no obligation to tend to any and all needs of myriad outsiders. Otherwise, they cease being nations.

There’s a far better and more apt analogy, which Dota gave me during one of our more recent conversations. Let’s imagine that there’s an altruistic, civic-minded young liberal woman living in San Francisco. Understandably, she wants to address the plight of the city’s burgeoning homeless population. What are her options? On the one hand, she could donate money to support food drives for the homeless, lobby the city to construct more shelters, and advocate for laws that protect the homeless from abuse. Or, she could invite as many homeless people as possible to live with her, while encouraging her friends to do the same.

Essentially, Dylan Matthews would have the US exercise the latter option, with little regard for living space or boundaries. Unsurprisingly, the results would be just as disastrous. If one actually gives a crap about remedying the penury of the 3rd world, then there are better ways to do so than opening the floodgates. Just as supporting homeless causes is a more sensible course of action than allowing them to move in, tackling international poverty and violence is a better option than allowing the masses of the (non-white) world to inundate the country. Instead of pressuring our elites to alter their destructive foreign policy and harmful international trade agreements, leftist shills for open borders want to pass the costs of 3rd world destitution onto regular white Americans.

Obviously, open borders is sheer lunacy and highly detrimental to the lives of white Americans. That’s why its proponents can only invoke “humanitarian” arguments or tout its supposed economic benefits by citing libertarians such as Bryan Caplan. If mass immigration were really so wonderful, it wouldn’t require constant cheerleading.

At the same time, I have nothing against immigrants themselves, and I don’t condemn Latinos and Asians for wanting to improve their lives. Instead, I denounce white elites and their lackeys such as Dylan Matthews. They are the reason why whites are poised to become a minority by 2042; they are the ones responsible for the flourishing of cultural leftism. Suicidal white humanism – along with its many adherents – are the true enemies within.

We must continue to thoroughly discredit their ideas, and at the bare minimum ensure that they do not infect other white people with their loony logic.


If you are gonna call out white people

 For not speaking out against police killings of blak people than you have to also call out black people on not speaking up for the hundreds of whites who are killed by police each year.

If you are gonna point out more whites being outraged by the death of a lion than black people killed by cops then you should point out black people being more outraged at criticism of Obama or the useless Nicky Minaj losing to Taylor Swift. If not it’s a double standard since trigger happy cops are killing people of all colors all the time and getting away with it.

But then again you get literally accused of racism if you say that the lives of the thousands of whites who were killed by cops matter as well.


Still haven’t seen White People yet? Chill at home with some popcorn, a discussion guide, and this free version of the documentary online.

but you know i really don’t get this site’s obsession over protecting grown ass white men as if they can’t protect themselves. saying stuff like oh why would you take a picture with him you are bothering him. oh leave my big puppy man alone. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS PERFECT ANGEL.

like its so infuriating and annoying. you are talking about them as if they were a child. cause first off they don’t even know your ass or even possibly care about you. i..just can’t understand why some people are so emotionally and mentally invested in a celebrity, someone they do not know and defend them to their death. 

do yall not realize that all celebrities even your precious white angelic actors are problematic? that they all fuck up one way or another? 

 this site and this world will always care and do anything to defend white men. 


They love trivializing and normalizing the image of black people getting killed in the media.

Let’s talk about race

Tumblr is all about calling out white people and how shit they are. You need to remember that white people (especially white men) are the scourge of humanity.

I mean, what have white people ever given the world?!

(Excluding: the industrial revolution, modern medicine, the scientific method, planes, trains, automobiles, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, cartography, philosophy, universities, space exploration, liberalism, secularism, rationalism, civil society, democracy, the rule of law, the globe’s lingua franca, literature, classical music, sculpture, art, all the world’s major architectural movements, oh and global prosperity and trade)