C: In response to that ‘white people whitewashing successful black people’ post, I remember when I was watching a video on Neil Degreasse Tyson talking about his experience with racism and in the video he literally says “I’m a black man” and below in the comments people were either complaining about how he is not a good astrophysicist and people only listen to him because he’s black, or how he’s not 100% black but mixed with, mostly, white because he’s too smart to be black. I shit you not. That was about 2 years ago and this shit is still in my fucking head.

So there was an incident at my little sister’s high school on Thursday where 3 white rednecks brought 3 HUGE confederate flags to school. They started waving them around during lunch yelling “white power”.

The white girl literally rubbed her flag in a black girl’s face. So obviously the black girl knocked her out, then got arrested ( She’s home and safe now).  My sister came home and told me all this and everyone thought it was over but nah. Now those rednecks and their friends are saying that they’re going to shoot up the school today….February 1st…. first day of Black history month. Black parents are freaking out, not getting any info from the Police😒 or the school. 

I told my sister to keep her black ass home today.

Black Tumblr, your jokes about "white people" bodies/faces hurt your own community.

While these jokes don’t bother me personally, I’ve received messages from black women in particular about how jokes regarding features certain white women have (thin lips, thin bodies, smaller butts, etc.) really hurt their feelings.

They as black women also have these features just by genetics and seeing them being deemed ugly on white people makes them feel ugly too. It makes them look in the mirror and feel like they can’t be part of the community. It makes them feel insecure.

I’m keeping names that I know private obviously, to avoid them receiving harassment.

Just remember that all women of all races come in different shapes and sizes, as well as have different features.

Please watch what you say because it hurts people that you may not be thinking it hurts.

All features are valid and beautiful in there own way to someone.

Have a nice day. :)

Racism is a joke to kids. This was earlier today at Desert Vista High School in Arizona.

If anyone wants to call the school name is Desert Vista High and the school phone number is 480-706-7900.
Desert Vista High School
These are the girls names:
Samantha Iannore, Emily Sears, Brooke Taylor, Riley Connor, Erin Lum and Rachel Steigerwald 

This is a hate crime and should have charges filed! If it were black youth you know police would be SWARMING that school. Force accountability! We need to treat these girls like black youth would be treated – “leak” mug shots and names all over the media along with a slanted account of every incident in their “sordid” pasts of them and their questionable parents! #Hate it!

Today I overheard two white guys joking about gang violence, unsolved murders in one of their gentrifying neighborhoods (presumably of black or brown people), and gentrification in general.

The one who is gentrifying a neighborhood in the DC area brought up how there are (according to him) Bloods, Crips and another local gang fighting and killing each other in the area. In response, the other white guy laughed and said “So who are you rooting for?”

The white gentrifier responded with a laugh “I’m rooting for gentrification!” and then talked excitedly about the unsolved murders in his area like it was a road-side show.

The callousness of white people toward black and brown lives never ceases to amaze me. I have friends who have lost everything due to gentrification of the neighborhoods they grew up in. Black and brown people dying in gang violence which the state has helped to induce by redlining and creating ghettos with no economic or educational opportunities, is not funny- it’s tragic. Unsolved murders of black and brown people is not a funny triviality- it’s an epidemic with over 64,000 black women missing in the United States alone with no national outrage.

When I hear gentrifiers laughing about the neighborhoods they have chosen to live in (since, unlike many of the people who grew up there, they have made a CHOICE to live there, while the people from the neighborhood in many instances have limited to no other options), it makes me so angry. And the link between what they are doing and centuries of colonization is just so apparent. Because just as with their forebears, destroying the lives of black and brown people is nothing but a joke and source of entertainment to them.