White Out

OUaT Recap "White Out" 4x02

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Alright I’ve really gotta talk about this gif.

I’m an emotional mess because there’s Killian with his arm around the woman he loves and he looks down at her and.. It’s written all over his face.
In aything I’ve ever shipped, I’ve never seen anyone in love with someone else as much as Killian Jones is with Emma Swan. He looks at her, his face instantly softens and there’s this just this perfect tenderness in his expression, such clear adoration. Every time he looks at her, I feel like Killian realsies over and over again how amazing of a woman Emma Swan really is and how truly lucky he is to be in her presence, and more importantly her life. I love the way his fingers curl slightly around her, as if in that instant, he  relives almost losing her and he just cannot comprehend it.

ALSO CAN I JUST MENTION EMMA’S HAND ON KILLIAN’S ARM? It’s so subtle but it’s so beautiful! She brushes her thumb over his forearm, and even if he can’t feel it, it’s the fact that Emma shows these little signs of affection that kill me.

Just in this entire gif these two look like a couple that have been together for several years and are still in love with each other as ever. I love their ease, I love how natural they look together as a pair, and I love their love.

This ship will be the end of me and this gif ain’t mine.