White Girl Mob


“I’m down for the internet,” Kreayshawn says on the other end of the phone line from her Los Angeles home. It’s not hard to see why she’s so down: it’s been over two years since she became a viral YouTube sensation thanks to a little song called “Gucci Gucci,” which landed her a recording contract with Columbia Records. While the Bay Area native has been keeping her shit more below the radar lately, Kreay has still been keeping busy.

The controversial former founder of White Girl Mob released a full-length album, Somethin Bout Kreay, last year, went on a 28-city North American tour, made feature appearances on tracks by Roach Gigz, Bobby Brackins, 2 Chainz and Insane Clown Posse, and got pregnant. Now just about one month away from her due date, Kreayshawn is still putting in work: she has new features in the works with Yung Lean and Bukkweat Bill, and has a new ~kawaii~ jewelry line coming out soon.

In May, the soon-to-be Mama Kreay penned a pseudo-PSA on her Tumblr about the downsides of being pregnant. She cited the stress, the back and foot pain, and the tragedy of having to “pack away all your slutty crop tops and high-waisted shorts.” However, when I chatted with her she seemed to be in much higher spirits—in other words, more “posi.” Kreayshawn is not slowing down anytime soon and for her, motherhood is just the next chapter.

Kreay tells us what’s been good in this exclusive interview—the only one she’s done since becoming pregnant.

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