White Girl Drinks

Alcohol & Magic

We all enjoy our drinks from time to time but has anyone ever thought of the properties of each beverage? I haven’t until now and we’re gonna jump into it now. Also these are based off what I think they can be used for, feel free to correct me or put your input in or add any alcohol I missed!

  • 🍸 Vodka - A strong ass drink. Can be used for strong spells, curses, banishing, warding, and cleansing.
  • 🍷 Wine - Both red and white are made from fruit, more specifically berries. Use wine in offerings, love spells, and healing spells.
  • 🍺 Beer and Ale - Now, I find this boring because I like my drinks to have taste (and these drinks are usually brewed from wheat) but whatever. You can use beer and ale cleansing and grounding spells.
  • Tequila - Ah yes, the drink white girls get “lit” on. Tequila can be used in binding and grounding spells.
  • 🥃 Rum - A drink with spice and the drink of pirates. This drink can be used in summoning, binding, and love spells.
  • Whiskey - A cousin of rum, or that’s how I see them, only the classiest of people drink whiskey in their short glasses. Whiskey can be used in binding and self love spells.
  • 🥂 Mead - A wine usually made from honey. Mead can be used in offerings and love spells.
  • 🍶 Sake - This drink will ruin your night if you’re not careful because it is a strong ass drink. Use for curses, banishing, binding, and negative based spells.
  • Moonshine - Do. not. drink. too. much. of. this. Like vodka and Sake this drink is very strong so it is best used in spells that you want to be powerful. Basically you can use moonshine in any spell.