Summary: vampire!jungkook x reader (M) (smut, just smut)

Warning: kind of kinky, blood kink, vampire stuff, this is honestly the first decent smut I’ve ever written, I seriously can’t even see the word penis without giggling so this was an accomplishment. Enjoy.

Word count: 751

You remembered the color red, red like the embers of a burning flame, not quite deep enough to be considered red, as orange flecks made themselves known, and it was a beautiful dance between two colors, a fight to the death.
Red like the satin sheets upon the bed in which you rest your weary eyes, red like a blood moon,  fervent, winsomely hanging there in the night sky.
Red like his eyes, both beautiful and devoid of all life.
Red, the only color flooding your hooded gaze as his pearly white fangs whispered lust onto your neck.
Trails of crimson drip down your breast, burning as they go, and with each drop of blood his tongue was sure to follow.
Like a puppet master, fondling the strings of its puppet, your body submitted to his touch, the core of you emitting a beat as steady as the heart, clenching repeatedly around nothing as he painfully, slowly made his way down your body,
“Jungkook…” Escaping your lips in a breathless, whisper of a moan.
He was always quick to silence you, digging his nails into your hips in an attempt to hold you still, as you unconsciously grinded into the air in anticipation.
“Patience, my love…” He whispered against the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, dangerously close to where you craved him the most.
The familiar color red once again staining your thoughts as he pierced your skin, sucking gently, moaning into the mess he made, splayed across your thigh, a beautiful masterpiece created by him, because you were his canvas.
Your fingers tangled into his midnight black locks as his tongue teased at your essence, sinking into your core like quick sand, slowly and all at once.
And then you were no longer seeing red, but stars, as if you were being exorcized for the first time, the very soul in you on the verge of leaving your body.
Delicately he tasted you, every last drop, a pleasant mixture of everything you had to offer, strewn across his lips, over and over again he brought you to cloud nine and then dropped you to your death.
“Jungkook… Let me fucking cum.” You growled at him, as he smirked into the heat radiating from you.
“Oh no, no baby, not yet.” His words wove like velvet into your ears, intoxicating, and you realized then that he never had to touch you for you to reach the stars, he simply had to deny you of what you wanted most.
He kissed his way up the length of your body, his lips leaving faint prints of red as they went, until they came crashing into yours, hard enough to break you into pieces beneath him, but he would find a way to put you back together again, he always did.
“Y/N…should I continue? Or should I make you suffer..” He sighed into your neck, retracing the wounds he inflicted, moaning in delight.
You winced at the sudden contact, as he grinded into your core with no remorse.
“Jungkook…” You nibbled on the skin of your bottom lip, moaning quitely between each breath. “I need you, now.”
He hovered over you, his eyes pierced through yours like daggers laced with honey, as he gave into your plea, sheathing himself fully within you.
Your nails instinctively dug into the pale skin of his back, dragging wounds up and down, healing as fast as they appear.
A low, throaty chuckle escapes his lips as he watches you writhe beneath him,
“claw me to pieces baby, show me how good it feels.” His thrusts began to harden, as if he was desperately searching for something deep within you, and with each precise impact upon your sweet spot, he was closer and closer to finding it.
“F-fuck…I’m going to—” your desperate moans became muffled as you burried your face into the crook of his neck, riding our your high, and he was following pursuit.
The air was tinged with the smell of iron, and lust, breathlessly and lazily he pulled away from you, and you had never felt so empty.
Red was the color of passion, love, fire.
Red was the blood in your veins, giving life to your dark prince,
Red was the color of lips moving gently together, as the taste of metal ligered upon your tongue.
Red was the dawn that shone through the tinted glass windows,
You remembered red like the darkness remembers light,
And he was your darkness.

yay-pink-kitty-2016  asked:

Oct was walking in the woods with her hair down for once, her hair was a big messy from how spiky and striate it was, she had her over watch hoodie on and some jeans. she was on her hover board, cruising around again like usual but something was a little different, she felt like she was being watched

“I’m gonna have to give him a piece of my mi-” he stopped in his tracks as he heard someone or something walking close by. Neptune ran behind the trees, keeping an eye out for any Grimm or White Fang. That was until he noticed someone walking alone.

{{ I feel the need to talk about this AU, haaa–. So, when I first saw Hazel, he reminded me of Velvet. Most likely his hair colour. And when I heard his name, it made me think of the rabbit from Watership Down with the same name. So I got to thinking, ‘what if this guy could be velvet’s father?’. It’s kinda funny to imagine this big, buff guy hiding a rabbit tail if I compare him to the Watership Down character, but of course, he could always be human. Maybe even another type of faunus, such as a bear faunus, which is what most seem to think. I think it’s possible that he could be a faunus, since Salem sent him to speak to the White Fang instead of someone else. So, if he is a bear faunus and I apply this headcanon/AU to Velvet, that would mean her family is comprised of rabbit faunus (like herself and her mother) and bear faunus (like her father and maybe a brother?). It’s no wonder that Velvet then is so attached to Yatsuhashi, who is also quite similar to a bear, and probably reminds her of her father or brother. Maybe Hazel vanished shortly after she was born, or maybe she never met him. And all I can imagine is Velvet going to search for her father, and finds out that he is working with this evil organisation, and it breaks her heart-. I don’t know, it’s dumb, but the idea is growing on me-. }}