White Fang

Alright so I just got this submission and I guess I’m not really sure what prompted it but I guess I’m gonna have to defend my ship now which I don’t really mind too much cause if there’s one thing I love to talk about it’s my ships. That being said, I’m not gonna address the bottom half cause like I’ve said before, I don’t do ship hate and it’s not really my job to tell you why one ship is better than the other (Even if it clearly is). 

So you’re right about Yang’s getting pissed off not automatically meaning that there’s evidence of romance. And I’ll get to that. But first, let’s look at one of my favorite episodes for some prior evidence of romance to further build my case for what is to come. 

In “Burning the Candle,” we see a distraught Blake unable to do calm down due to her obsession with the White Fang. The school dance presents the perfect opportunity for her to let loose and blow off a little steam, however, her intense focus on her goal prevents her from doing so. So who steps in? Yang Xiao Long. She assures everyone else that “Blake will be at the dance,” despite everyone’s doubts. Clearly she is confident in her relationship with the Faunus in some deeply personal way, as she knows she can get Blake to come to the dance when nobody else can. Then we are treated to this scene:

In which Yang knows exactly what to say to be there for Blake, to be understanding of Blake’s situation and yet not simply allowing the girl to push herself too far. We see that Yang is exactly what Blake needs. That is so extraordinarily important to the foundation of a romantic relationship; Yang is able to understand her partner’s emotional state and respond accordingly to get the best reaction. That much addresses the “why” of the relationship, these two women clearly work together as a couple. However, just because two people would work will in a relationship doesn’t mean they’re going to be together. However, literally within the same scene, we see that things might not be as platonic as they seem. The two girls embrace, and as Yang goes to leave, we get this:

“And if you feel like coming out tomorrow, I’ll save you a dance.” 

In a final effort to coerce Blake into coming to the dance, Yang offers herself. As though the thought of dancing with Yang, something which in society is thought to be a romantic or relatively intimate action, would make Blake more interested in coming to the dance. And the wink just seals the deal. It shows that the words should not be misconstrued as a simple platonic invite, there’s a bit more weight to the statement. The worst part about all of this is the clear double standard. If this scene had occurred between a male character and a female character, hell, if even the very end of the scene had been between two characters of opposite sexes, nobody would be denying anything. But because it’s two women, everyone wants to say it’s just platonic, there’s nothing there but friendship. This is blatant heteronormativity, and it needs to stop.

So Blake goes to the dance, just like Yang knew she would. Just like Yang asked her to with an invite to dance and a little wink. And with that foundation laid, let’s look at the scene you wanted to talk about, the infamous confrontation between Adam, Blake, and Yang. 

First, let’s come to an agreement that writers and storytellers know what they’re doing when it comes to their respective narratives. A scene plays out in a specific order, with specific intent behind each word and action. This is how foreshadowing, symbolism, and other subliminal facets of a story can be woven throughout the narrative. So, that in mind, there is meaning behind the confrontation between these three characters. And all of that subliminal meaning comes to a head when Adam says “I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love.” The immediate shot following this statement is of none other than Yang Xiao Long. As if that wasn’t enough, he follows up, “…starting with her.” This could not be any more clear. The writers know what they’re doing, they want the viewer to know that Yang is someone Blake loves. Adam sees in Blake’s eyes that she loves Yang, he immediately picks up on it and tells Blake his intentions of taking Yang away from her. 

And finally, let’s look at the underlying motivations behind the scene. It’s apparent that Adam and Blake have some kind of romantic history together, he makes that very clear in his speech prior to Yang showing up. So then obviously the person who gets his or herself involved should be the person who already has the most involvement in this confrontation. The person who will face Adam together with Blake. The person who is taking Adam’s place by her side. And that person is Yang. 

To conclude, perhaps this was a bit long-winded but I wanted to address this and explain exactly why I believe Yang and Blake should be together. As for the argument about queerbaiting, I didn’t really get to talk about it but all of these factors, combined with the way Yang and Blake act towards each other in RWBY Chibi make it clear that there is more than just friendship to their relationship. If RT chooses not to follow through with these two, then yes, I would classify it as queerbaiting. 

Thank you for your submission.

Sun Wukong, White Fang boss version.
I dun’t know, the idea is just too cool, since as I believe we actually have 3 White Fang bosses, I can’t help it *cry hard* so I design the version when he belong to “bad side”. He look pretty good on dark color *cry again*
The grimm mask actually base on Sun Wukong’s mask in Chinese drama theater.