Requested by hellodayandhellonight

You looked up as the school office doors opened. “What’s this I hear about a prank? Getting me called away from work and everything,” your father scolded, raising his eyebrow at you.

You tried to sink into your chair. “Nathan was bugging me,” you explained.

Neal waved for you to follow him to the door and you stood, sulking towards him. He waved to the secretary. “I’ll make sure she’s disciplined accordingly. Thank you,” he said, before heading out of the office. You walked alongside your father, his hand resting on the back of your shoulder.

“So, what all happened?” Neal asked, all the sternness gone from his voice and replaced with childish curiosity.

“Nathan just kept poking at me and trying to copy off me. He wouldn’t stop when I or the teacher told him to and the teacher wouldn’t move him. So at lunch, I bought an extra slice of pizza, scraped the cheese mostly off so it was just sauce, waited for him to start sitting down, then slid it under his butt.” You trailed off a bit not knowing how Neal would take the fact his daughter got in trouble at school over something so petty.

Neal, however, laughed. “Good one. Most people wouldn’t think to take the cheese off,” he stated. He opened his car door for you, then he got in the driver’s side.

“You’re not mad?” you asked, glancing at Neal out of the corner of your eye.

“You had a problem, you tried to fix it the ‘right’ way,” he gave finger-quotes when he said “right,” “and when that didn’t work, you did your own problem solving. And it got me out of a long day of sitting around the office hearing Peter complain about paperwork to boot. Want some ice-cream?”

It was your turn to let out a laugh. “Ice-cream sounds great actually,” you replied.