ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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Alternatively! (Gryffindor) dating Geroge Weasley and keeping it a secret - even from best friends like Fred and Lee would include?

i love it, toooooo! :) perfection, perfection.

being a gryffindor and dating george in secret would include:
- stolen glances in the common room which is much more difficult because it’s a smaller space than the great hall
- but it’s easier to meet up with one another in the dark ;)
- also makeout sessions in the gryffindor quidditch locker rooms after you KILL it, scoring monstrously in a match
- and george is so taken aback at your athleticism
- because he’s a bit intimidated that you’re sort of a better quidditch player than him what?
- so then he playfully challenges you to flying races on the empty quidditch pitch
- and you’re beating him but honestly he finds it pretty hot
- fred and lee have absolutely no freaking idea about any of this
- coincidentally placing yourselves in the desks next to one another in class
- you’re constantly raising your hand and answering questions and working diligently
- and george is just really stunned by how hardworking and bright you are
- “you really do love school, don’t you?”
- secret kisses every damn change you two get
- and this one time after a quidditch match the team held you on their shoulders
- they were cheering for you because of your badassery, honestly
- and george just clicks his tongue and winks at you, cheering you on too

agh i hope you enjoy this!!!

Just so you all know:

I am slow, and am not ignoring anything you send in or reply with! I gain and lose muse fairly quickly and I also get overwhelmed INCREDIBLY quick. RP is something I do to calm down and enjoy myself, but if I’m stressed about replies I might not bother with them for maybe days or weeks, depending. And then there’s college I have to worry about, and has to come first, which is really difficult for me to do.

 Please be PATIENTwith me.

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hi! i'm sorry to bother you but i'm a foreigner living in milan and i've read so many things regarding the referendum but from both sides (yes and no) and i'm so confused, i'm (morally bc i can't vote) leaning towards yes but so many of my young friends voted for no so i'm very confused as to what the right vote is? isn't no a populist, rightist vote? thank u

Hi! Don’t worry you’re not bothering me! First of all, I hope you’re having a good time here in Italy! also i hope you dont mind me posting this

So, the starting point of the thing is: in Italy we’ve come to a situation of political immobility so we need to change our constitution, which is not a new idea, it has been going on for a while. Our political system is made up of a lot of parties (even small ones) which make it extremely difficult for a single party to get the majority and for the resulting government to rule. 

Renzi’s government came up with a solution which reduces incredibly the powers of one of the two chambers, the Senate (which will no longer be elected by the people - though the reform doesn’t really explain the modalities of its election), while creating new solutions to enforce popular representations (more and new types of referendums, the obligation of the government to discuss about popular proposals when they have collected a certain number of signatures for it and so on). However, it’s undeniable that this reform will end up giving more power to the government, which, in pair with the electoral reform already voted, will give to the winning party a huge majority in the parliament, making it easy to rule, yes, but making it almost impossible for the opposition to contrast it.

So far, so good. However, Renzi decided to link the future of his (already quite unstable) government to the result of this vote, which is not already determined, but if the NO wins, he might (be forced to) quit. And here is where the populist vote comes in. Therefore, now people’s vote is divided into:

  • people who vote Yes because they’re tired of this immobility and argue that this change is better than doing nothing
  • people who vote Yes because they might be not really persuaded by the reform, but it’s better than to let the opposition rule (fyi, the 5 stars movement, the party most likely to win if there are new elections, wants to get out of the Euro)
  • people who vote Yes because Grillo, (5 stars movement), Berlusconi and Salvini said to vote No and honestly I can’t vote like them.
  • people who vote No because Grillo said that Renzi is trying to become a dictator so he has to be stopped. Btw he really said that “people should vote No following their bellies, not their heads” (really). 
  • people who vote No because they just want to send Renzi home

Finally, I like to think that there’s still a very small minority of people who vote Yes/No because they have looked at the reform and honestly agree/disagree with it without other political implications.

Personally, I lean towards the No, but I do recognize that the reform has some good points and if I could vote for them individually, I would approve some of them. So, at the same time, I don’t blame those who vote Yes for either reason, it’s just that the political discussion of this reform is so polarized that it’s impossible to just say “look, I vote Yes/No because I like/dislike the reform”. I feel somewhat… bad for voting No because I’m assimilated to Grillo’s followers, to Berlusconi and Salvini or simply to “people who hate Renzi and just want him to go home”. But at the same time, if I voted Yes, I would be accused of supporting the establishment, the old party system which has been fucking us up for a long time.

So yes, welcome to Italy, where everything is unnecessarily complicated.

Btw, let’s all remember that today also Austria votes.

Lunafreya went through many things but they are scattered between various media in ffxv, which makes it difficult for many to grasp her seemingly ambiguous characterization. I have been thinking that maybe I should make a blog dedicated to her to establish her timeline and get a better grasp of her character and once I have that down write a fic based around her because otherwise I will never have the nerve to do it (but I want to).

Just… more Lunafreya plz

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Hiiiiiii wcif the umbrella pattern on Glamour?


Hello :) You can find it in this pattern set by pinkfridaysims. Just a disclaimer though, this pattern set is not recolorable, at least not fully. You have to adjust the overall tone of the pattern, which is quite difficult.

Peter Van Daan from The Diary of Anne Frank
by Rebecca
Note: This typing is based off of the dramatization by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“All right. All right. I’m a dunce. I’m a hopeless case. Why do I go on?”
There is no doubt that Peter is highly independent, and this manifests in his ways of thinking as well as his behavior in the Annex. He has his own way of thinking about the world, which makes it difficult for him to adapt to studying and performing well in academics. This also causes him to reject religion, as when Anne wishes he had some sort of religion he claims that it is not for him. He distances himself from the others in the Annex, including his own parents and the children his age. Even when he and Anne begin to bond, he continues keeping mainly to himself, only then letting Anne in as well.

Extroverted Sensing (Se)
“…all I could think is…I wanted to hit him. I wanted to give such a…a…that he’d…”
When faced with problems, Peter tends to lean towards options that are fast and physical, giving a tangible result in a minimal amount of time. He builds up negativity towards Mr. Dussel, and at one claims that he wanted to hit the old man. Towards the end of the play, Anne attempts to get Peter to see the big picture and how things will improve in the long run, but Peter rejects this and claims he wants to see an immediate end to the conflict. Both of these examples clearly show Peter’s tendency to move towards engaging in the moment to see it through. However, Peter rarely acts on these thoughts - they tend to stay filtered within his head, as he avoids messing anything up further.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)
“Look at us, hiding out for two years. Not able to move! Caught here like…waiting for them to come and get us…and all for what?”
While he may be desperate for it to come sooner, Peter is able to look into the coming days and form an idea of what will happen next. He seems to accept the fact that the families are stuck in the Annex until they are caught, a pessimistic but unfortunately realistic point of view. He also displays an ability to look at people on a deeper level - however, this element takes time. This is shown when he begins to realize that Anne has far more depth than he initially gave her credit for, leading to them developing a close relationship. As a whole, Peter’s Ni tends to take a long time to fully come into play, or it leads to pessimistic thoughts.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
“Please! I’m not…anyway…let me alone, will you?”
Peter spends very little of his time interacting with the other inhabitants of the Annex - social interaction seems to repel him and send him straight back into his room with Mouschi. Aside from some antics with Anne towards the beginning of the show and a few moments that have to be diffused, Peter avoids conflict with other people. Usually, he prefers the company of his cat to anyone else in the Annex - including his overbearing parents. This manifests in awkward and uncomfortable behavior whenever he is forced to interact with others. However, he also reveals he has a strong connection with his family and later Anne, formed through an emotional bond built over time.


Alone Together / Big Sean / Courtney Love / Death Valley

Elton John / Foxes / Girls / Hell

Instrument / Just One Yesterday / Kidnapped / Light

Miss Missing You / Note / Operation / The Phoenix /

Quarantine / Radio / Silence / Tommy Lee

Underground HQ / Violence / Where Did The Party Go / Xibalba

Young Volcanoes / Zap


Get To Know the Fangirl | Ten Female Characters [1/10]
     ↳ Geraldine Granger

You were expecting a bloke? Beard, bible, bad breath? And instead you got a babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom.


[get to know me meme] 10 Male Characters (1/10): Phil Coulson (Marvel)

—  (noun) A German untranslatable wordsehnsucht  is described an intense longing and yearning for something far away and vague, something which is difficult to describe. Similar to the Portuguese word saudadeit describes all facets of life that one finds unfinished or imperfect. This longing is a form of coping with life’s unattainable desires. The profound emotions are usually both positive and negative and are ambiguous. 

shoutout to nb lesbians who feel like no girl is gonna want you bc you’re nonbinary and you don’t fulfill the Lesbian Criteria™ you’re as much of a lesbian as anyone else and you’re gonna find your girl don’t worry ab it


critical role aesthetics | v o x  m a c h i n a  


Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

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