I had the vague notion of running 5 miles today, but instead I ended up with 3.1 miles in 29:49. I’ll take it! 

Note to self: Try not to gulp down a can of Fresca an hour before running. It makes your body react in unpleasant, uncomfortable ways. Trying to gallop along when you’re dry-heaving from monstrous indigestion is never fun!

Physical ailments aside, I appreciated this run. Notice I didn’t say I enjoyed it. But I did appreciate it! And I’m proud of myself for all my workouts this week, most of which felt difficult. I wanted to get back on track and rebuild my momentum, and I feel like I’m definitely on my way!


It’s #FoodieFriday but I’m on tour which can make it difficult to find a good meal… so I decided to share my backstage hospitality rider with you! Thought ya might find it interesting…

anonymous asked:

What are the chances that Claudia was resurrected? The Undertaker said that the earl of Phantomhive was still with them. Also, in the last chapter, they show Undertaker holding someone's hand to his face almost lovingly. For a while I thought it might be Vincent but the hand was too small and feminine.

Well, it’s definitely a possibility that Undertaker wants to resurrect Claudia (and maybe the other people from his lockets, too). Maybe that’s what his experiments with the Bizarre Dolls are for. At first they were just mindless zombies but UT is improving them – Agares could already act independently and he could interact with other humans without killing them. And maybe the Bizarre Dolls have improved even more now, so that UT can finally resurrect his loved one(s).

Claudia died in 1866. That’s 23 years before the time the story takes place so her body should already be decomposed or at least show clear signs of decomposition which would probably make it difficult or even impossible for Undertaker to make her into a Bizarre Doll. But we’re talking about Undertaker. Not only is he a shinigami who likes to experiment with humans and probably knows a bit about human bodies; he has also worked as a mortician for a while so I guess he knows how to preserve a body from decomposition. It’s possible that he has done that with Claudia’s body so that he’s still able to resurrect her now.

One thing that could be really difficult for this whole resurrection attempt would be Claudia’s soul. I think for her to be really resurrected UT would need to connect her body to her soul again but that has been a great problem for the Bizarre Dolls in the past. If Claudia died normally her soul should have been collected by a shinigami. Undertaker wasn’t working as a shinigami at that time anymore so he couldn’t have been the one who was assigned to reap Claudia’s soul. He could have interfered and somehow taken the soul himself. But there are still many question as to how that would be possible and how he would put the soul back into her body. We know too little about how that process works to tell. But maybe Undertaker has found a way.

So yes, it is possible that the hand that Undertaker was holding really belongs to Claudia.

(I’m quite sure it’s not Vincent since Undertaker himself said that Vincent’s bones burnt to ashes. So it’s probably impossible to resurrect him.)

disillusionist9  asked:

Post two things you like about yourself and then pass it on to the first 10 people you see on your dash #teamselfesteem 😊

(these are getting trickier… I’m trying to come up with new stuff and I’m like, “uh, I don’t worry about dirty dishes” which is kind of dumb)

1.  I think I’m pretty decent at parenting.  I’ve given my kids space to be themselves, even though one is an athlete and that’s totally foreign to my experiences, and the other struggled to learn to read, which was achingly difficult to watch.  I don’t hover.  I took the mission of their preschool to heart (Believe, Guide, Step Aside, Let Fly) and now I get to watch them fly.

2.  I use semi-colons correctly.

The Writer and the Café

9-15 Sfw

Arthur froze as the spoon stood outside his lips and his mouth was open in both shock and hunger. After a moment, he placed the spoon back into the bowl and looked at Alfred as if he was the least intelligent ‘thing’ on the planet. “Alfred, don’t you have your own job to worry about, if you even have one? I can take care of my own café.” Arthur did his best to put on his own stern face which he found difficult to do while still not feeling his best.

With a shake of his head and a bright smile, Alfred stated, “Nope. The project for the publishing company that my brother and I work on is nearly done. So I have plenty of spare time on my hands.”

As soon as Alfred said the words he quickly shut his mouth. He remembered telling Arthur that Matthew worked with ‘Mr. Smith’ but never himself.

Arthur’s eyes widened with shock is he heard Alfred’s job. “So you work with-,” Arthur cut himself off and shook his head. He wanted to ask so many things but he knew it wasn’t right to be rude. “Sorry, forget it.”

Alfred stared at the Brit dumbstruck that he didn’t ask. But then he smiled warmly as he ruffled Arthur’s hair. “We work on more than just one book at a time. I don’t work with Smith,” Alfred lied as he put emphasis on the word 'with’. “Thank you for not asking, though. Now eat, I’m going to go take a shower and get some rest for tomorrow.”

Standing up, Alfred swung his computer bag over his shoulder before a thought crossed his mind. He pulled out a pen and notepad from the bag and wrote his number down and the paper. After Alfred pulled it off he handed the paper to Arthur. “Here’s my number. You call me if you need anything at all. I’ll be here at 6 am to put some food in you and go to work.”

Arthur took the paper and was unsure of what to do. As he watched Alfred head towards the door he put the bowl of soup down on his coffee table and stood up. “Wait Alfred,” he called out to him before rushing back to his room. He rummaged through his dresser drawer looking for a small box when he finally found it. Arthur went back out to the living room to Alfred and opened the box, handing the American the key that was inside.

“It’s my spare key. You can let yourself in tomorrow morning, in case I’m too sick to hear you knock,” he mumbled the last part as he looked away, too embarrassed to look at Alfred. Swallowing his pride Arthur took a peek at the man standing in front of himself and was shocked to see that Alfred was smiling brightly at him.

“Thanks, dude,” he said as he reached forward and ruffle Arthur’s hair. “I’ll be here early and make you some breakfast.” And with that, Alfred turned and left the apartment to go to his own.

After he entered and closed the door behind himself Alfred gently tossed his computer bag onto his couch before he cheered happily. He felt ecstatic that Arthur was allowing himself to get closer to Alfred, even enough to give him a key.

Going to his room, Alfred stripped his clothes off and jumped into the bed. He ignored his growling stomach that was asking for more food and focused on the day ahead, slowly falling asleep, with a smile on his face.

As he sat back down on the couch Arthur couldn’t believe what he had done. He had practically given a stranger a key to his apartment. Panic started to overcome his senses as he thought about what could possibly happen but they stopped. They stopped when Arthur thought about how Alfred had taken care of him, how the American smiled so sincerely, how Alfred pushed his own time and needs out of the way to help him.

Arthur smiled to himself as he curled up on the couch and closed his eyes, forgetting the food and thing that needed to get done. He hadn’t felt like he has had a friend like this before. Not in a long time.


A loud ringing woke Alfred up earlier than he normally would have liked but he didn’t mind this time. He jumped out of his bed and got into the shower, grateful that the warm water cascading down his body was waking him up. After he finished, Alfred jumped out and grabbed a towel, drying hi self off.

As he wrapped the soft towel around his waist Alfred stepped out of the bathroom and noticed the time. There was only half an hour before he had to go over and make Arthur some breakfast. But it was then he thought that Arthur still wouldn’t be feeling up to eating anything too heavy.

Alfred’s stomach twisted into a knot from hunger as he left his bedroom and went into his kitchen. Popping a few slices of bread into a toaster he went to the fridge and pulled out two eggs to fry. He hummed softly to himself as he cracked the eggs and opened them over the heated up frying pan. A few minutes later Alfred picked up his slice of toast, egg, and cheese and took a large bite out of it.

Peeking over at the clock hanging up on the wall, Alfred saw that it was ten minutes to six, and he knew he had to get his ass over next door. He put his food back onto a plate and ran to his room, pulling his towel off.

As Alfred rummaged through his drawers he slipped on a pair of his black slacks and a dark grey dress shirt. He went back out and grabbed his plate of food before going to the door, grabbing his wallet and keys as well as Arthur’s key.

His heart fluttered as he held the piece of metal in his fingers. Alfred shook any thoughts from his mind as he slipped on his shoes and opened his door. Locking it behind him Alfred stood in front of Arthur’s door, his hand on the door nob ready to unlock it before he heard heavy footsteps running around Arthur’s apartment.


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