Regarding Kim Taedong

Hello, do you guys know who this kid is? -long post ahead

Yes, he’s the F to A class kid who smiled wide with uneven teeth and wriggles hand when nervous. Who also made the shape of you performance more incredible and amazing by suggesting scarf biting koreo.

Yes, he’s Kim Taedong

Some of you might not know or already know, he’s the original member of JBJ at first (as kencalltaegyun). And currently confirmed will debut with JBJ.

The thing is he’s facing a problem

So he actually wanted to leave his current agency. He terminated his contract and left to his hometown, disappeared for a week with no news, the company couldn’t reach him. So the company told the public that he’s actually absent from all activities (which actually none) because of personal reason.

When some said he’s actually leave to auditioning to another agency (i still need more proof of this). 

The company didn’t accept the one-way decision and Taedong’s disappearance which makes everything more difficult for both. They’re still discussing for what they would do next about this to reach an agreement.

This could affect the JBJ’s debut. Loen doesn’t care about individual problems, their job is only to get the members together and have them debut. There’s a possibility that other companies (who already agreeing for the JBJ debut) will change their minds about JBJ because of Taedong’s problem. 

I’m making this post not to make you guys blame Taedong like what he already get by now since everyone’s afraid of the possibility of JBJ not debuting. I’m afraid too but Taedong doesn’t deserve the hate, he need support.

As an ATM who has been with them since the start, you either stan them as whole or not at all, for the sake of JBJ. If you blame Taedong for JBJ’s not debuting possibility, I’m telling you guys to understand the kid’s situation.

Fans has been waiting for his ig update since forever, however this what we get. A heart breaking post on ig regarding his situation, which we should thank @kimshihyuns who translate this

Kim Taedong is having a physiological pain and a lot of pressure, he has so much on his mind. Guys, Kim Taedong is always the bright kid a group always needed. He didn’t mean everything to be like this, he made mistake but everyone did that when they wanted to be free and already tired with their current situation.

Taedong wanted to leave. We don;t know what is actually happening. Me. You. ATMs. haters. siders. None of us know. But one wouldn’t do something so reckless like this if nothing triggered him to in the first place.

We know Taedong has reasons. At least ATMs know. 

I wanted to say, please support Kim Taedong. We know JBJ’s future is also at risk because of this. But you support JBJ, that means you gotta support Taedong too, because as like everyone says, JBJ is complete with seven member

Debut as whole or not at all. Support JBJ as whole or don’t. Because he didn’t need hate right now. He need support from everyone so he can get up and fight for himself and for JBJ.

JBJ’s members are supporting them too. Why dont we. 

Please support Kim Taedong. He deserve the world and the whole universe. Thankyou. (sorry for my longass post)

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One of my favorite things about RC is how distinct his expressions are in the present. Even the smug grins look different from one another! I feel like each expression has its own story to tell, providing a glimpse into his mysterious character.

Right!! I am having so much fun just staring at his face. I really love how he’ll look smug one moment but then emotionless the next, he’s definitely a hard cookie like his brother. I think my favorite expression of RC’s (so far) would have to be this one, he looks so condescending!

Though it’s hard to make an unbiased judgement about how different RC is to his twin, considering that we know OC very well but don’t know his brother at all. I for one am kinda inclined to take the things he does on a purely surface-level, which makes it difficult to see things impartially.

EG: when we see OC interacting with people he’s usually pretty cold and emotionless, especially when he has the power in a conversation much as RC does right now. However with OC it’s easy to look past this since we’re not really seeing him from an outside perspective, we know he’s not as cold as he first appears! But if this was all we saw of him he’d seem as bad as RC does.

So I’ll believe RC is the same as his brother until proven otherwise, I hope we find out! I want to see him crack a bit.


Card reveal season is in full swing but as exciting as that is, it happens with every expansion. What doesn’t happen every time around is a (free!) single-player battle against one of Azeroth’s most historic figures, The Lich King!

Designer Dave Kosak describes designing the encounter in the video above… and he also reveals some new Knights of the Frozen Throne cards!

If you beat the Lich King with all nine classes (which Blizzard claims will be difficult) you’ll be rewarded with an alternate Paladin hero, Young Prince Arthas. Cool, but when do we get Druid and Warlock heroes, y’all?

I’m very amused at myself rn.

One of the things this story requires is about half a dozen murder/theft/general crime mysteries, and so far I’m coping by 1) trying to adapt stuff from the original canon (which… is more difficult than it would seem, and also like half of those are laughably obvious and/or random) or 2) using impatience/lack of knowledge/lack of interest of one of the characters as an excuse to gloss over the exact details of a solution to a puzzle (so I actually don’t have to think of those details).

I may be good at some writing things but I am definitely not cut out to be a mystery writer.

Hugging with the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Their hugs are short and very tight, and after one, they’ll stand near you for a while, maybe looking at you fondly.

Taurus: Taurus hugs are long, warm, and leave you feeling sleepy. As they don’t give hugs often, hugging a Taurus is a unique experience.

Gemini: They give hugs often, and hugs with them are comfortable, but short lasting, leaving you wanting another one.

Cancer: Their hugs aren’t particularly long, but they are warm and will leave you feeling happier than before.

Leo: They give long hugs while smiling at you brightly, which makes it difficult for you to want to step away.

Virgo: These signs like hugs, but are awkward when giving (or receiving) them. They’ll hug you tightly for 1-2 seconds and then step back quickly, leaving you surprised that they actually went in for one in the first place.

Libra: Libra hugs are longer and more commonly given. The recipient will often be startled by a Libra’s arms wrapping around them from the side or back.

Scorpio: Their hugs are sudden and slightly stiff, and they will hold you for a while, forcing you to sink in and hug them back. Their hugs can be surprisingly nice, if you get past the demanding manner in which they are given.

Sagittarius: They don’t give hugs often, but their hugs are surprisingly warm and comfortable. They’ll grin at you, but by the time you smile back, they’ll have already stepped back and gone elsewhere.

Capricorn: Their hugs will be short and somewhat uncomfortable, and when they step back (which they will do first), they’ll nod at you.

Aquarius: Their hugs are average length, casual, and warm. They are gentle with no awkwardness.

Pisces: They’ll hold you tight and nuzzle into your neck. Their hugs are long, and hugs when standing can be awkward for the other party.

Anyway yes if you’re white and very outspoken about racism and race-related issues, especially in fandom, it should be written somewhere on your blog that you’re white. Cause when it’s about these issues, your voice doesn’t have the same weight as ours, and one shouldn’t be mistaken for the other. Not to mention that some of you end up thinking that you’re so much better than the other whites and somehow immune to racism, which is not the case lol, and sometimes you need to be put back in your lane. Which is difficult to do when we’re not sure if you’re white or not.


Soooooo with the potential reveal that Lance is in the red lion and Keith is in the black lion for season 3, I started thinking about what paladins might be able to swap lions if needed.

And then i thought way too much about this. And it became… a thing.

In the comics, there’s a scene where Pidge has to fight all the paladins, and she explicitly says that she HAS to take Lance out first because he’s able to work and enhance every other team member so well. So that’s where the idea that Lance could pilot all the lions came from. But what do you guys think? Am I wrong and a garbage human? What are your ideas?

Read more for the text as I realise it may be hard to read

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BAD: Connor Murphy was a precious angel who deserved better

GOOD: Connor Murphy was mentally ill but that does not excuse his actions, he did some harmful things and should still be held accountable for his mistakes.

BAD: Connor Murphy is just an asshole that abused Evan.

GOOD: Connor Murphy lashed out as a result of undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses and likely felt very out of control of his own life and actions.

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral

shoutout to nb lesbians who feel like no girl is gonna want you bc you’re nonbinary and you don’t fulfill the Lesbian Criteria™ you’re as much of a lesbian as anyone else and you’re gonna find your girl don’t worry ab it

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I saw in one of your tags "Autistic Atem". Please do explain to me your headcanon on that.

Well, to me, Atem seems coded as autistic.

He has quite a singular special interest with Duel Monsters, which is a true interest, not just using them as tools to save the world or whatever. We see that in ‘the date episode’, where he genuinely smiles (something we really hadn’t seen up until that point), and goes from being quiet and monosyllabic, to talking at length about the cards, and what they’re useful for (even if Téa doesn’t have much interest in the game herself), and clearly feels a lot more comfortable. He tends to bring pretty much every situation back to duelling, whether it’s a dancing game or some complex emotional philosophy.

Same episode, he clearly looks to Téa to guide them through the day, none of the ideas standing out as his. Atem doesn’t do much overt planning even in duels - they’re usually short term and magical-top-decking based plans, as opposed to some of the strategies of some of the other duelists we see. Heck, Atem’s failure to switch between tasks is basically the plot, isn’t it??

Something that also turns up in his duels is that he doesn’t necessarily notice a larger trap closing around him, focussing more on the details. The reason Bakura’s plans work out (for a given value of ‘work out’) seem in part to be Atem’s failure to notice the wood for the trees.

Atem tends to avoid physical contact (most that occurs focuses only on his hands), which is contrasted with Yugi, who’s quite tactile. He’s quite still and crosses his arms a lot, which gives me a sense of sensory defensiveness and a comfort in that pressure. Jury’s out as to whether to put his sweeping gestures while duelling down as stimming, I’d be tempted to say yes, because unlike other characters it’s quite a change for him - still to animated perhaps reflecting excitement, but at the same time it’s an anime where they basically all do that.

A lot of his talking is quite scripted and repetitious, even by anime standards, or else he remains silent. He often talks a little louder than other characters, and doesn’t vary his tone or facial expression much. He’s also quite literal, and takes things to heart when people talk to him, occasionally seeming not to notice other people’s…state of mind (for lack of a better word) whether implied verbally or non-verbally, for example failing to notice the depth of people’s feeling, or else simply not acting accordingly.

He has a very clear sense of right and wrong, and is empathetic (though that’s often guided by his sense of justice, and doesn’t tend to reach those people whom he has, in a black-and-white way, dismissed). His loyalty is absolute and unwavering, be that for his friends, or his subjects who he died for. His trust in his friends is also equally unwavering.

While we’re verging into word of god canon, Atem’s favourite food is supposed to be falafel, and least favourite supposed to be fish eggs. To me, that’s autistic texture stuff right there.

So while I may sprinkle in things that don’t have any canon basis (nervous toe-walking, talent at learning languages etc.) in my fics, I think there’s enough in canon to read Atem as autistic.

Sacrifices of War

“I’m pregnant. I’m not going to keep it.”

A story about hard choices, loss, and the dark moments of war that don’t happen on the battlefield.

Heavy Angst set during ACOWAR. Please read the tags to make sure you want to read this. If you would rather not read it (or need a small pick-me-up), I prepared some fluff.

Sacrifices of War (AO3)

“I’m pregnant.”

The words rang as hollow in the clearing as they rang in her heart. It almost surprised her that spoken out loud, they did not seem any different than in her mind. They were haunting, hurting, hollow things threatening to tear her apart if she lowered her shields even for one second. So she didn’t. Not even for him. Especially not for him.

Feyre raised her eyes from her knotted hands, trying to untangle her fingers and stop her nails from digging into her skin and drawing blood. Instead, she looked at the male she’d thrown those cruel words at, like knives and claws and teeth she had no control over. She’d thought longer how to tell him than about her decision. But no matter how long she fretted, she couldn’t find a way not to hurt him and time was running out. Their time. Her time. So she’d decided to call on him, meet him, hurt him. With words that should be joyful instead of cruel. Words that should mark a new beginning instead of an end.

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New toy II pt.1

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, sub!jungkook

word count: 8.5k

Your new neighbour turns out to be the perfect toy for you.

Originally posted by nochuie

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