Not What It Seems.  Hamilton College!AU Part 1

Part 2

Word Count: 1350

Warning(s): Mention of death

Request: None

A/N: I’m sorry this is crap.

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Alexander Hamilton was never one to think of murder. He saw himself as a peaceful man who was full of thought, yet now in this moment the thought of committing such an act was strong, for he was going to slaughter whoever kept stealing his fucking pens. It happened every time he had to go to that ridiculous  psychology class. Every tuesday and thursday he would walk in with a bundle of sleek black ballpoint pens, only to have one left at the end of class. He didn’t actually know how the holy hell this kept happening, but he knew that the moment he found out who it was he was going to go all Joffrey Baratheon on them. 

“It’s a woman! My roommate is a woman!”, His friend Aaron Burr whispered harshly at the group of males that sat in the library together. Hamilton was too busy fuming about his missing pens to know how the subject of Burr’s new roommate was brought up. 

“You’re acting like it’s such a terrible thing. A female roommate could be beneficial to you. Make you see that not everything is gloomy and depressing”, Hercules stated calmly as he began to sketch out a design for his fashion design class. His father was a tailor and seemed to inherit the same passion for clothes as his old man. 

“Herc is right, and it not like her being a female is against the rules. The female to male ratio is off, and there are way more females attending this year than any year before. So a lot of the dorms now have both sexes.”, Alexander explained as he recounted his pens. There was only 14 left, he would have to go back to the store to get more. 

There was a moment of silence as none of them had anything to say. Lafayette was practicing his English by translating Burrs French textbook. Burr was tapping his pencil against the table as he finished some math equations. Hercules’s sketch was starting to look like a blue summer dress. John who has yet to speak was in nose deep into his marine biology textbook as he was trying to do his research proposal that was probably concerning turtles. Alexander was scrolling on his phone, trying to see where he can get more of his favorite pens at a cheaper price. This is usually what happened when the group of males got together, they didn’t talk much when they didn’t have to, and enjoyed the comfortable silence that surrounded the group. 

“I have to go”, Hercules calmly spoke as he began to put all his supplies back into his messenger bag. This caused all the boys to perk up.

“Go where? You never leave early”, John stated as he look at his wristwatch, “It’s only 5:30 we have 30 minutes left of studying before we leave”

John Laurens, was a person who believed heavily on time. He hated being late for anything or leaving before a certain time. Though this sometimes became a problem, the group was thankful for him. It was a collective decision for John to be the one to remind anyone about daily activities or when something started or ended. He kept a timetable of everyone’s class schedule just for emergencies. 

“Today is Tayah’s and mine three year anniversary, so I’m taking her into the city for dinner. Got this whole thing planned out and everything, so I can’t be late. I’ll text you all later.” And with that the group of five became four. 

Hercules left the remaining group dumbfounded and shock, as they couldn’t ever remember the time when their friend mentioned anything about a girlfriend. Taking a look at one another they all tried to think of something to say.

“How in all things holy did none of us know that he has been in a relationship for the past three years?”, Burr asked slowly as if he was trying to think of how he was going to form the question.

“I thought he was gay”

All eyes were on the French student, as he fixed his ponytail. 

“There is a saying that 1 in 5 are homosexual, so I just assumed it was him”, Lafayette continued, “I mean we never seen him in the presence of a woman, he is always doodling those dresses, and has a terrific fashion sense.”

“You do realize that I’m the gay of this group right?”, John spoke up.

“But three years? How could we not know for three years? How do you hide a relationship for three years?”, Hamilton asked completely ignoring the gay statements.  

Hamilton began to scroll through the university’s student profiles trying to find anyone named Tayah. There were seven female students with that name. 

“Who cares. Herc obviously likes this girl a whole lot if he’s been committed for so long, we should let him be. When he’s ready, he’ll introduce us to her”, John explained as he closed his textbooks. 

Silence fell over them again. All of the equally surprised, and didn’t know what to say. 

“So going back to Aaron’s roommate. Is she cute?”, Lafayette asked pushing away the French book to the other side of the table. 

“Well she is cute, but not as cute as-”

“If you say Theodosia I will shove this pen down your throat”, Alexander interrupted Burr as he pointed one of the few pens he had left at him. 

“She’s cute, but she doesn’t talk much. I asked if she would need anything for dinner or if she would be fine being by herself tonight. All she said was, ‘I’m going to make a cake’.”, Aaron paused as he leaned back in his chair, “The woman is going to make a cake for her dinner! If she can’t cook we are both screwed. I can’t cook and if she can’t cook then we are probably going to starve.”

“At least you know she can bake”, John laughed as he got up to stretch his long torso.

This caused Burr slam his head on the tabled, none of the boys bothered to ask if he was okay as the started to put their stuff away. John looked at his watch and reminded them that they had 10 minutes left of study time. Waving his good friend off, Alexander stood up and placed his backpack on one shoulder. 

“Hercules already left. So there’s no point. How about we all get some food and go watch the football game.”, Alexander threw his arm around John pulling the young man close to him.

“You don’t like football Alexander, you said it was a sport for idiots”, John replied back as he watch his other two friends gather their own stuff. 

“Yes, I did say that, but Jefferson is on the team and I want to be there when he falls on his ass or gets tackled to the ground.”

“Your hatred for that man is astonishing Alexander”, Burr calmly stated entering in the convocation as the four men began to exit the library.

“I like seeing him fail, it bring me happiness. Nothing wrong with being happy.”

It wasn’t unknown of the mutual hatred that was shared between both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Ever since the first day of sophomore year the two of them butted heads. When asked to describe Thomas, Alexander would say: ‘a devil, maron wearing idiotic moron who doesn’t know jackshit.’ Those were the exact words he gave the New Colonies University newspaper when they required him to make a statement on the new student. 

“Is that blood?”, Lafayette asked interrupting the convocation about Alexander’s rivail as they approached the food court. This sparked curiosity in Hamilton’s brain as he began to follow the red splotches. 

“Hamilton what are you doing?”, Burr asked as the group began to follow their reckless friend to where the trail ended at the pizza standing. Gently Alexander stretched his hand out to push the door open. All four of them were met with the unwelcoming scene of a dead body and blood splattered everywhere.

Avenging Angel: Part 20

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1510

Warnings: None

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You signed your fake name with a flourish and slid the key off the grimy counter.

“Your unit is just down that way. The truck should be able to back up so you can unload your stuff.” The teenage boy behind the counter pointed past the first few rows of storage units boredly. As soon as you started walking away, he sat back, kicked his feet up on the counter, and pulled out his phone.

Maybe it was all of the research that you’d been sifting through for the past few weeks that made you paranoid, but you felt eyes on you each time you went into your father’s unit. So rather than powering through and trying to convince yourself that you were safe, you decided to get your own storage unit. You packed the boxes full of notebooks and loose pages and your father’s science paraphernalia, and headed a few towns over.

The new storage unit was larger than your father’s had been. As you unloaded the boxes, you mentally started organizing the space. Once you returned the U-Haul truck, you headed to the store. A cot, a sleeping bag, and mini-fridge later and you were set to camp out in the unit. It was probably safer if you weren’t seen coming and going all the time.

As soon as you were locked in, it was like you could breathe normally again. This space felt much safer.

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Victor Zsasz Imagine

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Requested: “Any kind of Victor SMUT :D” by Anon

Victor Zsasz x Reader

WARNINGS: This is pure DD/LG smut. Very fluffy stuff. If you aren’t into Daddy Doms/Caretakers or Littles this probably isn’t for you. It’s also really fluffy. Like, really fluffy. 

tags: @mistressofcobblepot @taintedmarker @femalepenguini

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Pen Name

Can I request one where the reader is an author but she’s under a pen name so the team doesn’t know. But then after a case Rossi comes across the manuscript of her newest project and it takes him a second to realize that it’s his favorite writer and that reader is the writer. When he confronts her, he asks her out and reader gets teary-eyed because she likes him but she thinks he only wants to see her bc of her writing and doesn’t know he was in love with her before. It just gave him confidence.

Oh, my heart sits fondly with this prompt.  I can most certainly do this.  And for everyone waiting for my stories: thank you for being so patient.  This new transition in my life will be going until the end of March, but I will try to post as frequently as I can given that I need to monetize my writing and my creative skills quickly.

I hope you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha.

It was a long week, and a long case, and a long flight followed by a long ride home.

Why did you decide to live 25 minutes away from work again?

You loved the scenic drive, you told yourself.  It was peaceful to sip your coffee and drive to music, you told yourself.

Good thing there was a couch in the lounge area.

You sighed as you sat down and flopped over on the couch.  You remember your eyes fluttering closed very quickly to the twinkling light of the defective vending machine as one whirred to life.

This would just have to do.

David was walking down the hallway, picking up random pieces of paper that led all the way into the lounge of the FBI offices.

Who in the world was carrying papers with them this late at night?

He knew he shouldn’t read them, but if this was classified information, he needed to hold onto it closely.

But it was something else.

Something much more dear to him.

He recognized the characters and their idioms.  He recognized the progressing story line as his eyes scanned page after page.

His hands began to tremble as he picked up papers and rounded into the FBI lounge.

And where the paper trail ended startled him to his core.

He saw your body, flopped over and crooked at an ungodly angle as the whir of one of the vending machines struck up.

It couldn’t be.

He gathered the rest of the papers and continued to scan them, trying hard to process what was happening.

His favorite author, with his favorite characters, in his favorite scenarios that helped him escape his favorite kind of work…

…was you.

You grunted and shifted, leaning up just as your eyes fluttered back open, and when your head lulled up to see who was standing in front of you, you smiled for a brief second before you looked at the scattered papers in his hands.

And your heart dropped to your chest.

You bent down and grabbed your bag as you ripped the papers from his hands.  You shuffled them into your bag as your hands began to shake.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa,” David coos lightly as he reaches out for your hand.

But you ripped away as your startled eyes flew to his face.

“I’m sorry, I-I-I uh…”

But you didn’t know what to say.

You knew the way he was looking at you.

It was the same way your mother looked at you when you revealed to her that you were the author of these books.

“You’re Y/P/N (your pen name),” David says lowly.

But your eyes just darted to your lap as you hugged your bag close to your stomach.

How did David tell you?  That he admired your writing.  That you had a talent well beyond your years?  That he used your books to escape from his books, and was utterly addicted to your stories?

So, he blurted out the only way he knew how.

“Have dinner with me,” he says a bit too loud as you wince at his words.

And your eyes began to water.

“I-…I can’t,” you breathe.

And you could see David’s heart sink on his face.

“Why not?” he asks lightly as he reaches out slowly for your hand again.

And you let him take it.

“Rossi,” you deadpan as a tear drips into your lap, “you just figured out I’m a New York Times best-selling author, and then you asked me out to dinner.”

And you took your hand from his again.

Realization soon spread across his face as he gets up and sits down beside you on the couch.

“Y/N, I-” he begins.

How could he tell you?

That he was in love with the way your eyes looked in the morning went you weren’t quite awake.  How your constantly-disheveled hair was something he wanted to run his fingers through.  How your passion for your work rivaled his, and that he was not only impressed, but smitten.

In love.

With you.

“I love you,” he urges as your wide eyes whip over to him.

“I-…I remember the case that it happened on.  It was the one where you were communicating back and forth with the unsub via songs, and everyone was reading so deeply into them, and you looked at all of us and said-”

“-not everything is as difficult as it may seem,” you smile lightly.

“Yeah,” David snickers as he looks down and takes your hand one last time.

And this time, you two interlocked fingers.

“That’s how it feels when I’m around you,” he admits lowly as he keeps his eyes on your interlocked hands.

“Effortless,” you breathes.

And suddenly, you weren’t as tired as you once felt.

“Care for some diner coffee?” you smile.

And the light in David’s eyes grew three times that day.

Not Dead Yet (Part 10)

*Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back…not a sentiment shared on Neverland. Thank you to everyone who keeps reading! Love ya!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

No magic. Well that was just unfair. Peter thought as he meandered through the jungle. Did she even understand how difficult it was for him to keep his tie to the island locked down like this? How could she even know if he used magic?

Oh, she’d know. He had no idea how but she would definitely know. Such a difficult thing. Difficult but not as clever as she thought.

He had been tracking her footprints through the jungle for a while now. All the boys ran off to hiding places they knew about. None of them had even thought to try and follow her. Perhaps that was something he needed to work on with them. Some common sense.

He came to a tree where the footprints stopped and looked up. She wasn’t up the tree but then where was she? He noticed a broken limb hanging on by a strand on the tree right next to it. Peter smiled to himself. Maybe she was more clever than he gave her credit for.

He followed the trees taking wild guess from where she hopped from. Sometimes she had dropped down and kept running on foot just to climb up another tree. A few tries backtracking and a serious urge to just use his magic he found where her trail really ended. It was his Thinking Tree.

The only problem was, she still wasn’t in the tree. He had climbed up it to the very top but she was nowhere to be seen. Where in the world could she have gone? Unless…

Peter dropped back to the ground and pulled on one of the large knots of the tree. It came out with ease revealing a hidden tunnel that wound down deep into the ground. He hesitated for a moment but knew that there was no other choice. He jumped into the tunnel and slid down to the very bottom.

The tunnel opened out into a large underground cavern. Right now it was pitch black. He flicked a hand and a torch on the wall caught fire. Then another and another until the entire cavern was flushed in warm firelight and he could see Y/N reclining on a bed that had been carved out from one of the Thinking Tree’s humongous roots.

She stared up at him in annoyance. “What?” he asked, “I didn’t use magic.”

“I know,” she groaned as she sat up straight, “That’s what angers me. I thought I had been fairly sneaky.”

“Not sneaky enough. What made you think you could get away with hiding in my tree?” he smirked at her in victory.

“Well it has been a long time since I ran off and hid. You have to admit I caused some challenge.” she smirked back, unperturbed by his condescension.

“I’ll give you that one.” he sat down on the dusty bed next to her, “I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to know about this place.”

“I didn’t. I was climbing up when my foot kicked open that loose knot.” she shrugged, “Seemed a less obvious hiding spot so I crawled in, dragged the knot back in place and waited.”

“So you had no idea that any of this was down here?”

“Nope…” she looked around the cavern now, “What is this place anyways?”

“It’s where I lived.” Peter said softly as he ran a hand across the old furs of the bed. “Back before I started bringing Lost Boys to the island.”

Peter stood up and walked across to one of the dirt walls. There was a large dried leaf hanging on the one wall. He tore it away to reveal a small cubby hole hiding behind it. “I haven’t set foot here in years. Almost forgot it existed till I was searching for you.”

“What do you have there?” Y/N asked as Peter withdrew a small wooden box from the hole.

“Old treasures…” he dusted the dirt off the top, “Just stupid things like feathers and seashells I thought had been worth something a long time ago. Junk now.” he stuffed the box back in the hole.

Neither spoke for the longest time. Y/N had stood up and was walking about the cavern picking up things and running her hands over the dirt walls. He wanted out of this place. No one was even supposed to know it was here.

The sound of crumpling paper made him freeze. Y/N had found a cubby hole that had been blocked off by a thin wall of dirt. Inside was a pile of old pieces of parchment.

“Having fun snooping?” he plucked the parchment out of her hands. “One shouldn’t go poking into things that aren’t theirs.”

“I thought you said everything down here was junk.” she glanced at the papers in his hand, “Why do you care about those old things?”

“I don’t.” he clutched them harder. She was not going to let this go. Without another thought he tipped the edges of the papers into the flames of the nearest torch. The delicate old parchment caught fire instantly and was ash in seconds. “See.”

She stared at him in surprise.

“Why did you–”

“I told you they were nothing.”

“Nothing that you wanted me to read at least.”

“Nothing of use, I assure you.”

She studied him skeptically before rolling her eyes and turning away with a huff. “If you’re the only one that knows about this place, what are the odds of the other boys finding it?” Y/N asked as she flopped back down onto the bed.

“Impossible. No one ever comes near here. Even if they did they wouldn’t think to pull out a knot in the tree.” Peter let out a slow breath of relief.

“Great…I guess my hiding spot was too perfect.”

“Yes. Unfortunately not perfect enough.” Peter began to grin, “I believe there was some mention of you owing me a favor if I were the first one to find you, without the use of magic of course. And wouldn’t you look at that, I did.”

Her face fell and Peter felt a flush of accomplishment when he saw her Tell-all pearl blare a bright yellow of fear. Of course, he didn’t need that silly little thing to tell him how much she hated and feared the reality of the situation. She owed him a favor. Anything he wanted, within reason.

Y/N took in a deep breath and held her head up high. It was rather adorable watching her try to be big about something she was regretting. “That you did. So, what is it you want? Something dangerous or embarrassing I assume.”

“Oh no.” he placed a hand on her shoulder, “I’m not going to use it now. I’ll keep it tucked away for a rainy day.”

“I hate you…” she pushed his hand off her.

“No you don’t.” he pulled down a rope ladder from the cavern ceiling, “Now how about we go find you a hiding spot that the others can find.”

“That would only be fair I suppose.” she followed him up out of the cavern and back into the daylight. Peter closed the hole they had emerged from and ushered Y/N away as quickly as he could. How he had hoped that would be the last time he ever had to be in that room again.


I owe him. I owe him a favor. Even worse, he wasn’t even going to use it right away. Oh no. Just because it was me, Pan was going to hold that favor over my head for a long time. Teasing me with it. Reminding me that I can be called to do whatever he wanted, within reason. As we searched for a new hiding spot, one the Lost Boys could find, I laid down some ground rules for the favor.

It couldn’t be anything sexual. That was the first and foremost rule. He agreed to this quickly. We had established that boundary last night when Slightly accused me of being a whore. I wanted it made clear to everyone, including Pan, that just because I was a girl it did not mean I was a piece of meat to be ogled. Not that there was much to ogle at anyways.

Second was that I was not going to kill any of my friends. Devin and Nick and Ben were my three best friends on this island and while I got along fine with most of the other boys I refused to harm those three. Again Pan agreed.

Lastly, he couldn’t order me to allow myself to be poisoned with dreamshade. This request seemed to confuse him but he agreed to it nonetheless. I knew the dangers of dreamshade and while I rather didn’t care if I was tied to the island I found a comfort that if I truly wanted to go I could. If I was poisoned then that would be gone and the feeling of being trapped would just grow stronger.

Pan and I found a cave and hid inside while slowly the other boys found us and started packing in until the very last person found there way to it. The boys had said that they liked this game very much and the last boy to find the spot ran to find his own and start the game again.

“Looks like Pan was the first to find you, huh?” Devin said as we searched through the jungle for the hiding Lost Boy.

“Yeah…should have figured he would have.” I sighed.

“The thing is though, I checked that same cave earlier and you weren’t in it.”

“Probably because that wasn’t my first hiding spot.” I told him, “I had found this perfect hiding spot that no one should have been able to find. It was too good though so Pan and I had to leave it so to find one where you guys could actually stand a chance of stumbling upon.”

“Where were you exactly?” Devin asked.

I was about to tell him about the underground cavern that I had found. The one that Pan had said was where he lived so long ago. But I didn’t. It seemed wrong to share something like that with Devin, even if he was my best friend. If I told him it’d be like revealing a secret and in that cavern there were many secrets. The box he wouldn’t open, the papers he didn’t want me to read, and who knew what else.

It was the first time I had ever seen Pan look trapped. The second he lit the torches and I could see him it was obvious he didn’t want to be down there. Still, the way he looked around the room and touched it was reminiscent. A bittersweet memory that he would rather have forgotten altogether.

“I had climbed up his Thinking Tree.” I said after a moment too long of silence. It wasn’t a complete lie. That was my plan originally until I found the tunnel.

“His Thinking Tree?” Devin gaped at me. “No one is allowed near there. He doesn’t like people being close to it let alone climbing it.”

“I’ve climbed up before then too. It’s just a tree. A big tree, but still just a tree.” I shrugged. Besides the cavern hidden under it what was so special about it?

“It’s his tree. For as long as I’ve been here it was the one part of the island that was strictly forbidden. Well that and Skull Rock.”

“Skull Rock? What’s Skull Rock?” I asked. No one mentioned to me before.

Devin looked at me wide-eyed in alarm. “No.” he pointed a finger in my face, “Forget I said anything. If there is anything he wants people away from more than his Thinking Tree it’s Skull Rock.”

“Why? What’s on Skull Rock?”

“Y/N, I mean it. Do not even mention it. I shouldn’t even be talking about it.” he scanned the forest as if he were afraid Pan would jump out from behind one of the trees, “Promise me you will not go snooping.”


“I mean it! You test your boundaries a lot around here but not this time. Promise me that you will forget I ever said anything about that place.”

I could tell how serious about this. It had him chilled right down to the bone. I nodded in consent and he relaxed. “Good, now let’s go find where James is hiding.”

I let Devin pull me along as we searched. My mind was still spinning with the information I was just given. I know I promised him I wouldn’t go snooping but I couldn’t let my brain rest. Peter Pan had more secrets than I thought.

As per Devin’s wishes I never brought up Skull Rock and for Pan’s sake I never mentioned the cavern again. As the months went by the urge to sneak back there was strong but I resisted. If he didn’t want me down there by accident I doubt he’d be so understanding if I climbed back down on purpose.

The same with Skull Rock. I never asked anyone about it but I would be lying if I hadn’t done a little wandering into places on the island I hadn’t been before. It wasn’t snooping if I had come upon it by chance, right?

I had a feeling Pan knew what I was doing but if he did he never said anything. All this sudden mystery about the secret cavern, the papers, the box and Skull Rock had me questioning Pan more than usual. How exactly had he ended up on Neverland? How did he become the leader?

What about those years he talked about when there weren’t any Lost Boys. How long had he been alone on this island? Who was he before it? Was he even human?

“Oh no, I know that look.” Ben poked my shoulder, “Someone is thinking about things they shouldn’t be.”

“Know me that well do ya?” I shoved him back with a laugh. “Care to tell me what it is I was thinking about too?”

“My power only goes so far. But knowing you it has something to do with Pan.”

“And how do you figure that?”

“Because you are terrible at being subtle. Anytime you want to know something about him and try to be sly about it you come across incredibly fake.”

“Do not!”

“Do too.” he grinned back at me, “If you want to know more about the guy, just ask him. I doubt you’ll get an answer but at least you’ll have tried.”

“I can’t stand not knowing things.”

“Why are you so interested in him all of the sudden anyways? So there’s not much to be known about his past. Who cares about the past? It’s gone. It’s done. There’s no point going back to it.”

“Past traumas and experiences tell you a lot about a person.” I told him.

“Speaking from experience?”

“It’s our past that made us all Lost children. It’s our past that brought us here. Don’t you think that means anything?”

“You are so stubborn.”

“I’m just curious.”

“Curiously stubborn.”

“Like you’d have me any other way.”

“You’re never going to stop are you?” Ben sighed. He stood up and gestured for me to follow.

We moved far out into a part of the jungle I had never been before. The further we walked the harder the trek became. There was no path, everything was clouded by fog and there were thickets of dreamshade vines everywhere. I asked Ben where we were and he informed me that we were in the heart of the Dark Jungle. No one ever came here if they could help it.

After what had to be a solid three hours of hiking we came to an opening in the trees. We stepped out to a cliffside that dropped straight down toward the sea. Out in the distance there was an island standing against the waves.

“Skull Rock,”

“Is your curiosity sated yet?” Ben asked.

“What’s on that island that he doesn’t want others to know about?” I whispered to myself.

“No.” Ben started to pull me back, “I already took a risk showing you the island. That’s all you need to know so just leave it!”

“It’s right there though!” I stressed, my curiosity killing me, “How could he know if anyone–”

“Oh I’d know.” Ben and I froze.

A hand clamped down hard on my shoulder. The seething deep breaths of anger hitting the back of my neck like steam. “Pan, I was just–”

“Shut up!” he clenched my shoulder harder.

“Pan, please,” Ben begged, “I wasn’t going to let her–”

“Ben,” Pan snapped in a cold voice, “get outta here. I’ll deal with your betrayal later. Right now I need to have a word with our nosy Lost Girl.”

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Going Hunting

For JayTim week, day five: bruised and battered

rating: G

length: 2.3K


“Any luck?” Clark asks with a smile that Bruce wants to punch right off his perfect face.

“Of course, I found them. That’s why they’re standing right here next to me.” Bruce gestures to the empty space around him and Clark laughs.

“I can try, if you want a rest.”

“I don’t need to rest.” He doesn’t, he’s fine. It’ll take a lot more to wear out Bruce Wayne. And he is going to find those boys. They will not beat him.


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First Love (Sehun)

It was a quiet winter day. The snow was falling silently outside.You and Sehun were cuddling on the couch watching a random movie. No schedules. No screaming fans. No cameras. Just you and him. You two have been dating for almost 2 years. And you were finally ready. Ready for your first time. You loved Sehun. And he loved you. You knew that you wanted to have your first time with him. You were nervous of course. But you trusted him. You couldn’t stay silent anymore. It was time to tell him. You sit up and turn to him.

“Sehun,we’ve been dating for a while now…”You say,he nods.

“And I was thinking…I’m ready to have my first time.”You add.

He looks shocked.

“I want you to be my first. I want you because I love you and i’m ready to take the next step in our relationship.”You say,blushing and looking down.

You feel him grab your chin and tilt your head up so his eyes meet yours.

“Y/n,I’m so happy and flattered that you want to have your first time with me. I feel the same way. Just tell me if you change your mind okay? I don’t want to rush you into anything.”He says and gives you a passionate peck on the lips.

 You nod.


A couple days has passed since you told Sehun about wanting to have your first time.  You were walking home from an amazing lunch you had with your best friend. You always had the best conversations with her. When you reach your house you dig through your purse and retrieve your keys and open the door,walking in and closing it behind you.

“Sehun-ah?”You call out as you take your coat and shoes off and hang your purse on a hook next to your coat.

You get no response.

You furrow your brows in confusion. You knew he was home. His shoes were in their spot where he always puts them. His car was parked where it always is. His coat was hanging on the same hook as always,next to yours. 

“Maybe he’s sleeping?”You ask aloud to yourself. You start walking down the hallway when you step on something soft and slightly squishy. You freeze,thinking it’s a bug you go pale. You squeak and quickly remove your foot from the thing. You look down slowly, and breathe a sigh of relief when  you see it was not a bug,but a rose petal. 

“Oh thank god,it’s just a rose petal…”You sigh,then shake your head in confusion.”Why is a rose on the floor? “You ask. 

You then notice that there is more than one petal. In fact there is a trail of them. You follow the trail all the way upstairs. You stop right in front of your bedroom door,right where the trail ends. You slowly reach out and grab the door knob,giving it a twist. You peek your head in and almost fall to your knees at the sight before you. There Sehun lay. Shirtless on your bed with a bottle of champagne in his hand and a smile plastered on his face. Rose petals scattered on the bed around him.

“Come on in Jagi~”He says with a teasing tone.

It takes you minute to comprehend what he said,but once your brain catches up you slowly walk in and close the door behind you,walking slowly to the bed. Sehun gets up and grabs your hands in his,kissing them and then leading you to sit on the bed. He then makes his way to his nightstand where two champagne glasses sat. He grabs the glasses and hands you one,pouring you some champagne and then himself some. He sets the champagne down and clinks glasses with you,taking a sip of his drink. You do the same and almost choke because Sehun is staring into your soul.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”You ask,laughing slightly.

“You’re just so beautiful…”He says and reaches a hand up to cup your cheek,caressing your cheekbone with his thumb. 

You blush and smile,leaning into his hand and closing your eyes. Sehun takes the glasses and sets them down along side the bottle. He then turns to you and grabs your face gently,slowly leaning in and connecting your lips with his in a passionate and loving kiss. You smile and wrap your arms around his neck. He gently lays you down on the bed and soon the kiss turns into a passionate make out session. He kisses all over your neck and jawline. You moan softly as he sucks on a sensitive spot on your neck. He stops at the top of your sweater. You sit up and shed your sweater and shirt underneath then lay back down. Sehun continues where he left off. Trailing kisses down your body until he reaches the top of your pants. He gently slides them off and trails kisses down your legs. He kisses all the way back up your body and connects your lips once again. He slips your bra and panties off and gently wraps your legs around his waist and lines himself up with your wet core. He looks you deep in the eyes. 

“Jagi,if you want me to stop,tell me. I won’t be mad. I don’t want you to regret your choice. If you aren’t ready you don’t have to do this.”He says,a concerned expression making its way to his face. You take in a deep breath and caress his cheek with one hand.

“I’m ready.”You say and smile at him. He smiles and nods,then slowly slides in you. Once he’s all the way in he stops all movement. Letting you adjust to his size. You take a sharp breath in as you start to tear up. He kisses your cheek and grabs both your hands in his and intertwines your fingers. Kissing your knuckles. Soon the pain fades away and is replaced with a feeling you can’t describe,but it felt good. You nod at him,signaling you were ready for him to move. He connects your lips with his as he starts to slowly thrust in and out of you. You moan softly into the kiss and feel Sehun smile. You soon pull away for air. And just stare into each other’s eyes,completely in love. You weren’t just having sex. You were making love. And with each slow,deep thrust,you were getting closer and closer to your high. You never wanted it to end. The way he moaned your name. the way he looked into your eyes like you were his world,his universe,his one and only. It was hours before you two actually reached your peaks. He kissed you passionately as you moaned each others names as you two orgasm. This was it pure bliss. Heaven. 

Once you two come down from your high Sehun lays down beside you and pulls you against him,pulling the soft covers over you two. You turn to face him and stare into his eyes lovingly,him doing the same. The only thing you need in your life is Sehun. He was your first crush. Your first kiss. Your first boyfriend. Your first love. And now your first time. You wanted to marry this man. Sehun clears his throat and reaches in the nightstand drawyer,pulling a small object out. He faces you once again and looks you in the eyes.

“Y/n,my entire universe is you. I love you with all my heart. I can’t imagine life without you. So…will you never leave my side?”He asks and opens his hand,revealing a small diamond ring. Your eyes widen,You look at the ring,then Sehun,a big grin makes it’s way to your face. You nod happily.


Finding the Railroad

aka let’s talk about Deacon again.

I haven’t seen much discussion of the Freedom Trail or the Old North Church so I wanted to take a closer look at them, as well as the circumstances leading to finding the Railroad and the actual meeting with them. This is the second piece of analysis in a series that I’m writing on Deacon. All of them will be written with previous installments in mind, so I recommend reading the other posts beforehand. The first post is here.



To start, the circumstances behind locating the Railroad. For most players, Diamond City is where they first hear of synths, the Institute, and the Railroad. The Institute is on the verge of becoming a large part of the main quest at this point, so learning about them is unavoidable. Synths are also unavoidable; there is the incident between the two brothers in the marketplace, the suspicions and gossip about the Mayor, and Piper is helping to fuel the paranoia about synths. Of course, this is a Fallout game, so you can go anywhere you want - you can avoid the main quest and find the Railroad simply by stumbling upon them and not following the Trail at all. But according to the structure of the main story, Diamond City is the first and best place to learn about them.

The trigger to starting the quest to find the Railroad this early is to walk to Nick’s office, because you pass two NPCs discussing how to find them.

Now, what’s the bet that Deacon put them there?

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Frozen (Castiel x reader)

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Gif: armymenintheashtray ~

(My friend, who is not in the fandom *yet*, came up with this prompt and I almost died inside just thinking about how this could go.)
p.s. This is not accurate to a particular season at all and I revived Gabe because he’s awesome. You’re welcome btw.//

Pairing: eventually Cas

Warning: um…reference to possible character death, actual character death, feels and stuff maybe? idk

-female reader-

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The pup waited patiently outside the door to Kurotsuno’s home after knocking on the door,  it was where Chlomaki’s scent trail ended. It had been her turn to recover the familiars master and so long as Chlomki hadn’t used magic or her broom to elude the pup she was pretty confident in finding the witch here. As the door opened the energetic pup gave a salute.

“Is Miss Chlomaki here?”

In July of 2002, a man in his 60s named Joseph Newton Chandler was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and committed suicide a month later. With no will or immediately reachable family members, the state set about distributing his worldly possessions and money – a task that quickly turned disturbing, but not for the usual reasons.

One of Chandler’s friends started by tracking down the references he had listed on his lease, but they all turned out to be fake names and addresses. Next, he hired private investigators to try to find out where Joseph had come from, which led them to a small town in Texas … where Joseph and his parents had died in a car crash in 1945. Joseph was 8 years old.

Thirty years later, a 41-year-old man claiming to be Joseph Newton Chandler requested a Social Security card in South Dakota, and that’s where the trail ends. Identification has been difficult, since Joseph mostly kept to himself, had few friends, and paid his taxes on time (perhaps the creepiest detail yet). Fingerprints are tricky, since he was cremated, and scouring his apartment and books for prints only turned up smudges, as though he was purposely trying to conceal them. Alternatively, he may have just been one of those people who lick their fingers before turning pages. Either way, there was something deeply, deeply wrong with him.

U.S. Marshals have taken up the case, believing that Joseph may have been a violent fugitive. They have contacted family members of fugitives all over the country to collect DNA samples in the hopes that one of them will show a match to Joseph. Without anything else to go on, however, police have speculated that he could be anyone from an escaped Alcatraz inmate to the Zodiac Killer, though we can’t conclusively prove that the latter theory wasn’t put forth by a certain former presidential candidate in the hopes of taking the heat off him.

5 Creepy-As-Hell Stories Of Real People With No Identity

Danganronpa V3 thoughts/theories?

Tagging: @komaesa, @thecatgirlyang, @eggseggseggseggseggseggseggseggs & @jinjojess because I always like reading your theories and ideas and wanted to see if you wanted to weigh in on anything I said σ(≧ε≦o)

Like god there is so much fan art rn and theories like shit im getting over whelmed! 

So a more in depth trailer came out for the V3 game, being released January time I believe? Anyways, the characters the characters the characters~

Firstly, lets take a look at the DR website:

It’s no shock that the four main people on this page will be our candidates for MC’s OR major players in the game. I know the screenshot is a little blurry, so I am going to go over my thoughts about them first (being the first four people below).

Firstly, we have robo-kun. He could be the MC, and damn that ahoge though, but he will def be a main character coming up in the game. Do I see him as the MC? After this new trailer, no. I think he is going to somehow tie into our computer/science SHSL though.

SHSL Robot?

I think she is going to be the MC. We get a CG of her, we see her participate in the trail and we get her name and her name only. I think, because V3 is all new and never done before, this will be the first time we get a female playable MC and im so so SO excited!

SHSL Student? Or maybe SHSL Good Will? She is going to have something “basic” and a talent that isn’t something that can produce a physical object or creation. It’s more of a SHSL Luck/Hope type deal.

I think she will be our Togami/Kyoko character balled into one. She is going to either be the MC’s close friend or she is going to be sarcastic as shit and I can’t wait to see her interactions with the class.

SHSL Pianist? Taken the music note hair clip?

And our final “main character” is this hunk. I think he is going to be the comedic relief of the game, yet, he is going to be like Hagakure times 1000 and actually be more useful to the investigations? I think he also is hiding a secret from everyone else? He’s my likely suspect for the traitor if there is one OR he knows important information. 

SHSL Slacker? HA HA what if right? Something kinda laid back in talent that doesn’t require a lot of work. Maybe SHSL Insight?

So those are my main characters. Next I am going to do a group screen shot, and explain who I think is who. 

-The checkered scarf guy I think could be SHSL Designer? Maybe? Idk I like his scarf though. I think he’s gonna get killed off though…

-The smol child looks like SHSL Thug or SHSL Fighter? Some title like Fuyuhiko? I think he’s gonna die first/kill first.

-And the girl you can barely see in the back with the pinwheel hair band I think is SHSL Gardener. 100% My most confident SHSL prediction. She’s gonna last till the end imo.

-SHSL Bondage. I don’t even need to point her out. No but really, maybe she is the SHSL Machine Shop Worker or something? She’s giving of this steam punk vibe with those goggles…

-The long haired dude would be SHSL Weirdo…..I honestly have no clue for him..

-Than we have SHSL Witch, which whom I already love and know she’s gonna die.

-Then this chick right, shes SHSL secretary? BUT doesn’t she look like she could be Nagisa’s older sister? Idk why I get this vibe..

-Then we have SHSL Hippie??? Idk this girl is SO cute thought I love her! I don’t want her to die but….ya no….all my favs ALWAYS die so I just predicted her fate orz..

-The tough dude is gonna be SHSL moral compass esk? Like, he looks tough but look at his cute little lunch box and he is so put together like I bet he is gonna be a sweetie with morals awe :)

-the gothic girl is going to be SHSL Poet or something fancy like that. She’s gonna always talk in riddles and I can’t wait.

-baseball cap will be SHSL officer.

-and this fucker is SHSL Nagito Komeada. He’s bat shit crazy and I already know it.

My initial thoughts? I am really excited for this game. I can’t wait for the “never been done before” stuff. 

Anything I expect thats gonna be different? Oh boy. I think the trials are gonna be different. Like, there will be a time where someone votes the wrong person on accident, or two people do, and they end up getting killed because of it. Or something where the trail ends, and the votes have been casted against XYZ, and XYZ has the chance to do something to change their fate. Idk what, but that would be awesome if whoever killed could actually get away with killing by putting someone in their spot!

Whose your fav character by looking so far? I honestly think that our potential MC is mega cute, along with my hippy gal pal and riddle me this gothic poet. And can’t forget my witch~ As for boys, hagakure 2.0 and beefy suit guy with Izuru’s hair are my two hunks.

What do I expect from this? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe this is like D:AE where the characters are a build up to something bigger? Example being Monaca as the “new ultimate despair”? Otherwise, idk how this is going to tie in with the story line and the end of the future arc or where this even takes place in the timeline?

How to Avenge 101 [Part 12]

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A/N: Heya everyone, it gets a little intense in this part, just so you know.

Word Count:  2,670 (<– They’re getting longeeerrr)

Warnings: Violence, language

“Winter Soldier has made contact.” You heard from Clint through your intercom. You really wanted to roll your eyes at that comment but seeing as you had a remarkable fast assassin in front of you right now, maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea. You noticed, from the place you now stood, there was a trail behind you, almost flat along the ground, which disappeared around a corner of cement. Maybe this was Bucky’s pathway through all the rubble.

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 8]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] … [Part 9] [Part 10]

Word Count: 1,293

You tapped on the table, still irritated from your rude morning awakening. Even though Pietro had gotten your ear piece to finally balance correctly, you’d had to remove it before coming into the meeting. This was admittedly after you had nearly crushed it under your foot in response to Stark’s arrogance. Someone had carefully taken it away from you for now, but you knew it would be back later…

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