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Soooo I went on Pinterest and it turns out that most of your texts are from other ppl... like damn, try to be creative. Honestly, I used to love your work and then I saw that you copied/stole/whatever someone else's texts. Bitch what? Smh..

to be honest, the first few set of imagines that i made on here were inspired or whatever from the works I had seen on Pinterest, not gonna lie. But that was maybe 3-4 months ago? and since then i’ve been using my own imagines and making my own stuff because it was truly not my work and I didn’t like it. I mean sure you can call me a bitch or whatever you want but honestly if you’ve checked out any of my recent posts then you’d definitely see the difference between the old and new texts. Soooo uh, yeah also i deleted and replaced the old ones for this very reason. anon thank you for setting me straight even though, I was already in the process of getting them off my blog.

my bitch ass cringes to hell and back because i even posted them but I’ve since deleted and don’t claim them/never will as my content

RasaKaru || Fanfiction

Do you relish being a poor man’s wife, unable to provide for your life?
I relish being your wife.

                                                - That Would Be Enough, Hamilton

“Since when?”

Kankuro fussed about in Karura’s arms as she came out of the bathroom, still crying after a diaper change. She didn’t seem bothered by this– she didn’t seem bothered anytime the children cried. Karura knew exactly what to do to quiet them. 

“Oh, since this morning! It was a spontaneous surprise visit. I didn’t want to distract you from your meetings.” A laugh and a mischievous smile. “Not until the evening at least.”

“I meant—” Kankuro still takes his milk from her breast. It was quite a picture to see: Karura on the bed, cradling her baby in one arm and her textbook in another. And then insisting that she help him with his calls… she shouldn’t have to be worrying about his work. She shouldn’t have to be worrying about anything. “How long have you known?”

You didn’t touch your wine all night.

She doesn’t look up from her textbook. “A month or so.”

You should have told me.

“I told you, Rasa.” Karura closed her textbook, wide smile playing on her lips. "Although I think you fell asleep in the middle of that call. You get so tired after these events— you should take care of yourself too.”

There was silence for a few seconds before Rasa sat beside her and tapped at the edge of her book. “I still think that these are teaching you how to read minds, even if you deny it.” His own laugh always sounds different when she’s the cause. It’s not a bad thing.

She scrunched up her face in mock concentration. “I am feeling—”

“A great disturbance in the force.”

“— that someone is trying very hard not to engage in a particular conversation.”

He figured it must be a rather important topic she wanted to discuss if Karura had thought it necessary to chase him up to his hotel room, suitcase and two kids in hand… Or had he just been away from home too long. I hadn’t realized…

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‘But why?’

It was really late and, yeah.
But it’s really difficult to build a good sandcastle.
Or is that just me

Dean barely notices when Sam runs into the house to investigate the nephilim situation. His eyes dart this way and that, taking in the tattered, broken wingspan spread out before him.

All of the times that he lost Cas, he never saw his wings. Not once. And it feels so…final.

Dean’s lips tremble as he casts his gaze upwards towards where he knows heaven is watching. He wonders if the angels care. He wonders if God cares.

He knows Chuck probably isn’t even in heaven, and maybe he has his ears turned off while he’s having the family meeting to end all family meetings with Amara, but he tries anyway. He wants to beg, bargain, and scream, but he’s not sure he can speak. He sends up a plea, his lips mouthing silent prayers.

The air is still. Too still. Deathly still.

Dean squeezes his eyes shut and slumps down to the ground. He bows his head down, but he can’t yet bear to look. Not yet. Not again.

He breathes, and it feels like a monumental effort. He is hyper aware of being alive, of his lungs filling with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, and suddenly he thinks he might understand why yoga helps to clear the mind. Maybe he’ll take it up. He could do with a nice, clear mind after…after…

He opens his eyes. Cas is there, but he isn’t.

Dean swallows against the burning lump in his throat as he reaches a hand out. Hand touches hand. One is cold.

Dean stares at the eyes and wills them to open as he curls his fingers around the still, cold hand. And finally, after much effort, he finds that he can speak.

“Please,” Dean pleads, his voice smaller than he thinks it has ever been. “Please. Cas. I need you.”

No. That’s not right. That’s not enough.

“I love you.”

Too late. He says it, finally, after all of these years, and it falls on deaf ears. Ears that will never hear those words.

Dean’s eyes sting. “Come back. Like you always do.” His voice cracks. “I love you. I love you. I love you. Please come back.”

The world is still. Too still.

He’s not coming back this time.

Dean folds himself over Cas’s body and finally allows himself to break.


ok oK OK

I just made my first animatic and you can go and check it out here!!

I’m super proud of this because this took like a whole week and [insert weird noises here] I’m just so happy tbh. Hopefully people get to see this because i did my best and i’m just super freaking happy it’s done ok. i love my boys very much and they deserve all the happiness in the world

Dream I had last night?

@kyleehenke released an anime series on YouTube.

Episode 1: Master Roshi summons her to join a squad (Naruto Style) with Gohan and Trunks (she straight up pulled a tree out of the ground and threw it at someone)

Episode 2: Inuyasha is Kylee’s childhood friend coming back from The War and Edward Elric is jealous of how close they are.

Episode 3: Someone from Persona or Blue Exorcist kidnaps Kylee and Edward For Reasons

…and then I woke up

Headcanon that drunk Otabek is the exact opposite of sober, stoic Otabek; when he’s drunk there’s suddenly no filter between his mouth and his feelings, clinging to an embarrassed but not exactly upset Yuri, while muttering how much he loves him, and sometimes he brings out the really big, cheesy lines that make Yuri both laugh and cringe, like “I was born to meet you” and “I think I loved you before I ever met you” and “You complete me”, and all the other horribly cheesy lines Otabek’s brain has ever absorbed from somewhere. 

“You’re never drinking again!” Yuri says when he drags Otabek off before he can embarrass Yuri even more in front of everyone, but he is suspiciously bright-eyed, and he won’t let go of Otabek’s hand until they’re in their room, where he makes his boyfriend drink some water, before tucking him into bed. 

They don’t talk about it in the morning, and Yuri bestows his best death glare upon anyone who so much as looks like they’re trying to bring up the previous night’s events. 

Otabek is too busy being hungover to notice, anyway.

Klance Carnival AU where Lance’s little sister volunteers at a local carnival as a fortune teller and Lance tags along to help out. Shiro and Keith also volunteer and after their shifts are over, Shiro dares Keith to get his fortune told because Keith doesn’t believe in all that junk

  • “Come on Keith, if you don’t believe in magic what makes you think those conspiracy theories are even real?” “YOU TAKE THAT BACK!”
  • Lance doesn’t know too much about tarot cards, but he was really interested in palm reading during middle school and literally spent nights researching about it and reading his entire family’s palms 
  • “Lance, just watch the booth for ten minutes I’ve been sitting here for like five hours straight, tell whoever shows up that I’ll be right back” 
  • Keith walks in, rolls his eyes and almost immediately walks out when he sees a crystal ball but Lance’s voice keeps him from leaving “So you’re here for some answers? You might have to wai-” “I-I’m actually here to see just how real this actually all is” “Oooh so you’re a non believer huh?”
  • They sit down at a circular table and Keith kinda regrets storming in here immediately after what Shiro said because he’s actually nervous and expected an old lady to be running this booth…not some attractive guy
  • “Palm please.” Keith’s face gets a little red when Lance gently grabs his hand
  • “What are you doing?” “Palm reading.” “But the sign outside says card reading not palm reading.” “O-oh uh this is a special edition for non-believers only.”
  • “Is this your first palm reading, Keith?” “How did yo-” “You’re wearing a volunteer name tag” 
  • Lance feels a bit rusty because it has been a while since he’s last read a palm so he’s just aimlessly dragging the tip of his finger across Keith’s palm (which is really much softer than it looks)
  • Lance sort of gets lost in thought and realizes he’s been tracing the lines for minutes now. He looks up at Keith to see if he’s noticed and then attempts to hold in his laughter when he sees just how intense Keith is looking at their hands
  • “Why are you laughing, did my hand say something weird about me?”

Bonus: Lance’s sister gets distracted by the cotton candy machine and takes a bit longer than intended