March 17, 2015 | Ice Cream Ghost

You know I love you, but you just finished my portion so I get to have your cake when we go out on a date

So no-other-words and I talked about this headcanon where Levi likes ice cream while Eren loves cakes, I think.

But then Eren doesn’t know Levi likes ice cream till he gets caught eating the tub at night when they’re supposed to be sleeping. (I actually can’t remember the exact details) AND THIS HAPPENED

Bob said Levi looks like he’s about to make out with the spoon.

Also, forgive the unnecessary abs show. That’s Eren’s shirt btw. OTL

Some of these special snowflakes in the fandom acting like we are the delena and bk fandom cheering that he attacked her. Nah, we are cheering on Bonnie because whatever happened he fucking deserved it so go to another fandom and stop acting like the holy ghost. 

First lets be honest, that was ooc of Damon to even do but I understand the what it was to invoke in both of them. Which one of Bonnie’s  so called friends do you see Bonnie telling all the things she said tonight especially the one about putting herself first because right now, I can’t picture one single character. 

Last season Damon went for Jeremy and couldn’t be more disgusted he’d even think he would ever lay hands on Bonnie and now he really will do so? Nah. Last was season 1, thinking it was Emily and attacking and then looking like he was going to swallow a bile. 

That the narrative went there I have no idea what it was thinking but I guess both should be mad but Bonnie madder at him so it wanted something to use. Was it needed. I would say no. Did it bring something, yes it pushed her to even let out more of her emotions that she would have cut short and just told him once again to leave her alone. This time she was the one who pushed him so much in a place where he had to deal with her anger and his own insecurities because he was confronted with all of them whether he wanted to or not. 

The narrative needed it also to get Damon to realize, that the girl that was running over herself to save Elena, doesn’t exist anymore and that this girl WANTS to live and do not want to look over her shoulders to see what kind of evil douche wants to kill her. The girl that all he had to ever do was mention a Gilberts name and she’d be willing to sacrifice everyone in her life for, does not exist nor does she want to go back to that girl. This is a big foreshadow of what’s to come. 

Bonnie until now had nothing to lose because to her, her friends lives were more important that her life. This Bonnie has everything to lose and by lose I mean HER LIFE!!!! The thing she has been neglecting in favour of these stupid people for the last 6 seasons. This is now her number one priority because she is finally realizing how much she has been missing out as a human and as a friend, how much less she has gotten from these people and isn’t putting up for those anymore. 

Damon and Bonnie will always have their growth with each other. Which one of Bonnie’s so called friends, knows her as much as Damon does at this point or even way before. At some point they all started focusing on themselves while Bonnie focused on them all and now she is doing what they’ve been doing all this while. Focusing on herself. Fuck the rest of their world. Now this is about me. 

And then her calling him out and reading him like the back of her hands? Tell me who knows this guy as much as she does and who doesn’t put up with his and knows him more than anyone else on this show?

I can’t write much, will continue later but there are so many things with just that scene they had, both scenes tbh that I could write a book. I have so many theories on the next episodes. 

I better not see any of the bk stans in the tag talking shit because I will cut a bitch. Just fyi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The random, unexpected times when I’m suddenly overcome by the most intense Utena feels are both devastating and beautiful tbh

Describe yourself in 3 gifs

I was tagged by thelittlethingsdl.Thank you!

This is the most accurate gif ever ‘cause I’m such a calm, lazy, sleepy cat person, I can fall asleep everywhere argh 

I’M AN ICE CREAM ADDICT, DON’T JUDGE ME the truth is I’m a candy addict in general, just like Nutty from HTF but shhh

Me the whole time when I’m not sleeping, playing video games or eating ice cream like what shall I do with my life orz (also Chocobo ‘cause the FF Games are my favorites and I enjoyed playing every game of the FF series, especially IV,VII, VIII, IX, X and XIII-2)

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You see these two? I have a theory. This man is Sour Cream’s dad. Vadalia or how ever her name is spelt is Sour Cream’s mom. In this episode, when Greg first met Rose, is also (most likely) the time where Sour Cream’s mom and dad hooked up. Note that Marty talks about her friends being “wild and crazy.” After Sour Cream was born and some time passed, his mom most likely met Onion’s dad. They most likely hit it off and had Onion, thus making Onion and Sour Cream half brothers and explains their similar traits. His dad most likely left Beach City after this episode which explains why Sour Cream’s dad is not there. Plus, look at his jacket. Sour Cream wears one that’s similar, right?