That’s The Wrong Sister (Part 3) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: ashann7 said: Could you please do a one-shot or series based on the song “No Promises” with Steve? Something along the lines of the reader and Steve enter a friends-with-benefits relationship and both end up catching feelings in the end? You’re amazing ❤️

Part 2 (this request fit nicely for this older story)

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anonymous asked:

i like to think that jeremy transitions into a dress (via magical shenanigans) whilst falling down the rabbit hole. he only realizes he’s in a dress now when he goes through the tiny door “where did my pants go???”

The way I saw it was that while falling down the hole he passed through a wardrobe and it changed his outfit. The last thing he’s worried about is his outfit in wonderland, but he probably got embarrassed a few times it was brought up

Xavier stood in front of the gym completely nude and exposed. ‘’ Shit where did my pants go?!’’ He looked around, startled and a little embarrassed. He doesn’t really like to exposé himself in public despite him having toned, pretty nice body.  


where did my pants go

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talk to me about Carmilla I'm always ready

ohH GOSH you have no idea what you have just unleashed

okay so I started watching this show almost on sufferance because “hhaa I’m watching a series based on a book about a gay vampire because I’m trash and the instant I catch the faintest scent of gay in media I am on it like a starving wolf on a bacon sandwich—someone help me” but

i think the problem was I just dID NOT expect it to be any good? Or maybe I didn’t expect them to take the “same-sex attraction” aspect about the original book and run with it because //featherduster voice from Beauty and the Beast// I’VE BEEN BURNT BY YOU BEFORE, MEDIA

but they did heck they took it between their teeth and ran away with it over the moors and there’s no hope, there is NO COMING BACK FROM IT NOW

it was 1am when I watched the scene wherein Carmilla muses the words, “your girlfriend” in Laura’s direction and I think the thing was: I was expecting the usual reaction from popular media in response to that backhanded accusation, I was expecting “I don’t swing that way” or “I’m not like that” or even “she’s not like that” but no

what we got was “Danny’s not my girlfriend… I don’t think” and honey let me tell you, the only thing that kept me from SHRIEKING was a hand over my mouth because THE CREATORS OF CARMILLA ARE LIKE “QUEERBAITING? THE HELL IS THAT. NAH SON EVERYONE’S JUST HELLA PRETTY AND HELLA GAY HERE HAVE MORE. HAVE LOTS MORE. ARE WE NOT BEING CLEAR ENOUGH LET’S JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE POINT.”


ohmygod YES seduction eyes

that sound you hear is my little gay heart tearing itself free from the shackles of doubt and running laps through every pride parade on earth occurring simultaneously

//bites fist. looks at the sky.

we are neck-deep in a story about ladies (LADIES EVERYWHERE) every single one of whom is an amazing character (la FON TAINE) (lafontaine you have my heart. you have my whole heart) (“sidenote you planning on invading a bear sanctuary?”) and more to the point, it is a GENUINELY ENGAGING SHOW. I came for the queer, but I stayed for the accounts of off-camera events. see: LaFontaine’s and Laura’s adventure in the library together, which was deliciously simple and hellishly entertaining.

not to mention that this show is funny. really funny. genuinely funny. LaFontaine (yes I love her) (yes shut up) pointing from lady to lady and repeating the word, “Vampire? Vampire?” over and over again because obviously she is a vampire come on guys are u kidding me rn had me burying my idiot blushing face in the pillow

there’s no come-from-behind male love interest who threatens to swoop in at the last second. The only men in the show are depicted as beefcake dudebros and are the least interesting characters.

but there IS Tall, Leggy, Gay Ginger Love Interest IN ADDITION TO Svelte, Leonine, Moody Gay Vampire with a PhD in Bedroom Eyes from the University of Where Did My Pants Go

Plus, ladies disappearing? Carmilla’s impending backstory? (I now live for Tuesdays/Thursdays.) The Alchemy Department? THE DEAN who I’m pretty sure looks like Dean Hardscrapple from Monsters fucking University? There isn’t an aspect of this show that hasn’t made my fucking year and the fact that I’m equally invested in all members of this little gay love triangle (an utterly unprecedented occurrence because I am a sour possessive dragon of a lesbian and have a tendency to pick favourites) is just the icing on top of the French Fancy

I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. watching this god damn show and then I dreamt about vampire kisses and if that’s not a sign of success then I don’t know what is.