Xavier stood in front of the gym completely nude and exposed. ‘’ Shit where did my pants go?!’’ He looked around, startled and a little embarrassed. He doesn’t really like to exposé himself in public despite him having toned, pretty nice body.  

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I just want a fic where Makoto accidently wears Souske's jacket to a joint practice

You know what, anon? Me too. I know that I should work on my other requests (sorry, guys. I’ll get to them, I promise), but I never did anything for when that whole Makoto-in-Sousuke’s-jacket fever was going around. So here, have my belated contribution.


Sometimes Makoto wished he could just forget all about his responsibilities and just “lose himself in the moment.”
Unfortunately, a lifetime of playing the role of big brother to not only his siblings, but his friends as well had conditioned Makoto to have an always-present conscience.
It always happened at the worst times. Like when he was trying to fall asleep. Or when he was trying to focus on practicing.
Or, occasionally, when he was having a nice moment with his boyfriend.
Some lighthearted joking around at Makoto’s house had quickly escalated into a heated kissing session with Sousuke. Makoto wasn’t exactly sure how, but it had. He supposed that was just how it was—everything about Sousuke was intense.

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where did my pants go

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