• Hook: thanks for healing my injuries, Swan
  • Hook: and... my clothes?
  • Hook: wait, did you fix my hair too?
  • Hook: why are my pants so tight?
  • Hook: where did my shirt buttons go?
  • Hook: why do I feel so---
  • Hook: did you poof away my undergarments Swan?
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Emma: well uh look my magic is still a little erratic okay, sometimes it just... does... things
  • Emma: but I'm learning! Baby steps, right?
  • Hook: right
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Hook: now to be perfectly clear, when you say "baby steps"...
  • Emma: listen the house was like this when I got here

Xavier stood in front of the gym completely nude and exposed. ‘’ Shit where did my pants go?!’’ He looked around, startled and a little embarrassed. He doesn’t really like to exposé himself in public despite him having toned, pretty nice body.  


Cough Syrup | Young The Giant

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