Has anyone done a soulmate au where the things your soulmate loves shows up on your skin? Just think.

Your brother has an ice skate, a small orange cat, and the sunset.

Your best friend has a guitar, a mug of coffee, an older couple who’s probably their soulmates parents, and chocolate.

You have the complete cast of multiple shows you don’t even know the name to and the tumblr logo.

But when two soulmates fall in love, they get a picture of themselves showing up, cause now they’re added to the list of things their soulmate loves.

I just really like this idea.


Thomas Jefferson x Reader


“Y/n, stop messing with your tattoo,” your brother George said to you. You sighed, covering up the soulmate tattoo that donned your wrist once again.

Most of your friends had already found their soulmates, but your’s was still missing. He was still out there somewhere. And you were getting lonely.

The soulmate tattoos are special. Your soulmate had the same shape on their wrist, and when you get closer to them they warm up, and farther away, they get colder. Once you finally met them,

Right now, yours was cold. Extremely cold.

But recently it had started to warm up. Thankfully. Maybe it was almost time.

Your brother George was the only one that seemed to be able to take your mind off of the fact that you hadn’t met him yet.

He could distract you, but most of the time he was just telling you that you needed to be patient, good things come to those who wait.

Today you were going to accompany George and Martha to the first cabinet meeting.  

It would be interesting you supposed, but not particularly exciting.

You sat there watching the current debate between Hamilton and someone new named Jefferson.

Your wrist was burning, searing hot.

It was almost painful.

You left the room and went to get a cool cloth to maybe help it when you realized that it was already dying down.

Your soulmate was in that room.

You grabbed the cloth and ran back to the debate hoping to catch whoever it was before the ordeal was over.

People were already swarming out of the building as you desperately looked for anyone that might be your soulmate.

All of the sudden you crashed into a hard chest, sending you sprawling to the ground.

Two strong arms caught you, and you caught a glance at your wrist.

Your tattoo was brown now.

You had found your soulmate.

You looked up, meeting a pair of warm brown eyes, looking at you worryingly.

“Are you alright dear?” The man asked.

“You’re my soulmate,” was all that you could make out.

He gave a small laugh.

“I’m glad. I thought that I would never find you my dear. I can tell that you hold my heart already,” he told you.

“I feel the same way…”

“Thomas. Thomas Jefferson. And you are?”

“Y/N. Y/N Washington,” you replied. He looked a little confused.

“The president’s sister?” He asked.

“Yep!” you replied, giving him a small smile. He smiled back at you.

“I can already tell that I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Thomas.”

“And I have finally found you. My soulmate.”

Steps to being a Batmom: Part 3

The third part in the Steps to being a Batmom series. Part 1. Part 2.

Words: 1206

Y/N= Your Name         Y/LN= Your Last Name

WARNING Damian swearing! (Once or twice)

You’re playing mini golf with your brothers when you get the call. You’re about halfway through the course and Thomas is up to putt. He’s ranting about how his soulmate Kyle wants to move out of their apartment and get a house. 

“We don’t have the money for a house!” Thomas exclaims hitting the ball through the little windmill obstacle, “I mean yes I want a house for when we get kids but that’s in the future. Our bike shop hasn’t even finished paying itself off! Plus our apartment has a beach view. A beach view! It’d cost so much to get a house with the same view as our apartment.”

“Thomas. You rent bikes to tourists in Miami. If you want to buy a house on the beach you’ll be waiting till you’re 50,” Chris told him grinning. 

“Shut up Chris,” Thomas growled at him. 

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Making a move - Gabriel x Reader

Title: Making a move

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2,352

Warnings: None

Summary: What happens when Gabriel is alive? It is said that, like Sam was meant to be Lucifer’s vessel and like Dean was meant to be Michael’s vessel so was Reader meant to be Gabriel’s soulmate. But they are only friends, right?

“Nothing here” you said with a sigh, throwing yet another book on the building pile next to you.

You and your brothers were constantly searching for a way to get rid of The Mark but had no luck yet. Maybe because you were not doing any actual job, anyway. But who could blame you? The thought of a certain archangel would not stop running through your mind. That certain archangel being Gabriel. You had met him a really long time ago, back when the Apocalypse was still going on, and you instantly had clicked. The pranks he would pull on your brothers had really helped in that. But despite that, when you got to know him better you could not deny you felt yourself growing really close to him. Falling in love with him was not hard, either, not when you got to know him better. Not when you got to know who he truly was and what his true thoughts and feelings, which hid behind the mask of the trickster and funny Gabriel, were.

You were not going to say anything, though. No you weren’t. He was a powerful archangel there was no chance he would be attracted to you. A weak human. Sure you were best friends but there was no way he would see you otherwise. Best friends. That was something he had said and you clearly remembered yourself finding it hard not to cringe. You still found it impossible, even after all this time. But you knew that that was the bitter truth, despite what you felt for him. What you felt for him. Something that both your brothers were very aware of.

When Gabriel ‘died’ it was impossible for you to hide how you felt about him. You had really thought you lost him, that he was dead, and not coming back so you really found no point in hiding how you felt about him. The situation you were in after his 'death’ really gave it away. It was as if you were about to give up on everything and everyone, life too. You just kept going for your brothers.

Luckily when you found out that he was alive none of them gave away on what you felt for him - you of course didn’t either. And they had kept quiet till now. Well mostly Sam had kept quiet. He was understanding and you could always talk to him about issues like this - although you could clearly see him sometimes struggling to keep his overprotective-brother mode off.

Dean didn’t of course.

There honestly were times when he would tease you about your crush (you were not going to tell them that you were actually in love with him) even in front of Gabriel and you really wondered how he hadn’t realized anything yet . But then there were times that he would go all older-brother mode and completely overprotective and would refuse to let you go with Gabriel on the trip he had suggested taking you to - something you did occasionally.

“Nothing here either” Dean let out a sigh throwing the book he was reading next to yours.

“You found anything?” Dean raised an eyebrow looking at Sam who seemed really engrossed in his book.

Sam did not respond which made you frown.

“Is something wrong?” you asked but Sam didn’t respond again.

“You found something about The Mark?” you asked again but got no response.

“I bet he’s reading porn” Dean said wiggling his eyebrows with a smile and you rolled your eyes.

“Sam did you find anything?” you asked him again but got no response.

“Oh don’t cut him off, (Y/n). I bet he’s just getting to the good part” Dean said again with a grin and you merely hit him with your foot under the table.

“Shut up Dean” Sam’s voice was now heard.

“Oh he speaks! He’s alive!” Dean said ever-so-dramatically.

“Dean” you glared at him and he just shrugged.

“Ok first of; people can get really focused and interested in a book without it having to be Fifty Shades of Grey, Dean.” Sam set his book down and glared at the older Winchester “And second of; well, I found something. It’s not about the Mark but- It’s equally interesting.” he said the last part and looked at you with what seemed like a smirk.

“Really? What is it about then?” Dean raised an eyebrow, taking the book to read out loud “And they were made from heaven to serve heaven. Fight the ultimate battle. Give the most powerful ones what had been said they shall. Serving heaven and hell for they were made for it. Three for three. Made for the good, evil and in between.” Dean read frowning.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” he asked looking at you and Sam.

“Well, it doesn’t really make much sense but if you got to read as much as I did from the book then you would get it.” Sam said with a smile, glancing at you “It actually says that… like I was made and meant for Lucifer to use me as a vessel and you were made for Michael to be used as a vessel, (Y/n)… (Y/n) was meant for Gabriel.” he said with a smile and your eyes widened at the mention of Gabriel’s name.

“W-what?” you managed to stutter out.

Sam smiled at you and explained “Well here it says that we were 'made for the most powerful ones’ and then 'three for three’. I was made to be Lucifer’s vessel, Dean Michael’s and you… you were made to be Gabriel’s soulmate. We were made 'for the good, evil and in between’. I was made for Lucifer - evil, Michael - good, and Gabriel - in between, which means love. They were the tree most powerful ones in heaven, the three most powerful angels - archangels, anyway.”

You took in deep breaths, trying to calm your rapidly-beating heart. That was something you surely did not expect to hear. No, not at all. You were meant to be with him? How could that ever be possible you found hard to believe.

Your palms were sweating and you could literally hear your heart drum in your ears. Thoughts of Gabriel running through your mind and what he would actually think of it. Would he want to be with you too? Did he know about it? Maybe he did but actually didn’t want to tell you because he… didn’t want to be with you? Even the thought of it made your stomach tighten and feel heavy like a rock.

You felt your breath catch on your throat, though, when you looked up from your hands you’d been staring at for a really long time. Your eyes all but widened but you couldn’t dare even open your mouth to speak.

Dean beat you at it, too.

“Well look at that!” he exclaimed “Seems like even the universe is telling you to make a move, huh (Y/n)?” Dean smirked at you and if your eyes were not wide before, your heart was not beating rapidly enough and your cheeks were not burning hot, they surely were now.

“Dean” you tried to say firmly.

“What? Don’t Dean me now! I mean, yeah, I literally want to stab that douche of an archangel on the face but still it would be hell of a fun to see you try a move on him! Besides, you’ve had a crush on him for what seemed like forever. Now you just have the motivation to finally get the balls and show him what Winchesters are capable of.” he said with a laugh, mostly because all he had said was to tease you about your 'schoolgirl crush’ on the angel, and by the look on your face he had succeeded.

“Dean” you said in a low voice.

“What? You’ve been in love with him for like forever, and as much as I hate to admit it, he makes you happy. It’s high time you told him!” he said teasingly.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, eyes wide and tears welling up in your eyes; fact that made Dean stop.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You were not supposed to say that” you said, lip trembling; and they both looked at you with a sad look.

“Why?” he asked again.

“Because I was not supposed to hear that” a voice said behind Dean and Sam and they both turned to look at Gabriel eyes locked with yours.

You stared back at him for a while, more tears welling up in your eyes, your cheeks burning hot. You shook your head, the tears rolling by now - mostly from the embarrassment - and got abruptly up, running to your room.

“Shit” Dean muttered, running a hand down his face “Now I really screwed up” he added.

“Damn it Gabriel! You have to fucking stop appearing like that!” Dean said gritting his teeth.

“It’s not his fault Dean” Sam said “You should go apologize to her. You really shouldn’t have said anything, anyway”

“No, I am the one that should go talk to her” Gabriel spoke up and before he could react Dean had grabbed him by the hem of his jacket.

“Dean,  no!” Sam started protesting immediately, holding onto his brother’s shoulder; trying to pull him away.

Dean shrugged him off and focused on Gabriel that was glaring at him “Listen, here. I may be teasing her about what she feels for you but that’s just it. Teasing. Now, though, I am serious. She’s my little sister so, if you ever so think of hurting her or making her do anything she doesn’t want to - and I think you know what I mean - mark my words Gabriel- I am going to hunt you down, find you wherever you may be and kill you, slowly and sure as hell painfully.” he said through gritted teeth.

“You know how I feel about her, of course I am not going to hurt her. Now, you mind letting me go so that I can go talk to her?” Gabriel said with a half-glare and as soon as Dean let go of him he disappeared from their eyes.

“You knew all along didn’t you?” Sam smirked at Dean who just shrugged.

“Maybe?” he smirked at him “Now come on, let’s go get a drink. I want to get the the thought of my little sister…” Dean trailed of and fake-shuddered.

“Yeah, agreed” Sam said.


You had your face buried in your pillow, the tears had stopped rolling, but the embarrassment was still there and the worst part was that there was no going back now. Gabriel knew what you felt about him and there was nothing you could say to cover it up. Things were not going to be like they used to and what made you feel all the more sad was the thought that you had lost your friend forever. Sure you would want him to come and tell you that he felt the same way but you highly doubted and-

A knock on the door broke your trail of thoughts.

“No” you said, face still buried in the pillow, voice loud enough so that Dean - who you thought had come to apologize - could hear.

You heard the door open and close, nonetheless, and you sighed into your pillow. You unburied your face but didn’t see who it was because your back was turned to the door.

“I told you no, Dean. I want to be alone, please. You did enough for today” you let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

“Yeah, I guess he did. And even though I didn’t think I would ever say it- I owe him” Gabriel’s voice made your eyes snap open.

You turned immediately and looked at him, eyes wide and redness returning to your cheeks “Gabriel” you breathed out.

“Yeah, that’s how they usually call me” he said with a light chuckle.

“Sorry” he soon added when he realized that you didn’t even so smile at his attempt for a joke.

“No I’m sorry” you muttered looking down at your hands “I ruined everything didn’t I?” you added and dared to look up at his eyes.

“What? No, (Y/n), no. Look cupcake, I know that you think that everything between us is going to change right now and honestly I reallywish that.” he said and you frowned slightly.

“I knew (Y/n). Of course I knew that you are my soulmate and even though this might sound creepy I- I’ve been watching you long before we met. I just- I know I messed up but I didn’t want to tell you that we were meant to be together because I was scared that you were not going to want me or maybe you would refuse to just because it 'had been said’. It’s in you Winchesters to defy the rules.” he said running a hand through his hair.

“Well I would certainly not want to defy that one” you said with a hesitant smile, having gained courage and hope in hearing him say that he felt the same way - although not clearly.

“You and me both” he said and you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Oh really?” you raised a playful eyebrow “And you’re going to risk getting run over by the Impala, with my brothers in it?” you asked with a giggle.

“Uh well, I think it’s worth taking the risk. You’re worth taking every risk, after all” he smiled cheekily and you laughed more.

“If you give me the chance, of course?” he raised his eyebrows expecting to hear a positive answer.

You walked closer to him and cupped his face “I think it’s worth taking the risk” you said with a smile and leaned in to press your lips to his.

“So that’s you making a move, huh?” he asked with a smirk, when you pulled away.

“Oh you haven’t seen me make a move yet, angel.” you winked at him and he laughed wrapping his arms around you and attaching his lips to yours again.


I grew up with a twin, so I think there might have been moments of jealousy and there were moments where [my sister] took it out on us in a mean way, but she has gone out of her way now to make up for all of that and could not be sweeter. But yes, we had our painful moments. There were moments when she would pit us against one another: “Who’s going to be my best friend for the week? Is it you, or is it your brother?” All of a sudden, your soulmate, who’s your twin, the allegiance is lost. It’s probably a good lesson in life for how quickly people can turn on you.

Caged Souls

From this request: can I request soulmate au where on your 21 birthday the first words your soulmate will say to you appears on your body with Lucifer x hunter reader (season 11) ?




Despite your parents’ begging, you set out to live the hunter’s life at the age of eighteen. You kept in touch when you could but you knew it was better if you severed ties with them—you had to keep them safe.

But there were moments when you wished you could pick up the phone and call them, like Christmas or your birthday.

More specifically, your twenty-first birthday.

You knew it was expected to receive your tattoo on the morning of your twenty-first birthday. It happened to everyone. It was completely normal.

But you still had that heart-wrenching moment as you tried to go to sleep the night before—what if you didn’t get one?

Perhaps it would be better if you didn’t get one. After all, you’d separated from your parents to keep them safe. How could you keep a soulmate safe?

Unless they were another hunter…

You thought back to all the hunters you’d run into in the past. Some of them had been cute, especially those Winchester boys…

Your mind and heart flip-flopped until morning, going from excitement to worry. You managed to get a few hours of sleep and when you woke at the crack of dawn, you quickly examined yourself.

There, on the inside of your right arm, was your tattoo.

Well, this is a surprise.

There they were.

The first words your soulmate would say to you.

Now all you had to do was find him.


You didn’t find your soulmate for another six years. Over that time, you’d run back into the Winchesters (unfortunately, neither of them said your words) and had fallen into their little gang. You learned and grew with them, honing your skills and learning all about things you didn’t even know were real.

Like angels.

They were nothing like what you’d expected and even though Castiel was adorably clueless sometimes, the brothers warned against letting your guard down around them.

“They can be quite vicious,” Sam said.

“Especially the archangels,” Dean agreed.


“My elder brothers,” Castiel said, popping in as per usual. “The four most powerful angels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and…”


“Lucifer,” all three men said.

That door led to the conversation of the things the brothers had gone through and the Cage.  Your heart broke hearing everything the Winchesters had suffered while dealing with Lucifer. You hoped they never had to go through that again.


You were seated in the backseat of the Impala, trying to fight sleep. The brothers sat up front. An anxious air was washing off of Sam. You heard the brothers whispering.

But of course, you wanted to listen to whatever it was they were talking about. You strained your ears, pretending to be asleep.

“What if… What if God’s telling me that I have to go back? To the Cage?”

Your eyes sprang open. You knew Sam had been sleeping restlessly recently. Was he being plagued by those nightmares again? Was he getting signs from God about where this fight was leading?

“The Cage?” Dean asked, turning to his brother. “You mean Lucifer’s Cage?”

You saw Sam nod.

“No,” Dean said. “We’re not dealing with that. There’s no way. You’re not going back there.”

Sam nodded once again.

Your skin prickled with the feeling of being watched. You glanced up at the rearview mirror and saw Dean’s eyes watching you. He knew you were awake. He knew you’d heard everything.

He shook his head slightly, telling you to keep quiet.

You nodded once before turning toward the window, watching the scenery pass by. Your heart was pounding and your mind was turning.

Would Sam have to go back into the Cage?

Would he survive if he did?


The decision was made—Sam had to go back. The brothers began to prepare.

“Wait,” you said, stepping into the library of the bunker. “Sam, don’t go.”

“There’s no other way, Y/N,” Sam said.

“Yes, there is. Send me.”

“Y/N,” both brothers said.

“I’m not taking no for an answer. You send me first, let me get a feel for things. Let me figure out what exactly is happening.”

“Y/N,” they said again.

“Guys. You’ve done your duty. You’ve dealt with the Cage already. Give yourselves a break.”


It took a lot of hours, a lot of screaming, a lot of tears, a lot of threats, but the Winchesters finally relented. You were sent down to the Cage first.

Crowley and Rowena stood guard, watching as you stepped forward to the iron bars, thunder and lightning crashing around you.

A pair of red, glowing eyes peered at you from the darkness.

“Well,” a voice said. “This is a surprise.”

You froze, the words on your arm tingling.

This couldn’t be.

Your soulmate couldn’t be Lucifer.

Could it?

Lucifer stepped closer to you, coming out of the shadows. “Who are you?”

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you agree to help.”

“Feisty little thing.” Lucifer’s nose twitched. “The Winchesters taught you well. Where are they?”

“They don’t know I’m here. They have nothing to do with this.”

“Well, that’s a lie.” Lucifer cocked his head to the side. “Don’t you know that lying is a sin? At least, according to Father, it is.” He gave you a wolfish grin. “But I never liked following the rules myself.”

Your mind was spinning, torn between trying to remember why you’d come down here, how to protect the Winchesters, and that damn tattoo.

“You are a pensive one, aren’t you? And yet… I don’t think you’ve thought this through.”

Your skin began to prickle; something was wrong.

“You’re not who I need,” Lucifer said. “I need Sam. So, I’ll tell you what.”

The fire around the cage began to dissipate. Before you knew what was happening, you were transported inside the Cage.

Lucifer turned, smiling. “You work as bait to get the Winchesters down here and I won’t kill you.”


You weren’t sure how long you’d been in the Cage—felt like hours, but it could have been days by now. Did time move down here like it did on the surface?

Lucifer kept his gaze on you the entire time.

“You’re different,” he finally said.

You said nothing, simply glared at him.

Lucifer stepped forward. “You’re not scared of me, like everyone else. You’re… upset at the situation, as to be expected, but… there’s something else hiding in your brain.” He stepped closer, standing right next to you. “What’s your secret, baby doll?”

You clenched your jaw, biting your tongue. There was no way in Hell you would tell him about your tattoo.


Could that possibly help get him on your side?

Without a word, you rolled up your sleeve, holding your arm out towards Lucifer.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Soulmate tattoo,” you said. “First words my soulmate would say to me.”

Lucifer read the ink, an eyebrow cocked. You saw his mind turning, thinking of a reason as to why you’d be showing him.

But then he remembered.

“Well,” he said, staring at you. “This is a surprise.”


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Note: This was queued. I’m probably still sleeping rn.

1 033-ish words. Soulmate AU. Jeon Jungkook. Kim Taehyung. Reader-insert.

Inspired by We The Kings’ Check Yes Juliet. And minor mentions of Taylor Swift’s All Too Well and Troye Sivan’s Youth.

Description: The Rejection ─ in which two hearts choose not to beat as one. Rejected at the age of 17 by your own soulmate left you hollow like a vassal without a soul. Five years later, you never thought you’d be breathing the same air as the man that crushed your entirety at your brother’s wedding… with your boyfriend standing five feet from you, chatting away with your relatives.


Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Just breathe.

“What do you do again, Taehyung?” Your uncle asks in a condescending undertone, you don’t need to turn around to know the particular aging crinkles under his eyes appearing with every overdone smile he makes when he’s setting traps. Like a flame pirouetting in a dazzling red, drawing the moth closer, closer.

“I run a business, sir.” Taehyung answers with practiced ease, ending it with an unsuspecting laugh.

This time it’s your aunt’s turn to tut with her shocking pink dress and bright colored lips that still thinks she’s in the 70′s with the way she’s dressed. You’re sure she’s saying something about subtly laced berate over your boyfriend’s choice of career, not because they’ve had a couple of unpleasant experiences with fraud investment or businessmen in general but because Taehyung is your boyfriend.

But by then, you’re already strutting out of the all but lively lawn and stepping through the backdoor, finding comfort in the lack of noise in the quaint space since everyone is either slow dancing to the smooth tempo instrumental on the dance floor or hanging out at one of the lavender clothed sit-stand tables outside.

You kick off your black pumps and jump onto the counter, wiggling your toes not so gracefully to life. The red wine you obtained from the open bar is the only thing you’re willing to let accompany you in this tranquil silence with the exception of jazz music faintly floating through the open glass window.

And oh, maybe, just maybe, the attractive boy who’s just let the door you came through minutes ago close behind him.


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You were riding through the woods with your brother Theon, it was a nice sunny day for once and you took the chance to get out. Now that the king and all these highborn royals were residing in Winterfell, it felt a bit cramped. You were glad to get out, have some piece and quiet before going back to all this commotion. They wouldn’t be here for too long but it sure felt like it.

„Hey sis? You alright?“ Theon asks you in a worried tone when you suddenly stop.

You felt a bang in your chest, your whole body was on fire like something was tearing you apart limp from limp. You had no idea what was going on and began to shake uncontrollably.

„Sis?“ Theon yells, jumping down from his horse and running over to you.

You could feel your bones snapping, breaking apart violently as you hit the ground. It weren’t yours though because when you looked down at yourself everything was fine and you could move your body like always.

Theon knelt beside you, his hand behind your back to help you up, „What happened?“

„We have to go back.“


„Bran…“ You mumble, quickly jumping up to get back up to your horse.

You knew something wasn’t right when you got back to Winterfell, the atmosphere was gloomy and hardly anyone was in the yard. You quickly ran up the stairs and burst into Bran’s room, only to find him lying in bed.

Robb was there as well, sitting in a chair and watching his little brother. He filled you in on what had happened, even though you didn’t really need to hear it, you had felt it yourself.

„Is he going to wake up soon?“ You ask Robb as you sit down on the edge of the bed and run your fingers gently through his hair.

„The maester doesn’t know if he’ll wake up at all.“


He gives you a small smile and ruffles your hair, „I’ll get some water, you take care of him while I’m gone.“


You looked down on your best friend, a sad look in your eyes as you watched him. You still weren’t sure what exactly had happened or how you had known, you just did somehow.

Imagine being Amara’s sister and Dean’s true soulmate.

“Knock it off” you looked at her with a sharp glare.

“Knock what off?” she tilted her head to the side.

“You know exactly what Amara. That’s not your place”

“But I didn’t see you be there even if it supposedly yours. He’d been with so many women but none of them was you”

“That is because the time has not come yet and you know it”

“Ah yes. The time. When all of this will be over, you two will meet and he will get his happy ever after.” she rolled her eyes “Just like our sweet brother said it would be. And of course you listened to him. You always did, didn’t you?”

“Well, might also prove why he chose to lock you away and not me” you replied sassily and she smirked slightly.

“You are a lot like him, you know that?”

Your smile turned into a more soft one as you knew she was not talking about God “Well, I am his soulmate after all” you shrugged folding your hands over your white dress.

“Yes… But that doesn’t necessarily mean he belongs to you”

Your eyes darkened “I didn’t say that. But it also certainly means his soul does not belong to you”

“He and I are bound (Y/n). You know it, sister”

“Yes, I do. You are bound by darkness. But so are we. He and I are bound by light, Amara, and you know you can’t change that. That’s why he’s resisting you and he will keep resisting till the end”

She smiled “Love of a soul is far stronger than anything” she sighed “But the battle has not ended yet” 

“We’ll see that”

You’re Mine

Request: “Hehe could you do thor x reader where you’re in an AU where everyone has a tattoo of the first thing their soul mate will say to them and thor’s says something funny like “holy shit you are gorgeous” and his soulmate turns out to be tony’s sister who says that when she meets the avengers? Sorry if it’s long but thx!” -Anon

Pairing: Thor x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 3147

You tried to muffle your smile as you rode the elevator, leaning against the wall as it went up. Your brother sighed. “Stop smiling, Y/N, this is serious business,” he snapped without looking at you.

You scoffed. “I didn’t even do anything, Tony,” you declared. You furrowed your eyebrows at his anger, something you hadn’t caused, which meant that it wasn’t that bad. Then again, he never snapped at you. “What? You have eyes on the back of your head?”

He looked at you. “I could see you in the reflection of the elevator doors.” Your eyes flickered to the doors and you huffed when you saw that he was, yet again, right. He sent you a smile. “You wouldn’t be here if we knew we could handle Ultron ourselves.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you said, and then lowered your voice to mock your brother’s, “we’re the Avengers. And I am Iron Man, the smartest man alive. Bow down to me or di-” Your sentence was interrupted when Tony pulled you into a headlock, a squeal escaping your mouth. You laughed as Tony started jumping up and down.

“Take it back,” he challenged.

You laughed once more. “Never!” When he softened his grip, you pulled your head out of his hold. Before you could attack him, the elevator dinged and he was off before you could even clench your fists. You followed him. “You’re lucky,” you muttered.

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Warnings: A few cuss words

Slight Fluff

Protective! Brother! Peter

Word Count: 1061

Part 1 Part 2


You gave Eric a chance. Shockingly the big bad guy loved to cuddle. He actually loved being the little spoon. He loved to feel your arms around him and your breath on the back of his neck. He would never admit it. Your guy’s relationship wasn’t public, well people knew and you didn’t care, but you guys hadn’t told the entire faction. You guys were worried how the faction would react to him being with a girl as sweet as you, and Peter’s sister.
Peter didn’t know that he was your soulmate. But  when he does find out he would be livid. Peter knew Eric’s ways and didn’t want  you to get hurt by him. Of course Peter being your brother he would eventually find out. But the way he found out would be awkward. I mean seriously.
Peter found out by walking into Eric’s apartment. He walked in to see his bestfriend tickling his sister. Peter had to take a double take. Eric, the same Eric who had threatened you to throw you into the chasm was tickling you. The big bad guy was being domestic. It took Peter a hot minute to figure out what was happening. Peter was quick to interrupt when Eric placed a quick kiss on your lips.
“Ok, first of all who gave you the fucking right to touch my sister, and two (Y/N) why the fuck are you letting him touch you?” Peter all but screamed out. Well isn’t this awkward. You looked at Eric who was a tomato red color. And you giggled to yourself, although Eric heard and sent a glare in your direction, which made you giggle even louder.
“Chill, Bubba.” You told Peter. You took a pen off the shelf located behind the couch and scribbled a flower on the top of your had which appeared on Eric’s hand a few seconds later. You raised both of your hands to show Peter. “It’s fine, he’s not going to kill me. At least I don’t think he is.” You turned to Eric, “Are you?” Eric just laughed at you and shook his head no.
“Still, I don’t want your filthy hands on my sister. And you, (y/n), you should know better than anyone else that I don’t want you near him.” You rolled your eyes at your brother. He was like this when he found out you were dating someone. It was the same when you were in Candor. He would try and scare away the guys you would date. It’s not that he didn’t want you to be happy, he didn’t want to see you get your heart broke.
He was going to have to get over it. You are in fact Eric’s soulmate. It was fate and Peter couldn’t do anything about it. Of course seeing who it was, it was going to take a long time for him to warm up to you and Eric being soulmates.  Peter stalked out of the room, livid, you already knew that was how he was going to react.
“It’s how he is with everyone. Don’t worry he’ll warm up to you eventually. He just doesn’t like the idea of you being my soulmate. However he cant stop fate and he will have to deal with it.” You said, “I mean if my sister was your soulmate I would be livid too. I mean you are kind of a fuck boy. So you should probably understand his point before you get upset.” You said while standing. You sauntered out of the room and into your guy’s shared bedroom.
You took off your shirt and bra and put on one of Eric’s old sweaters that he had given you earlier, and you took off your pants and put on a pair of spandex shorts and crawled into the bed. The bed was actually really comfortable. I mean for a guy like Eric you would expect something harder and less blankets. But he had the exact opposite. His bed was like a cloud, he had like a million blankets on the bed too.
Eric walked into the room about forty-five minutes later and saw you curled up and decided to lip in next to you. When you felt his presence you turned so you were facing his chest and his arms took you and pulled you closer to him.  You cuddled more into him which brought a smile onto his face.

The next morning you woke up and the bed was cold. Eric had already gotten up to go train the initiates. You decided on going to visit him at work. You just pulled on a pair of pants over your shorts and kept Eric’s sweater on.
The kitchen was the warmest room in the apartment. You made yourself and Eric a cup of coffee. Eric liked his coffee black, so that’s how you made it. You had made it into the pit and some of the initiates saw you and you just put a finger up to your lips. You went behind Eric and put on your best mad face and started yelling at him.
“ERIC, WHERE WERE YOU THIS MORNING. YOU WORRIED ME. YOU COULD HAVE LEFT A FUCKING NOTE YOU ASSHOLE.” The look on his face was priceless. His eyes wide and lips slightly parted. “I’m joking, babe. I brought you coffee.” You turned to look at the initiates. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, GO BACK TO TRAINING.” Eric’s smile widened. He pressed a kiss to your forehead as you handed him his coffee.
“How domestic Eric.” You heard your brother chuckle. You ran to him and gave him a hug. You usually see him every day and you always did the same thing.
Peter in a short period of time realized that he couldn’t do anything about your guy’s relationship. He saw how you looked at Eric and how Eric looked at you. He enjoyed seeing you happy and he wasn’t going to ruin that for you.  
You pressed a quick kiss to Eric’s lips and decided it would be best if you left so he could get work done. What surprised the initiates was that after the kiss Eric had a slight smile on his face.
Some of the initiates envied you, mostly the girls. The boys envied Eric. I mean who wouldn’t. You are such a gorgeous person.

anonymous asked:

What if your soulmate is your brothers best friend whom you talked to alot when you were kids but then your brother had a fight with him and you didn't see him anymore. But then they become friends again and you don't know what to do so you're just being akward but deep down you know you want to talk to them because you liked him once and you knew he liked you too but you both didn't make the first move. So you're just going to hope you could be friends like it used to be.

Hii anon, I’m not too sure if you would like advice or it’s a theoretical question about what I’d do if it happened to me because it seems a little overly specific to be theoretical. 

In direct answer to it as a question or if you want advice, if I was in that situation I would talk to them about we both felt and if they still felt whatever and I did too, make the first move, especiallyyy if I thought they were my soulmate, otherwise just stay as friends and see what happens because nothing can ever go back to exactly as it once was. 

Anyone else who has any advice or opinion on this please feel free to comment xx


Imagine Being Soulmates To Thor And Loki

For My People (In this AU everyone knows Lokis true heritage.)

Because you were born with your soulmarks and the princes soulmarks a were widely known through out the kingdom you and your family were whisked off to the castle to live with the royal family.

Your earliest memory of the princes is still etched into your mind.

“She’s so tiny” Thor observed timidly reaching a hand into your crib. You grabbed it excitedly and squeezed. “But fierce!”

“Don’t shout brother you could scare her” Loki scolded and reached a hand in too. With your other hand you grabbed his hand as well. His skin shown blue and his eyes red wen you did but you couldn’t care less. “Look at her eyes. They’re so open and curious.”

“And her little tufts of hair so cute” Thor gushed.

“And she’s ours. Our little soulmate” they both sighed. You smiled a big smile when they say that and giggled.

Over the years both hover over you protectively. One of them was always around. As soon as you could walk they took you all over the kingdom. Loki taught you magic in the library while Thor taught you fighting in the courtyard. Life with them growing up was perfect.

“Are you ready?” you ask tugging at your floor lengthy red dress. It’s simple yet elegant and compliments by gold cuffs on your wrists and a gold necklace. You also wear a tiara.

“Yes we are and you look magnificent (Y/N)” Loki replies and gives you a peck on the lips. For a second his face ripples blue.

“I agree with Loki you do look amazing” Thor complements and gives you a peck as well.

“You are both so sweet to me” you murmur and take each of their hands. “And now we are to be crowned the kings and queen of Asgard. I am privileged to be your soulmates.”

“And we are privileged to be yours” Thor answers kindly.

“And each other’s” Loki adds and gives Thor a sweet kiss. Suddenly the horns start playing and the doors pull open. Thor takes Lokis arm in his and with his other yours. You three walk out smiling at the crowd and at your friends who’ve supported you.

It’s a new age and now matter how scary you can face it with your soulmates at your side.


You were sure to never find a parabatai. Not many found their soulmate, their sister or brother in battle and with almost coming out of age you gave up a while ago.

Fighting alone wasn’t your problem but somehow you had the feeling something was missing. A feeling that finally vanished when you met Clary Fray, the girl who was raced under mundane and didn’t knew she was a Shadowhunter.

She adjusted so well to the world and still stayed kind. Often your parents complained that you were to soft when it came to downworlders and just follow the law without question it.

Clary was this perfect other half of you, that you had always searched for without knowing. And since you had finally found her, everything finally made sense. You were a unite and together you fought for what you thouthg was right and protected the ones you loved. Together.

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The Little Things

Notes: A little ASL thing based on that post I can’t find about having your soulmate’s name on your wrist.  It’s a little different than what was described, but whatever.

The marks had been there for as long as Ace could remember.  He hadn’t understood them at first, had only known that the lines and loops on his wrists weren’t normal and wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried to make them.

It was only when he met Sabo that he learned that the things on his wrists were names.  Sabo could read - Ace couldn’t - but he told Ace that he didn’t recognize the names.  Ace had believed him and tried to put the marks out of his mind, but that was impossible.

Every night he stared at them while lying on his back, reaching up to the stars and watching as the moonlight splashed across his skin.  He stared and stared and wondered what the little black lines meant.

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♕: The first words your soulmate will say to you are tattoo’d on your body


Regulus had always hated the words he had tattooed on him: “You’re not Padfoot.”  Even when he had been younger and Padfoot wasn’t yet a nickname for his older brother he resented how apparently he wasn’t good enough for his soulmate.  In Hogwarts when he heard his brother’s friends start to call him Padfoot his heart sank as he realized that even his soulmate would compare him to his older brother.  While a soulmate didn’t have to be romantic it stung that the person who would best be able to understand would be the same as everyone else.

When he arrived at the Potter-Weasley resident to fill in for his brother in babysitting the youngest generations of Potter’s he sighed when a kid opened the door and said, “You’re not Padfoot.”  He shook his head sighing as he entered the house.  “Typical just typical,” he muttered finding Harry and Ginny in the hallway.  “You owe me extra if they’re going to keep mentioning Sirius all night.”

I grew up with a twin, so I think there might have been moments of jealousy and there were moments where [my sister] took it out on us in a mean way, but she has gone out of her way now to make up for all of that and could not be sweeter. But yes, we had our painful moments. There were moments when she would pit us against one another: “Who’s going to be my best friend for the week? Is it you, or is it your brother?” All of a sudden, your soulmate, who’s your twin, the allegiance is lost. It’s probably a good lesson in life for how quickly people can turn on you.

yours and stoner!michael’s friendship was interesting, to say the least. you met when you were kids and you just fit. you knew he was your person - he was your perfect match, your soulmate as far as you were concerned - but as each year passed, things changed. you went from thinking of him as a brother to thinking of him on top of you, his lips on your neck as his hands explored your body. your sleepovers went from him sleeping on the floor after entering a candy coma to his body pressed against yours in your body.

it was only natural for the two of you to get an apartment together. it was a lot like you had planned when you were kids (you and michael used to talk about living in a castle with a dragon named daniel and eating pizza for every meal - it was magical.) you planned on disney marathons and pizza and chinese were your main meals. the two of you did actually look into bunk beds but decided against it, knowing whoever got the top bunk would end up on the floor.

but your disney marathons were accompanied by marijuana and too-close cuddles, much like tonight. your body was practically on top of his with your legs tangled underneath the blanket the was thrown over them and your face in his neck, brushing your nose along his scruff every now and then. your shirt was pulled up to just below your breasts, his fingertips slowly dragging along your side while you focused on drawing shapes on his bare stomach under his sweater, “accidentally” wandering too low and tracing the hem of his sweats. you pretended not to notice his breathing hitch.

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