Sweetheart - College!Luke Hemmings

a/n: this was requested by @silkaperez so I hope you like this :)


If there was one word to describe you it would be shy. Not like the cutesy shy where you hid behind sweater paws and look down at your feet. No, yours was an extreme case of shyness. Yours was taking a different route to avoid people, when not inside a class you were tucked away in your dorm or inside the library.

So when your dorm roommate (pretty much your only friend), being her loud, outgoing self, was invited to a party and wanted to drag you along, you instantly said no. There were going to be too many people given the fact that it was held at one of the most well known frats on campus. Too many awkward encounters on your part and you weren’t one to drink. Besides, you needed to finish your Scientology project. So there was no way you could go.

But, after hours of begging from your determined roommate and even bribes, you had dreadfully said yes.

You could barely get the word out of your mouth before she was throwing outfits at your sitting form. Eventually you had managed to find an outfit that wasn’t uncomfortable (besides the heels you were forced to wear) and put on a bit of makeup.

It was about another half a hour before you were walking to the frat house with your roommate at your side. It wasn’t much of a walk considering your dorm was by all of the frat houses and soon enough you were walking up to the door.

Walking through the door was an experience you were not used to. The blaring music filled your ears almost instantly, drowning out anything and everything else.

You were pulled to the kitchen where there were stacks of red cups and almost empty and all the way filled bottles of liquor. A cup was forced into your hand and taking a small sip of it was not a good idea. You grimaced at the drink placing it on the counter and opening the fridge in search of water. Luckily you found a lone water bottle to which you happily took out of the fridge and took a gulp.

Soon realizing you were alone and that your party animal of a roommate had disappeared, you took a look around the kitchen seeing drunken figures giggling and talking. Not seeing anyone familiar you made your way into the main room where there were countless people dancing and grinding and talking (more like shouting because of the volume of the music).

Making your way to a door that you assumed led to the backyard, you took another sip of your water. Once you were outside you took a deep breath, leaning against the house with your eyes closed.

“Alright there, Sweetheart?”

Your eyes immediately flew open to see and boy sitting in one of the chairs by the doorway. He had blond hair poking through the backwards snapback on his head, deep blue eyes and a smirk that gave you a weird feeling in your stomach.

"I’m fine.” You muttered, stepping away from the doorway across from the boy.

The boy quickly looked you up and down before eyeing you with a raised eyebrow. “Why haven’t I seen you around before?” You immediately recognized him as Luke, the boy in your Scientology class. You bit your lip looking down at your fingers that were twisting and untwisting the bottle cap.

You let out a sigh glancing back up at him. “I’m guessing you just don’t look around that much.” You shrugged, looking down at the bottle in your hands.

He took a drink from his cup, looking at you from over the brim. You looked up just to see his eyes widen and to quickly swallow his drink.

"You’re in my Scientology class.”

You nodded, humming in agreement. Luke’s cheeks flushed red, looking down at his cup, his demeanor changing.

"How’s your project coming along?” He asked awkwardly.

You let out a small laugh to which he cracked a smile. “Well, if I’m telling you the truth, I wanted to work on it instead of coming here but my roommate wouldn’t let me.”

He chuckled lightly, setting his now empty cup down. After a few more minutes of conversation you were starting to get more comfortable by the second, your water abandoned beside his empty cup while you sat next to him.

"Y'know,” He started, “I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you but I thought you were too good for me and I just never talked to you.” He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck.

You could feel your cheeks flush, opening your mouth and then closing it, not knowing what to say.

"Well, I’m glad you are now,” You finally settled on saying, smiling at him.

“Sweetheart,” He started, to which you cut him off. “ My name’s Y/N.”

“Sweetheart,” He said again, giving you a pointed look. “ Can I kiss you?”

“Only if I get to see you again after this.”

He smirked at you, leaning closer, resting his hand on the back of your neck. “Oh Sweetheart, you definitely will be seeing a lot more of me.”

Doctor Josh (Josh Matthews x reader)

Requested: yes, you guys are amazing btw.

Prompt: “Josh x reader- Can I please have a josh imagine where he takes care of you when you’re sick and make it really fluffy please. Love your work!”

Word Count: 1,254

A/N: thank you so much sweetie! That means a lot to me! I hope you enjoy the imagine ❤️

You let out another groan as your headache got worse, but you chose to ignore it, and continue to get ready for your date with your boyfriend Josh. It was your 1 year anniversary, and you didn’t want to cancel tonight was important for the both of you Josh told you earlier in the week that he had something exciting planned for tonight and that he had been planning it for almost 2 months.
You took a nice warm shower and used his favorite body wash of yours, he likes to tell you that you “smell like paradise” you chuckled at your thoughts before you leaned against the wall, another wave of nausea hitting you. You got out of your nice warm shower, much to your dismay and made your way to your closet to pick out your outfit and applied some makeup in hopes of covering up the dark circles you’ve gotten over the past couple of nights, because of your fever.
By the time you were done with getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup, and spritzing yourself with your favorite perfume there was a knock at your dorm room door. You smiled and looked through the peephole to see your incredibly handsome boyfriend standing there a bouquet of your favorite flowers in hand. You opened the door, a smile on your face. “Wow” you heard your boyfriend breath out, making you face the floor and let out a small smile. “Thank you handsome you don’t look so bad yourself.” He chuckled and gave you that award winning smile that caused you to fall in love with him in the first part.
“Are you ready, m’lady?” You laughed at his corny British accent and the fact that he actually bowed at you. “Yeah, I’m ready you dork.” You two made your way to the F train on the subway and sat down. You two sat on the subway and you had to rest your head, the motion making your stomach do loops. “Babe, you okay?” You nodded, but were unable to give him a verbal answer, because if you opened your mouth you were sure you would throw up.
Josh nodded and rubbed your back. You two finally made it to Central Park and when you got there a middle aged man all dressed up in fancy attire met you. “Mr.Matthews.” Josh smiled and nodded, “Hey James, thank you for this.” The man nodded and helped you both onto the horse drawn carriage. You smiled and held onto your boyfriends hand as you rode and even though the sights were beautiful you couldn’t focus, because your head was pounding and you were going to throw up for sure.
Josh looked at you again and furrowed his eyebrows at you. “Babe, you’re lying what’s wrong?” You sighed, and made eye contact with your beautiful boyfriend. “Josh, I have a fever.” He looked at you shocked, “then why would you let me take you out! You should be in bed right now Y/N!” “I know, but you told me you had been planning this for 2 months and I didn’t want to cancel and ruin all of your hard work.” He gave you a slight smile and kissed your forehead. “I’m taking you back to the apartment” “but Josh-” “ no buts Y/N. You’re sick, I’ll take care of you. Just call me doctor Josh” you laughed at his remark and smiled. “Fine”
When you got back to the dorm Josh immediately made you lay down in bed “and get some rest. You You let out a groan as you tossed and turned in your queen size bed. Josh always said you needed a queen size bed, because you were his queen and you deserved the best. Your thoughts were cut through by his beautiful voice yelling from the small kitchen in your studio apartment. “Babe! Are you okay? Do you need anything?” “I need cuddles!” You heard him chuckle and his feet padding against your floor. “Okay princess, in a second. I’m making you some chicken noodle soup and a turkey sandwich.” You smiled in gratitude and placed your head on your pillow before you threw the white comforter off of your bed. Josh made his way back into the room and sat down on the side of your bed and helped you sit up so you could eat and take the pills he had placed next to your sandwich.

“I still need cuddles.” You said as he went to put your plate in the sink. “Coming right up Ms. Y/L/N” you rolled your eyes and laid back on your pillow. He made his way into your bedroom and got in next to you, pulling you into his chest. “So what movie should we start with?” I was thinking “Captain America: The First Avenger”, obviously followed by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” your cheerful boyfriend said as he kissed your head. “‘Neither.” He looked over at you and little wrinkles began to form on his forehead in confusion. “What do you mean, neither. Those are your favorites babe.” (A/N: hi, sorry. I would just like to add, those are my favorites and apologize if those aren’t yours. You can change them if you’d like. I also know that the first avengers takes place in between that, but still.) “I know, I just- I feel really bad Josh” “I know babe, that’s why we came home.” You turned to look at your boyfriend, his brown eyes stared into yours and you sighed. “exactly. We should be out celebrating our 1 year anniversary, but because of me you’re stuck inside my stupid apartment taking care of me. I ruined your anniversary surprise.” “Hey- hey. You didn’t ruin anything princess, in fact, in some ways you made it better.” It was your turn to furrow your eyebrows. “How? I’m running a 102 fever and you’re stuck taking care of me. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you hated me right now.” “I don’t hate you babe, I love you. That’s exactly why it’s better, because I get to cuddle and make sure my baby is happy and healthy, and that’s the way I like seeing you, so it’s a bonus that I get to help you.”

“I’m always happy with you.” He smiled at your statement and leaned down to kiss you, but before your lips could meet his full plump pink lips you placed your hand over your lips. “No, I’ll get you sick!” “It’s so worth it.” You smiled and leaned up so you could reach his lips better, your lips finally met and it was just as breathtaking as the first time you two locked lips. When you pulled away, Josh placed “Captain America: TFS” in the DVD player and pulled you closer into his hard chest. You smiled and rested your head right next to his heart, you could hear as it beat and your smile only grew.

“Happy Anniversary my love, I love you” You heard him say, you liked up and captured his lips in another kiss. “Happy Anniversary Doctor Josh, I love you more.”

Cotton Candy Love (S.Coups)

Characters:S.Coups(Seungcheol) x Reader

Type: Fluff

Summary: When it’s your 100th day together with your boyfriend and he takes you out to a carnival.

Word Count: 1045 (Average length/ kind of short)

A/N: This is not a requested piece, but something I had for a while and edited today. I do hope that you enjoy it and that you request something for me(my inbox is empty)

Originally posted by j1nwoo

There were lights that danced in your eyes, and music that was following your every step. A child like essence was surrounding you and your boyfriend and you were almost having too much fun.

You were at the carnival celebrating your one hundredth day of being together with your boyfriend, Seungcheol. Your fingers were left intertwined and you both were in a state of bliss. Laughter found its way to your ears and a smile was permanently etched onto your face.

“Oppa, Lets go on that one.”, you nearly shouted, trying to make yourself heard over the constant music and laugter.

You were pointing at an average looking roller coaster. It had plenty of loops and went fast enough to give you an adrenaline rush that could last half an hour. You were hopping up and down, grasping Sungcheol’s arm hoping that he would give in soon.

He looked down at you, eyes masked with a courage that could only be false.

“Are you sure?”, He asked while brushing some hair out of your face. You nodded your head, eyes wide with excitement as you dragged him over to the line. You almost looked like an over excited kid with a sugar rush.

When it was finally your turn to board the roller coaster, you shoved the tickets into the man’s hands and tugged Seungcheol into the seat with you. Once everything was secure, you looked over to you boyfriend and began to laugh under your breath.

His eyes were shut tight with terror locking them. His hands graspped onto the safety bar and were turning increasingly white.

The ride jolted to a start and he began shrieking louder than you’ve ever heard causing you to burst out laughing. You turned to him, the wind burning your eyes and began another round of laughter. The wind mused with his hair and although a gummy smile was plastered on his face, his brave front never coming to an end.

The ride came to a halting stop and Seungcheol rushed off the ride. You were hopping down the steps trying to catch up to him, but you ended up stumbling and fell into someone’s back.

You pushed yourself away from the stranger, letting out a few apologies and explaining the mistake. A blush swept at your cheeks as you quickly became embarrassed.

“It’s okay, really, there’s no need to fret” he said as he placed his hand on your arm in a casual manner. You smiled at him and apologized to him once more before you turned to scan the crowd for your careless boyfriend.

“How could he just run off like that” you mumbled, as you stood on your tip-toes, trying to see over the mass of people with no success.

You stuffed your hands in your pocket and began to wander the park. Your eyes were darting everywhere, hoping to find your careless boyfriend.

You heard Seungcheol call out your name, but you didn’t know what direction it came from.

“You look so silly.” You hear Seungcheol call out in a cleared voice. You turned to see your boyfriend with two cotton candy cones in his hands.

You jogged over to him and tried to grab one of the cones, but he moved it out of your way. You slightly pouted and looked up at him wondering why he wouldn’t give you it.

“I told you to wait for me at the ride.” He said as he finally gave you the sugary treat.

You slowly began to laugh as you remembered his face and how he basically abandoned you at the roller coaster. Seungcheol saw that you were about to drop the cotton candy, so he took it out of your hand so hold.

Your head snapped up at him, and you crossed your arms. He stared back at you, unphased, and shrug his shoulders.

“Actually, you were the one that abandoned me. Right after the ride stopped you rushed off and left me. Maybe you should have said it a little louder.”, You replied as you took the candy back from him.

“Maybe you should have been listening a little closer.”, He shot back at you, laughing as he saw you roll your eyes.

You turned around and began to look at all the other rides, knowing that Seungcheol was following you. You began to tear at the ball of sugar, and stuffed it in your mouth, causing Seungcheol to jokingly gag at you. You turned to him and stuck your tongue out.

You shoved his chest lightly, laughing when he grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him. You leaned back and looked into his crescent eyes.

“I’m glad I get to call you mine.” He said in a hushed voice, leaning towards you to say the delicate words.

“And I’m glad I get to be yours.”, you said, stealing a kiss from him. You both laughed out loud, the love that surrounded you two feeling luxurious.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and held you close to his side. You looked up, only to see him hold back a yawn, making you cringe at the face he made. He laughed and poked your shoulder.

“Seungcheol, do you want to go home? It’s getting late and I know you have to be tired.”, you asked, rubbing his shoulder lightly.

He hummed in acceptance, sliding his hand down your arm and entwining your hands. He opened the door for you, and you mumbled a thank you in response, him having done this countless of times. You jumped in the car, hitting your head on the top of the car in the process. You let out a low moan and settled in the seat, ignoring the laughter coming from your boyfriend.

“I had a lot of fun.”, you thought out loud. You turned your head and looked out the window, allowing the scene to blur by.

“Maybe we could do something like this next week.”, he suggested, sparring you a quick glance.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”, you replied, a satisfied smile forming onto your face. You never believed in luck, but today you felt like the luckiest person to step foot on this earth.

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Take Time to Realize (Part 1 of 4)

Request: They are best friends and the reader likes Bucky but he doesn’t like her and when she confesses it’s like one of those ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’. After that Bucky realizes his feeling for the reader.

Word Count: 2,758

Warnings: Angst.

Music Inspiration: Colbie Caillat’s Realize

A/N: Hope you like it, @kmwiinchester! Let me know what you all think of this :) 

Originally posted by thesebbystan

Bucky strides into your room with a bag of chips in his hands, sitting on your bed and nudging your side. You give him an annoyed look. “What do you want?”

“I just want my best friend back,” he grins.

“Yeah, well, I’m doing something right now,” you answer, typing your report out as fast as you can. It was due in a few hours and you still had to review it and send it to your professor.

“Come on, Y/N!” he whines, laying his head on your shoulder. “I’m busy tonight. And you’ve been working on this for the better part of the week. I miss you, doll.”

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Summary: The reader feels like surprising the avengers and whilst doing so, suffers from a bit of a shock

Warnings: Potential swear, fluff - lots of fluff

Word Count: 1,301

A/N: This idea came to me when i was craving some cupcakes. I hope you like it, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated!

It had been a long few months for the team. No one had been in the tower longer than a week before they were called away for their next assignment and it was beginning to take its toll on everyone.

The idea had come to you in a dream, you were craving something that always managed to put a smile on your face, and when you woke the next morning, you knew exactly what you were going to do to try and lift everyone’s spirits. You were going to make cupcakes.

You were thankful that the majority of the team had arrived back at the tower last night, but Steve and Wanda were due to arrive in the afternoon, so your plan was to make the cupcakes in time for their arrival and call everyone down to the common room.

You headed into the kitchen after lunch when the coast was clear and got out the eggs, flour, butter, caster sugar, milk, and vanilla extract (something you were shocked to see because you were pretty sure no one actually baked in their spare time). Try as you might to be quiet, the sound of eggs cracking caught Bucky’s attention and he watched from the doorway of the kitchen as you brought the mixture together until it was nice and smooth, a dumb smile gracing his face. As you turned around to get the muffin tray, you spotted Bucky out of the corner of your eye, your heart jumping out of your mouth as your hand flew to your chest.

“Jesus Christ, Bucky! You scared me!” You say as your heart rate slowly starts to beat at its regular rhythm.

“Sorry about that. What are you doing?” He asks, walking over to the countertop and grabbing the muffin tray and lining it with cake cases for you.

“I’m making cupcakes for the team. Everyone seems so worn out recently and I thought we could all do with a pick-me-up.” You say, smiling brightly as you spoon the mixture into the cake cases.

“You’re so cute.” He says with a chuckle, your cheeks turning crimson as you spoon in the last dollop of mixture into the cake cases, swiftly taking the muffin tray and placing it in the oven.

“Would you mind helping me clear up?” You ask shakily, your heart beginning to pound against your chest as you turn around to face Bucky, praying that the blush on your cheeks had faded.

Bucky simply nods and begins to wash up as you grab the tea towel and start drying up the used mixing bowl and utensils. As you place the mixing bowl back in the cupboard, a splash of warm water lands on your face, a shocked gasp leaving your lips as you turn to face Bucky, your mouth agape. “Sorry.” Bucky says, shrugging his shoulders as he flashes you a devilish grin.

You playfully hit Bucky with the wet tea towel and before you knew what was happening, you and Bucky were engaged in a full on water war. The warm liquid covered almost every surface in the kitchen as peals of laughter rang out through the kitchen, your clothes becoming sodden with water. As Bucky chases you around the kitchen with a wet rag, you lose your balance on the wet tiles, going flying backwards. You squeeze your eyes shut tight as you wait to collide with the hard floor, yet it never comes. Slowly, you open your eyes to see Bucky looking down at you, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist as his blue eyes glisten with concern.

Your heart beats rapidly in your chest, no longer because of the fall, but because of how intense Bucky’s gaze is. His eyes never leave yours for a second as you wrap your head around the feeling building in your stomach. It sounds cliché, but you could feel the wings of butterflies beating against your insides, a ridiculous smile lighting up your face as you lose yourself in his eyes. You can’t help but wonder if Bucky feels the same feeling burning deep inside of him. Your thoughts are confirmed as he leans in closer, but something inside of you shies away, a small voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re being ridiculous and imagining the whole thing.

You place your hands against Bucky’s chest, using his sturdy frame to help you straighten yourself up. You send him a warm smile as you pull yourself out of his grasp, backing away to head back to your room. “Thank you for your help… and catching me…” You say before making a quick exit and practically sprinting down the corridor, shutting yourself inside your room.

You slump down on your bed, running your hands through your hair as you try and steady your breathing. The one time a guy shows interest in you, you convince yourself that you’ve made it all up. Only you would be able to do something like that when their face is inches from yours. You pace around your room, trying to think of what you could say to Bucky when you saw him again.

“Sorry I freaked out earlier, I just have this constant doubt that you don’t actually like me, but I really like you, so do you want to go on a date sometime? No, that’s what I thought… Oh for god’s sake I’m being stupid, I need to be honest with him.” You say to yourself, pausing in front of your mirror as you take in you soaked appearance when you realise you forgot about the cupcakes.

You swing open your door and rush back into the kitchen, stopping in your tracks as you see Bucky icing the cupcakes, a small smile lighting up his face, the sound of your shoes against the tiles alerts him to your presence. As he looks up, you see a light blush covering the apples of his cheeks; he’d never looked so adorable before.

“Sorry if I freaked you out earlier-” He begins, but you cut him off, shaking your head as you walk a little closer, admiring the cupcakes he’d iced.

“You didn’t freak me out, I freaked myself out.” You admit, your hands fidgeting nervously. “These cupcakes look good though.” You say, hoping to change the subject.

“Well, I felt like I needed to do something to apologise. I was kinda the reason you slipped over.” He says, handing you a cupcake he’d kept hidden behind his back.

You take hold of the cupcake in your hand, smiling up at Bucky before looking down at the cupcake, your mouth forming a small ‘o’ as your breath catches in your throat. He’d iced a love heart onto the cupcake and for the third time that night, you felt your heat begin to beat erratically. You look back up at Bucky, a ridiculously large smile lighting up your face as you see he’s holding a cupcake in front of him with the word ‘DATE?’ iced on top. You take the cupcake from Bucky’s hand, placing it on the countertop beside your own before you close the distance between the two of you. You wrap your arms around his neck and lean up on your tip toes, pressing a fleeting kiss to his lips as his hands slide down to your waist.

You pull away, biting your lip as you nod your head, a cheesy grin gracing his lips. “That’s the most adorable way anyone’s asked me on a date before.” You say, a breathy laugh escaping your mouth as Bucky’s hands linger on your waist. “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.” You say as you realise how stupid of you it was to believe the voice in the back of your head.

Heaven Is Here (PART TWO)

SUMMARY: When you fall into a coma, Bucky is at your side immediately. In an attempt to bring you out of your comatose state, he recalls each and every significant moment in your relationship, reminding you of the fact that Heaven is here on earth; and it’s with him.

Word count: 3200

Warnings: Angst, mentions of an accident, Sad Bucky but cute flashbacks

This is part two in @bovaria and I’s collab. We hope you enjoy, ily

(Italics are memories/flashbacks btw)


Bucky flinched awake when a hand cupped his shoulder. He involuntarily pushed Steve away in defence, his chest rising and falling with heavy, rapid breaths. His tense frame slowly started to relax as he blinked for a few moments, coming back to reality. Steve looked at him with creased brows, his lips pursed.

“You alright there, Buck?” He inquired, hesitantly taking a few steps toward the confused male.

Bucky peered around the room once he realised where he was. His eyes quickly fell on Y/N, her body in the same position from when he first fell asleep. Despite not understanding the machines beside the bed, he studied the screens regardless, looking for any sign of potential decline in health.

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Hypothetically Speaking

Reader Request: Can you PRETTY PLEASE do #52 and #62 with Dean?? Thank yoU!!(requested by Anonymous)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,241

Warnings: Tiny bit of cursing!

Author’s Note: I hope you guys like this one!!

Prompts used:

#52: “Yeah, my heart does that when I’m around you.”
#62: “Hypothetically speaking, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?”


The hike was longer than I imagined.

Here I was, thinking I would pull off a ‘Sam’ and take a hike early in the morning. You know, before the sun came up and all that jazz.

First mistake of the day? That cursed alarm going off.

For some unknown reason, that damn thing went off louder than it should have, the blaring shrill echoing through the walls. I was literally terrified of the thought of it waking the brothers up. Especially Dean.

Oh, Dean…

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Take Time to Realize (Part 2 of 4)

Request: Modern Day!AU They are best friends and the reader likes Bucky but he doesn’t like her and when she confesses it’s like one of those ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’. After that Bucky realizes his feeling for the reader.

Word Count: 1,918

Warnings: None.

Part 1

A/N: I extended it and I hope you guys like it :) 

Originally posted by thesebbystan

“Y/N,” says your sister, shaking your forearm.

You glance up at her to see a deeply concerned look on her face and your brow furrows. “What?”

“You haven’t eaten anything,” she points out.

Looking down at your full plate, you put your fork down and exhale deeply, leaning back on your chair. “Guess I’m not hungry.”

“But it’s one of your favorite foods. Y/N, you really need to eat. You can’t-”

“I’m not hungry,” you say, rolling your eyes and getting on your feet.

It had been two days since everything with Bucky had gone awry. And since then, you had slept long hours, eating minimally, and spoken but a few words. It was like your world had taken on a dull grey color, like Bucky had sucked away the vivid colors as he told you that he didn’t see you the way you saw him.

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Bite — Hyungwonho

Originally posted by j00h0ney

A/N: hi y’all! it’s been so long since I’ve posted smut here. this is an imagine admin bingsoo has been waiting for for months. she directly requested this. since wonho is her ult bias, i made sure to make this extra special for her, including a lot of wonho x reader interactions and even including a song both her and wonho like, “bite” by troye sivan. so admin bingsoo, I hope you enjoy this and readers I hope you enjoy this too!

Plot: At first, getting kicked out of class with the two most frustrating troublemakers in your class seemed annoying. But the two of them change your mind quickly when they bring you along to their secret hideout and realize it only takes a song to get you going.

Word Count: 4,655
Song: “Bite” by Troye Sivan
Content: high school!au, threesome, kitten nickname, fingering, cunnilingus, handjobs, praise, overstimulation, cowgirl style, missionary position, doggy style

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First Time Together - Yuta (M)

Requested: Hi! Can you do a Yuta smut where they are making out but when things get further, the girl is too shy to take it further? Thank you in advance, I hope you write this since I haven’t seen Yuta smuts in your page. (idk if you wanted them to stop since the girl becomes shy or—but I made it an actual smut. Also the girl here is not meant to be a virgin.)

A/N: My first published Yuta smut!! A good celebration for his debut^^
Talk Talk by SNSD helped me get through this, bless
Um this is trash, but enjoy and feel free to cyberbully me


Word Count: 1,777

Yuta’s lips melded with yours, his hand caressing your jaw gently as you sat on the couch. You leaned into his touch, your eyes closing. Your heart fluttered as his soft lips moved against yours lovingly. You pulled back for a breath, his lips chasing yours. You leaned away from him, so far that you fell to the side, toppling onto the soft cushions of the sofa. You both laughed, and he crawled over your frame. He peppered kisses over your cheek, trailing down to your jaw and neck. You giggled again and cupped his face, stopping his movements and bringing him back to meet your lips. His hand moved up the side of your thigh, slipping under the fabric of your loose shorts. Your body heated up instantly and you squirmed under him. Impatiently, he took your bottom lip between his perfect teeth, tugging gently, your wriggling ceased and you let out a small whimper, your hands flying up to clutch his clothed biceps as your eyebrows knit together. He let go of your lip, capturing your lips again with a passionate fervor. He groaned into the kiss, introducing his warm, slick tongue to yours. Your hold on him got tighter, butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Lewd thoughts traveled through your hazy mind, his soft hand inching up. His lips left yours, dipping down to meet your neck. Your heart thumped wildly as he kissed the soft skin. You gasped as he carefully began to suck on the warm skin. By accident you moaned softly, pulling him closer. In return he groaned, his actions becoming rougher with hunger. You grew worried, awkwardly pushing him. He pulled away from you, his hair disheveled and eyes questioning. You looked to the side, thinking of how you should word your thoughts.

“What is it?” he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

His hand under your loose gym shorts began to gently stir, his fingertips coming in contact with your soft underwear. You stuttered over your words, feeling too hot. He leaned down again and you closed your eyes, expecting him to return to his kisses, instead he nosed against your neck, nuzzling into the soft skin.

“Talk to me” he murmured.

“Nothing- I-I… want you to continue” you hesitated.

Suddenly his beautiful face was in front of yours again; both of you knowing the hidden meaning behind your words, what continuing would lead to.

“Stop looking at me like that” you mumbled, avoiding his intense gaze.

He smiled at you before resuming his serious expression.

“You’re sure?”

You nodded, sure of your decision. Abruptly, he got up from the couch and offered you his hand. You grasped his hand, pulling yourself up, and let him lead you to the bedroom. Your hands became moist quickly, your breathing already heavy in anticipation. After pulling you into his bedroom he shut the door, turning to you immediately after.

“Ah- do you have one?” you asked, the thought suddenly popping into your mind as you sat on the bed stoically.

He nodded, smiling before pulling his wallet from his back pocket. You made a face at him before scoffing slightly at his cliché logic. He threw his wallet at you and you caught it, squeezing the warm leather in your hands gently. He reached for the bottom of his shirt, gripping the thin fabric, his eyes watching you. He was hesitant until you bit your plump bottom lip, your legs squeezing together unconsciously in anticipation. He grinned to himself, pulling his t-shirt off and tossing it at you.
You quickly pulled his dark t-shirt from your head and giggled when you saw him again, eyes tracing over his lean but defined torso. He smiled sweetly and pulled you up from the bed, his skin radiating with heat.

“You’re next” he murmured while smiling.

His slim hands pulled your tank top from you, dropping it to the side carelessly. Warm hands caressed your waist, pulling you closer. You clutched his wallet tightly in your hands in front of your chest. His forehead met yours before he closed the gap between your lips. You sighed into the kiss, melting against him. Yuta’s hands slid down to the waistband of your shorts; he pushed the flimsy fabric from you, letting it pool at your ankles. His strong hands smoothed over the back of your silky underwear next before groping your ass gently. He wasted no time moving to hook his thumbs under the waistband. You gulped as he pushed them down, your breathing audible. The cool, silky fabric fell to your feet. He kept eye contact with you, plucking the wallet from your small hands and guiding your agile hands down to his pants. Your hesitant fingers brushed the front of his pants and he drew in a long breath. Before you knew it, you had his faded jeans open, your nimble hands pushing them down from his hips. You swallowed thickly as they fell to his feet and you saw the prominent outline of his length. You couldn’t tear your eyes away, his hardened manhood pressing against the tight fabric of his gray briefs. One of his hands caught your wrist by surprise; you looked up at him, ready to apologize, but held your tongue as he pressed your hand to his covered member. His much larger hand overlapped yours; gently massaging his erection with your hand, making you hold your breath as you felt him. He let out a small moan in satisfaction when you ventured to move your hand on your own.
He pushed you back, toward the bed. You sat on the bed again, watching your boyfriend kick his forlorn jeans to the side. Next, he discarded his briefs, his eyes flashing up to meet yours. In return you reached behind you, working to unclasp your bra hurriedly.

He had you on your back, his feverish lips dancing with yours. His hands wandered over your body, exploring the wonders. Your arms were tightly wrapped around his neck, pulling him as close as possible. Every time his member brushed against your skin you grew hotter with need and want. Both your clothes were long gone, desire building as time passed. He left your lips and you loosened your arms, opening your eyes to look into his. Yuta quickly moved down to your chest, kissing and sucking on the delicate skin. Your hands wove into his hair, urging him to continue. He showered your breasts with attention and affection, listening as delighted moans and sighs left your lips. His hot tongue traced lazy patterns over your perked nipples causing you to arch your back, whining his name. He mumbled into your skin, one of his hands venturing down to your heat. You gasped as his long fingers run along your slick folds. You draped one of your legs over his hip, unconsciously giving him more access. Easily, he slid two fingers inside of you, taking his time to carefully pump into you. His slow and controlled motions grew faster and sloppier with time. You panted under him, an undone mess from his lewd actions. He withdrew his fingers, gingerly taking them into his mouth as he watched your chest heave up and down. Sitting back, he reached for his wallet, pulling the condom out. You watched as he tore it open and rolled it on. He sat back further, holding his covered length in his hand. His eyes looked to your entrance then back to your eyes.

“Can I? Are you sure?” he asked, stilling his actions.

You nodded quickly, reaching a hand out to him. He leaned over you, coming into your reach. He supported himself, his hand sprawled next to your arm. His muscles flexed as he shifted his weight, before smiling endearingly.

“I’m sure” you assured, squeezing his arm gently.

His tongue sneaked out to quickly wet his lips as he listened to his cue. He looked down, directing his throbbing cock to your core. He seized one of your legs, guiding you to wrap it around his waist. You could feel his covered head prodding at your entrance and held your breath. Yuta made his way in slowly, stretching you the perfect amount. You felt so full, he was perfect. You urged him to continue, caressing his shoulder.

He started off with long, languid strokes, his hips moving seamlessly.

“I love you-”

“Yuta” you whined, your nails biting his skin as his pace fastened.

His grip on your leg tightened, a few low moans leaving his mouth. You pulled him to you, causing a fault in his rhythmic thrusts. He kissed your shoulder, moving his hands to hold your waist. His gentle demeanor changed, hip hips suddenly driving into you relentlessly. You screamed his name, clutching onto his shoulders tightly before he slowed. He didn’t give you time to say anything, his lips melding with yours again. You whined into the kiss, wrapping both your legs around his waist. He kissed your cheek, picking up his pace again. You chanted praise as he slid his hand from your waist to your hip, his thumb reaching to abuse your clit. Your hands left him, instead moving to grope your own breasts. You moaned loudly, your pitch increasing as his eager thumb tormented you. He cursed before stilling in you, his mouth gaping, a shaky groan leaving.
He cursed a few more times before pulling out. Your body deflated as he pulled out. Reaching euphoria together was something you had been looking forward to. You untangled your limbs from his, disappointed. Immediately, he slid down, pushing your legs apart with his hands. His tongue lapped at your folds before pushing in. Your hands flew to his hair as you arched your back, calling his name. His eyes were closed as he worked sensually, humming against your womanhood. His hand joined his mouth, and he moved to suckle on your clit gently.

“Please-” you begged, your body squirming.

He obeyed, pulling away and rubbing your swollen clit roughly. Your pants became louder as you felt the tension building.

“More” you breathed.

He worked faster than thought possible- making you cry loudly. Your orgasm washed over your whole being, your back arching off the bed, your toes curling, your throat trapping your words. His hand stopped, and he bent down to carefully lick at your tired heat again, giving it a farewell kiss before leaving it.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled, an embarrassed smile on his face as he kissed your hip.

“You’re amazing” you gushed, reaching for him, with a smile on your face.

“Next time” he assured quietly, hinting at orgasming together.

“Next time” you repeated, a small giggle leaving your lips as he smiled warmly.

A/N: Because with sex practice and knowing your partner is everything~ I couldn’t have it go 100% as planned for their first time together now could I? I’m mean, but you still admit, he was amazing and it was perfect.

Richtor’s Grimoire Tips, Part 01

So, I started writing this post with the intention of it being just a singular post, but I got going and got really into it… and it ended up being six pages in Microsoft Word, and I’m still not even done it. Because of its length, I’ve decided to split it into multiple posts and sections - to make the information in it easier to take in smaller doses, as well as to save everyone’s dashboards. When all the pieces are on my blog, I will make a compilation list-post of all of them, so they can be accessed easily in one place.

I hope you enjoy this post series!


I got an ask requesting some tips for keeping a grimoire, and I decided to make a full (multi)post on it. 

What is written here will be suggestions and things that I think are useful to know or try; you are in no way obligated or required do these things. Take from this post what you find useful, and leave what you don’t. There are probably also going to be other ways of keeping a grimoire that won’t be included here, due to my own particular views and experiences not leading me to see those options. Whatever works for you, works for you - it doesn’t matter if anybody else likes it, as long as you are happy with what you are doing and it gets the job done. I just hope that this post will prove useful, and provide some points to ponder or give inspiration and new ideas to try.

Please note: there are other terms that can be used to describe a book of spells and research on witchcraft (i.e. Book of Shadows for Wiccan practitioners), but for consistency’s sake, I will just use “grimoire.”

Let’s start with some definitions first - what exactly *is* a grimoire? Searching the term on Google, the first definition you see is “a book of magic spells and invocations.” [Dictionary.com] states that a grimoire is “a manual of magic or witchcraft used by witches and sorcerers.” A look at Wikipedia brings up a more in-depth explanation:

“A grimoire is a textbook of magic, typically including instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets; how to perform magical spells; charms and divination; and how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons.”


My personal definition of grimoire lines up pretty well with that from Wikipedia. I view a grimoire as a collection of information that proves useful to a magic user in their practice - this can include things like information on particular spell components (like correspondences for crystals, herbs, etc.), any number of spells (or even sigils) that can be used or referenced, research on new branches of magic that a person may wish to experiment with, important magical dates (such as moon timing / phases and positioning, the Sabbats / esbats, etc.)… Anything that could come into play in someone’s magical practice, can be put into a grimoire for future reference.

I think it is important to keep a grimoire, in whatever format you happen to do so in. I will talk more about different ways one might have a grimoire later, but I do believe that keeping the information you’ve learned and the spells you wish to use in one place is very useful. This helps not only with information recall and fact checking for reference when doing spellwork, but also for organizational purposes (which I will admit is important to me, but maybe not so much for others). Keeping notes on spells can also be critical; in the instance of something going wrong, you can go back and check your steps and riddle out what might have caused the error, and use that knowledge when trying again to improve your technique.

I know that this post doesn’t actually contain many tips on keeping a grimoire, but I still think it should be said. (It also would have been way too long if I had included the first chunk of tips and information I have written.) Please keep your eyes out for part two, that talks about the styles of grimoires you could keep. Thanks for reading!

anonymous asked:

For your 1k celebration, can I ask a Steve/Reader on that's not on your choice of prompts? I was thinking of giving one myself: 'It was only when he lost her that he realized that he loved her' and 'It's when the heart waits, when it refuses to let go, that it knows it has found something real.' Angsty then fluffy? I hope it's okay. But I understand if it isn't. Congratulations on your 1k! 😊

Word Count: 1, 743 (IT’S SO LONG SORRY)

Pairing: Skinny!Steve x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance

A/N: This got real angsty real quick. I hope you enjoy, I know you wanted fluff (hopefully there was enough) but I really wanted to take it in this direction. P.S. HOPE YOU DON’T MIND SKINNY STEVE BECAUSE I’M ADDICTED.

December 1941,

Paint covered the lemon material of your dress as you elegantly moved the brushes bristles against the canvas. Steve and Bucky were either side of you and all three of you were quietly painting the vase of flowers placed for the whole art class to see. The old radio crackled in the background as if trying to drown out the dull voice of your teacher. Though, Steve completely adored the ageing man that ran the class, you and Bucky, however, found him irritating.


“What was that?” Steve snapped his head up, his brush dropping in his murky brown water pot. “Can you please turn that up, sir?”

The teacher whose name you never bothered to learn smiled graciously at his favourite student and increased the volume. You knew Steve heard this time. His jaw was hanging open and he was staring at Bucky. Steve started wiping his hands on his slacks and Bucky was slamming shut the watercolour palette in front of him. You followed suit, cleaning your brush and drying your paint covered hands.

“Where are you going?” You called to the two men who were already at the door and bidding their goodbyes to the class.

Steve’s scrawny body hurried over to you, his knees knocking together and his face a grinning mess, “I’ll meet you back at our place doll, I can finally do what I was made for.”

You sighed at the blonde man that was now inching himself up to kiss your cheek. He always spoke about how he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps- fight for his country and all that business. You loved Steve, but you weren’t sure if being on the front lines was the right place for him. After all, he was tiny, underweight and had more medical problems than anyone you knew.

But nobody could stop Steve. That’s why when Bucky had gone to bed, Steve finally went to your shared room, peeled the covers back and sobbed quietly into your chest. They had rejected him. You knew he was hiding it, and he fooled Bucky, but he knew he didn’t have to hide it with you.

“At least I’ve got you, Y/N,” Steve whispered once the sobbing had ceased.

February 1942,

You stood next to the train that was overflowing with the 107th. Steve’s bony hand was clinging to yours as Bucky stood checking through his case for the sixth time. Your eyes were brimming with tears as you stared at the brunette that was ready to be shipped off in uniform- he had always looked out for you, and he was, surprisingly, the first person you went to for advice.

Bucky dropped the pack in his hand and marched over to Steve who was staring at your shoes. “Come here, Rogers.” Bucky mumbled as he grabbed Steve in an embrace. You walked over to the other side of the platform and stared at the intricate map, to distract yourself from the thought that your best friend was leaving. After a few minutes a large hand grabbed your shoulder and pressed you into their chest.

“Don’t let that punk do anything stupid while I’m gone,” He laughed into your hair. You inhaled his scent and replied,

“Nobody is going to stop Steve, not even me.”

April 1942,

Tears poured down your face as you found yourself back at the same train station you were at two months prior. But this time, you were saying goodbye to the man who had stolen your heart all those years ago at your Art School. Back then everything felt so simple. The tiny boy would bring you flowers every afternoon after you had finished class and you’d spend hours on end sitting in your car with Glenn Miller playing in the background. Of course, you knew things weren’t always going to stay the same, but you didn’t expect him to ship himself off as soon as he could.

His case was in your right hand and his body engulfed yours as you stood next to the train- again. You knew Steve was crying because his chest was rising and falling quicker than it usually did, and his tiny hands were sweating extreme amounts. You lifted your tear stained face to meet his bloodshot eyes, he offered you a small smile before you leaned your face towards his and joined your lips for what would be the last time in a long while. The kiss was shorter than either of you wanted and full of tears and short sobs- meaningful nonetheless.

A brown haired woman walked over to where you were standing and pressed a hand to your arm, “Hi ma’am, I’m Agent Margaret Carter. I’m just letting you know that all recruits must start boarding now.” And she entered the train, leaving you and a few other couples standing on the platform.

“Steven Grant Rogers, I swear to you, if you do not come back here alive I’m going to kill you myself,” You sniffled, wiping away the few stray tears that clung to your face.

“So you’ll wait for me?” He asked, his tiny body rocking back and forth on his tiptoes.

“As long as you want me, I’m yours.”

February 1943,

Your heels clacked against the brown tiled floor of a bar in the centre of France. The dark skinned man named Gabe led you through, rather quietly, to the back room, purposely missing out the main floor where all the soldiers were.

A letter had come in the post a few weeks prior. Of course it was a shock to see Bucky’s messy handwriting sprawled across the cream parchment addressed to you. It’s contents was a plane ticket for the 4th and exact instructions- you even had your own little ‘servant’ that would follow you around because Bucky had ordered them to. And under no circumstances was Steve allowed to know. Speaking of Steve, Bucky had written that you were in for the thrill of your life- something along the lines of ‘huge and pure muscle’ which you struggled to believe.

Gabe led you into a narrow room that had clippings covering the faded orange paint. Though you weren’t interested in the clippings or the bottles of liquor stacked in perfect rows. The only thing you could see was Bucky. He was there and he was real. With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and a crooked military hat was placed over his messy hair.

He ran over to you, pushing a large bearded man out of the way in the process, and grabbed your dainty hand so that he could twirl you around. “My, my, Y/N, Steve is one lucky fella,”

“Oh please, you flatter me!” You giggled into his chest as he wrapped his broad arms around your body. “But, I must say, you look very handsome in your uniform, I really have missed you.”

He grabbed your hand as soon as you left his embrace only to wrap his arm around your shoulder, “Well, you’ve got all week to see me, I suppose I better take you to your prince charmin’. I haven’t seen him tonight though, doll, so we might wait around a bit.”

You lifted your head slightly and smiled in return as Bucky began escorting you out of the room and into the brightly lit bar. He ushered you into a booth straight away and was shortly followed by a huge clan of men. You recognised one of them as Dum Dum from a picture Bucky had mailed you- Steve had stopped sending letters after he started travelling more with the Howling Commandos.

“Gentlemen, this is Y/N Y/L/N, one day will be Mrs. Rogers,” Bucky said coolly, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder, “And the best friend a guy could ask for.”

“I didn’t know Rogers had a lady waiting for him,” A man with a strong French accent uttered, looking you up and down.

“Well he definitely does and you’re looking at her. I wasn’t going’t let go of that gem,” You replied as you took the cup from Bucky’s hand and took a swig.

“Speaking of ol’ Stevey boy, here he comes now!” The man who you thought was named Jim said.

You craned your neck around, the blood rushing through your veins in excitement. Bucky hoisted both of you up from the cracked leather chair so that you could get a better look at him. If they hadn’t told you it was Steve, you never would have guessed- he was no longer the short and scrawny boy, he was tall and muscular with perfectly chiselled features, and you were transfixed. He was what your Steve wanted to be but never could.  

“Uh, Y/N, why don’t we go someplace else to get a drink, huh? Steve looks tired, let’s do this tomorrow,” Bucky rushed, grabbing onto your wrist and yanking your body in the opposite direction.

“Why would we d-” You began, your words falling short as you witnessed what Bucky was trying so hard to protect you from.

The woman that had escorted Steve onto the train that day long ago was now strolling into the bar, wearing a beautiful red dress that you could never pull off,  Steve’s brown leather jacket hanging loosely on her shoulders and Steve’s hand encased in her palm. She looked beautiful. Every part of her was polished to perfection and Steve was looking at her with the same eyes he once had only for you.

Steve turned towards the rest of the bar with the proudest look on his face and began moving him and Margaret- if you remembered correctly- through the bodies. Although, his body seemed to stop moving completely as his dancing blue eyes locked with yours. You could see the complete shock on his face as he stared at you- the girl he had left at home.

Years spent together all for the sight you were seeing. You didn’t know if you were more upset or angry but all you knew was that you didn’t want to be anywhere near Steve or his new found love.

“Bucky would you please just get me outta here.”

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i don't know if you're doing requests right now? but i love your writing and a fluffy/funny woozi helping you and your period sounds rly good rn ^^

((Bruh, periods fucking suck man. What is this madness, I mean…can my uterus just chill out and not try to dig it’s way out of my body? Cuz that’s what it feels like when I’m on my period and suffering from cramps. It ain’t fun. It just ain’t. Anyway, sorry for taking so long, Anon, and I hope you feel better!))

Pairings: JihoonxReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,531

Summary: This is unfair. This is so unfair. Why do women have to suffer for NOT being pregnant? Why is that a thing? How does that make sense? Luckily for you, as you writhe on the floor in total agony, salvation comes in the form of a loving, multi-talented boyfriend who’s not afraid to jump to your aid. 


This was it. This was the end for you. This was how you were going to die: curled up on the hard cold floor, crushed by a mountain of blankets, some late afternoon drama playing in the background and you suffering from woman’s monthly punishment from God. Your period always put you in a catatonic state, your body numb and exhausted just from dealing with itself and all energy zapped from your being. The only things you felt in your zombie state were your cramps. Evil, sharp, unrelenting and uncaring, your cramps put you out of commission for a full two days. Your only stroke of ‘luck’ was that your period always came on a weekend, giving you those two days to recover.

So that’s how you were spending your Saturday, suffering for the good a child you may or may not have one day in the future. Your phone sang every now and then with text messages from your friends asking if you were alright. There was even one from your boyfriend, Jihoon, that you hadn’t replied to yet. 20% because you didn’t want to bother him with your woes and 80% because you just didn’t have the strength anymore. That was, what…4…maybe 5 hours ago? Sounds about right. You had been drifting in and out of consciousness during that time, knowing back as many painkillers as you could without killing yourself and overall just being miserable.

You had falling into a restless sort of sleep with your eyes trained blankly on the TV, watching the last 20 minutes of some drama, and when you came to, a variety show was on…and someone’s arm was around your waist. Any other time, you would have raised hell because who the hell?! Today? You hoped they would kill you so the pain would go away indefinitely.

“Are you awake now, Jagi?” Careful fingers carded through your hair and warm breath ghosted past your ear.

‘Jihoon?’ you thought absently, rolling back and turning your head up.

That was Jihoon alright, head propped up on his fist and just as crushed under the blankets as you were. How he got in there without waking you up, you’ll never know.

“I texted you,” he stated, trying to sound agitated, but giving himself away when his dimples made an appearance as you reached up to poke his cheek.

“I know,” you mumbled.

“I sent you several texts.”

“…You did?”

He nodded, “How come you didn’t text me back? I was worried.”

The groaning whine you released was all the answer you could give, shaking your head for good measure. Why did he think it was a good idea to ask a question that required strength to answer? Jihoon laughed his adorable laugh and tightened his hold around you.

“I know, I know,” he teased, nuzzling into your hair, “You don’t have the energy today.” He pulled back to study you, his eyes roaming your face as a smirk found its’ way to his lips. “You do look like crap.”

You glared and he cackled. “What? D.K. said the best remedy for pain is jokes and laughter!” You were going to remember that for when you felt better.

“What time is it?” you asked groggily, feeling around for your phone.

Jihoon reached over to grab it for you, placing it in your hands, “Almost 8 PM. So dinner time.”

You were surprised and looked back at him again, “You’re home early…”

“Mmhm,” he verified, idly stroking your cheek with his thumb, “After the 5th text with no reply, I tried calling your friend to see if they heard from you. They told me you were on your period and at home, so I finished up what work absolutely needed to be done and came straight home to take care of you.”

Why, you could just cry!…Oh wait, you were. Jihoon became a bit alarmed when your eyes filled with tears faster than a shot glass filled with water under the tap.

“Yah, why are you crying?” he asked, catching the streak of tears on his fingers.

It was going to take too much energy to explain your menstrual mood swings, so you opted instead to turn fully around and wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. Jihoon went still for a brief moment and then embraced you back. A smile took his face and a chuckle echoed in his chest.

“Aish, you’re so clingy,” he teased, pausing when you suddenly whimpered and fisted his shirt, “Jagi?”

You whimpered again, the sound filled with pain. Your body tense and your legs shuffling uncomfortably, you regretted moving from your original spot. A miniscule monster with razor sharp teeth and an affinity for pain started tearing at your abdomen. Jihoon cradled you, stroking your back and helping you ride it out. He pressed his lips to your crown repeatedly, whispering comforting words until the pain subsided and you could breathe at last.

“That was intense,” he observed, brushing your hair off of your hot skin, “It can’t be comfortable to be on the floor like this and going through that. Come on, Jagi, let’s move you to the bed.”

You thought to protest- you didn’t feel like walking- but Jihoon surprised the hell out of you by picking you up, blankets and all, and carried you to the bedroom. You were pretty sure you were dead weight at this point, so when did he get that strong!? When you were settled on the soft mattress, he sat beside you, gazing at you steadily.

“Have you eaten?” He frowned when you shook your head, “Y/N, you can’t starve yourself. Doesn’t that make the cramps worse?”

“Don’t yell at me.”

He scoffed and laughed a little bit- he hadn’t been yelling and you knew it, hence your exaggerated pout, “Where’s your heating pad?”

“It broke.”

“What do you mean ‘it broke’?”

“It stopped working today. It won’t heat up anymore.”

“Today is definitely not your day.” He caressed your cheek with the back of his hand. You looked so tired and Jihoon hated seeing you like this, but he also knew how much you hated seeing him worried over you.

“Wait here. I’m going to make you something to eat.” He pecked your lips and made to leave, glancing back just once before disappearing.

You remained in place, rocking back and forth, focusing on blocking the pain out. How many years had passed since Jihoon left you to suffer like this? How dare he come riding in on a white horse to comfort you only to abandon you so soon afterwards with little more than a quick kiss? Okay…Okay, maybe you were exaggerating. It probably wasn’t that long at all. The cramps only made it feel like a millennium.

You vaguely heard shuffling and a muffled clink on the nightstand next to you. You peeked out from your cocoon, grinning eyes greeting you before you were coaxed to sit up.

“Look what I got.” He held up a brand new heating pad…So wait, he actually left?! “I ran down to the store two blocks from here. Literally ran. I hope you know how much I love you.”

He set you up comfortably against the headboard, plugging in the heating pad and placing it gently against your stomach to let the magic work. You whined when another wave of cramps assaulted you, Jihoon giving you some pain-killers and a cup of hot tea to chase them down.

“My favorite tea,” you mused quietly as you took a sip, Jihoon nodding proudly.

“And your favorite soup,” he added, gesturing to the bowl of steaming goodness waiting for your attention, “Make sure to eat it while it’s still hot. The heat will help.”

You giggled, tilting your head back when he leaned down to steal another tender kiss, “Thank you.”

He hummed, his forehead resting against yours and those lovable dimples on display, “Of course, Jagi. Anything for you.”

Soon enough, the two of you were cuddled up under your blankets, your empty bowl and tea mug stacked on the night stand. Jihoon had his arm around you, stroking your arm and shoulder as you rested your head on his shoulder. His laptop lay open between you, playing some move you couldn’t be bothered to recall the name of. You were too warm, too happy, to care much about the title, your cramps all but disappearing thanks to your wonderful boyfriend’s care.

You felt pinpricks every now and then, but as if he too felt your pain, Jihoon would reach his hand over to stroke your stomach over the heating pad.

“Feel better soon, Jagi. I don’t like it when you’re in pain,” his voice said worriedly.

“I already feel better, Jihoonie,” you mumbled, eyes closing drowsily, “I still feel tired, though.”

“Then sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.” A kiss brushed the top of your head and then Jihoon was softly singing, a lullaby just for you.

You smiled tiredly, his voice sounding farther away with each passing note until you succumbed to your exhaustion and drifted into peaceful slumber. Finally.

“I love you, Y/N. Get better soon.”

The Serpent and The Lion

(gif credit to the creators)

Part 2 - A Different Perspective

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,173
Warnings: none
A/N: I’m so glad you guys are liking this so far! I hope you enjoy this part. Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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Real Love//Part One

Originally posted by alfred-enoch

A/N: Ok so this is going to be a short series inspired by the goat Mary J Blige’s track Real Love. It’s an AU where you and Justin are neighbors. Justin is a struggling musician trying to finish his mixtape so he can finally put his music out there. You’re also attempting to make it into the entertainment industry as an actress but you’ve also experienced some bumps in the road. I hope you like it and let me know what you think!(:

Warnings: None; except for like one swear word lmao 

                                   Oh, when I met you I just knew
                               That you would take my heart and run

There had been this ringing sound going off in your head for the last twenty minutes and it was driving you crazy. You roll over, scoff in frustration and try to chase the deep sleep you were in just a few minutes ago. That’s when it clicks and seconds later your springing up in bed glancing at the alarm clock on your nightstand.

8:30 am


You were supposed to already be on your way to an audition downtown. Scrambling off of your bed and stumbling into your bathroom, you sped your way through brushing your teeth and washing your face. After pulling on a pair of jeans and shoving your arms through a clean white v-neck shirt, you snatch up your purse finally ready to get this audition done.

You still had twenty minutes to get down to the studio before the audition started but as you opened your door, you came face to face with your neighbor just across the hall.

“Hey Y/N!” His voice sounded like he had been at a concert, screaming his lungs out and singing along to the words.

“Hey!” You smile wide, forgetting why you were rushing out of your one bedroom apartment in the first place.

“You’re up early, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of your apartment before twelve.” He smirks.

“Mhmm, what about you? You look like you had a great night?” You quirk a groomed eyebrow.

Then he smiles that smile that you’ve come to love and your heart literally skips a beat.

“Yea I did. Well I gotta get this mixtape finished, I’m almost done. Just one more song and then I can finally send it out.”

“Yea? You ever gonna let me hear it?”

You heard Justin sing a couple times but he usually kept that to himself. He was guarded about it, only letting me hear a few bars before he retreated back into his shell.

“One day.” Justin winks and again your heart jumps. It’s been awhile since you’ve been interested in anyone and of course it had to be my insanely good looking neighbor.

“Anyway where are going this early?”

His question stuns you back into reailty and you’re rushing down the stairs as you answer, “An audition! See ya later Justin!”

Justin watches happily over the stairs as you’re running down them, “Break a leg Y/N!” He shouts just before you’re rushing down the last steps into the humid LA weather.

GOT7 reaction to you saying yes to their confession

@bts-booty​ said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Omma! Congrats! Your really deserve it. Also I have an idea for a reaction! Can you do one of there response when you accept his confession and become his girlfriend ?

Thank yo so much! sorry for the along wait T_T
I hope you like the reaction ^_^
Notice there will be not profiles this week
~ahgase Omma


Minimal eye contact as his nerves start to kick in, he doesn’t want to stumble over his words, but as soon as you say yes the smile on his face just grows and grows. he’s still trying to be cool and calm but its clearly not the case.


Its takes a second but its clear that his processing the situation. he stares at you smiling at him, maybe checking to see if your being serious,  he smiles shyly, obviously over the moon, but just can’t quite believe it.


In a blink of an eye his nervousness is gone and he’s smiling. he takes a deep breath and holds you close to him. he can finally stop stressing and be happy.


You can see in his eyes that he’s super happy, but his eyes stay wide open and diluted in a state of shock. it does take him a while to realise what you’ve been through, but he still loves it.


becomes overly squishy, and affectionate, he’s so hyper he’s bouncing of the walls, constantly repeating ‘really?’ ‘Really!!?’


Even thought he hates he, he completely derps out. he didn’t really think this far ahead, so he’s shocked that you even answered him seriously.


Honestly didn’t think about the answer you might give, so when you say yes, he doesn’t have a cool reposes to react with. he just smiles babbles a lot then when he calms down slightly he really articulate what he feels.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there. I'm neutral (not a shipper or an anti) but I can't help but get emotional over this twitter WS stuff. I know someone who committed suicide after being bullied online and I really want everyone to be okay. Bullying is not acceptable in any manner. I understand you personally don't engage with WS and antis but I hope WS & antis will realize that their words can cause irreparable harm to someone. CAN WE PLEASE CALL TRUCE?! Thank you. Have a good day and take care x

hi! thanks for stopping by. I agree with everything you said. I think it’s despicable that these are grown, more than fully grown in Shatner’s case, adults picking on people half their age because of how we’re choosing to be fans. It’s reprehensible. and the fact that they’re choosing to do it at a time when people are being murdered in cold blood simply because of the color of their skin is what really makes my blood boil. Focus on something more important. Sorry, not to get all political but that being said, the bullying has been going on way before Shatner appeared. He’s just kind of escalated it and put it under a magnifying glass for 2.4 million people to see. It’s not going to stop. These people have no lives and even less consideration for other’s feelings. They don’t know they’re bullies. Or they just refuse to admit it. It’s pathetic and sad but the most we can do is ignore it. We, both as shippers and as a fandom, are better than all of these people. We know it and deep down they know it too. If we ignore it as best we can, they’ll just be screaming into a void. 

ps it’s nice to know neutral fans are taking our side. shippers are kind of the scape goat of this fandom so it feels good when we have outside support. thank you <3

Sick (Yuta)

Request:  If it’s not too much trouble can I request yuta from Nct fluff or angst? Thank you so much ahead of time

Summary: Boyfriend Yuta taking care of you when you’re sick.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1K

Note: It’s a bit short but I hope this is okay! I picked the fluff cause I’m not too good at angst haha. Please enjoy :D 

Originally posted by yutasm

You woke up with a pounding headache and sore limbs. You felt like you were in the North Pole but you were sweating buckets. Your throat felt like a desert but your nose was running like a tap. You were sick. Dear god, this was horrible.

You slowly sat up, your head feeling like an anchor, as you reached for your phone. The first person that came to mind was Yuta. You knew it was his off day and you were hoping he wasn’t busy as you dialled for him.

“Y/N?” Yuta’s angelic voice flowed through the receiver.

On the other hand, your voice had come out scratchy and hoarse, “Yuta…”

You sounded like death.

“Y/N are you sick? You sound horrible.” Yuta asked, concerned.

Not wanting to strain your voice, you hummed in response to his question, but even that sounded bad.

“I’ll be right there, stay in bed. Love you.” He told you before he hung up.

You weren’t sure how you fell back asleep, but you woke up feeling of someone shaking you.

“Y/N… I got soup and medicine.” Yuta softly tells you.

You blink a few times to adjust to the light before Yuta helps you sit up. He holds onto a tray with soup on it and sits in front of you.

“Wait, I think it’s a bit hot.” Yuta mumbles, picking up a spoonful of soup and blowing on it before he feeds you.

“Is that okay?” He asks, watching as you swallow.

You nod as he continues to feed you, watching you carefully. When you accidentally spill soup down your chin, he takes a napkin to clean it up.

“I’m sorry.” You apologize, coughing.

Yuta simply shakes his head, standing up with the tray, announcing, “I’ll go make you tea, be right back.”

You check the time on your phone and see that it’s already four in the afternoon. Yuta had wasted his off day taking care of you. When he comes back with two cups of piping hot tea and medicine, you thanked him.

“Just make sure that you’re okay. That’s all I want.” He tells you, handing you the cup.

Yuta hands you some pills and you take them as he settles beside you with his own cup of tea and your laptop. He had opened up your favourite movie as you made yourself comfortable on his chest, his arm curling around your body.

Yuta starts to rub small circles on your back that lull you to sleep halfway through the movie. The next time you wake up, it’s to an alarm which jolted you awake from your deep sleep. The first thing that you registered was a warm body behind yours and an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“Morning babe.” Yuta mumbled, kissing your neck. 

Jesus, his morning voice. You turn around to see Yuta glowing like an angel, which you genuinely felt he was. How could someone wake up looking that beautiful? It was beyond you.

You felt better, the headache from the day before gone, but you still felt out of it.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks quietly, studying your face.

You nodded and a smile slowly grew on his face.


You both laid there in silence, as Yuta ran his hand up and down your back, relaxing you. It was a while before his alarm rang again and he groaned as the peace was ruined once again.

“I need to go for a schedule later.” He informs you as you nod.  

As much as you wanted to stay in bed, you hadn’t walked for about a day and you needed to use the washroom. You slowly sat up which triggered Yuta to help you.

“Toilet?” He asked as you nodded in response.

Yuta helped you all the way there, making sure you were okay.

“I’ll go make breakfast. Call for me if you need help or anything.” He tells you before shutting the bathroom door.

You look into the mirror to see how much of a mess you looked like. Your hair was dishevelled and you looked like death. You quickly fixed yourself and washed up before you walked out to the smell of toast and eggs.

You settle on the island chair, watching Yuta flip the eggs. He glances over at you and goes to pour a cup of water, which he hands to you before continuing with his cooking. The small gesture made you smile and your heart flutter.

Once breakfast was served, he made sure that the food was okay for you before starting to eat. You see him check the clock a few times and you finally said your first words, “If you need to go, please go. I don’t want you to be late.”

“Don’t worry, I already told my manager.” He replies, cleaning up the plates.

Yuta once again hands you medication to take, which you gladly do. When the time came for Yuta to leave, you were already nestled into your bed, wrapped up in your blankets, courtesy of him. You had everything you would need within arm’s length.

“Okay. I’m gonna go now. I’ll check in on you later.” Yuta tells you, kissing your forehead.

He rushes off to his schedule as you continue resting. Occasionally you receive a text from Yuta, checking in on you like he said he would. When his schedule had ended, he called in to check what you wanted for supper.

“Is soup okay? Or do you want something else?” He asked as you heard bustling in the background.

“I’m okay with anything.” You answered, your throat condition improved.

“Okay then. I’ll be right over, stay in bed. I love you Y/N.”

You were so blessed.

Jiwon, The Nurse?

Group/Member: Jiwon/iKon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 900+

Summary: You wake up in the wee hours of the morning feeling a bit sick. No worries. Your caring boyfriend, Jiwon, is there to take care of you. 

Requested: Yes! Anonymous requested: “Can you do an ikon bobby fluff imagine when his girlfriend feel sick and he takes care of her. Thanks~♡ Sorry for my English”

Author’s Note: Your english is just fine Hun! Thank you for requesting! I enjoyed writing this… I hope this what you were hoping/looking for!

- Admin Sonsee

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