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‘take my hand and my heart and soul, i will only have these eyes for you…’cause you are the only one’– ed sheeran“ONE”


Pieces of Cher [¼]

Imagine if tomorrow this all went. What would I do? Sometimes it can get really difficult, because sometimes I feel like I’m in this bubble. The saddest part is that I don’t actually want this bubble to pop. ‘Cause the minute that that bubble pops, is when it’s all over. So, from that moment I opened my eyes, I realized that I’m never ever going to take any of this for granted. 

I feel like my lower body is finally GROWING. I’ve been training legs 2x a week (1 day hammie/glutes and 1 day quad focused) which is the easy part. The hard part for me is getting over the mental hurtle of eating more and seeing my body change. Some days are harder than others but I realize that this body is maintainable. This body is healthy. It allows me to eat pints of Ben & Jerry’s, take rest days and have a life outside of the gym. I made a promise to myself to not only love my body when I was comfortable with it but love it through the uncomfortable too - And I plan to keep that promise.

The Shipping Corner: Ladynoir P. 2, The Love Square Murk

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Part Onehttp://theromancescrooge.tumblr.com/post/142477824555/the-shipping-corner-ladynoir-p-1-a-character

The goal of part one was to present a general character sketch of these two, sewing their respective alter-egos with their pedestrian counterparts. Now comes the sticky part: digging into the four dimensions of their love square. 


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Start with the fundamental idea: Ladybug is Marinette bringing her ‘A’ game and Chat Noir is, more or less, Adrien playing out his take on an ideal adventure hero. Another key note is that Chat Noir steers the major part of romantic interactions for Ladynoir. 

In just about any given scene when Chat is mooning over Ladybug, his facial expression or dialogue just screams, “This is my dream girl!” He adores her confidence, her quick thinking, and above all else, her solid dedication to her heroics. Look at the scene in “Secret Origins” where Ladybug promises to do whatever it takes to protect Paris from Hawkmoth. Right after her speech, Chat looks up at her with shining eyes and declares that he’s in “love” with this girl. In general, Chat is a really nice guy who cares about helping others and checking on their welfare (a trait that shows up more often when he’s Adrien, but I digress). Part of why Adrien takes so enthusiastically to being a superhero stems from this desire. He can do so much more than he could otherwise with his enhanced flexibility, reflexes, and destruction powers. Ladybug’s speech was pretty much the unspoken vow he took as soon as he put on his ring for the first time. 

What’s interesting is that Chat is so keen on appealing to Ladybug as the ornery, ‘charming’ rogue. He earnestly believes that Chat Noir is clever and endearing; a master flirt with irresistible charms. He’ll win over Ladybug with his sharp wit and personality, right? It’s kind of funny to think of how differently Chat comes across when compared to how he perceives himself. No, Chat, you’re not a smooth operator. You’re the guy who cracks bud puns, would gladly belt out the 60′s Batman theme, and stuff French Fries in his mouth in an attempt to be a ‘walrus.’

Whenever he makes a move, Ladybug laughs along and defers his advances. To her, he comes across as a shameless flirt that makes moves on every other pretty girl he sees and an unabashed goofball. But, he’s a reliable partner ready to step in and play his needed part. He’s a good friend. Someone she teases, someone that acts as a soundboard for brainstorming or setting up plans with, and someone to banter back and forth with. She’s not really hung up on figuring out who Chat Noir is. Actually, she encourages keeping the secret; perhaps to the effect of keeping her life as Marinette as separate from her Ladybug exploits as reasonably possible? In stark contrast, Chat Noir pines to find out who Ladybug is. It keeps him up at night to the tune of Pentatonix’s “Can’t Sleep Love.” No more romantic daydreams. He’s ready for a possible romance in real time. 

A certain scene near the end of “Volpina” hinted at Chat Noir mulling over Ladybug’s obvious crush on Adrien. He was genuinely disappointed. Yes, the love of his life returns his feelings, but she harbors said feelings for the wrong side of him. Or rather, the more grounded and restrained side of his personality. It’s going to be interesting seeing how Chat mulls over the question, “Will Ladybug accept me for who I am?” 


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Start with the umbrella scene. Adrien really let his guard down and Marinette caught a glimpse of a very vulnerable side of him; the side that wants to reach out to others, make new friends, and experience the world. He speaks so genuinely and honestly, he captures Marinette’s full attention. Combine that with his looks and Marinette starts painting a very attractive picture of Adrien as this incredibly sweet, kindly soul. He’s the perfect angel; Marinette’s idealized counterpoint to how Chat Noir sees Ladybug as his mysterious and breathtaking superhero. 

For all intents and purposes, Marinette appreciates Adrien as this really all-around nice and well-meaning fellow. Most of their big one-on-one scenes involve Adrien playing the smiling, supportive figure. Somehow, he knows just the right thing to say to assuage Marinette’s frayed nerves or quell her self-doubt. One of the big stand-outs is Adrien assuring Marinette that her celebrity chef uncle likes her and that he’d take inspiration from the bouquet she gave him at the beginning of his visit. There’s a meaningful ‘click’ moment between the two, if only because Marinette isn’t acting starstruck and flustered as per usual. Instead, she takes stock of what Adrien said and gleans reassurance from it, ready to go watch her uncle do what he does best. 

Adrien’s encouragement definitely appeals to Marinette since she has troubles with low self-confidence. She tends to second-guess and talk herself down to the point that she’s more likely to give up half the time before pressing forward. In short: She’s a worrywart. Besides Adrien’s being encouraging, though, he presents an easygoing, self-assured front. He comes across as fairly calm and levelheaded; ready to approach fun, new opportunities with an eager smile and an open-minded attitude. What happens happens. So, Marinette is partly drawn to him for traits he has that she wants to hone and develop for herself. When Marinette entertains fantasies about Adrien, it’s to the effect of finding her helpmate and being as much a supportive and compassionate companion to him as he would be for her. Adrien’s being a model ties in quite conveniently with Marinette’s ambitions to become a fashion designer. That just adds an extra “squeal with unhinged excitement” layer when Marinette watches him don her pigeon feather fedora in “Mr. Pigeon.”

Adrien has chalked up Marinette as a good friend. The same treatment and gestures he gives Marinette, he gives everyone he’s on good terms with. Though, I’d argue that there’s some gray area as to whether or not Adrien would entertain a romance with Marinette. He is, indeed, focused on Ladybug, but look at the almost kiss scene in “The Horrificator.” Either Adrien is a really convincing actor, or he doesn’t mind the idea of kissing his cute, if kind of shy, classmate. He’s a romantic sap at his core. He could appreciate and empathize with her intense, fluttery feelings. Put the Ladybug reveal somewhere before Marinette confesses and he’d go crazy. 


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This is, honestly, the most neutral meeting between these two. While Chat Noir does showboat and kiss Marniette’s hand, it’s more a part of his persona and theatrics than otherwise. It’s especially fun that Marinette takes stock of what kind of opportunity she has: Chat is meeting Marinette for the first time and he probably won’t meet up with her again, let alone on a consistent basis. So, she cranks up the snark and sass, posing as an awestruck, enthusiastic fangirl. The performance is gloriously hammy, but Chat buys it. It may have, unintentionally, stroked his ego, too. If anything, the interaction between Chat and Marinette shows the after effects of what kind of impact Chat has on Ladybug. 

She’s definitely channeling his ornery spirit here. There’s a part of her that enjoys his cavalier attitude and camp value jokes. And, really, wouldn’t he relish a similar opportunity to act as the ridiculously starstruck pedestrian if he encountered Ladybug in his pedestrian form? Usually, Marinette saves this kind of ammo for friendly discussions with Alya or deliberate potshots at Chloe. If there are further scenes between Chat and Marinette, it may flesh out what kind of dynamic or rapport they’d have as strictly friends. Viewers would see how Chat would direct snappy one-liners, playful jabs, and bad jokes at someone on a casual basis. He’d be more open to teasing Marinette the way she teases him as Ladybug. Marinette might even playfully flirt back, just to get a rise out of the fellow. 


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And, this is where the sparks fly. Every time these two meet on screen, their gazes lock if they’re not shooting longing stares at the other. Ladybug lets some of her Marinette awkwardness and fluttery feelings shine through while Adrien blushes, touches his neck, or makes offhand comments on how pretty Ladybug is. The difference between Adrien’s one-on-one encounters with Ladybug when compared to Chat is that he’s a bit more vulnerable and unhinged. Behind the mask, he openly and confidently flirts. Since he views Chat as a separate, independent entity, he has more freedom and wiggle room. Not only can Chat help more people in significant respects as a superhero, but he can make up his own rules and mode of operation. He can do whatever he wants within reason, more or less. What’s stopping him from flirting with Ladybug? 

But, as Adrien, he can’t quite summon that same bravado. This hints at how reserved Adrien generally is. Given the circumstances or stressors of a situation, he can have trouble expressing himself as openly as he’d like. He’s so used to having to keep himself in check around his strict father. Consider that he conducts himself in a certain way to please his father. Maybe he feels similarly intimidated around Ladybug because he considers her such an important, larger-than-life figure. Even though it’s obvious their feelings are mutual, Adrien still feels trapped and inadequate as Adrien. There’s a reason why he derives so much pleasure from his escapist ventures as Chat Noir. On Ladybug’s part, she’s caught in a tug-of-war between focusing on her job and getting distracted by Adrien. The feelings are intense; enough to compromise Ladybug’s morals, mission, or otherwise. Where Adrien is a fairly positive influence on Marinette, he brings out Ladybug’s worst faults. She’d trade her miraculous for his safety and abuse her powers to make a point to a romantic rival. 

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While Ladrien showcases the most intense chemistry between these two, it’s also the most problematic dimension in the love square. Again, it reveals some of the bigger faults and weak points about both characters. That’s not a bad thing narrative wise. Rather, it proves that these two won’t work successfully without the masks coming off. 

In conclusion? Take off the masks and kiss already, dammit!

Notifications (Chapter 1/16)

Notifications | Indie movie actor, Phil Lester hadn’t meant to get under Dan Howell’s skin. In fact, they could both had could never have even dreamed of meeting other. So when a shitstorm erupts over twitter claiming that they’re a couple (who knows how that rumor started) and their agents desire to take advantage of the attention to launch a movie featuring the two of them… well the could both be happier. | Phan | Mature | Co-Written With insanityplaysfics |  Words 31,240

This part: 2,516 words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I don’t know if I've told you about this fic, but insanityplaysfics and I have been working on it for a while and it’s finally here! It will be uploaded every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until it’s finished so be sure to keep an eye out for the future chapters.

I would just like to give a huge thank you to katthequeen520 and mostlikelyprocrastinating for being super awesome beta readers! And of course insanityplaysfics because obviously this fic wouldn't exist without her! I hope you all enjoy reading this fic as much as I’ve loved working on it ~notanannoyingfangirl

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Masterpost (x)

Phil had had to turn off twitter notifications, and while he hated not being able to interact with his fans on a regular basis like he used to, he knew that it was a necessary evil. Ever since his latest movie had come out, he’d been gaining more and more attention. Not only had he become twitter verified over the past year, but his followers had jumped from 200,000 to 2 million. It was absolutely crazy.

At least he wasn’t the only one. Carrie Hope Fletcher (a rather nice girl who had played his love interest in She Heard in Shades of Blue, Phil’s biggest hit to date) had called him just that morning complaining about how she couldn’t even go out for tea without getting mobbed by fans. Still, it wasn’t all bad. He’d met a lot of interesting people between all of the award shows and movie premieres, and it was awesome to see his face on a big screen. A little weird, sure, but awesome.

And it wasn’t that Phil hadn’t wanted fame; it was that he hadn’t expected it. She Heard in Shades of Blue was a little film that one of his closest friends, PJ Liguori, had written and directed. He certainly wasn’t expecting it to be compared to Perks of Being a Wallflower and being called the ‘coming of age story of this generation’. No, what Phil had expected was a few meet and greets and a couple of congratulatory handshakes.

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The Best Friend (Part Three)

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: The Reader and Sam are forced to deal with the result of what happened between them.  The Reader learns things about Sam she had never known before.
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2,301
Warnings: fluff, smut, light swearing, (nothing is really a big deal)
Hope y’all like this! Um, I have never written anything like this, so… I’M SORRY if it’s awkward. Also, italicized is Sam’s POV, kind of. And then it picks up right where Part 2 ended once your POV takes over.

Part 1 Part 2

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EXO Theory Pt. 2 - It’s All a Dream

Yes, it’s been a thousand years since I wrote part 1 but I had no internet for a month and when I got back I kinda forgot a lot of what I’d been thinking about (should have made notes or something oops). BUT with the release of Lotto I’ve been thinking about it all over again and furthered my idea, so I decided to continue on.

So, just as a preface, this is the order that I think the overall story of the MVs is taking place in, now including Lotto just before Monster:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Monster - Sing For You.

So, in this part of the theory I’m gonna continue on from where I left off. In the last part, I outlined why I thought Kyungsoo was an omnipresent character in the overall story, due to his Earth power’s ability to link/connect to the other members (imo). 

Part of the reason I think Soo can do this is because, I think the MVs are meant to be some kind of shared dream/hallucination shared by all the members, that the ‘red forces’ are putting them under in order to find the Heart of the Tree of Life. The reason for this is because the two halves of EXO have been split and live in different worlds/planes (MAMA narration kinda says this ‘stand on different ground but see the same skies // stand on the same ground but see different skies’) and so they need a common plane for them all to be on to figure out where they’ve hidden the Heart.

There are obvious hints to this in Lucky One. However, I think Lucky One is more complicated than that.

Before this weird space/power sequence that features some weird dancing from Kai (??) the EXO members had been acting very robotic and without a lot of emotion. Then as soon as this sequence is done, the explosion from Soo:

is followed by the members regaining their powers and trying to escape the facility.

Lucky One, I think, is meant to be some sort of test for the members set by the ‘red forces’. If the sequence of MVs I’m following is right then Lucky One is the fourth MV in the sequence, directly after Romantic Universe.

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Out Of Your League // Part 2 // Reader, John Murphy & Bellamy Blake

A/N: So I had so much inspiration to do a part 2 to the original imagine because I love these 2 characters with a passion and also some of you wanted a part 2. Sorry about the gif. Also, Jasper didn’t get attacked in this world. I hope you all enjoy reading this as I loved writing it! xx
Requests: “16 from the last prompt-list with john murphy please.”“52 with Bellamy from prompt list 4 please xx”
Warnings: None except for the ‘princess’ cliche. I’m sorry I just love it so much.
Word Count: 807
Link to part 1: XX 
 “If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do is ask.”
#16: “Take my jacket.”

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Pick Me

Request: Anon asked: Can you write #1 and #22 with barry allen please?

Summary: You’re a part of Team Flash and you slowly fall for Barry. However, you become distant when you realize he’ll never feel the same way.

Word Count: 850

Prompts: #1 - “You’re going to take his/her side over mine?”, #22 - “Why are you avoiding me?”

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Universe/Fandom: Arrowverse - The Flash

Warnings: nonneee i don’t think :)

A/N: SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN POSTING! Last weekend was a busy weekend and this week has been really hectic and stressful. So, I sadly have not been able to write! I’m so sorry if I haven’t gotten to your request yet! I swear I will at some point! Lots of love and I hope you enjoy!

“What do you call a group of unorganized cats?” Cisco asked. You and Caitlin shrugged as small smiles snuck onto your faces, “A Cat-Astrophe.” Cisco put his hands up as he smirked. There was a moment of silence until all three of you broke into fits of laughter. All of a sudden, Barry walked into the cortex. You roll your eyes.

“I’m going to go see if my breakfast burrito is done cooking,” You walk out of the room to go and check how your burrito was doing. Soon, you walk back into the cortex with a mouthful of burrito. No one was in there so, you sat at your computer and attempted to locate the metahuman you guys were currently searching for.

“Hey,” Barry says. His voice causes you to jump. However, you continue to avoid his gaze and you even get up to leave the cortex. Barry stops you, “Why are you avoiding me?”

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Alpha Tension Part 3

Summary: The reader and Dean try to take the lead on a hunt that Bobby sends you on. Working together is tough when Dean keeps pushing your buttons. Can you and Dean get the job done without killing one another?

Characters: Dean X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 1340

A/N: I feel like this series is slowly propelling into a kind of tension I wasn’t expecting. 

Part 1 Part 2

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770 Followers Gift

Base Sim Gift FINALLY!  

In the file you will get 2 photos 1 of my edits & a natural, the tray files as well as a little Thank you note with additional information! I hope I didn’t disappoint any of you!  
Since this is a base you are free to do as you please! All I ask is for some credit & to be tagged! I would love to see if you keep her the same or if you change her up!  
What you see is what you get! I didn’t dress her because when I make my sims this is what I put them in every time until the fashion part comes in & since this is a base I want to see your creativity take over♡ 

What you NEED to download if you want what you see above: 
1. Skintone - imadako 
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3. K-Face V.1 - he-ss 
4. Cheek & Nose Redness - imadako 
5. Eyebrows - sclub-privee 
6. Eyes - chisimi 
7. Default Lip Replacement - stefizzi  ( You WILL want this! ) 
8. Hair - slythersim 
9. Eyelashes - kijiko-sims  ( Version #2 ) 
10. Eyeliner - Tifa 
11. Eyeshadow - Screaming Mustard 
12. Lip Colour - juoo9082  ( Lip #2 )
Alien Pasties - bazlou / High Waist Calvin Klein Underwear - missparaply

Download —> HERE

Thank you so much to CC creators & everyone who has supported me! I love this community & am so very thankful for the support & love. Each and everyone of you mean the world to me! & a HUGE thank you to my 770 followers! I was not expecting this at all!!!

If you’re interested in my other top picks for what to use in CAS you can check my resources page —> here

If you have any issues I will upload her to the Gallery. My origin ID will be in the thank you note when you download the file >.<

Edit: She is uploaded to the Gallery. For those who wish to download from there my Origin ID is nikki1389.

A Very Short Fact: On this day in 1598, William Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice is entered on the Stationers’ Register. The Stationers’ Register licensed printing works by a decree of Queen Elizabeth, giving the monarchy fierce control over all published material.

“Oncemore Shakespeare takes up the theme of the conflict between friendship and love, when Antonio enters into a ‘merry bond’ with the Jewish moneylender Shylock by which he will forfeit a pound of flesh ‘to be cut off and taken | In what part of your body pleaseth me’ (1.3.149–50) if he cannot repay the debt he enters into on his friend’s behalf. In the trial scene, a masterpiece of dramatic construction, Shakespeare builds the tension to a high pitch in which, against expectation, Antonio is required to fulfil the bond and to offer his breast to Shylock’s knife. He is saved only by a last-minute intervention by Portia.”

[P. 67- William Shakespeare: A Very Short Introduction by Stanley Wells]

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Image: the title page of The Merchant of Venice, printed in the Second Folio of 1632 by the Folger Library Digital Image Collection. CC-BY-SA-4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

A Line is Drawn Pt. 2 (Elorcan)

Part 1

Hello, all! Thank you for all your lovely comments! I didn’t expect to have so many people like my take on Elorcan. I hope you enjoy this next part.


They had just returned to the campsite when Lorcan muttered something about itchy scalp and stomped away. Elide simply walked over to the roaring fire Gavriel had started and popped herself on a log.

Gavriel, who had been sharpening one of his many knives, paused his task and considered the pair. Noticing his probing look, Elide decided to start the conversation before he could comment.

“Gavriel, why did you join Maeve’s cadre?”

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5sos preference #2 - Makeup (part 2)

A/N: Here’s part 2 to the Big Fight preference! I am taking requests so pleaseeee inbox me! xx

*Part 1*


You drove down the street and through town when you see the city park.  That park held so many memories of you and Ashton; your first kiss, where he told you he loved you for the first time… so many memories ruined.  You decide to pull over before saying a final goodbye.  Your mind was made up in the short car ride; you would move in with your family in the next town over and never come back here for your hearts sake.  Coming back here would just remind you of Ashton and as of right now you wanted nothing to do with it.  Passing by the playground of the park, you decide to sit on one of the swings.  Thinking of all the things you will miss, the tears start to run down your face.  “Y/N?” a familiar voice calls out.  You look up to see Ashton standing in front of you.   He doesn’t look drunk; he looks like he has been crying for ages.  “Look I get it if you don’t want to talk to me, but just listen.  I’m such an idiot, god… Okay, I thought she was you okay? I’m not trying to make an excuse, but from the back of her head that girl looked like you.” As he is saying this you remember she did have the same hair color and length as you.  “I probably just screwed things over with you but if I don’t say this I won’t live with myself.  I love you more than anything… and you just need to know that I wish I could take it all back. Although I don’t want to hurt you any further, so I’m just going to leave if that’s what you want me to do.  It was a mistake Y/N, and if you decide to forgive my sorry ass you won’t regret it.  I promise you I will change for you… I love you…” he starts to walk away.  More tears are streaming down your face, but you know out of the grogginess of your mind you can’t let him go.  “Ashton, wait!” You run up to him and hug him. “I believe you Ash, and I forgive you…”  “Oh my god,” he holds you closer than he ever did before, “Let’s go home baby.” 


“Y/N! WAIT!” Calum calls after you. You ignore him and open the back door of your car to throw your packed bag inside. After you close it you walk around to the driver’s side where Calum is. “I don’t want to hear it Calum.” You say blankly. “And I don’t want you to leave. I’m so sorry. I trust you, okay? I trust you. It’s just hard to deal with the thought that you’re with another guy. It makes me worried that you will think he’s better. I don’t know, maybe you like the idea that he is around more and not on tour or something… I just get paranoid. Don’t leave me please…” Tears run down his face leaving you speechless. You reach up to hug him and kiss him lightly. “Calum, I will never look at another guy the way I look at you. I love you for you, no matter what. There is nothing to be paranoid about I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” You comfort him. “You know what I was talking about with Josh today?” You ask him while hugging him once more. “What?” He sniffs. “You.” Later you find yourselves wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching your favorite movies. Although that doesn’t mean either of you were paying attention. Most of the time you two were kissing, playing around, or cuddling, but neither of you minded.


“Y/N! WAIT!” Luke yells at you, but he is too late you are already driving away.  Your tears blur your vision, but you get to your best friend’s house just like you could get there blindfolded.  You sob as you knock on her door.  “OH my god, Y/N! What happened?!” Y/B/F asks.  She helps you in the house. “Can I stay at your place for a while? Luke and I had a big fight…” you say through the tears.  “Of course, stay as long as you need.  C’mon let’s get you to bed, you’ve had a long night.” She replies, grabbing your bag and leading you to the guest room.  The next day you fill her in on what went down.  That night you had a girls night to try to get over Luke, it just didn’t work… nothing did.  A couple days later you were in the house alone; Y/B/F was at work.  The doorbell rings and you just expect it to be a delivery or something, but standing there with flowers in his hand was Luke.  As soon as you see him you try to slam the door in his face, but he stops you.  “Just listen, please…” he begs.  You try your hardest to hold back the tears, but you notice that he is tearing up.  “I know how much your job means to you… I just don’t like going weeks, even months without seeing you.  I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t think you wanted to go and I’m sorry for all the other horrible things I said.  I wasn’t thinking right… I was pushing you away when I should be enjoying every second I have with you.  I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” You pull him into a hug, where he mutters apologies into your neck.  “Luke, it’s okay.  We both said some horrible things.  I still love you…” you explain. “No matter how hard you push me away I will still love you.”  “I love you more,” he replies kissing you.  “Don’t make me fight you again, Hemmings.” You warn. He chuckles and grabs your hand. “C’mon, baby lets go home.”


For a full 2 weeks you stayed at your best friend’s house.  No calls, texts, or any sign from Michael.  You were too depressed to do anything or go anywhere; he shattered your heart.  One day your group of friends dragged you to a party.  They wanted you to get over Michael and what he did to you; they just didn’t realize how hard it was.  Just as you were starting to have the time of your life, you see a familiar face flash on the other side of the dance floor.  Shaking it off, you continue to dance and have a blast with your friends.  When you decide you want a drink, you drift off alone to the mini bar.  Suddenly, someone tapped on your shoulder.  Turning around, you find a crushed-looking, Michael.  “Can we talk?” he asks.  “I don’t know, Michael…” you start to turn back to your drink, but he grabs your wrist.  “Please, Y/N, you don’t even have to say anything just listen…” he pleads.  “Fine,” you say.  He leads you with your drink to a quieter room at the party.  “I’ve missed you so much.” He starts by saying.  ‘You didn’t when I was with you, asshole.’ Is all you can think.  “I didn’t appreciate you enough when I had you, and god, I don’t deserve you at all.  If you decide you want nothing to do with me I respect that, just know that I love you to pieces.  If you actually forgive me, small chance I know,” he looks down at his hands, “I love you better than I ever did before.” He didn’t need to say another word.  You jumped up into his arms.  “I tried getting over you Michael Clifford, but I couldn’t. I love you.” You say.  “I love you too.” You can feel his smile grow into your shoulder.  “Can we go home…. Please?” he asks.  “Of course we can.” You smile. From then on things changed and you two fell more in love than ever.

Title: Night on the Town (Part 2 of Dad’s taking Mom out(fem! reader x Scott))

Summary: Scott and reader head out for date night, only to be teased by Sam and Tony along the way.

Word Count: 1059



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Today’s appreciation post goes out to someone very special aka the queen @tyleroakley (fml it wont let me tag you)

Chances of you seeing this and reading it is like zero but i’m gonna write this anyways

 I just joined this fandom a couple of months ago and it’s amazing how over the years you have not only spread smiles and happiness, but have created a family that is so loving and caring. I’ve been in a few fandoms but this probably the most closest one i’ve been a part of and it’s great that we not only cry with each other during sad days but celebrate when something good happens to someone

Your videos are literally amazing and never fail to make me smile - especially when i’m sad, which like 90.1% of the time

You always thank us and take us along in your journeys but you deserve a lot more credit because you keep on going and working hard. You make videos, edit and upload and travel and do meet and greets and spend time with every single fan and that’s amazing. So, THANK YOU for taking out so much time for us, even though we don’t deserve it.

I guess I just want you to know how fucking amazing you are and how important you are to so many people. It’s so great to see you achieve a lot and it’s amazing to be able to make friends in such a caring community through things like blogging and tweeting and doing online meet-ups

You’re a great idol and we’re lucky to call you our queen


Now I got dirt all over my body (Zankie) pt 3

Summary; Zach gets a text from someone he doesn’t know, but this someone seems to change everything he ever thought he knew about himself

Notes: SO SO SO sorry this takes forever. Sadly work gets the best of me. Zach looked so fucking hot when he was evicted. Zankie forever. Part 4 will be up next week hopefully. Love you all followers. PART 1. PART 2

Now I got dirt all over my body

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When Liam says he has a great scene with Josh …. I am freaking out because its that scene in the basement were Katniss over hears them talking and   Gale takes Katniss will choose who she thinks she can’t live without and pretty much knows that Katniss can’t Live without Peeta and gosh that scene really I loved it in the book