you are drowning me in yourself and i am just swallowing lungfuls of water. the world is turning hazy and muffled and blurry. all i can see clearly are your eyes

there is a theory that says there are worlds and worlds in which we are different people and everything takes a strange shape and maybe we become something else. in another world, maybe your eyes don’t glitter gold when the light strikes them at the right angle and your teeth don’t scrape over my skin until they draw red and you don’t know what my blood tastes like in your mouth, and maybe i’m happier in that world but this is not that world.

you ask me what i would give you and i say anything and i mean everything and i am only a boy dreaming of stardust, but you trace fingers over my veins and take it anyways

you touch my skin and name the bones lying under it, fibula, tibia, patella, femur, leave me shuddering under your hands and i am falling, falling, f a l l i n g and it feels like everything i feel for you— all its twisted, devoted, beautiful glory and all the words that are catching in my throat like a sick cough. and hey, listen, i couldn’t breathe without you. hey, listen, you are poisoning me from the inside and i am begging you for more

i offer you everything // w.t.o

Liberty Pt.9

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peggy x Steve, Wanda x Sam

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe / Pirate Era

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo, Alexander Pierce, Blackbeard

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing, injury, alcohol.

Warnings for this chapter: None, really? Just a kiss or two.

Word Count: 1439

A/N: This chapter is quite short, I’m going to try and make chapters about 1-2k words each from now on, instead of over 4k, that way there will be way more chapters!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

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Bucky chuckled at your sleeping state, fairly pleased with himself. He had managed to calm you down, make you sleepy again and distracted you so you wouldn’t have any nightmares about the previous night.

“Mmm, ahluhyou Buck.”

It was midnight, the sky was dark, but the wind was warm. The ship was illuminated with dozens of glowing lanterns, billowing sails, and tired, sluggish crew members.

There Edward Teach stood at the wheel, alongside Peter and Zemo. Peter stood awkwardly beside the tall, strange man. He knew he was betrothed to you, or should he think you betrothed to him, and it made his skin crawl; this man was known for manipulation and having a fucking obsession with rocks, rocks. And he didn’t want you to become hurt.

Sir,” Peter coughed, “Where are we departing for first? Do you have an inkling of where Y/N might be?” He picked at his nails, awaiting his captain’s reply.

I believe there shall be a large arrival of pirates in Singapore very, very soon. I can sense it.

S-Singapore? Why would anyone want to go there?

Many pirates lay low there, there’s a very specific place, a cove, I’ve heard,” Zemo added, his eyes stuck on the compass in his hands.

Zemo is correct, there are very few who know where this cove is. We don’t even know if my daughter is there, or who she’s with. She could be dead, dumped at the bottom of the ocean…” Peter grimaced at Blackbeard’s words, a horrible image of you stranded on a cold, wet beach somewhere unknown, your body probably purple or black or blue from drowning, choking on the salt water that covered most of the world you belonged to.

He shook the thought from his head as he watched Zemo depart for his bed, debating on whether or not he should do the same. The captain, on the other hand

We will find my daughter, Mr. Parker.

As you watched the man twist and turn in haste around his ship, you admired the way he worked, quick, but graceful. His agility and bossiness, as you liked to call it, made him seem like the alpha of a pack, and it made you feel submissive, well, sort of.

You had heard Bucky order to leave as soon as possible, both ships were leaving the Spanish coast and the swift winds had pushed against the sails. With two rocks placed on top of the map, you had a compass in your hand and good intentions of where you were headed. Bucky had told you that you were all on route to Singapore, somewhere that was notorious for pirates, famous ones at that.

Bucky had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach like he was being watched. It couldn’t be the sea, for he had sailed the sea for the entirety of his life. It felt as if he was being watched, eyes everywhere, staring him down and boring into his soul. He shook it off momentarily before going to relieve his bladder over the side of the ship.

The intimate activities of last night played in his head and he smiled to himself before buttoning up his trousers and turning to find you, wherever you were. His ship was large, you could be anywhere. Hopefully, you were on the top deck, or somewhere where the sun kissed your skin and the wind whispered around your hair.

Bucky found you at the quarterdeck, a compass in hand and eyes trained on the horizon.

You blushed as you witnessed Bucky climb up the stairs to where you were perched, you averted your eyes to the horizon before you, the images of the previous night playing at the back of your head.

Good morning Captain,” You chirped, an innocent smile on your face. “Lovely weather we’re having today, the sea isn’t too rough and the wind is only a small breeze.

Good morning to you too, my wonderful sea artist. The weather is, indeed, rather lovely. Did you… sleep well?” The telltale smirk on his plump lips was a sign he was intentionally jarring you.

Oh, very well, Captain-

Oh cut it out Y'all, we all know you been doin’ the dirty all night, we heard the moans and everything!” Sam intervened, a snort following by Wanda as she floated down from the crow’s nest.

We- We did no such thing!” You gasped, your face flushed beet red as you fumbled with the compass in your hands.

I’m just playin’ y’all.” You let out a sigh of relief, your boots becoming rather interesting.

You watched as Wanda turned to Bucky, you had noticed she was seeming quite anxious, and you were worried for her, what was wrong?

Uhh, Captain, may I speak with you for a moment?” Wanda asked, then her gaze shifted to you, then to Sam, “Alone?” Wanda asked Bucky whilst biting her nails, her voice just above a whisper. Bucky’s brow furrowed, and his eyes skirted around the quarterdeck before he replied with a small ‘of course’

You noticed the uncertainty in their eyes and you knew something was askew.

So you waited.

Did you feel that? Just now? Like-Like eyes, or being watched…?

You felt it too? How- I mean, yes, I-I did but- no one was in my cabin-” Bucky fretted, the crease between his brow prominent. “The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as if someone was like, like right behind me.

Same… I was up in the crow’s nest, and I felt the wind pick up, only slightly, I felt exposed, vulnerable, Bucky I never feel like that-” Wanda murmured, rubbing her forehead, “I’ve built up a wall after all these years and it just got taken down by a small gust of wind. How is this even possible… I think… I think it’s…

Black magic.” They both whispered, eyes locking, the air was thick and suddenly the ship lashed sideways, sending goblets and paper and chairs flying. Wanda yelped as she stumbled and fell alongside Bucky. As they attempted to stand, the large grandfather clock started to fall forward towards them both.

With a scream, Wanda brought her hands in front of her, wispy red tendrils shooting from the tips of her fingers and wrapping themselves around the large oak clock, holding it in place as she maneuvered around it with Bucky. She shifted it back into place, along with some other things.

As they dusted themselves off, Bucky spoke up

Shit… Blackbeard, he… he sees everything, doesn’t he?” Bucky mumbled as the ship balanced itself again.

When the ship lurched sideways, you did not shift an inch, your feet were planted to the floor and your body was oddly frozen. Most of the crew had toppled over, you could swear one fell overboard. You could feel the compass fall from your hands, you had no idea where it had gone, but you were damn sure it had fallen through a crack.

What… in the fresh hell… was that?!” Huffed Sam, nursing a large graze on the crown of his head.

I don’t know, Sam, I’ll go and check on Bucky and Wanda.” You skirted down the stairway and into the Captain’s cabin, there you found them both. “Are you two alright? What was that?

Bucky glanced at Wanda, then back to you, “We must have hit a reef.

No way in hell that was a reef, James-

Y/N, you’re not harmed? How…” Wanda whispered, her pale features painted with awe and confusion. Bucky briskly walked over to you and felt the shock that coursed through your veins, with gentle hands he soothed over your shoulders as he kissed your temple.

I’ve heard things about your father, Y/N… Black magic, satanism, all things of evil-

No, no time for negativity, we can get to that later. We’re going to go out onto that deck and enjoy the sun, the sea and everything good that comes with it. But…” you paused for a moment, looking at the ceiling, “something happened out there, when the ship jerked, I was rooted to the spot, I was frozen.” You raised a hand to Bucky’s cheek, caressing the growing beard that adorned his sharp jaw.

Like you said, we’ll talk about it all later, okay? Let’s get our asses to Singapore.” Bucky placed a gentle kiss to your lips, letting it linger. As he pulled back, he was besotted with the vibrant colour of your eyes, and he spoke again, “And… to reply to what you confessed last night… I love you too, Y/N.


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anonymous asked:

what sort of vibe/imagery do you want from M A N I A?

a glowing neon purple tarot card sign flickering and reflecting off the rain soaked asphalt. where the city feels more like an empire of looming black skyscrapers that touch the sky and offer nothing back to the earth below. messages from the heavens? there’s only prophecies written in the old brick in the tongue of beasts. but the ground below rumbles and slithers around rusted and bent rebar – and the concrete cracks just a little further tonight. 

things stalk the sidewalks at night, things that should or should not, no one bothers to ask why. but pete’s dressed in his butterfly patched denim jacket and his boots make no sound even when the soles grind against gravel. the baseball bat perched up against his shoulder is beaten in with crooked nails and coiled with barbed wire, stained and stale now with what looks like oil slick. there’s a glow to his eye but only when the luminescent light strikes off of the brick, still purple and exposing, but he just breathes out the smoke and nicotine held back behind his teeth.

his shadow follows behind him across the walls in the shape of something inhuman. a furiously shifting contortion in the shape of a beast with sixteen glowing eyes and a maw of curved teeth, growing taller as he walks and lurking over him. he pays it no attention, only takes another drag and stops beside the window and looks again into the purple haze. they were supposed to meet him here but it was too early, too soon. 

the air is static electricity and so is he, he’s been awake for weeks. but he keeps looking and the haze absorbs him, ringing prophecies loud.

and in the screams, the shouts, the blurry slow motion there is little time to remember or respond here. mouths move but there is nothing, you hear but there’s no sound – he simply nods in the disassociation and drifts away. out of body and out of place until your fingers are numb and returning becomes a feat of heart. 

the grin crooks wide on his face and the monster screams out: THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Dear Exalted Playing Friends: You Need To Know About Sun Mice

They’re a canonical creature listed in COTD: North (2e), and they are possibly the best thing. Here’s the entry for them (followed by commentary):

“The Solar temple-manse at the heart of Whitewall may be Creation’s last pristine example of High First Age religious architecture. The numerous mosaics and bas-reliefs depicting the glory and deeds of the Unconquered Sun include numerous small figures of… mice. Such figures now puzzle savants of the Second Age. It has been too long since the Unconquered Sun sent his subtly powerful agents into Creation- the mice of the sun.

These rodents are somewhat larger than ordinary mice but look otherwise ordinary. Only when the light strikes them in the right way does the fur on their backs reflect the eight-point symbol of their master.

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The Littlest Winchester - Littlest Matchmaker

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 895

Request: Can you do a Littlest Winchester fic of the daughter trying to give dating advice to Sam or Dean?


    In many ways, Dean’s four-year-old daughter takes after her father. She enjoys food, treats the Impala like a living creature, and is very defensive of her family, but more than almost anything in the world, she loves to be her uncle’s personal pain in the ass. Sam attributes this to the way Dean eggs her on and dishes out generous amounts of positive reinforcement, and he secretly hopes she’ll grow out of it, but knowing how Dean turned out, it isn’t likely. Anyway, he can’t exactly hold it against her when she gives him an honest-to-God hug, kiss, and says ‘I love you’. It’s not the toddler’s fault her father is an insufferable man-child.

    “Uncle Sam, you need a girlfriend,” states the little girl as she climbs onto his lap.

    “I do? Who told you that?”


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(Moana) Dating Moana Waialiki Whilst Being A Witch Would Include...

r e q u e s t e d
“Dating Moana whilst Being a witch would include?”


◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤ 

  • Being best friends since forever
  • Accepting that Moana likes the sea and dreams of adventure
  • Her liking you for this
  • Discovering your powers at a young age
  • They showed up when a lighting strike put fire to one of the coconut palm and you unconsciously stopped it from growing
  • The village being a little careful with you at the beginning
  • But them realizing that you mean them no harm and accepting you as you are
  • Moana being aware of them and growing knowing about them, so it’s no problem to her
  • Her liking to see you use them
  • Because she find them fascinating
  • Her falling in love with you
  • You doing the same
  • Neither admitting your feelings by fear of losing what you already have
  • Tui and Sina liking you
  • As well as Gramma Tala
  • Because they think you are worthy of their daughter/granddaughter
  • (Of course, they saw that you were in love with each other before you both even had a clue about it)
  • Lots of cuddling
  • Because you can heighten your body’s temperature with your powers
  • And Moana adores feeling warm and secure in your arm
  • She likes to lay her head on your chest and feel your steady heartbeat
  • You usually wrap your arms protectively around her waist/shoulders
  • Arguing about stupid things
  • Because you’re both too proud for your own good
  • Which usually lead to one of you ignoring the other
  • Until one of your cracks and tells the other that they’re sorry
  • Generally ends up with you two snuggling together
  • You only tell one another that you love each other occasionally
  • When the times feels right
  • “I love you, Y/N.”
  • “I love you too, Moa.”
  • Not liking Maui very much
  • Because of the way he treated Moana at the beginning
  • But finally coming to respect him when he came back to help Moana defeat Te Ka and face his own demons
  • Going wayfinding together
  • You would usually be her second in command
  • So she can keep you close to her in case anything happens
  • You finding it stupid because you basically have superpowers
  • But watching over her as well
  • Always reassuring her when she is doubting herself
  • “Moa, I know you will take the decision you think is best. And I trust your judgement.”
  • “Thank you, Y/N.”
You are my sunshine. Levi x Fem!Reader

Request from rougeheichou: I’m still hoping to someone who’s down to writing me some fluffy Levi x female reader-chan thats scared of thunderstorms thingy can i like, request that here? 

SORRY THIS IS 999 WORDS OF ABSOLUTE GRABAGE!! But this is what I came up with, I had a little bit of writers block, so sorry for the delay, I hope you like it


I toss and turn in my bed, unable to sleep. Next to me, my boyfriend Levi lays, staring at me, clearly not amused by my movement. I give him an apologetic smile and mumble a sorry. He rolls his eyes and lifts an arm up, inviting me to lay against his chest, which I gladly do.

“Im sorry about all the moving, I just can’t sleep.” I say quietly as I nuzzle into his chest. He drapes his arm over me and pulls me tight against him.

“It’s okay, I know how you feel..” He kisses the top of my head and rubs my back soothingly. “How about I go make you some tea? It might help you sleep.”

I nod, “If you want, you don’t have too.”

“I know I don’t have to, Brat, but I love you so I am anyway.” He snickers a little and kisses my cheek before getting up and leaving the room. I cuddle up under the blankets, waiting for him to return, when suddenly I hear a loud boom, making me jump.

I get up, pulling the blanket close around me, and walk to the window. I slowly push the curtains back and see rain pounding against the window. I frown and I’m about to close the curtains when lighting strikes and the boom of thunder follows it quickly. I quickly run away from the window, whimpering as I run and hide under Levi’s desk.

As the minutes pass, the thunder gets louder and louder, the rain not slowing whatsoever. Tears fall down my face as curl into a small ball, the blanket covering me completely. My whimpers and sobs can’t be heard over the rain and thunder. “Why is it so loud?” I ask myself and cry into my knees.

(Levi’s POV)

I walk back to my room, carrying two cups of tea. As I walk, I hear thunder booming outside and I shake my head. “I hate storms.” I mumble to myself. Once I’m right outside my door, I put my knee up and rest one of the cups of tea on it so I can open the door.

When I open the door, I walk over to the bed, but when I don’t see (Y/n) I set the cups on the nightstand and start looking for her. “(Y/n), where are you?” I walk around the room, checking under the bed first. I frown deeply until I hear a muffled sob coming from under my desk.

I walk over to my desk and look under it, and sure enough, I see (Y/n) under a blanket, crying. I sigh and walk back over to the nightstand to grab the tea, then I walk back over, and sit under the desk with her. I gently pull the blanket off her quivering figure. “Here, I brought you some te-“ I am interrupted whenI’m tackled in a hug.

I set the cups down and hug her back, rubbing her back soothingly. “It’s okay, you’re okay..” I whisper into her ear, a frown on my face ‘Why is she so scared?’  She only whimpers into my shoulder and continues to cry. I sigh and let her go, adjusting how I’m sitting, and then I pull her into my lap.

“Is there anything I can do to make it better?” I ask her with a kiss to the top of her head.

“Nothing you’d be willing to do. I-Its okay, I’ll stop crying.” She says quickly and quietly, wiping her tears away. She bites her lip to stop from sobbing and she rubs her eyes harshly to stop the tears. I roll my eyes and pull her hands away from her face.

“Don’t do that, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” I say as I hold her arms to her chest in a hug. She whimpers as the tears resume falling. I kiss her cheek and her ear. “Just let them fall, (Y/n), It’s okay.” I rub my thumbs across her hands gently and she seems to relax, until more thunder sounds making her jump.

“Okay, tell me what I have to do.” I say and turn her around to face me.

“N-No, it’s fine, Levi. I’m o-okay, really.” She sniffles and gives a weak smile. I roll my eyes again.

“Don’t lie to me. Now tell me what I can do to help you through this, I need to get you back to bed, or else you get cranky remember?” I say lightly, trying to get her to smile a real smile. She does.

“F-fine… My mom, when I was little, during storms she would sing ‘You are my sunshine’ to me…” She whispers and blushes, but then jumps a little and hugs me tightly when the thunder gets louder. ‘Of course, it had to be singing.’ I sigh and scoot out from under the desk with her, picking her up and carrying her to the bed.

She whimpers and holds me tight, making me unable to put her down, so I just sit on the bed and hold her on my lap. “Okay, if I sing the song, will you calm down and go to bed for me?” I ask and kiss her lips softly. When I pull away she nods and buries her face in my chest.

I sigh and take a deep breath before beginning, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” I whisper sing as I look down at her, holding her closer to my chest, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ “You make me happy, when skies are grey…”

She nuzzles me closer, her hands gripping my shirt tightly. “You’ll never know dear, how much I love you,” I kiss her head and stroke her hair a little. “So please don’t take my sunshine away.” I whisper the last part of that verse, and when I’m about to continue, I hear soft snores.

I smile to myself and kiss her forehead. “Goodnight, my sunshine.”

(A/n) Sorry that was terrible

synesthete describes what broadway actors' voices look like
  • ben platt: smooth and silky milk chocolate brown swirl nugget
  • lin-manuel miranda: hollowed conch shell, pinkish coral gold delight
  • kristen chenoweth: a single silver strand of light high above us all
  • idina menzel: sturdy block of deep brown deliciousness
  • phillippa soo: four o'clock sunshine in springtime
  • renee elise goldsberry: a spire-shaped ray of deep brown and gold, will kill you if touched
  • lea michele: tri-toned squish of scarlet, black, and the kind of brown that happens when light strikes brown hair
  • jonathan groff: deep yellowish goo you just want to rub your face in to cure your acne
  • laura dreyfus: a thin strand of gold suspended inside a blade of summer grass
  • daveed diggs: a canary and lime reed of bamboo, easily bent but never broken

Eyes, those eyes,
If I could dive deep in those galaxies.
Eyes, those eyes,
If I could make sense when the light strikes them.
Hands, those hands,
As soft, slipping in my fingers like sand.
Hands, those hands,
Holding me when I am being clumsy.
Wouldn’t I wish to be clumsy forever?
Heart, that heart,
Filled with so much warmth,
Radiating love every time.
Maybe love songs do make sense,
Maybe love songs aren’t no myth.
Maybe love songs are just you & I.

This is it.

This is the night that decides the future path.

Which way the river will flow, and fall where it will rise into the sky.

How the tree will grow, and, which way the leaves will fall.

When the lighting will strike again, the last time it’ll hit the ground.

This is the night that decides the fates and the way the world will spin.

How the world will end, how it will begin.

Turning slowly still.

it starts off easy enough, just two guys getting off in a club in the shadier part of austin. and then it happens again, and again, and again. somewhere along the lines they stop meeting at bars and start meeting at motels, until geoff walks into a meeting one afternoon with michael and gavin literally can’t breathe. that’s when the game starts.

listen on 8tracks or spotify. tracklisting and lyrics below the cut.

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I found this in my unfinished fic folder and decided it was actually finished and that I should post it.  No idea how long ago I wrote it though.  Maybe a year?

The storm just keeps getting worse.

Dean walks through the little house one last time, checking the windows and doors, making sure the lights are all off and that Mary’s toys are all put away.  He straitens some of the drawings on the fridge before heading up the stairs to slide into bed next to Cas, who is reading quietly by the light of the lamp on his nightstand.  When the thunder rolls outside a little louder than it had a few minutes before, they both still and turn towards the door, waiting with bated breath to hear a cry they both worry is coming.

Silence is all they are met with and both men breath a sigh of relief. 

“Maybe she’s growing out of it.”  Cas suggests, closing his book and setting it aside.

Dean shifts in under the blankets, waiting for Cas to slide down with him so he can latch onto him properly.   “Hopefully.  Come on babe, turn the light out.”

Just as he reaches for the lamp, a flash of lightning burns bright and a crack of thunder rattles their entire home.  “Shit.”  Dean even jumps at the suddenness of it.

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(Ronan shies away when the light strikes adam’s face; he clenches his fists when Adam turns into something else entirely: a surreal blend of tanned, freckled skin and blue eyes.

Ronan Lynch can’t stand how beautiful Adam Parrish’s freckled face is, and it’s becoming a problem.)

Adam notices, and tries to dismiss it as mere coincidence that whenever he turns on the lights in his apartment or walks next to Ronan at school, Ronan clenches his fists and looks away, as if he’d been struck. Vanity and coincidence, that’s all it had to be. But Adam Parrish doesn’t believe in coincidences. 

So, Adam convinces himself that it’s a simple game, that it doesn’t matter if he finds out that it’s not just a coincidence—that Ronan has feelings for him. Nothing’s going to change, Adam says to himself.

Adam starts edging closer to Ronan whenever he can. He leans on Ronan at Nino’s, makes a habit of asking Ronan for his notes in latin class while facing him, brushes their fingers together when Ronan hands him the notes. (Adam ignores how his fingers tingle after they touch, ignores the warmth at the pit of his stomach.)

And Ronan notices. ( He wants to lean in to kiss Adam, wants to count all the freckles in Adam’s skin, wants to hold Adam’s hand, wants to fucking devour him. He just scoffs at the thoughts, but then Adam leans into him when they’re in Adam’s apartment and enough—)

“What the fuck, Parrish? What the hell are you doing?” Ronan practically leaps away from Adam. One more second with Adam’s skin against his and he would fucking burn. 

Adam doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. He notices the way Ronan’s eyes flicker and close when he touches him, the way a sigh almost escapes his lips and he thinks fuck it. 

And then they kiss because they might as well. (Noah throws a party after they announce their relationship because gosh darn it, about diddly darn time.) 

After that, Ronan Lynch draws constellations on Adam Parrish’s skin—light, feather touches that make Adam tremble. Sometimes Adam comes to the apartment so tired that Ronan’s fingers against his skin just lull him to sleep. Ronan makes a habit of counting Adam’s freckles, and watches him fall asleep. Ronan thinks about how lucky he is, how impossible that this boy cares about him,  and doesn’t flinch at his touch (but rather falls into it, begs for it).

Ronan dreams a rosary, and prays every night that they’ll make it.