*my dad when I was 17* “You like your drama teacher a lot. You hang around him too much. I don’t like it.” *Me* “Relax, he’s gay. Well, he’s never said it out loud. It being a Catholic high school. But we all know. No one bothers.”

*Dad* “He’s a what!?”

*Me* “OK, frankly, you seemed less mad and enraged when you thought he was molesting me.”

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i've seen someone on this website call a 17 year old boy an 'adult minor' i was like oh my god do u not know what either of those words mean

It’s truly wild how people think about age on here and in general I do think it is better to be overprotective than underprotective, but the idea of age as creating an inherent power dynamic just doesn’t make much sense outside of sexual violence and seems, honestly, to imply to me that if you’re 23 and dating someone who’s significantly older then they just can’t help but abuse you or something or it’s inevitable, as though abuse isn’t a set of actions (usually intentional) but a set of circumstances. It’s a weird way of conceptualizing relationships- they’re not all about power and shouldn’t be.

Certainly when I was 17/18 all my friends were lgbt people in their mid 20s and nothing inappropriate ever happened between us, even though they were open and honest about their sex lives and didn’t treat it as a dirty thing to be hidden away, which was healthy and helpful for a young lesbian coming into understanding my sexuality. I also knew women who genuinely hit on me knowing I was 17 and they were 25 and I was confident enough to turn that attention down because it was clearly inappropriate (someone that age should see it as gross that you’re 17, like it should just freak them out) but I also developed a crush at 18ish on another woman, also 25, who very politely let me know I was way too young for her but also took me on a very sweet and cute fake Valentine’s day date and made me a little card. I just don’t like the idea that abuse is ever inevitable, although certainly some circumstances either 1) allow someone access to victims they can manipulate or 2) encourage someone to take out their issues on someone else in a way that, intentional or not, is abusive.

The under 18/over 18 thing is also wild because I have literally seen people twiddle their thumbs until someone’s 18th birthday and treat them like shit, or act like someone’s being 18 makes it okay to harass them. There’s a whole culture underlying it of being cruel to other people for no reason, and assuming everyone else will do the same.

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hello!! I was wondering if you (the admins) are also writers :) if so, could you please recommend me one fic per one?

This question is so cute hehe c: All of the admins (except Admin J) write fics! Below, we’ve each listed one fic of ours + its description. Hope you enjoy~

Admin H / parkthechanyeolIt’s Bright Over Here (NC-17)

“To be frank, I thought he was out of his mind when he started approaching me. I was suspicious, it could have been some dumb prank but he looked all serious and adorable when he asked me out.” 

Admin I / tedcruz: Tunnel Vision (NC-17)

I look around and everything I see is beautiful ‘cos all I see is you. 

Admin Q / ulhans: Lovely Specks (PG)

Everyone loves Do Kyungsoo and his freckles. Jongin tells himself that he doesn’t mind but that’s definitely debatable.

Admin Y / nignojmik: Dianthus Boy (PG-13)

Just as a flower blooms in the spring and wilts in the winter, Kyungsoo’s relationship with Jongin grows and dies.

-KFR Admins

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DONT YOU LOVE when moms share posts on facebook about their sons birthdays and are like "oh i still remember when 17 yrs ago, on a cloudy sunday morning, at 8 am a little boy came to the world and i named him kevin" or whatever AND U GET TO KNOW THEIR ASCENDANT AND SHIT LIKE LEGIT BLESS THOSE MOMS


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How did you realize you were bi? Was it kind of a long realization or you'd known since you were little, or something else? Also, is it bi erasure/ pan erasure to use pansexual and bisexual interchangeably? (If that's what someone identifies as)

i have had crushes on females since I was about thirteen but I thought at the time it was just admiration. I didn’t have an understanding on what bisexuality was because when I was 13 it wasn’t spoken about a lot at all and our sex education lessons consisted of putting condoms on glue sticks and that was it… (schools are a mess)

it wasn’t until I came on tumblr about five years ago when I was 16/17 and learnt a lot more about sexuality that I realised I resonated heavily with bisexuality and these feelings I was having towards other females was more than just aesthetic attraction it was romantic, too

I have a boyfriend and have done since I was 17 and had this sort of revelation about my sexuality during my relationship, which is fine as I always knew I wasn’t straight anyway from when I was 13, I just didn’t know the right word for it.

I think that sexuality can be fluid and it’s perfectly fine to interchange between bisexual and pansexual if that’s what you’re comfortable with! you acknowledge both sexualities exist so you’re not erasing them at all, you’re good!!!

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Hey guys Mod Ghost here again! I just wanted to let you guys know that from the 3rd-6th I won’t be on the blog since I’m going to my sister’s with mod Senpai which means I’ll have to be away from my computer for a while so if not posts are made during that time that’s why.

Because of this though I’m still gonna work on requests I’ll just have to write them on paper and then type them up when I get back ^^ there are about 17 requests left in the askbox that we need to finish writing up so we’ll get as many done as we can for Thursday - on the Thursday we’ve decided to open back up the ask box to take in a small number of requests (around 5-10) so that I can work on them while I’m gone (i’ll have a lot of free time during my time away so i’ll hopefully get them done in no time ^^) but I just wanted to inform you guys before hand rather than just doing it on the day

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someone: hey, do you know the group seventeen?

me: [adjusting glasses, pulling 44th complete page of seventeen essay out of typewriter, taking a sip of english breakfast tea, and continuing essay] i’m a casual fan.