▸ forever hooked

{ when we go crashing down, we come back every time }

Theme: Kuroko no Basket ✕ Taylor Swift
Song: “Style” by Taylor Swift (1989)
Pairing: Hanamiya Makoto ✕ Reader
Words: 215 words
Requested by: anonymous

Hanamiya was suave, smooth and slick.

He had a way of drawing you in, curling you so tightly around his finger that you couldn’t possibly — or might not even want to — untangle yourself from the web he’s created. Preys, so many preys he’s caught in his trap.

You were just one of dozens.

Despite the fact that you knew you couldn’t trust him, you couldn’t help it. He lured you in with that seductive smile, a curl of his fingers, and that sexy voice of his. You remembered the first time you met him. He was a douchebag but you couldn’t help the line of shivers that ran up your spine at his voice. “Doing anything tonight, angel?”

And you didn’t know how it happened. You struggled and twisted and turned away from him. You tried your best but all your efforts came out fruitless. You were completely at his mercy. Even with his rumors as a demonic player. Even with the stories you’ve heard from other girls. Even with you catching him in town with someone else.

Even with all that, you knew you were undeniably attached to Hanamiya.

He hooked his arm around you, tugged you close and crushed your lips down on yours. “Taste like heaven, angel. Always.”

Hook, line, and sinker.

When enough is too much
When today is gone forever
When the stars go dark
And the moon loses her sway.
When dreams last forever
When hope comes crashing down
When the tally marks on your heart
Cease to bring you to where we begin.
When words still hold their meaning
When doubts have since winked out
When the touch of your hand still lingers
Against the heartbeat racing on.
Where forever still meets always
Where love’s value is imbued
Where dreaming meets the waking
That’s where I’ll still find you.

© Courtney Turley 2016


I dedicate this song to everyone I have ever said I loved and who broke my goddamn heart. I will rise above and make you regret.

My Unsaid Everything
My Unsaid Everything

Converge - My Unsaid Everything

This was the first Converge song I had ever heard. It completely blew me away and was nothing like anything else I’d even remotely listened to. Ever since then, I’ve been infatuated with them. While most band’s earlier material seems to be the best, Converge keeps pushing the envelope with every album and I always, eagerly await any new material they release.