When the guitar kicks in around halfway I just LOSE IT


Harry Styles’ solo album might be the most anticipated debut this side of the millennium. Following years as the bullseye in the global behemoth that was One Direction, the singer is taking center stage with a self-titled effort that’s a classic cocktail of psychedelia, Britpop, and balladry. If it was a color, it would be the baby blue of Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Stratocaster or the soft pink of Mick Jagger’s suit when he performed on “Top Of The Pops” in 1971. It’s rock and it’s roll, but it’s also soft and sensitive. Produced by Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Fun.) it’s a record that could force the position of mainstream radio by ushering in a reprise of proper music — ensembles, verse-chorus-verse, rich instrumentation, or, basically, Adele’s bag of tricks.

Despite the red herring of lead single ‘Sign Of The Times’ (it clocks in at just under six minutes in length), the album is a short shrift 40 minutes and contains ten songs that are largely about women. Unlike Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake before him, there’s a deepened millennial sensibility to being a leading man. Harry is a sensitive soul; A post-Drake phenomenon; A serious pop performer with enviable vocal chops and a gifted ability to convey a song’s emotional heft. He oozes class, ease and a sense of import without thrusting forth from the hips, or wreaking of a self-satisfied sense of boyband emancipation. Both respectful of his past and nervous for his future, “Harry Styles,” the album, looks both ways. - Variety

Read on for a track-by-track:

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can i has more cr sense8 au percy pls? (if your up for it of course)


“I’m still not certain we should be doing this.“

It was a meaningless statement even before he said it. With her arm in his, with the warmth of her against his side and the tinkle of her laugh fading in the air, Percy thought he would trust Vex to lead him down any icy path through the woods, with any blindfold on or off, even if he had never known her more intimately than he knew himself. Even if they had just met, somehow, one day, and she had smiled and beckoned, he would have followed.

Exaggerated gagging noises broke into his thoughts—Vax, visiting as almost always, making Vex laugh in the cold Northern darkness. The drugs all but gone from his veins, Percy could feel him again, that knife’s edge of sarcasm prickling over devotion deep enough to fill the sea.

Two (one? three?) months of isolation was turning him poetic. It was horrifying.

“It’ll be fine,” said Vex, tugging him forward. “Turn right—”

Percy followed her instructions obediently. “I don’t know where you get the confidence that she won’t be looking, just this one night. It’s not like the holidays have stopped them before.”

“Because she’s loony, Freddie,” Vax said with overwhelming fondness.

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Silent Treatment

This is the sequel to Needed Cuddles. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy~~~

Word Count: 1494

Genre: Fluff

The late morning light streamed through the bedroom window, slowly drawing you from your peaceful sleep. You stretched and removed the arms and legs that were sprawled over you. Wriggling out of Chanyeol’s cage of limbs, you got out of bed and ran your fingers through his messy hair. It stuck up in weird places and you giggled quietly. Your touch gently roused Chanyeol from sleep and he rolled over groaning and pulling the blankets over his face, trying to block out the sun.

“Chan, you need to wake up. It’s already 10:30,” you said, attempting to coax him out of bed with a kiss.

“M’kay…I’ll get up,” he yawned, shifting under the blankets.

Smiling at how cute he was when he was sleepy, you gave him another kiss before heading out to the kitchen. On your way there, your eyes found your laptop resting on the table. Its lid was shut, but the power button was flashing, indicating that it needed to be charged. Plugging in the charger, the screen came to life as you opened the computer up. Word Documents, PowerPoints, and about twenty tabs of research flashed in front of your confused eyes.

“Why are all these…oh…”

All of a sudden, you remembered last night’s events. You were working. Chanyeol came home late. He was trying to be sneaky. He failed. And he eventually convinced you to stop your work for cuddles.

“Dammit, Park Chanyeol!” You weren’t even halfway done and the deadline for your report was tonight.

Chanyeol finally made it out of bed and trudged to the kitchen, his hair still a mess. Rubbing one eye, he found you motionless, staring at your computer with a look of complete annoyance. Upon his arrival, you looked up with a glare. Chanyeol froze. The last time you looked at him like that was when he accidentally ate the last slice of cake that apparently had your name on the wrapping. You didn’t talk to him for the rest of that day. Now, after shooting him that same look, you started typing furiously into the computer, totally indifferent about his presence. His stomach sank and he chewed on his lip nervously.

“…Good morning..?” he greeted cautiously. You merely grunted in return, eyes still on the screen, fingers still typing.

Yep. Chanyeol was now getting the silent treatment again.

He stood there helplessly, trying to figure out what he did this time. His wide eyes frantically searched the room for some clue before it hit him. You were in the middle of working last night. His intentions were to simply help you relax with a little cuddle session, but the two of you fell asleep. Now you had to catch up on the work you missed, and judging by the speed and vigor in which you were typing, it was either due today or tomorrow.

Chanyeol was proud of himself. The cake incident took him a whole day to figure out, and even then, it had taken a bit of makeup sex before you finally told him why you weren’t talking. This time, it only took him a mere minute and a half. Nodding confidently to himself, he made his way over to you with a slightly cocky smirk and a foolproof plan. He proceeded to wrap his arms around your torso and placed his head on top of yours.

“Jagiiii~~~” he whined, “I’m sorry. I just wanted to cuddle you~~~ You were too cute for me to just let you lay there by yourself.”

He was pulling aegyo. His deep voice was still laced with tinges of sleepiness, and dammit, it was working. But you weren’t going to let him get off the hook so easily. Instead, you sighed and removed his hands from your body.

For the second time that morning, Chanyeol stood there completely and utterly helpless. Operation Aegyo (as he had decided to call it) had failed. He straightened up, sniffed, and sulked into the kitchen. Then, another idea struck him.

You glanced over at Chanyeol. He was being a bit too noisy for just having his plan shot down. However, when you looked at him, you saw a fire of determination in his eyes and a not-so-subtle grin on his face. Whatever he was doing, he was doing it with plenty of zeal, leaving you to brace yourself for the next wave of heart-melting pleas for forgiveness.

Thirty minutes later, Chanyeol placed a plate of food in front of your computer. He had made you brunch. You stared down at the meal. The eggs and rice were accompanied by a carefully buttered slice of toast, a neat stack of kimchi, and sausages cut up into cute little hearts.

Right then and there, you completely forgave him of anything and everything he had ever done to annoy you. But stubborn as you were, you decided to troll him and amuse yourself. So you ate the food quietly, making sure not to betray your emotions through any facial expressions as you continued typing away between each bite.

And then you made the mistake of looking up.

Mid-chew, you locked eyes. He looked as if he were about to cry. His eyes were full of shock and his brows were furrowed into concentration, trying to figure out what the hell he did that made Operation Brunch fail too. Immediately feeling bad, you gave him a quick nod of approval before snapping your eyes back to the computer screen.

“Don’t look up. Don’t look up. Don’t look up,” you thought frantically.

But the nod of approval helped Chanyeol relax. You could feel his nervous tension dissipate from the air, but the gears were still turning in his brain. After he finished his meal and took up your empty plate, he flopped down on the couch and stared at you in disbelief.

Several hours later, you had almost forgotten that you were ‘mad’ at Chanyeol because the stress from your work was starting to build up as you neared the end of your project. By this time, Chanyeol had found several things to do. He had gone to the bedroom and started playing his guitar, quietly singing along to whatever song he was playing. Then, he went back to working on his compositions, editing the musical pieces and letting his genius flow. Once he was satisfied with his work for the day, he started cleaning. Now he was on the couch again, staring, trying to gauge if he was still under the silent treatment. Seeing yet another opportunity to try to win your forgiveness, he got up, grabbed his wallet, and left the apartment.

He came back fifteen minutes later with two tubs of ice cream and you were almost ready to crack.

“Jagi…I’m really sorry for interrupting your work, but you really needed a break. And I’m sorry I kept you from doing your work properly, but please, please forgive me. I love you. Please don’t be mad at me anymore. I don’t think I can take it much longer…” his voice quivered a little at the end and he looked like he had just witnessed a puppy being kicked. He couldn’t take it much longer, and quite frankly, you couldn’t either.

You took the ice cream tubs from him and placed them in the freezer. When you turned around, Chanyeol was afraid that Operation Ice Cream had failed too, and he was beginning to lose hope. But you approached him and gave him a giant hug and started laughing.

Chanyeol let out a huge sigh in relief.

“Honestly, I didn’t know a cuddle session could make you so mad…” he concluded quietly, hugging you tightly.

“Chan…I forgave you the minute I saw the brunch you made me,” you confessed, playfully messing with the ends of his shirt.

Chanyeol was quiet. You looked up at him, and he looked down at you, processing exactly what you said.

“So…this whole time…you were trolling me?”

You froze, realizing how stressful it must’ve been for him, and you felt even worse. Now it was your turn to look at him with eyes full of regret.

He forgave you. His eyes said so. They had that playful glint sparking to life again, but his face hardened to a pout. He turned away from you, giving you the silent treatment in return. You took the chance to back-hug him, pressing your face into his shoulder and wrapping your arms around his stomach.

“Jagiiii~~~” you pleaded, placing kisses on his shoulder blades. He remained unresponsive, so you jumped on his back and began peppering his neck, cheeks and ears with apology-filled kisses.

Chanyeol gave in. He laughed with you and spun in a circle as you clung to his neck.

“I forgive you, but you need to promise me something,” Chanyeol said with his usual, arrogant smirk.

“What is it?”

“Promise that you’ll make it up to me properly tonight,” he whispered, deep voice turning husky.


For @komadoriwonder who could use a pick me up who some cute/healthy batfam coping mechanisms.

- When Stephanie is upset, her natural response is to isolate herself which usually only makes her feel worse. The other Bats usually pick up when she starts avoiding them so they just attach themselves to her. Cass asks for Steph’s help with girly stuff which makes Steph feel happy and useful, Jason will kick open her door with her favorite takeout and binge cooking shows with her, Tim will just sit with and chat about nothing or sometimes in silence as a calming presence.

- When Dick is feeling sad he likes to cook. He remembers that his mom and later Alfred used to make him delicious, comforting meals. He’s not an amazing chef, not like Jay and Alfie, but when he puts the time and effort into it, he can be pretty good. By the time he’s halfway through, he’s usually feeling better and is inviting as many people as he can over to share the meal. Partially cause he wants company and also he’s bad with portions and makes way too much.

- Cass likes to dance when she’s feeling down. She likes being around others but sometimes she likes to just be by herself. To immerse herself in her art and to lose herself to her skills and her grace being used for beauty instead of hurting people. It’s deeply personal for her and she only really lets go when she’s alone.

- Tim puts on his music and he puts in on loud. He can’t really be upset when he’s jamming to his old favorites. He’ll start off working an pretty soon will be tapping to the beat and then he’ll be up doing air guitar and dancing around his apartment. Bruce, being the paranoid due he is, has cameras in all his kids places and will look and see Tim doing this incredible air guitar solo. It alerts B that his boy must be feeling a little down and he makes sure to schedule some time to see and talk to Tim which usually helps both of them feel better.

Popestar Brooklyn show

(Part Zero aka Sharpiemaggedon - here.)

Concert highlights! (with accompanying video if I could find it on YT)

-near the end of Marissa’s set I went to the merch table. Jason (Billy Vanilla) showed up, and when he had a second I said hi and got real tongue tied trying to tell him he’d commented on one of my instagram photos. But he’s such a sweetheart! he was fucking genuinely happy to talk to me. he told me I should come back and he’d give me some stuff, like stickers, and I said ‘okay!! thank you!!’ I’m 30 years old why is my voice reaching dog-hearing levels of high

-but then he caught me when I got a few steps away because he’d checked his pockets and gave me an Aether pick. (!!!)

-also he is hella fucking tall (taller than air!) and moves like a heron on a mission. 

-”So many good-looking ones here tonight. I want to eat you. Eat many of you. But. Not yet.”

Papa asking “Ladies of Flatbush, do you want to get physical with me?”

-I’m pretty sure he said ‘you call on moi’ instead, in Square Hammer. XD

-Earth balancing drumsticks on his mask in person is somehow 100x better. 

-Papa taking his sweet time picking out a mallet to hit toms (is that what they’re called?)

-Alpha guitaring aggressively in Earth’s face

-Alpha and Water leaning back to back is so freaking cute

-”But serially seriously? NO.. He is not the fucking president. God damn it.’

(I think what he says when he goes on is “It’ll be better one day, trust me. But one- yeah, four years it’s shit. But anyways, he’s such a fucking bastard that we’ve written a song about him.”)

-Papa putting a mummy dust dollar between his lips while waiting during a guitar solo. He sat there all sauce and sass and then crumpled it up and tossed it to the crowd. 

-Earth bringing his beer or whatever back out with him for Monstrance Clock. And tapping the cymbals with it to emphasize Papa’s points during The Talk.

-and then he played crouched aggressively over the drums for most of the song itself.

-only the biggest pieces of confetti made it back to us. so I didn’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. But I did manage to snag 3 bills, 2 in really good condition.

-SHIT the Sister of Sin fucking losing it. After he introduced them and had come back over to them “Nice to meet you. Enchante. Now… , one of them had dropped something. So he pauses and leans over to get it and says “Let me get that for you, baby.” ugh can you not be so sweet and pervy at the same time She completely broke and couldn’t stop laughing and the other one hit her, like ‘oh dear satan if you can’t get it together I’m gonna break too please no, we have one job

-oh also, one of the pyro things fucked up early on and kept strobing for a while. it was behind Earth so I was just glad nothing more went wrong

-just - what a beautiful fucking theatre it was too…

-if you watch enough video from that show (like during the Body and Blood intro and a couple times after) you’ll probably hear a guy yelling ‘grab her by the pussy’. It sucks because he seemed nice, offering to move or duck when my roommate wanted to take a picture and apologizing for being generally hugemongous and blocking my roomie and our friend’s view. we had seats so it’s not like anyone could move much. If you look at the instagram photo he’s right above Papa’s head. (It especially sucked because his girlfriend was really nice. And then disappeared halfway through the show. Probably because he had to be *that guy* always trying to get Papa’s attention between songs. Papa is ignoring you because you’re an idiot, idiot.) I’m just glad he seemed to let the anti-Trump remarks go quick enough because that guy could’ve been a real problem if he’d wanted. :-/ 

-so after the show we waited in the back by the buses. unfortunately the venue had a huge fenced in loading dock, so everyone had to wait beyond that. people were waiting right by the gate, and the venue staff came back and forth a lot with garbage while we hung out in the cold. all in all I’m just glad people didn’t get in their way enough to piss them off and try to make us leave.

-While we were waiting I gave Kitkats to @chrysantheous and @violaceous44 (and shit was @valiantvisionsdawnn there after too? There was someone else, I just remember we were doing the ‘hi I’m blahblah username wow usernames in RL are really silly’ thing)

-oh and @deannancricket was there and there I am going ‘holy shit I recognize her From The Internet’

-the time actually flew by. I guess it was about 1 when Alpha came out and signed stuff for folks. My roomie went before me. (she said he went ‘oh, you have the first one!’ because she’s brought the Opus CD. and then she scampered away because she didn’t want to be in the way and he called after her all ‘thank you for coming!’

-well shit I guess I’m next. he says hello and all I can say is hello. twice. why are you saying just hello self. So I just blurt out ‘So I heard that maybe you might do a show with *redacted* here. In Manhattan?’ At first he was seemed taken aback maybe? probably just processing the babblefish and said that he didn’t know, that he didn’t think so. All I could say was ‘oh’ and probably had a kicked puppy face because then he said something along the lines of ‘well, if we did it would probably just be one show.’ So. Ahhhhhh. I dunno if he hadn’t heard about that interview they did, or because plans aren’t final he’s not supposed to say? I dunno guys. I felt bad for even asking.

-Especially because then he got a call and said ‘sorry I have to take this’ and that meant I was the last to get a signature I think. D:

Shortly after this, there was a lot of people moving around, Air had appeared from somewhere and was signing folks stuff, and I saw Water’s hair and that was about it and she was calling Air’s name because they had to go.

@nonpopulous @napsterclient

Imagine Feeling Down So Dean and Sam Do Goofy Things To Try and Cheer You Up.

Word Count: 2003

Requested By: supershewholock

You were pulled from a dreamless sleep by a firm hand on your shoulder, gently shaking you to consciousness. Your eyes snapped open and you drew in a sharp breath. You blinked a few times, trying to clear your vision.

“Napping again, kiddo?” Dean laughed. You squinted while you’re eyes adjusted to the lights. You had fallen asleep on the couch in the bunker library. Again.

“I’m awake,” you mumbled, “and I’m not a kid.” Dean thought just because you were a couple years younger than your boyfriend, Sam, that he could treat you like his little sister. You denied it, but it was kind of nice. You never had an older brother to watch out for you before.

“Whatever you say. Just get your shoes on. We’re going out to get something to eat,” he said shifting old files around on the desk until he found his phone and stuck it in his pocket. You sunk back into the couch. That was so not enough reason to wake up.

“We have food here,” you countered.

“Yeah, rabbit food. You and Sam took over the kitchen and now there’s nothing good to eat.”

“You two go on ahead and get your man food and I’ll make something here.”

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not going to let you waste away on that couch. All three of are going out so you better be in the Impala in five.”

You groaned into the couch cushion. You tried to hide it from the boys as much as you could but they knew their lifestyle was wearing on you, especially all the near-death experiences. According to Dean you would get used to it after a while. That day had yet to come and you doubted it ever would.

You couldn’t get more than an hour and a half of sleep at a time, hence the constant napping. The nightmares had manifested into a monster on its own, one that Sam and Dean couldn’t kill. They weren’t even about you. Before you would jolt awake panting as if the figment in your sleep really had been chasing you, but now it was just images of grotesque deaths, one after the other, always about either Sam or Dean.

Some days you felt more dead than alive. This was one of those days.

You closed your eyes again and it could have been hours, but it sure felt like seconds when you were awakened once again by long sturdy arms curling around your legs and your back. You flinched into the body carrying you bridal style, relieved when you saw Sam smiling down at you. You sank into him and even smiled a little when he craned his neck to give you a kiss. The smile quickly dissipated when you saw he was taking you to the garage.

“Not tonight, Sam. I’m not feeling up to it.”

He skillfully scooped up your shoes by the door without setting you down, intentionally ignoring your request. Of course he wasn’t going to let you stay behind; this night out was probably his idea in the first place.

Dean opened up the back seat door for you and Sam set you down inside. You flopped down horizontally on the seat, probably a little more dramatically than necessary. The boys took the front seats and Dean stuck the keys in the ignition, bringing the Impala to life with a grin. He took a glance over his shoulder at you.

“Oh don’t be so pouty. Tonight is going to be fun. I’ll even let you pick the music. Radiohead or Metallica?” he asked, flipping through the CD’s you had gotten him. It took weeks of convincing, but he finally let you ditch the cassette tapes and upgrade a little. He was still behind in terms of tech, but it was a step in the right direction.

“That’s not a choice. That’s like picking the lesser of two evils.”

“Metallica it is, then,” he smirked, cranking the volume up so loud you could feel it vibrating in the air. Your eardrums throbbed. “I’ve got to keep you awake somehow,” he yelled over the swelling guitar riff.

Dean drove to the usual place. It had all the makings of any other typical bar, including pool tables, happy hour specials, crappy lighting and crappier food. The only difference was the waitresses knew you all by first name, and if your suspicions were correct, Dean had a little crush on the one named Steffanie. Or maybe he just hit on anything that moved.

You quickly slipped your shoes on as Sam opened up the door for you and offered a hand to help you out. He was a real gentleman at heart. He slung an arm around you in the parking lot, planting a quick kiss on the top of your head, and didn’t let go until the three of you found your booth in the back corner of the bar and sat down.

A young waitress came over, Alex or maybe Alice? You were too tired to remember, or keep up with her peppy voice that rattled off the specials in time with the bounce of her blonde ponytail. She stopped halfway through, a little deflated, and asked us if we wanted our usual. Dean answered for on behalf of all of you with a nod and a charming smile.

You let your head fall onto Sam’s shoulder as soon as she was gone. His arm snaked around your waist and he held you a little closer. For a while you were content just sitting next to him and breathing in the scent on his jacket. It reminded you of all those camping trips when you were a kid.

"Whoever picks the music around here has crappier taste than you,” Dean teased. You stuck your tongue out at him, just glad the speakers weren’t turned up too loud.

It wasn’t long before Alex came around with a round of beers, and another round, all before your mediocre burgers and fries were pushed in front of you. In all honesty you kind of enjoyed bar food. There was something nice about a greasy meal after a long day.

Sam and Dean were chattering about something or other, but you were too lost in the bottom of your bottle to take notice. Dean had to grab you by the arm and pull you out of the booth and over to the pool tables until you got back down into reality.

“Alright, kid, twenty bucks says I’m going to kick your ass at pool. ”

“You’re going down, old man.”

Dean started collecting and arranging the balls at the end of the table. He pushed them together with his forearms, leaving an almost perfect triangle. You grabbed the pool sticks leaning up against the wall and handed him one. The familiar blue chalk found it’s way into your hand and you worked it around the tip of your cue.

“Ladies first,” he grinned. You returned the smile, playfully nudging him on your way to the opposite side of the table. You skillfully lined up your shot, the cue stick feeling fluid and natural in your hands. The balls broke apart with a sharp crack, a multitude of colors rolling out in every direction. This was going to be fun.

You were laughing harder than you had for weeks, even if twenty minutes later you found yourself hopelessly losing. It didn’t matter though, because the beer was great and you had your favorite album playing from the jukebox machine. Sam was rooting for you and Dean was trash taking like nobody’s business.

Once, you had let Sam take one of your turns but he had botched it so bad that you doubled over laughing, Dean nearly choked on his beer and poor Sammy’s face turned as red as a cherry. The two of you decided to leave the pool-playing to you and sealed the deal with a sweet kiss that tasted like the brew he had been drinking. And a few more kisses just for the heck of it.

Dean coughed, signaling it was your turn. Reluctantly you left Sam’s arm, and his lips, and bent over at the pool table to line up your shot. You spun the cue in your fingers, focusing on your breathing. The polished wood of the pool stick glided in your hands and you were just about ready to take your shot when-

“‘I don’t have all day, kiddo.”

“No, it’s fine,” Sam reassured you over the brim of his beer bottle, “Take your time.”

“Samuel Winchester,” you said while lining up the cue ball once more, “you better not be staring at my ass.” The older brother laughed as you let the cue slide through your fingers and after the sharp crack of  acrylic on acrylic, the pool ball sunk into the corner pocket.

You smirked at Dean and made another stab at the cue ball. This time your target bounced just left of the hole and rolled to the center of the table. Your opponent laughed, patting you on the back as he walked around the table. He leaned down to aim and you just couldn’t resist, just as he was about to take his shot you poked him in the side with your pool stick.

Dean let out a cry of surprise and the cue ball went way off course, knocking into the 8 ball and effectively sending it into the pocket. His expression was a mix of shock and annoyance, but you just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Game over, Winchester.”

Dean gave you a look of disbelief. “After you just blatantly cheated?” You ignored him and walked over to Sam who was overcome with laughter just as you were and held up his hand for a high five. Dean rolled his eyes.

“I’m going to go pay the bill,” he said begrudgingly, and you wondered as he walked away if he was going to ‘accidentally’ run into Steffanie and say hello.

“I’m going to the ladies room,” you told Sam.

When you came back Sam and Dean were waiting for you at the bar. Sam slung an arm around your shoulder and you followed Dean out of the building. Out of the corner of your eyes you could have sworn you saw Dean give the smallest nod to your boyfriend.

And then their hands were all over your sides, holding you so you couldn’t get away. you gasped for air through your laughs and you swung your hands around wildly, trying to tickle them as well.

“Sam!” you squealed, “Cut it o-out!”

But it took a lot more pleading until the boys let up on you, and when they finally stopped you felt as if you couldn’t catch a breath. You swung a playful punch at Dean’s shoulder. “Was this your idea?”

The two brothers shared a playful glance, still chuckling, but otherwise ignored you. When Sam opened up the back door to the Impala you gave him a dirty look before climbing inside. He was going to have to do a little better if he wanted you to forgive him for his surprise attack so soon.

He slid into the seat next to you and pulled you close, craning his neck to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. He only stopped when Dean made a gagging noise and asked if he should drop the two of you off at a motel instead.

You leaned into Sam and rested your head onto his shoulder. “You shiny?” he asked. You lips drew into a small smile. That was something your dad always said to you when you were young.

“Yeah,” you hummed, “I’m good. This was nice.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” he said, and gave you a quick kiss on top of your head. You sank into him further, letting your eyes flutter close and your breathing slow. The car ride was smooth and lulled you to sleep, a sleep finally without nightmares.

A Beautiful Day

Klaine Bingo prompt: Locked Out

summary: Skank!Kurt gets locked out of his house and his do-gooder neighbor Blaine offers him a temporary reprieve from the summer heat

a/n: I don’t hate hipster blogs

warnings for Kurt being a little shit, mentions of past Kooper sexual shenanigans, and a crappy title

Edit: now with a shiny new sequel!

It’s a beautiful day, really. All birdshiny, suns chirping… something like that. Just another summer day of idealized suburbia midday perfection. Kurt thinks it’d be a beautiful view to look out on from his nice big bed, thinks the occasional soft breeze would lift the heat in his room to just the right temperature, that he could lose track of the time just lounging in bed and happily live out the day as if he were trapped inside snapshots of someone’s fucking vintage, soft grunge, fashion, indie, hipster, hashtag: no filter blog. In fact, he’s seconds away from marching across the street and seducing Dapper McBlanderson just for a place to crash.

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Blessings (a Michael Clifford smut)

Parings: Michael Clifford and Y/N

Rated: R

Requested?: I dedicated this post to my friend Miranda even tho she technically has no older brother and doesn’t wear glasses but loves Michael (and maybe pulls a relationship with him out of her ass to keep guys away because she’s such a catch)

External image

The house was silent when you walked inside but, if you stood still and held your breath, you could hear the sounds of chatter and laughter. You walked down the carpeted stairs to the basement living room, seeing your brother Charlie and Michael Clifford, the biggest player at the school, sitting down at the couch and discussing math. You took off your thick framed, black glasses, wiping them to make sure this scene was either real or a figment of your imagination. Your brother Charlie was a bigger nerd than you were and taught you everything you knew about being one while Michael Clifford could be seen at any point of the day with his hand in a girl’s pants or in the process of inserting that hand into a girl’s pants. His type was blonde, don’t speak their mind, and “I’ll be quiet because men are talking”. He was a shithead and Charlie was a dorky little angel, which is why you could not seem to believe the scene in front of you.

“Oh hey Y/N, you know Michael right?” Charlie remarked, finally noticing you standing in the doorway.

“Oh yeah, sure.” You mumbled. Michael had been friends with you and Charlie since you wore a pull-ups up until the transition between Junior High into high school. Rumor had it that Kimberly Sult had let him touch her boobs and after that he became big man on campus and everyone treated him like one.

“How’s it going T.T?” Michael commented. You gasped, eyes flying as wide as saucers as you stared at him. That comment could only be heard from the girl’s locker room where you were severely bullied among other girls for having B cup sized breasts while most of the girl’s in your senior high class-already highly developed-were either C’s, D’s, or up and it seemed that was what it took to avoid the tormenting. T.T was your own nickname for Tiny Tits and the words stung coming from the mouth of your former best friend.

You weren’t like the girls who got tormented and you always fought back and stood your ground. You weren’t an airhead and you lived by the rule of never taking shit from anyone. You knew how to fight back and you knew it well.

“Hey Mikey?” You asked sweetly, walking up to him and bending down a little, pushing your elbows in so they squeezed your B cups that pushed against the top of your brown leather crop jacket and white tank top. He gaze traveled to your breasts and you slid your hand up his thigh.

“Y-yeah?” He croaked.

You giggled. It was one of the things most of your former boyfriends and everyone liked about you. Then your smile dropped and you smacked him-lightly enough not to leave a mark but hard enough to sting.

“If I hear those words come out of your mouth in my presence I’m going to rip off your cock and make you blow it.” You growled then stood up and walked away to your room, which was on that floor down the hall.

After you thought Michael was gone, you took a shower and, dressed in only your bathrobe and matching Batman bikini panties and Batman push-up lacy bra, you walked out into the living room to play some X-Box. Your parents weren’t home and you suspected Charlie was upstairs getting dinner ready. You weren’t much a cook and no one trusted you in a kitchen alone anymore after you repeatedly burned the drapes and anything slightly flammable you brought near the stove.

When you entered the living room, Michael was still sitting there working on a math problem. You turned around to leave but his voice stopped you.

“Don’t you dare move Y/N.” Damn if his voice didn’t stir feelings in you, him looking up at you with dark eyes certainty did as he took in your slightly agape robe. You glanced down at his lips and were transported back to your first kiss with him, joking around in the tree house during into a very laughable experienced, which lead to you being very experienced despite what your cup size said.

“Fuck off Clifford.”

“I could certainly get off with you looking like that.”

“Like what?”

“So fucking hot.” He mumbled, licking his lips and you rolled your eyes, laughing.

“Really? You and your little friends constantly remind me of how unattractive I am with my small bust size and yet I’ve probably seen more action than you all put together.”


“There are a lot of things about me that have changed you narcissistic asshole.”

“There definitely are. I always wondered what those legs were like underneath all the black vinyl skirts you wear.”

“Where’s Charlie?”

“Left to go to a Chinese place across town for dinner.”

“Why are you still here?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“I’m staying for dinner but there is one thing I would like to eat right now.”

“I’m out.” You said briefly and turned around only to have yourself yanked back.

“I was serious about you not moving. Don’t go.”

“Why the hell should I stay here? Stay in the same room as the asshole who dropped my brother and I for the off-chance to be cool. No, you left us in the dust and crushed Charlie and now you come back crawling here and pretending like nothing fucking happened!?” You shouted. “You maybe have got Charlie like an excited puppy now that you think you can play friend with us again but I’m not falling for your bullshit Clifford. Not today, not any day. Now if you will excuse me, I have a date to get to.” You turned on your heel and marched back to your room but not without a little hip sway.

The date went terribly and he tried to kiss you at the front door but it was all teeth and tongue and disgusting. You sighed and walked into the house, kicking off your shoes and carrying them down to your room but you were stopped halfway by someone.

A hand stopped you from screaming. “It’s me, Michael.”

“Don’t ever fucking scare me like that again!” You hissed, slapping his hand away. “What in Christ’s sake are you doing here anyway?”

“Mum’s never home and it’s lonely there so Charlie let me stay here, just like old times.”

“Where the fuck is your mom…what about your dad?”

“Things changed for me too Y/L/N. Dad died two years ago and Mum worked three jobs just to take care of me. You think you’re the only one who hasn’t been hurt.”


“A year ago I was feeling trapped. Dad was gone, Mum was barely around, and I was feeling extremely depressed. I tried to talk to you after school, wanted to let all my feelings out and be able to talk to you and lean on you like I always did-”

“What the fuck are you talking about-oh.” One day Michael walked over to you and asked if he could talk to you. You looked at him and laughed, “Like I would talk to a piece of shit.”

“You looked at me like you were disgusted and you called me a piece of shit. I know what I did to you and Charlie was wrong but I needed you, the one person who understood and you turned me away like garbage!” He took in a deep breath, calming himself and his voice before he woke up Charlie upstairs. “I guess it’s my own damn fault for treating you and Charlie so hideously, especially Charlie.” Michael’s friends mercilessly beat the shit out of Charlie for being bisexual and Michael did nothing except drive Charlie to the front of your house and leave him on the curb for you to find the next day.

“Michael I-I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I-If you want to stay here that’s okay just…be okay, okay?”

He chuckled a little, almost in disbelief. “There you go again, you always were a fucking saint when a person needed it the most.”

“Well maybe I’ve been losing my edge.” You joked.

“God I love you.” He sighed and his eyes widened as he realized his thoughts hadn’t been thoughts but words leaving his lips.

“You-you do?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just going to go home now-”

“I love you too!” You blurted. “Ever since fifth grade. I probably didn’t realize what I was feeling at the time but over the years I realized my feelings but I kept them hidden deep inside me. I was so afraid of being rejected, me-the school dorky bitch.”

“You know people call you that?”

“I’m glad, it’s almost like a chant of my name. If you don’t let people in they can’t hurt you and as long as they say those things, as long as they keep their distance, I can’t be hurt.”

“I loved you since I could remember and not once did I ever stop. I was almost going to stop the whole cool act I gained after they dragged me in the summer after eighth grade but then you pushed me away and I just thought it would be better if we were apart and I did my wanting from a distance.”

You pulled his head down to yours. “It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. But the question is, what would you be willing to lose?”

“Everything.” His words were on top of your lips and you tilted your head up and closed the distance. It was like a damn was being broken and everything flooded out. You didn’t recognize your own actions, your own body until you were inside your room and on your bed; your date clothes stripped off of you and leaving you in the Batman underwear. You stared up at Michael, wondering if this was real or a dream. You pulled your glasses off but he stopped you.

“Keep them on.” He said and kissed your neck, searching for the one spot that made you squirm. He kissed further and further until he hit your real sweet spot, playing it like a guitar he knew well and pouring a tune out of you through countless buildups but never reaching the core of the song. He got your Batman bra undone, tossing it across the room and reaching up to tweak and turn until you cried out, holding onto the sheets, his hair, anything you could get to try and take out your sexual frustrations.

“Just bring me over Michael.” You panted.

“Not gonna happen Y/N.” He taunted until you couldn’t take it anymore. You dragged him up, pushed him on his back and leaned down until you sighed in relief when he was finally touching you with something other hand his hands or mouth, feeling him deep in the core of your lower stomach, almost your back.

“Move Y/N.” Michael croaked.

“Oh no. You can’t tease me and expect no retributions.” You taunted. You swiveled and moved your hips until you reached not only his sweet spot but your own and held you both there until Michael reached up and twisted his hands in your hair, pulling you down to him and crashing his lips against yours.

“If you don’t move I swear I will make you pay Y/N.” He growled.

“Oh, so forceful.” You giggled then growled, “I like it.”

“Oh my god what did I get myself into.” He groaned, grabbing your hips and moving you in just the pace he liked, earning a gasp from you that had you burying your face in his clavicle and a bucking of his hips. You leaning forward and stretching out your back only intensified the feeling between you and Michael until you couldn’t take it any longer and let him flip you over and finally, finally bring you to the sweet, long strung out release of the night. You sighed between your screams into Michael’s shoulder, his name mixed with guttural moans and yeses. You collapsed on your back, feeling your languid body pulled towards Michael’s.

“How do you think Charlie is going to take this?” Michael asked quietly.

“I have no fucking idea.” You sighed. “But I don’t care.”

**Two Weeks Later**

You had sneaked Michael downstairs after school and was curled into his lap on the couch while watching the old version of Batman.

“What the fuck?” You heard and looked over to see Charlie standing there.

“Charlie, please, just listen to me for a second-”

“I swear to God you two better be studying and not what I think you’re doing.”

“We were just cuddling Charlie, god!”

“I can’t believe you! I thought since you always pushed him away and smacked him nothing would happen but I was wrong, he’s always a lying snake.”

“Haven’t you noticed around school he’s changed? He isn’t that way anymore, didn’t you see him push away his friends?”

“Do you know what he fucking did to us Y/N or do you want me to remind you?” He pulled up his shirt to reveal the six inch scar from his hip on up.

“Please Charlie. He isn’t like that anymore-”

“Oh, he isn’t like that anymore. Yeah, bullshit he is.”

“When will you stop acting like a little pussy?”

“When will you stop being such a slut?”

“Hey! I understand this shit is between you guys and you are siblings but you have no right whatsofuckingever to call each other! I have changed Charlie and I am extremely sorry for what I did to you both but I love Y/N and she loves me.”

“You want to get into her pants and I’m guessing you did so why don’t you just leave, mission accomplished.”

“Stop it Charlie.”

“Oh come on. I heard you talking to your shit-ass friends, placing bets. I just wish I wasn’t so stupid as to let you stay over out of pity. Please, we would’ve heard if your dad died, he was close to our parents no matter the relationship between us.”

“Is that true Michael?” You asked him.

“I can’t lie to you.” He said. Everything last night came around to bite you on the ass. You knew you shouldn’t have trusted him, you knew but you didn’t listen. This is what you get for not treating someone like shit! Heartbroken and it goes to show that a little help never goes a long way.

Charlie realized then that the course of his actions had demanding consequences as you ran out of the house, climbed into your car, and drove away. You hated Charlie for telling you this and you hated Michael for doing this to you.

You finally hated everyone.

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My amazing first alt-J concert experience

Okay so… I’m not the best writer and my memory isn’t all that great but here’s everything that happened as best as I can remember it! This was a night I had been looking forward to for a very long time and it went even better than I had hoped.

It’s super long so it’s going after this Read More:

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