When and how did it get so bad

I give @staff another month to bring replies back, and if they don’t, I’m out. 

I can’t tolerate this anymore - I’m not into sending messages, I utterly abhor the instant messaging system, and I’m uncomfortable reblogging personal entries to comment on them, and feel bad because I can’t keep up with reblogs when someone answers my own questions. 

I can provide absolutely no support, or anything, to anyone and it’s becoming a very serious problem for me. I didn’t realize how much I appreciated, and actually did use, the reply feature - it’s necessary. And if we’re not getting replies back at all, that would be nice to know too, because I can’t imagine what the hell is taking so long.  

My parents didn’t give a crap about my diabetes when I was little, and now that I’m older I realize that I’m going to die in middle age from bad control. I’m so mad. I was a child - how did they not see the need to help me keep my sugars down? Now I’m afraid to get married, because I know my boyfriend will have to care of me when I’m on dialysis in a few years.

I think my only embarrassing Homestuck thing I did was when someone made a plushie of Andrew Hussie and was doing a tumblr giveaway for it, so I reblogged the post 80+ times because I REALLY wanted to win it, and looking back on it I’m like… why?  Why did I want a plushie of some 30-year old guy so bad?  What would I even tell people “oh here’s a plushie I won of some guy who draws that comic I like” that’s not an acceptable explanation, no matter how you look at it, it’s fucking weird

Anyway I would still totally get a Hussie plushie tho so I guess this post is moot


Femslash Feb: Mayfair/Varma Noir AU

I was just a detective, tryin’ to get by, when she rolled into my office like a summer storm. Said she needed my help with some sensitive information, make sure the right people got it and the wrong people didn’t. The world sure is a messy place to start throwing around labels ‘bout who’s good and bad. And well, things don’t always go how’d you like ‘em to and she blew right outta town. Never really did get the hang of sunny days after that.

★☆☆☆☆ - A highly disappointing experience.
review by OwlMan201

Came here on my lunch break for a quick bite since I heard good things and it had gotten good reviews on Yelp and Google. Arrived to find entrances locked- very bad sign, but I decided to soldier on, since the reviews were so good. Climbed fence. No sign said whether to wait to be seated or to seat myself, so I looked for a good booth. Not only were there no good booth seats, but at that moment, the waiters tackled me and told me to “freeze”. VERY rude and I assume that means that I had to wait to stay seated- but HOW would I know that when no one showed up to greet me?! Imprisoned by local authorities (Overkill much?!), VERY bad manners, VERY bad experience and VERY not worth everything that I had heard about it. Did not get the chili con carne that I was expecting. NOT recommended and I will NOT come back again.

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Any recent conspiracy theories you can tell me about?

1. How about 2 years ago when oil by the barrel was still pretty strong, the Rockefeller’s sold their 50 billion in oil stocks and bought into investing in clean, renewable energy. Did they have insider information? Now that even US oil companies are hurting so bad that they too want a bail-out

Also why is oil so cheap? Some think OPEC is sticking it to US Oil industry and other competitors. But in actuality, it’s the US government sticking it to this man: Vladimir Putin. Why Putin you ask because since 2013, US has been trying to get into Syria, and Russia, along with the American public didn’t want to go into another war, use some hegemony, and create a problem, incites the public, and offer your solution, and now people in the US are more than willing to fight to overthrow  Bashar al-Assad. Who has a higher approval rating with his country (72%) than the US congress has with it’s own people. (11%)

2. Big Banks are buying up the water supply. What happens when clean water becomes harder to get?

3. Despite what the government might tell you about drone strikes hitting their attended target. Nearly 90 percent of people killed in recent drone strikes were not the target.

4. Media will have you believe that police are under attack, but what about  2015 was one of the safest years for police on record.

That’s all I can recall off the top of my head. But I might add to this post. 




I’ve seen a lot of negativity towards Michael’s new hairstyle and I just wanna point out something. He mentioned something in a tweet (at the beginning of the year) about how this year he’d be more comfortable with himself. I think we all think the same when it comes to Michael and we say he is a little insecure. Michael getting a haircut that short for the first time in such a long time is a big step. And I say it because I did that a few years ago. It feels refreshing and a change like that it’s always great, so please restrain yourself from pointing out if it looks bad, because it doesn’t. Don’t rain on his parade.

You go through phases. Some days you can’t wait to get to the barn and you wake up three hours before your lesson. Other times it’s a good day if you don’t cry when you get into your car, and it hurts just to be at the barn. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve probably had more bad days than good and it’s hard to explain to someone why you stuck with something despite all the bad days and the bad things it did to you. Maybe that’s why so much of our identity is wrapped up in being equestrians- because that’s where we learned growth comes from hardship. I don’t think we were ever just learning how to ride, or how to take care of a horse, I think we were learning how to grow as individuals.

Masterpost Idea~I NEED YOU! (yes.... you.... yeah. I’m talking to you)

So I am setting up my bullet journal and though I was reluctant to do so at first, I am going to set up a habit tracker page because guess what?


Especially not me! There are times I ask my boyfriend what are things I could do to better myself. He is someone I greatly trust and would be honest with me, and it makes me happy for myself when there are things I can do to better myself. So! I need you! (yes you, that’s why you’re still reading this!)

What are some bad habits you have and want to get rid of?

I am going to take your responses and choose the ones I need to work on and at the end of the month I will tell you guys how I worked to fix those habits and if I did or didn’t succeed so I can help encourage YOU (yes lol, you) to fix your habits. I am so incredibly excited for this so please send me a message, reblog, or send me an ask with your answers! Thank you lovelies!

Lots of Love,


Scully: you look like you’ve seen some things.
Molly: I have an insane consulting detective, you?
Scully: *smiles* UFO nut who loves conspiracies.
Molly: it’d be better if he believed in that kind of thing. Doesn’t pay much mind to space. Wanna trade?
Scully: *ponders* How bad is he?
Molly: I have videos that I’ve taken of his ridiculous rants when he isn’t getting what he needs to solve a case. *pulls up folder on her phone*
Scully: *laughing* they’re similar. I had a kid with mine, I think he’d search the world if I skipped out.
Molly: *nods* mine probably would too. Insane men.
Scully: Dana Scully, scientist, former FBI agent covering the X files.
Molly: *grins, clearly unphased* Molly Hooper, pathologist and sanity keeper of a mad man who frequents Baker Street. Charmed.

Dear R,

My heart still aches when I talk about you. I don’t know when I’ll ever get over you. Part of me wants to hurt you as bad as you hurt me, but part of me just wants to be able to have you love me back again. I don’t know how you moved on so fast, but I’d love to know how you did because I can’t seem to go a day without thinking about you.

- C

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ok but while they're in fiji, bruce is aggressively trying his best to deny his feelings for adam. they spent a lot of time together at rtxau and he was completely enamored when adam would make bad jokes at whatever panel and how adorable he was every time he got a little tipsy and giggly at their group dinners. now they're in a tropical vacation resort, adam's getting so goddamn tan and bruce is very screwed. both barbara and bethany are pushing him to make a move but he's /nervous/, dammit.

ok yes yes good good idk if you wanted to go back n forth or if u wanted me to write something but i felt the need to write something i felt it in my bones man

grovic fiji brocation extravaganza 2k16 floof under the cut

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To @Dragonslikesmaug

My Dearest friend Dragonslikesmaug.

I never knew you darling, I never met you face to face or ever got a chance to speak to you one on one…I never will now…and I never got the chance to say thank you.

Thank you for being there, for supporting me…I wish I did one Adder story for you before you passed….I wish you got to read all about him but I never got round to it.

I’m sorry.

You liked the manips I and others did, you supported us all the way and encouraged us all to keep doing what we do best and it was greatly appreciated. So in your honour I won’t stop manipping, no matter how bad it gets…

I’m not that great with words….Never have been but your loss has touched a load of people here on tumblr and knocked the hiddleston fandom. It was a shock to me when I heard you had gone and a part of me wishes 2016 would restart….and I’m sure a few others wish it would too.

I’ve lost a great person.
A great follower
And a great soul

.If I can find a picture that sums it up…..I would use it right now..,..but I all I have is this…

Goodbye my friend…..till we meet again.

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So my roommates inherited 2 Betta fish from a class project and we’re going out this weekend to get them better tanks and everything because they’re in temporary containers right now and I feel bad for them.

Can someone give me resources on these guys? We don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on tanks and have size limitations on how big a tank we’re allowed to have in rooms - and in my understanding they have to live in separate tanks.

When I did some research last night the recommendation seemed to be a 5gallon minimum, which fits under the regulations.

Can someone point me in the direction of some good Betta fish information?
- what can be in the tank with them for stimulation?
- filters? Plants?

My roommates talked with the professor who gave them the fish and have some info but I’ve seen some passionate fish people on here and I want to make sure these guys are well taken care of as I am a huge animal lover!


(I’m also googling stuff right now but wanted to see if anyone had great resources that I might not find!)

Sooooo. I was going to get up and actually go to the doctor today, but then this thing happened when I woke up and when I tried to sit up it hurt and I cried and now i’m cradling a pompom and wondering what I did to deserve this life.

Seriously though, my stomach hurts so bad and now i’m scared that i’m actually going to die. Or they’re going to put a camera inside of me (no matter how much Kevin says they won’t sERIOUSLY screw you Alexis this is your fault). :(

As a server for a steak restaurant, I did night shifts which some how ended with me staying later than all the other servers, even on days when I was supposed to leave before them. I exceeded work time to the point where the manager asked me to put my over time on the side so she “could just add onto my ‘slower’ days”. There were none. It got as bad as pulling 13 hours shifts. I was getting paid so much she moved me to a morning shift.

This might sound shocking and kind of new to some people but…. do you know you don’t have to reblog something when you don’t like it? 

I know, I know… this is… WOW, but like, instead of being rude in the tags you can just keep scrolling and forget about that post. Once you get it, it’s so easy. Try it next time you see a post and you think “I’m gonna reblog this and write some bullshit in the tags”. It will be good for you and for the person who did that post (because you don’t know how that person is going to react).

Constructive criticism=Good / Bullshit=Bad


Today i spent a long time thinking back to the Mermaid AU sketches I made about a month ago! I realized I’ve done quite a few (even more than here) and never uploaded a single one ….

well anyways, let me know which sketch i should finish ;w;

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If Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung would have a girlfriend like me who has a really really bad memory (if she do or say something and then forgets it after one second, literally) how will they react?

Yoongi would get really annoyed at first, thinking she was trying to play a dumb trick on him. Once it kept happening, and he had confirmation that she really did just have a bad memory, he’d just find it weird. He’d roll her eyes at her when it happened, but otherwise just let it go. 

Jimin would be so surprised at first! He’d be completely taken aback and keep asking questions about what she can and can’t remember. Once he’d gotten used to it he would tease her occasionally, but mostly he’d be nice and remind her of things she’d forgotten. 

Taehyung would at first think she was just mucking around, and he’d go along with it as a game. Once he realised she was genuinely forgetting things, he’d be fascinated and ask lots of questions. He’d joke around with her about it, and find it hilarious for quite a long time. 

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