3/14/16 || It’s raining somewhere

It’s finally done! Use your imagination for the dialogue; mine is spent.

EDIT: Bonus below cut

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Told drinkyourfuckingmilk that she could give me a doodle prompt and it quickly escalated into something bigger and ridiculous, lol. The prompt was something along the lines of Levi and Hanji getting ready in the morning together, like Hanji helping Levi shave.

Helping him shave was Hanji’s idea but she doesn’t really know where the idea came from. It actually came from seeing her mom do the same for her father years and years ago, and now it’s surfacing in Hanji’s subconscious as a sign of affection since ~titans~ and ~general military business~ keeps her from doing much else. Also, the 104th kids were taking bets on who tops. (Sorry Eren but both you and Jean are wrong!)