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Villain deku??

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My fave reason that Midoriya would turn villain has got to be that something bad happened to Inko (not that I love the fact that something bad happened to her, more like I love the idea that Inko was, and is, Midoriya’s moral compass) that threw Deku’s love and worship of heroes out the window.

I feel like Inko was just minding her own business, doing that day’s shopping and thinking about making katsudon for her young man because he’s had an especially hard day at school and maybe his favorite dish will help cheer him up, at least a little bit. Her boy hadn’t even paid attention when she’d kissed his head goodbye, he’d been so engrossed in an old All Might video.

Inko was by the vegetables when the bomb went off.

“A wild act of aggression” the media had called it, “a terrorist move by villains to cause as many casualities as possible. There’s nothing anyone could have done.”

This is not true.

Within 24 hours, Midoriya watching with a dissociated mind in a police station with a social worker off to get coffee, on his phone the damning evidence of a villain who was backed into a corner and the hero who put him there.

It was a leaked video, days later pronounced a cruel hoax by some attention seeking hacker, but the damage was done by then. Midoriya knew what he’d seen. Endeavor and All Might on the same fight, All Might trying to reason with his ‘partner’ and the villain into a nonviolent situation. Endeavor fought back against his suggestions like he had something to prove, going against every single idea with a fiery punch towards the villain, a villain who’d only stolen some jewels and gold from a pretentious jewelry store.

The Villain in question had a pathetic little vibrating quirk, just useful enough for him to phase through solid spaces but otherwise didn’t have any power to speak of. It would’ve been just another walk in the park for a Hero Who Hated His Only Rival and the Hero Who Wasn’t Fast Enough, if the Villain hadn’t accidentally vibrated energy into the propane heating system of the old grocery store they’d cornered him behind.

Midoriya saw, and he analyzed, and he knew. He knew the truth. He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, who was to blame for his mother’s injuries and it wasn’t a villain who’d only wanted the money. He was only doing what a villain was expected to do. The heroes though, they weren’t being real heroes at all.

Midoriya makes it a point to visit his mother everyday in the hospital, hoping that she’ll wake up and feeling the sting of disappointment get worse and worse until finally he can’t stand the feeling and skips a day. He goes back of course, but now he skips days, sometimes weeks, only once has he skipped a month but he still did it. The sting never goes away but becomes as almost expected comfort, because now his beautiful, good mother can’t see what he’s become.

“We can put her in a special facility,” the doctors had said, “where they can care for her night and day until she wakes up. Until then… she can’t afford to stay here anymore. We’re sorry.”

They were sorry.

Sorry didn’t put vitamin mush down a clean tube by practiced, awake hands of highly skilled individuals into his comatose mother’s stomach. Sorry didn’t change her sheets and stretch her legs to prevent bed sores. Sorry didn’t pay the bills.

So, Midoriya found a way.

He went back to the initial explosion, back to where the villain was just a stain on the wall and where All Might and Endeavor were forced to take a month’s long medical leave before going back to the field (walking and fighting and talking like they should’ve done before) and where Midoriya had found exactly what he was looking for. It took all night, but he’d found what the police couldn’t.

A decent ziplock bag of millions of yen worth of valuable jewels. He’d done the math. The reward for the jewels was less than the value of the gold and diamonds themselves. So, he found a bar.

In this bar were thugs, criminals, villains, and they paid a hell of a lot more than any good samaritan police gig did.

“You know,” they said, “you’ve got innocent eyes on you. Small, unassuming, unremarkable. You’d make a great cover. Want to make some more cash?”

He did.

The jewels he sold were enough to buy him three months at the best facility he could find for his mother. With the constant jobs he was getting, thievery to info to a look out, he was getting enough to afford another month, two, three more, all the way up to six whopping months. He hadn’t been caught yet but he knew that when he was, he needed enough to cover as long as he could, at least as long as his mother could use of therapy after she woke up. It’s not like he could expect any help from an absentee father or dead grandparents for help.

Kacchan had come by, once, to interrogate him and demand him into going back to school. He spent half an hour shouting and hitting and punching and trying to blow up Midoriya’s clothes before he gave in to the blank look Midoriya couldn’t erase.

“Whatever,” he spat before tromping out the door, “fuck you or whatever.”

He didn’t see him again.

By the time a year rolled around, Midoriya hadn’t thought of becoming a hero for just as long. There was a special place in his angry heart just for ineffective heroes, and he thought every single one of them were. He was rolling in enough money from illegal thievery, intel, delivery and laundering to pay for over five years of his mother’s expenses, all just from his age and his ability to play the innocent card like a fiddle if anyone looked at him (more than often they didn’t).

A man in a sharp suit had come up to him a week after the anniversary of the accident that took his mother away from his. Behind him was a young man covered in hands and another man made of smoke and mist.

“Join us,” he said, “and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about your mother’s care ever again.”

Midoriya thought about the offer.

He took it.

Video games > Parties

Warning: Slight swearing

Kyle Spencer x Reader

Prompt: You didn’t feel well so Kyle stayed home to make sure you were okay.

“Babe, come on! You usually enjoy these parties." 

Kyle looked at me pleadingly, as much as I wanted to go with him, I just couldn’t. I felt like shit and the last thing I needed right now was to be surrounded by a bunch of drunk people. Kyle could see that I wasn’t feeling well so he decided to drop it. 

"Okay, but if you’re staying-” he plopped himslef down on the couch, “-then I’m staying with you." 

"Kyle you don’t have to do that, I know you like parties, go have a good time,” I replied, giving him a small smile.
Kyle stood up from the couch and made his way over to me. He hugged me close to his body and led me to the couch. “Y/N, I don’t think you realize just how much I actually care about you. One party is worth missing if it means I get to spend more time with you. Hell, one thousand parties is worth missing for you." 

I smiled and looked down, deeply touched by his words. "Thank you Kyle,” I lightly pressed my lips onto his and pulled back slowly.
Kyle and I had decided that since we were staying home we might as well do something. While Kyle suggested many promising activities, I finally convinced him to settle on playing video games. “Fine but after I kick your ass and you’re feeling a bit better, we’re doing what I suggested,” I laughed at his remark as he set up the game.
After many hours I had emerged the victor, beating Kyle in 3 of his 5 multiplayer games. “Wheew,” I said dramatically falling back onto the couch from where I was previously sitting on the edge as I annihilated him at Mario Cart, “For a second there I actually thought that I was going to have to go through with your suggestions.”
Kyle was slightly disappointed that he had lost but responded with: “Hey! That’s not fair!”
“Oh and why is that?” I asked smirking.
“It, it just isn’t,” he replied rather meekly.
I chuckled at his attempt of trying to get me to do what he wanted. I placed my hand on his shoulder and stradled his lap. “Y'know, maybe I’m up for it now,” I said with a giant smirk across my face.
“Oh thank god,” Kyle replied before kissing me roughly.

And everybody thinks they know what’s best for you
They say I’ve been stressing you, maybe they’re right
But you’re grown now and you’re way too old to be listening to what your mama say
Your homie, best friend, auntie Carla say, this is your life

Cause every time I see you, ain’t no hesitating
Baby, baby we a deadly combination and I swear I have shit on lock
And your pretty face baby, makes me fall in love, I go insane for you
Makes me wanna do some pretty nasty things with you, oh girl, I can’t even lie

—  Chris Brown, Gotta Get Up
  • Orphan Black: HE'S 170 YEARS OLD HOW MYSTERIOUS!
  • Clone club: no, he isn't!
  • Orphan Black: look he's with Darwin because he's SO OLD!!
  • Clone club: nope.
  • Clone club: ...

“Eyes forward, not on the ground. Keep your chin up and spine straight. Understood?”

(mahou tsukai no yome au???)

This was supposed to be for inktober but i messed up and don’t think it’s worthy so it’s been degraded to a normal doodle lolol TuT

school 2017 ep 1-4 | kdrama rants

wheew it’s been awhile since doing a kdrama rant buT im baaack (bc I intended to finish fight for my way, catch up to bride of the water god and school 2017 and binge watch chicago typewriter and the best hit but lmao none of that happened but school 2017) and hopefully will be able to keep up weekly rants on school 2017 and criminal minds!!

but okay, disclaimer, I haven’t seen any of the other school series (which I’ve been told 2015 is supposedly the best one by multiple people..?) so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.

so far, school 2017 is pretty cute. I got some seeerious sassy go go vibes from the first two episodes (maybe it’s bc it’s been sooo long since I’ve watched a purely school centred drama, besides rewatching sassy go go) but I get the feeling it’ll have that same sort of friendship development over the episodes like sassy go go did. (also when one of the students said 힘내세요 I was like oMG YE BOI CHEER UP)

the backstory behind dae hwi and tae woon is kind of sad, bc dae hwi blames tae woon despite the fact that joon gi willingly rode motorbikes along with tae woon, and that it was the fact that the bus happened to catch on fire and that he wanted to save everyone that caused his death. additionally, tae woon has to deal with the suffocating guilt of seeing his friend die before him, and that the accident was blamed on his friend and he didn’t take any due to his father burying it to save his image.

but then also, dae hwi seems lowkey uptight, and doesn’t seem like he takes risks a lot, and I can see as to why he’s so pissed at tae woon - not because he caused joon gi’s death (although it appears that he sees it that way) but because he didn’t take any responsibility for it and hid behind his father (although his father didn’t give him a choice). additionally, I feel dae hwi’s anger towards tae woon is kind of him (oddly) showing his care about tae woon, although it doesnt seem like it…? 

like i understand how dae hwi sees the situation, with him coming from a family that doesn’t have much and having to work his way up, but tae woon’s

on that note, i ship tae woon with eun ho not because he’s the first male lead and dae hwi is second so by kdrama rules they’re likely to end up together because even from the first episode, it was super cute how he told off the college boy for hanging out with eun ho, he insults her and reluctantly takes her for rides. I think it’s also bc even though dae hwi is really nice, he also seems a tad uptight and doesnt show any affection for his gf lmao.

also their relationship reminds me of yeon doo and ha joon’s relationship from sassy go go and i got maajor second lead syndrome from that.

also tae woon is suuper cute when he smiles cause of eun ho, like that time when she begged for a lift and she ran in with her helmet on and he texted her to take it off? tHat was adorable.

also relationship thoughts aside, their friendship is pretty cute. he saves her when she needs help, and she does the same to him so it’s not like a one-sided, damsel in distress kind of dynamic. he appears not to care for her but he most definitely does even though he’s yet to clearly show it with always calling her a dimwit and lmao at how he’s like “i got a good place to eat” and takes her to subway suCH A MEME NOW SUBWAY SHOULD JUST MAKE THEIR OWN DRAMA

aLso i kind of still feel like both dae hwi and tae woon aren’t student x. idk, i feel like it’s someone that they both know, or either it’s actually tae woon and whoop that arc is over now for another arc or some fluff idk ?? but im still excited for the next episodes !! now off to start criminal minds

gif credits: joeesuuuvivere-militare-est-1991 and leejaeshins

There’s still too less BB x Quiet art here so get this piece full of my emotions and still not what I wanted to draw in the beginning.
I can see that I more and more agree with hetero couples wheew (But honestly Bosselot is my OTP >XP)

I could tell you that V’s clothes nearly killed my endurance but wow look at Quiet’s. These were so hard to draw shit

SOOooooooo many firsts on this one! Casted horns, snarl sculpting, top jawset wheew!

I LOVE how he came out and I cant wait to finish the rest of him!

**Jaw set was a bear set made by Clockworkcreature

Rocket Angel Week - Day 3: Broken Wings

“Angie! Angie, Angie!”

Lena’s frantic calls could be heard through her office door. Angela sprang up from her chair, hand already halfway to the case containing her staff, when the Londoner burst into the room.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, noting the lack of desperation in Lena’s anxiety. She was panting a little, only the faintest flush sat on her cheeks. Angela dropped her hand from the case; she had a feeling she would not need the staff.

“We need medical attention!” Lena jabbed her fingers towards the door, which Fareeha just jogged through. The Egyptian wore a look of urgency as well, though distinctly calmer than the younger woman’s. Angela’s gaze fell to her cupped hands, where a small bird lay chirping pitifully.

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