Wheels of Lull

To all who inhabit Nirn, to all who watch over it, be it for their own pleasure or their own love,
You have failed. The Missing God gave you a gift; a test from which you could better yourselves, and every last one of you failed it on every level.
To those who rejected it, we shame you. To those who could not make it, we spurn you. And to all of you, we give you a promise.
A promise that failure is never rewarded, it is punished. Not with death, the endless cycle of rebirth is something you have lost the privilege of.
You are less than that. Daedra, aedra, man, mer, or beast, you are undeserving of the existence given to you. Like Sybandis, like the Nirn That Never Was, you deserve only to be still, silent, and unmoving.
You are only fit to be fed to the stillborn Nirn. And that is what we will do. We will take your children, we will take your atronachs, your princes, your gods, and throw them to the unliving machine. There will be no heroes to save you, no world-eater to reset you, and no brass god to unbind you. There will only be the greyness that you deserve.
And when all are dead, when every last soul is a part of Sybandis, only then will it all be forgiven. Worry not, for she will watch the world for you after you’re all gone.
Praise Lorkhan. Praise the World. Praise the Ever-Seeing Eye of the Unborn.

-Message sent to the chronographers, source unknown. All references to the “cult of Sybandis” have been purged from relevant systems.

I’m Here

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 2726

Warnings: Supernatural Themes

“Speak of the devil, and he shall appear”

The ancient idiom has been spoken by every superstitious skeptic and elderly woman, warning their grandchildren about watching what they say. To you, it was just a stupid saying which had no real meaning. But there is a reason this saying had been passed down through centuries, and unfortunately, you had to learn this the hard way.


“Where the hell did you find that?” you loudly asked. An awestruck expression graced your face as you stared down at the girl in front of you who was sat on her bed, clutching an aged plank of wood with faded lettering printed on its surface.

Rose opened her mouth to speak, “I found it in the basement when I was clearing it out.” She held the board in front of her face to inspect it. “It looks really old,” she observed.

“What are you going to do with it?” you questioned out of curiosity.

“I’m gonna throw it away.”

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anonymous asked:

"I'm sick of being your secret"

Thick waves of exhaustion rolled off of the boys, each of them melting into the plush cushions of the black leather couch with a crisp cold water bottle in their hands. Chugging the drink down in almost one gulp, you watched in amazement as they sat, panting, trying to regain their breath from the mind blowing performance they’d just finished. The crowd had been electric tonight, the energy thriving from both the band and the audience running like a live wire through the venue; the adrenaline still very much pumping through the boy’s veins even as they slumped against the comfort of the couch if their twitching fingers fumbling with their phones and tapping feet were anything to go by. 

“Alright, bus run is in five minutes,” their tour manager declared, walking into the room while briefly glancing through the pages attached to clipboard in her hands. “We have five hundred miles to drive tonight so we can only have a max of ten minutes with fans.”

A collective groan sounded from the boys, but they nodded understandingly at the stern glare she shot them over the clipboard. “Tomorrow morning there’s four interviews, a really brief photo shoot, and then you guys have about four hours free until soundcheck.” The woman raised her eyes from the paper in her hand and quirked an eyebrow as if to ask ‘questions?’ When each boy shook her head, she nodded. “Alright, gather your stuff and we’ll be out.”

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Thomas the Screaming Tank Engine
Thomas the Screaming Tank Engine

So I’m sure plenty of people remember this lovely tale from the second era, about Reman’s screaming magical trains. And I’m sure plenty of people remember that this book is a special reward for completing a certain sidequest in Wheels of Lull.

Well, now it’s narrated by Medeliu Hammar himself, aka Rottendeadite

This is just an excerpt of a rough draft, but the final, glorious version will be included in Wheels of Lull patch 3.0

Wheels of Lull voice acting auditions

EDIT: That’s it folks, auditions are closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We need voice actors for the Wheels of Lull! Can you speak things? Can you speak things well! We need you. Email an audition to pastaspace2@gmail.com, with one of these characters and the subsequent audition line! Contributors will get advance access to the mod, their name in the credits, and a free hat made out of molten iron!

The characters are

Chronographer Team 4: The unfortunate punishment platoon of the Chronographers. Evidently, not the most stable people, they are the rejects and nutjobs of the great Pearlescent Fleet, though perhaps they’ll prove their worth. They consist of-

Century Numinar: The designated leader of the Chronographer  team, Numinar may be recognized as the guy who wanted a cutting sphere back in SSE. He got it, and subsequently saw his home destroyed, himself shipped off, disgraced, and eventually exiled. Once an excited and curious man, Numinar has been beaten one too many times, and that curiosity extinguished, replaced with cyncisim and detatchment. Numinar is firm, cold, fairly deadpan, and not friendly. Looking for a male VA who can play a jaded asshole particularly well.
Audition Line: “It is not a hammer, it is an arto-physical manipulator, a very delicate device that simply looks like a hammer! At any rate, using that… tool, is not the difficult part, it is finding the slots. The world mechanism’s pieces are not able to be located by normal sight.”

Millisecond Llavados: Llavados is the cleaner, the janitor and odd-job man of Lull-Mor, and is the one who brings the Dragonborn to Lull-Mor in the first place. Llavados is kept away from the big stuff, and good for reason. Once Numinar’s faithfull assistance, an accident left Llavado Broken, the fabricant equivalent of being an insane imbecile.
This madmen seems to talk in mostly broken riddles and twisted metaphors, but occasionally offers strange and valuable insights. Whether this is the result of his mechanisms giving him brief clarity, or some darker secret, we don’t know. Looking for a male VA similar to Cicero, unhinged and goofy, but able to be serious if the need arises.
Audition Line: “To? Not to, Down! Deep Down! Low as you can go! Can’t expect a chronographer to operate any other way, can you? Have to go down, no other way. Could use a gate, but… I broke that! Hahaha! No, your way is Stonehole Mine, nice place, has a contigency! It’s right there on your little map! Very nice map too, almost looks like the
real thing! Hehehe!”

Decade Subori: The woman who runs the Upgate, the teleport network used by Team 4, Subori is an old woman, grouchy, ornery, and thinks that youngsters these days have no respect. And really that no one has respect, especially her lout of a husband, who, after one too many drinks, finally broke the last straw. Subori removed his skull (though
don’t worry, he lived.) It was enough to get her sent to Lull-Mor though. Subori does her job well, and knows the ins and outs of the Upgate, which you do not. You are a young disrespectful idiot. Get the point? Looking for a female VA who can play the “mean old woman” archetype well, though with a dash of scientific genius.
Audition Line: “Now understand me outsider! I have had to deal with breakdowns, bustups, and malfunctions on this gate, and it is not something I enjoy doing! Just because I am the one who cleans up your messes does not me you are to go around making them. This is a delicate piece of equipment, and you will treat it with the same respect you would any other machine, or I will tan your hide with a chain, do you understand?”

The Skull: Subori’s husband’s skull. Still alive because he’s a fabricant and that’s how they roll. An old man, who, like Subori, thinks young people today have no respect. However, he’s also a drunk, and while Subori won’t indulge him with a nice drink of water (the fabricant equivalent of booze), perhaps he can manipulate you into getting him
a pint. Looking for a male VA who can play a grouchy drunken old man well.
Audition Line: “What do you mean dead? Look outsider I know you folks eat trees or whatever, but you’re mortal, same as us! Ain’t nobody dying just because their wife ripped out their skull, that’s just ridiculous!”

Minute Avarri: Lull-Mor’s smith, he’s friendly, smart, and all too happy to help you. Except there’s that issue of the crazed, maniac AI in his head. Avarri is two people, himself, a friendly bumbler, but a good smith, and the Stoker, an angry conscending hateful AI that is nevertheless one of the greatest smiths of all time. The two share a brain, but can’t seem to decide on who should get control of the mouth, and thus conversations jump back and forth between the two. Don’t worry though, they’re both willing to help you forge up some new clockwork weaponry. Looking for a male VA who can play two parts, that of a brotherly blacksmith, and the other of a hammy rage-tastic maniac.
Audition Line (As Avarri): “That I can outsider. I’ve got a few things drafted up right now, and I’m sure as time goes on I can think up some additional designs. If you check back every so often, I might be able to introduce you to some new equipment.”
Audition Line (As The Stoker):“Half right, as USUAL. If I make you new things, I will require VERY specific materials from you, which I provide to you in a list. Avarri, provide him with the list.

The guards: The two guards of Lull-Mor, a man and a woman. Might be siblings, might not. They don’t like you. Looking for a male VA and a female VA.
Audition Line (Female): "Let’s not make this official outsider, move along.”
Audition Line (Male): “We’re watching you… (pause for about five seconds) scum.”

Fabricant child: A little cyborg girl. What the hell is she doing in Lull-Mor? Ah well, she repairs the FRFs, so she can stay. Looking for a female VA who can sound like a seven year old girl.
Audition Line: “Get up, get up! You’ve come too far to let yourself die, and that is what will happen! Get up!”

Medeliu Hammar: A Telvanni scholar brought down to Lull-Mor by Llavados from parts unknown and for reasons unknown. He claims to know everything, and seems to, happily assisting the player in each quest with advice, but claiming that too much would spoil them. No ambition, limitless knowledge, and fairly friendly. He’s still a Telvanni though, so watch out. And yes, he’s related to Brhuce, he’s his father. Looking for a male VA that can sound wise, fatherly, and slightly condescending.
Audition Line: “You will find Dovahkiin that the passions of power fade with time. Mage duels and scheming lose their edge with the centuries, and one finds pleasure in dedicating themselves to the simpler things. For me, I’d rather have my books, my tower, and my… adequate children.”


Justicar Archeron: One of the few Psjiics ever to be kicked out of their order, and joined up with the Thalmor, who were much more accepting of his experiments. Archeron is very polite, to a fault. He’ll happily invite a guest into his fortress of whitehorn, before lobotomizing them and turning them into a docile abomination. Archeron is odd for a Thalmor, holding no preconceptions about superiority, and finds it odd that other races do not support their work, and especially his work. After all, who needs your spine or your life when it fortifies your acrobatics?
Still, don’t underestimate his happy attitude. He survived the Psjiic Order, and underneath that smiling face is a very clever and very evil wizard. Looking for a male VA who can do a mad scientist well. Megalomaniac, polite, but always with the undertone that he will kill you in the name of progress.
Audition Line: “Oh don’t grovel, please, I can understand passion, I like passion. Passion is life, and the livelier ones last longer under the knife. Tell me, are you at all particularly shock resistant? Well then, perhaps you would like to be? It is amazing how less conductive one is when they lack a spleen.”


The Analyst: An AI that used to run data collection in Sotha Sil, now relegated to doing odd jobs. Understandably, they are not happy about this. Looking for either a male or female VA who can do proud and angry computer quite well.
Audition Line: “Oh of course they didn’t tell you about me! I am the Analyst, intelligence that runs all data collection in Sotha Sil! Or I was, now relegated to a bunch of pegs and forced to be hit with a hammer whenever a bunch of exiles want something!”

The Cartwright: An AI that serves as the non-air transportation controller for the Chronographers. Unforunately, so few people use their monorail services, so they’ve grown bored. When the Dragonborn comes along, they decide to play a game, the Cartwright will allow passage if they can outriddle each other. Looking for a female or male VA that can sound like Blaine the Mono.
Audition Line: “Ohhhh interests. Must be nice having something to do eh? I bet you just LOVE killing draugr. Wish I could kill draugr. Wish I knew what a draugr was…”

Divayth Fyr: Do I really have to introduce this guy? Looking for a male VA who sounds like an appropriate dunmer, though some leeway is granted.
Audition Line: “In a word? Enigmatic. I had the privilege of being the closest mortal to him, yet I confess that his intellect confounded even my own at times.”

Yagrum Bagarn: The last living dwarf, cured of his ailments long ago. Looking for a male VA who sounds like Yagrum Bagarn, if you don’t know what that sounds like, well then:
Audition Line: “ Correction: I am the Dwemer. Though I have searched for many years, I have found no others, and so title myself the Last Living Dwarf.”