Wheels of Lull

Wheels of Lull

Created by: Trainwiz (http://trainwiz.tumblr.com/)

Category: DLC-Size Expansion

Game: Skyrim

DLC: Dragonborn and Dawnguard

Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58672/

Explore a clockwork city and travel to various parts of Tamriel as well as explore what’s under the great Clockwork City of Sotha Sil. Wheels of Lull will have you solving puzzles as you must go and save Nirn from being destroyed.

Be aware that this mod is not for morons, as you cannot rely on quest markers and must instead use your fucking brains to solve various puzzles as well as defeat some rather interesting bosses that you can’t just fight by button mashing or holding the left mouse button.


it was deep into summer, our sandy blonde hair was overgrown like grass

intertwined in the hammock, analyzing our hearts of glass

you and me under a blanket of green

obsessing over lust and coming clean

your leg was broken so we wheeled you around

lull of work warmed by your cheerful sound

cant remember how it ended or started

but i know we were broken hearted

our minds were as tangled as our hair

looking back, you were the only one truly there


Finished enemies and scripts for the second-to-last dungeon, the Bottom of the World! It’s dark as shit, most things are only able to be killed near a light source, and there’s lots of puzzles to make up for it being the shortest dungeon.




Wheels of Lull Patch 2.0 is done! It’ll be on Nexus when Hai (my uploader) gets online.


-changes description and behavior of some items
-fix robes
-adds messagebox to some puzzles, tell them to fuck off if they don’t have a thing so people will fuck off if they don’t have a thing.
-change masscroft’s fight a bit, mostly just lowering the pit so he’ll take his hit faster (really annoying that ragdolled things don’t set off trigger zones).
-Fixes AI issues, Llavados dying (even though he’s FUCKING IMMORTAL), appearing in places he shouldn’t, Archeron not appearing, etc.
-Add an option to go to an area and simply spawn Llavados if he doesn’t spawn at level 15. If you had issues with the mod starting, travel to the small lake south of Fort Neugrad and activate the strange light there. 
-Repeating Music Issues fixed
-make it so that player doesn’t spawn in lava in the Derivative Of Aka

Fuck it

I’ve no idea when my actual VAs will ever come back. Seeing as people insist on flaking out, fine. I’m reopening auditions for a third candidate for Century Numinar.

I am looking for decent mic quality, but more importantly, I need this done fast. Like, a day fast. And there’s a lot of work, he has around 170 lines. I know it’s possible to knock out those in a day (I did it with Brhuce). If you’re not able to do do that, just please, don’t apply. 

For those willing, here are the following lines.

Century Numinar: The designated leader of the Chronographer  team, Numinar may be recognized as the guy who wanted a cutting sphere back in SSE. He got it, and subsequently saw his home destroyed, himself shipped off, disgraced, and eventually exiled. Once an excited and curious man, Numinar has been beaten one too many times, and that curiosity extinguished, replaced with cyncisim and detatchment. Numinar is firm, cold, fairly deadpan, and not friendly. Looking for a male VA who can play a jaded asshole particularly well.
Audition Line: "It is not a hammer, it is an arto-physical manipulator, a very delicate device that simply looks like a hammer! At any rate, using that… tool, is not the difficult part, it is finding the slots. The world mechanism’s pieces are not able to be located by normal sight.“

Candidates, please email me your auditions at pastaspace2@gmail.com.

Auditions over, got my candidate, and worked things out. Thanks to all who participated.


All dungeons have been scripted, ending with the Cave. Fairly simple this one, just a lot of flame traps, and a small army of Thalmor abominations. Very combat heavy, but luckily you have stuff to deal with that. Now time to debug them, then I’ll start on the final leg of the mod, scripting the actual quests.


The Watchman.

The unstoppable guards from SSE return in a more limited form. They’ve been out of service for years, and only one, inactive, remains. But if you play your cards right, maybe you can score it as an ally (or as much ally as a Watchman is capable of having).  Of course, they’re still the unstoppable justice obsessed machines they always were, only now I can actually have them have a windup key like we always planned.