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“It’s definitely been harder than last year, but I’ve had Winona— there’s been hard scenes and she’s been there to help me. There was this one that I was worried about. So I just texted her, ‘Hey, can you help me with this? Can you come in and talk to me about it?’ And she came in like an hour and a half earlier than she was called in for and she brought me in her trailer and she talked to me. She gave me tips and guided me how to do the scene. And she was like, ‘You’ll do it. You’ll do great.’” —Noah Schnapp

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Ahh #148 for the writing prompts, “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”, with mileven like maybe after everything's settled down after s2 they're somehow not actually together yet but he always like kisses her cheek or forehead when she falls asleep at sleepovers????

148. Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?

Hi anon! Thanks for the prompt :) I hope you like it!!

Saturday night sleepovers have become a tradition, the one night that Eleven is allowed to leave the cabin. The kids all attend, and they gorge on junk food and try to catch El up on all the movies she “just needs” to see. Sometimes Karen will make them cookies or a cake and Steve has even made a brief appearance or two, to smuggle in an R-rated film.

(“I swear if any of you shits have nightmares, I’m gonna send El here after you,” he says, winking at the girl. She winks back, always thrilled to be in on the joke.)

On the eighth sleepover, at the end of February or so, Will is the first to pass out, and one by the one the room fills with snores. Mike and El are the last ones awake, as usual, huddled in the blanket fort, whispering and making up for the last week apart. This is the most privacy they get. After a while their conversation lulls and when Mike’s eyes can barely stay open, he gently brushes his lips against the curls on her forehead.

“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

He startles, convinced that she had been asleep. “What?”

She opens her eyes and looks up at him sweetly from under her lashes. “You always kiss me when you think I’m sleeping. Here” - she points to her forehead and then her cheek - “or here.”

“It’s just - I mean - uh… You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. Like, like nothing has ever hurt you. And I guess…it just makes me happy, okay? It makes me want to kiss you.”

“But not when I’m awake?” Shit.

“Well, no, I always want to kiss you. I mean…” Get it together, Wheeler. “We’re always with the guys or Hopper or something and I like - I like when kisses are private.”

“Like a secret?”

“Yeah, a secret. For just us.”

“Want to know a secret?” He nods and she lowers her voice even further, almost bashfully. “Sometimes I pretend to fall asleep early, because I know you’ll kiss me.”

Mike is certain his blush looks like a fire hydrant by now, and before he can overthink it, he leans forward to kiss her forehead again. He moves to crawl back to his sleeping bag but she’s feeling honest and bold tonight. She grabs his hand and pulls him back.

“Stay. Stay here.”

“You sure?”

“We can both be peaceful.”

They lie side by side, hands clasped between them, her breath softly slowing as it warms his neck. He stares at the blanket above them and tries not to cry even though he’s smiling. This makes up for nightmares and one-sided conversations and 353 days of reaching blindly into the darkness. This makes up for everything.

And it is totally worth all of the crap the guys are gonna give him tomorrow.

Stranger Things Superpower AU
  • Dustin Henderson: Shapeshifting

Dustin can shapeshift into anyone or anything, so long as he’s seen them. He really enjoys flying as an eagle, or running as a cheetah, or messing with bullies disguised as an adult. As hard as he tried, however, he can’t turn into a mix of two animals like a pegasus or a mermaid.

  • Lucas Sinclair: Illusion

Not unlike a certain outlaw, Lucas can make anyone see anything he want. What makes him more powerful though, is not only he can make optical illusion, he can also make people hear, smell, taste, and even feel anything, including pain. additionally, he can also make people to not feel anything.

  • Max Mayfield: Teleportation

Max’s power is what can be called a late-bloomer. She doesn’t teleport for the first time until a few months after she moved to Hawkins. Mostly she used her powers to visit her dad in California or take Lucas into impromptu dates around the world. She keeps coming back to the boys though, because (and she’ll never admit it) they are the first ones who made her feel wanted.

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Celebrity Crush Part 2 (Finn Wolfhard Imagine)

Hey everyone! so a lovely anonymous requested a part 2 for celebrity crush and I really liked the idea so here it is :) thank you for the request! I hope you all like it x

if you haven’t read part 1 yet here it is ;)

It’s been 4 months since Y/N and Finn started talking, and he couldn’t be more grateful for his big mouth for spilling out how he feels about her in that interview. Those 4 months have been the best of his life. He got along so well with Y/N. He loves talking to her so much that it’s literally the only motivation he needs to get out of his bed in the morning, and he could tell she feels the same way. He thought that maybe she wasn’t obsessed with him as he is with her, but little did he know that talking with him was always the highlight of her day.

Finn: Good morning x

Y/N: Morning Finn! x What are you up to?

Finn: we’re on our way to an interview, you?

Y/N: Same, good luck! x

Finn: You too babe, talk to you later

“Are you texting Y/N?” Gaten asked while leaning on Finn a little to take a glimpse at his phone.

“Obviously he’s texting her. I can see this huge smile of his clearly from the rear-view mirror,” Caleb said from the passenger seat.

“Shut up” Finn rolled his eyes, but he still couldn’t hide the smile plastered on his face just because of having this small conversation with Y/N.

The boys were currently on their way to another interview with James Corden, this time to talk about the success of Stranger Things season 2 and what to expect on season 3.


“Welcome boys! It’s really great to see you all again,” James greeted.

James asked them a couple of questions about the show, but obviously there was no way he was going to let what happened at the last interview slip by, especially after the internet basically blew up from Y/N’s tweets, and when everyone found out that Finn and Y/N started texting each other because of exactly that.

“So Finn, last time you were here we talked about about your little crush on Y/N Y/L/N, and now I heard you guys are talking non-stop am I correct?” James smirked. Finn immediately smiled at the mention of her name, and he may or may not blushed a little too.

“Yeah we are. I guess embarrassing myself in front of everyone last time paid off after all,” Finn chuckled, and earned a laugh from the audience too. “But yeah she’s a lovely person and I definitely love talking with her.”  

“Have you two met in person yet?” James asked.

“No, sadly, we both have a very busy schedule so it’s really hard to find a time for one of us to fly to the other,” Finn and Y/N have been trying forever to meet each other, but with Finn’s interviews, photoshoots, and band, and Y/N’s endless schedule of promoting the new season of her show, it was basically impossible to find a time they were both free on. It made Finn kind of frustrated and upset, but he was still happy that he gets to talk with her, even if it’s not face to face.

“Hmm that’s weird. I actually had a chat with her a couple of days ago, and it turns out she was free today. So I thought we should all catch up a little, you know?” James said casually, waiting to see Finn’s reaction.

“Wait what?” Finn freaked out. His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head any second now. He frantically looked left and right, trying to catch sight of the only person he wished he could be with right now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Y/N Y/L/N!” The audience broke into applause and loud cheers. And there she was. Y/N finally entered the set, waving at the audience.

Finn couldn’t believe his eyes. She’s here. She’s really here. He never thought that she could be anymore beautiful in person. In his eyes, she looked perfect in all her pictures, but somehow she looked much more mesmerizing in real life, and he couldn’t understand how that is even possible.

It took him a few moments to take in what just happened and finally react, but once he did, he ran over to her and pulled her in a tight hug. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, and his were around her waist. He buried his face into her neck, talking in her sweet smell. He honestly doesn’t know how long they have been in each other’s embrace, but he assumed it was pretty long since he heard Noah slightly clear his throat. 

They finally broke apart, then Finn took her hand in his, leading her to the seat next to his.


The interview was over, and the boys went back to their hotel rooms along with Y/N. Part of the surprise was that Y/N booked a hotel room next to the boys’ for the night, and Finn couldn’t be happier. Of course he was upset that his time was Y/N is very limited, and this may be the last time he sees her for a long time, but he was determined that he wouldn’t think about it at all, and that he was going to make every second left with her worth it.

Right now the two were watching a movie together. It was one that Finn has never seen before, but he wasn’t really that interested in it. His whole attention was on her. He tried to be sneaky about glancing at her every couple of minutes, but obviously he failed. He didn’t really care if she noticed, because honestly, he would rather watch her laugh at a funny scene here and there, than watch the movie itself.

“Obviously you don’t like the movie that much,” Y/N said without taking her eyes off the screen, but just as she finished the sentence she turned to Finn with a smirk on her pink lips.

“No no, it’s not that- sorry,” Finn blushed, turning his attention back to the movie.

“Don’t apologize, I honestly would rather talk with you,” Y/N shyly smiled, then turned off the TV, and Finn could swear his heart skipped a beat at that moment.

They decided to spend the rest of their night in the balcony of Y/N’s hotel room, talking about anything and everything. Most of the time Finn was cracking jokes just to hear Y/N laugh. He loved how he was the reason she was happy even it was for a couple of seconds.

Man I’m screwed. He thought.

In the past few months his infatuation with Y/N grew even more and more. They flirted a lot, so he was almost sure that she liked him back, but for some reason he was never able to make a move, and it was really frustrating him. There was always that voice at the back of his mind telling him that she probably doesn’t like him that way, but that was certainly far from the truth.

How could he be so oblivious? She thought.

The girl couldn’t be anymore into him. Hell, Finn not making making a move yet frustrated her even more than it ever did him. She thought she couldn’t be more obvious about how much she liked the curly-haired boy.

Y/N was telling Finn about funny stories from filming her show, but as much as he loved hearing her babble on adorably about the things she love, he couldn’t even hear a single word of what she was saying. All he could focus on was how her lips moved with every word she said.

“Finn?” Hearing his name pulled him out of his daydream, “Is everything okay?” Y/N asked, her voice full of concern.

Finn faintly smiled, then pulled her into him by her waist, until his chest was against hers. He slowly leaned into her, and finally connected their lips together. It didn’t take Y/N long to realise what was happening and wrap her arms around Finn’s neck tightly, trying to pull him even closer. One of his hands was now caressing her cheek, while the other stayed on her waist, trying to close any distance between them. They slowly broke the kiss, with a smile on their faces. Finn softly kissed her forehead, then pulled her in his embrace.

“Yeah, everything’s perfect.”

Hello? Is this Stacey’s mom? Oh great, hey! I just wanted to say tHAT YOUR BITCH OF A DAUGHTER HURT MY CHILD- YES I JUST CALLED YOUR DAUGHTER A BITCH- Yes he’s my child. No, I’m not Mrs. Henderson. Yes this is Steve, Steve Harrington - LISTEN THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT OKAY? DUSTIN IS MY SON WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Anywayyyy, I just wanted to say your daughter has been very disrespectful to my Dustin at the Snow Ball the other night and I would like a personal apology from her or you can kiss your PTA presidency goodbye. YOU HEARD ME AND I MEAN IT-

barely conscious steve harrington waking up to the car being driven by a middle schooler