i have this image in my head that whenever Steve comes back to Hawkins after college, he’s incredibly popular with all of the suburban soccer moms, and they’ll flirt with him constantly and he always just laughs it off, but sometimes at parties and pta meetings the women will gossip about him in the corners and Karen Freaking Wheeler will just listen to them in disgust and be like “ok brenda he’s half your age and your husband’s ten feet away. take a step back and go drink some apple juice”

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yo boo gimme all ur stancy headcanons i feel like dying tonight

Oh damn girl you came to the right person.  Hope these help :)

  • Steve’s a much more affectionate person than Nancy and throws around “I love you’s” like hellos.  Nancy’s more careful about when she says it, but Steve doesn’t care, because that just makes it mean so much more when she does say it.
  • Their one year anniversary is a big deal.  Steve loves planning dates and celebrations, so he goes all out.  He dresses up nice, spends an hour on his hair, brings her flowers, and takes her to an incredibly fancy restaurant in the city.  Nancy thinks the whole thing is a bit extra, but she loves how happy it makes him, so she goes along with all of it.  The restaurant turns out to be incredibly snooty and exclusive though and this night was supposed to be fun, so they end up leaving before they order.   Steve’s bummed his perfect night veered off course, but Nancy cheers him up and they end up drinking milkshakes on top of his car in a Sonic parking lot. It’s perfect anyway. (shoutout to @eggo-my-leggo for the conversation that inspired this)
  • Nancy’s a total genius in college and she loves what she studies, but Steve doesn’t actually understand any of the scientific stuff.  She’s always hesitant to talk about her classes because she knows he won’t get it, but after a bit he convinces her to explain it to him since she clearly wants to.  After that, she’ll always tell him about fascinating labs and interesting facts that she learned.  He loves to hear her talk, even if every second of it goes over his head, because she’s so happy.
  • They’re not the most compatible when it comes to sleeping.  Nancy sleeps cold and wakes up early, and Steve is constantly overheating and could sleep until 1 PM every day if it weren’t for his alarm clock.  They like to complain about each other’s habit constantly, but it’s nothing more than bickering
  • When they go out drinking together at parties, it’s a complete mess.  Steve will get hammered within the first half hour, and want to stay for the rest of the night.  Nancy’s never as bad, but she has a tendency to get drunk and then refuse to admit it and try to take care of Steve.  It never ends well, and someone (read: Jonathan) always has to get them home at the end of the night.  
  • Steve loves cooking and baking and basically anything in the kitchen.  People usually think he’d be terrible at it and burn things to a crisp (and yeah, there are some fires towards the beginning) but over time it becomes his main hobby, and he becomes really good at it.  Nancy’s his official taster and always gives honest feedback about his recipes.  When she has lazy days, Nancy will sit in the kitchen and just watch him– he says that he always makes his best meals when she’s there.

me: ah, i know! i’ll pass the time on this public bus by playing some duel monsters on my phone! 

joey wheeler, at the top of his lungs: 

YU̻̮͎͈-͓̪̙̘̙̠ͅG̙̭͙̥͖̪͙I̘̬̩-̟̰̹̦͙O͖̝H̰̭̼!̠̞ D̮̥̙̼̟̗̩UE̳̻̤͚͇̯L͕̲ ̺͚̤̙͍̮̞LI̞̣͇̹͈͉̹NK̰̣̲̜̻͖S̺͎͕̪ͅ!̻̫̳!̝!̦̩̱̯!̣̥̠̤̞̪!!!!!