Hey WOT fandom, does anyone else randomly stop reading just to look at the map? And sometimes pinpoint where someone is? I love looking at the map, especially if I cannot remember were a city or town is.

In case you ever get lost

Maps Of Fantasy Lands

by DrForester · 2 months ago

Middle Earth - The Lord Of The Rings

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Arda* - The Lord Of The Rings

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*before shit went down

Narnia - The Chronicles of Narnia

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Land Of Oz

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The Ten Nations - The Wheel of Time

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Tamriel - The Elder Scrolls

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Greyhawk - Dungeons And Dragons

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Hogwarts - Harry Potter Series

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Alagaësia - The Inheritance Trilogy

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Neverland - Peter Pan

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Azeroth - The World Of Warcraft

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The Four Lands - The Magical World Of Shannara

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Westeros and Essos - A Song Of Ice And FIre (Game Of Thrones)

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October Book Photo Challenge (via just-one–more-page)

Day Two: Maps

I stole Dusty’s napping spot, so he insisted on being in the pictures. 



Made with much referring to Encyclopaedia WOT: a map of the Aes Sedai, focusing on various groups - embassies, Halls, travelling parties, captured parties, that sort of thing - because I couldn’t remember exactly who had belonged to which embassy.

(In Crossroads of Twilight, Samitsu arrives to complain to Cadsuane about Sashalle, and there’s also a Sarene in Cadsuane’s party, and there’s Seonid with Perrin, and goodness knows how many other Aes Sedai whose name begin with the letter ’S’, and I realised I was getting everyone confused. Why isn’t there a convenient “cast of characters” list in the glossary?)

It only covers up to the prologue of Knife of Dreams, because I’m still rereading that book. There’s room to squeeze a few more names, so I might update it later. (Also, I’ve already spotted one typo…)

I’ve no idea if it’s a usable reference for anyone else but having made it, I now have a much better grasp of who everyone is!

Hi-res versions: jpeg or bmp.

that one road trip au no one asked for

Words: 2002

Pairings: Kovntag

Rated: G

Summary: based off this anonymous message, adam’s car breaks down somewhere around texas. he’d say it was fate, since it caused him to run into lawrence, but he doesn’t believe in shit like that. 

the mile markers tick down like seconds in a stopwatch, giving adam a sort of timeline to set the way he loves lawrence to. 

the car breaks down three miles outside of the closest city. adam groans and thumps his head on the wheel, regrets his decisions.

he looks over the map three times before he decides there’s just no other way he’s gonna have to walk into the no-name texas town three miles away partly because he has no car insurance anymore (he was technically supposed to sell this car two weeks ago) and partly because he just doesn’t give a shit anymore.

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