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Happy Litha!

It’s Midsummer and some of you, caught up in the summer heat and endlessness, are planning rituals about love. You’re drinking teas, and hiding flowers under your pillows for dreams of your true love. And I want you to know that you deserve all the love in the world. You deserve a partner with more passion and grace for you than anyone has every shown you in your whole life. You deserve someone who feels endless.

But remember as you dream tonight, that you do deserve all these things, but even more than that you deserve to be your own truest love.

This Litha, I pray that I love myself.


Cybermen through out the years (1966-2013)

  • The Tenth Planet (1966)
  • Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)
  • The Wheel in Space (1968)
  • The Invasion (1968)
  • Revenge of the Cybermen (1975)
  • Earthshock (1982)
  • Attack of the Cybermen (1985)
  • Silver Nemesis (1988)
  • Rise of the Cybermen (2006)
  • Nightmare in silver (2013)

anonymous asked:

Do you have headcannons for Jon or anyone else seeing one of gendrys and aryas little arguments? Once they're all reunited

omygoodness i love your ask thank you so much for this! (btw my headcanon involves jon just meeting gendry for the first time)

  • arya and gendry causing a fuss at the great hall because apparently, arya was eating way too fast according to gendry
  • jon freaking out deep inside while acting all cool and chill cause a boy is arguing with his lil sis and he doesn’t know whether to punch gendry or to stop arya from killing him by the looks of it
  • “oh please gendry, it’s not like im gonna choke”
  • “yeah keep talking while you eat and you might soon enough”
  • sansa smirking at the two of them because gods, these two are trying so hard to act normal with each other when something else is clearly going on and it’s adorable
  • bran thinking, yes if arya doesn’t stop talking, she might actually choke with the speed that she’s devouring that chicken
  • and bran taking a good look at gendry and approving because, “Gendry would be good for Arya, as she is to him. I know this is true, I dreamed it
  • Lem laughing at their argument with a nudge at gendry’s side while saying,“You might actually steal kisses from a princess now!”
  • arya blushing and shouting at gendry with “you stupid bull i hate you! AND SHUT UP TOM”
  • rickon hearing the commotion and smiling to himself because gendry is so in love with her sister and even though he just reunited with her, he can see despite the death glares she’s sending gendry’s way that she loves him too
  • if the way that she looks at gendry like he’s the only one at the hall isn’t proof enough, he doesn’t know anymore
  • meanwhile, hot pie’s rolling his eyes because if these two idiots start kissing again after an argument he’s gonna lose it 
WIP Week: Oldest WIP: College AU

This is a Nine x Rose college AU that I think I’ve been working on off-and-on for about three years.  It is based on how Pumpkin and I met, and I really do want to write and finish it, if for no other reason than because I know it has a happy ending.

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Dipper wanted adventure, mystery and true friends 

And he got it :) 

Mabel wanted a boy who would love her and never leave her behind 

And she got it :)

Soos wanted to become Mr. Mystery 

And he got it :) 

Wendy wanted some excitement/action in her summer 

And she got it :) 

Pacifica wanted to not be like her family 

And she got it :)

Gideon, towards the end, wanted to become a better person 

And he got it :) 

Robbie wanted a girl who’d love him 

And he got it :) 

McGucket wanted to be good/useful to somebody 

And he got it :)

Ford wanted somebody to go on adventures with him

And he got it :)

And finally, Stan wanted to accomplish something great 

And he got it :)

And as you can all see, the Bill Cipher wheel characters had all gotten what they wanted :*)