What the hell is the Wheel of the Year?

Since it’s the holiday season, I thought it might be a good idea to post some things on witchy holidays- otherwise known as the Wheel of the Year. You know how witches love cycles- even our holidays form a circle!

What is the Wheel of the Year?

The Wheel of the Year is the cycle of 8 Sabbats (holidays) that are celebrated by many Pagans, Wiccans, and other witchy people throughout the year. 

Do you have to observe the Sabbats to be a witch?

Nope. Witchcraft is like Subway- build your craft the way you want to. Personally, I like celebrating the Sabbats because they have a lot to do with nature and that is a big part of my craft. If you’re a discreet witch, it may be a good idea to learn about some of these Sabbats so you can integrate them into the holidays people around you commonly celebrate. 

Alright, so what are the 8 Sabbats? (Dates are for Northern Hemisphere)

Yule- Winter Solstice

Yule AKA the Winter Solstice is from Dec 21 2016 to Jan 1 2017. (Ever heard 12 days of Christmas?) This is the peak of winter, so after Yule, we will slowly have more and more daylight. Get a ton of Yule ideas here.  Super great for discreet witches around Christmas time. 


Imbolc is celebrated on Feb 1 2017. As the days get warmer, we’re getting closer to Spring and saying farewell to Winter. Many pay tribute to the element of fire. This is very popular in Celtic paths. Imbolc ideas here.

Ostara- Spring Equinox 

Ostara AKA Spring Equinox is March 20 2017. Spring is officially here! This is when fertility is a big deal. (Easter eggs, anyone?) This is also the last time we will have equal night and day before summer starts and the days get longer. Ostara info here.


Beltane is celebrated on May 1st (my bday month) and Spring is in full swing. Beltane is also super duper about fertility as well, and hoping the crops are productive throughout the summer. A time for growth and change. Cool Beltane things here.

Litha - Summer Solstice

My favorite Sabbat, by far, is Litha which is on June 20 2017. This is the height of summer, where we have the most daylight we will have all year. Lots of celebrations of the Earth and the sun. Fun outdoor things for Litha here.


Lammas, or the Dog Days of summer, is August 1 2017. Definitely a preparation Sabbat. The next ones are about the harvest, and preparing for the winter cold. Lammas is about relaxing and enjoying the fruits and abundance of the summer season before it ends. Lammas things here. 

Mabon- Autumn Equinox

On September 22 2017, the autumnal equinox or Mabon is celebrated. We are beginning the fall season, and the focus becomes on thankfulness and abundance of the harvest. Like Ostara, we have equal hours of night and day before the night starts getting longer. Awesome fall/Mabon crafts here. 


Last, but not least, it’s time to get spooky! Samhain is Oct 31-Nov 1st. This is where fall begins to come to a close and winter creeps in. It is widely thought to be a time of connection with the dead. Many believe that the veil between our world and the next is thinned on this day. If all else fails, at least you can buy a lot of cool witchy things without looking weird. Like these. 

 Did you make it this far? Well not only are you super awesome, but now you know all the Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. Not going to bore you with more things. Feel free to ask any questions. 

Many blessings!- Kate

All I want to see in season 7B, or next weeks episode, is Daryl escaping the sanctuary and seeing Jesus sitting on his bike saying “hey babe… Hop on” and like Daryl’s like super uncomfortable but finally gives in. Then they ride off into the sunset, with Daryl’s arms wrapped around Jesus and everything is perfect and happy and -

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During major weather events, the local meteorologists can barely maintain their excitement. I finally peeled myself from the alarming weather forecasts a few hours ago, and am now watching the wind whip our Sequoia tree in the back yard. My eagle eyes have spied a few snowflakes, but supposedly, the predicted measurable amounts of frozen precipitation won’t start for another hour.

We returned home to Portland yesterday from Seattle – one deep freeze to another. The good news about our trip (actually, there was plenty to smile about in Seattle), was that we knew what to expect and packed appropriate winter garb. The sun came out for two days during our visit, and the Emerald City showed us her finest, all dressed up for the holiday.

If you’re staying downtown Seattle, you can get along well enough without a car, as long as you don’t mind walking miles a day. We stayed just two blocks from Pike Place Market, right above Pier 57. We went to the Market several times a day, walked down to the waterfront, and headed south to Pioneer Square. We opted not to walk to the Space Needle, Chihuly’s Glass House, and the Museum of Pop Culture (MOPOP), which meant that we enjoyed an uphill trek on Pine Street past hotels, boutiques, and department stores to catch the monorail.

Some of these pictures are my favorites from our trip. I posted two yesterday of the view from where we were staying. I may share a few more today, or maybe if it really starts snowing soon, you’ll get to see our neighborhood cloaked in white.

all right, so it is December 2016 and that means it is time to start thinking about 


so, given that next year will be the 10th anniversary of Robert Jordan’s death, and it’s been literal years since I read the series that was my foundational jumping off point for fandom, I’ve decided it’s time for a reread, and some folks have expressed interest in joining me. 

my plan is to make this a very casual thing. there’s not going to be any set pace or requirements or whatever. I might post commentary or thoughts or maybe even (!!) essays reflecting on the series as I go through it, but that’s not necessary at all. 

but please, feel free to join, or ask questions, or talk with your fellow fans - this is just a chance to jump back into the series with (maybe) new eyes. 

the tag I’m going to be using is #back to the wheel 2k17 because I can’t use simple tags. all welcome. even Darkfriends.

Arbitrary Card of the Day 12-8-16: Wheel of Fate

Today’s arbitrary card of the day is Wheel of Fate. Magic likes to reference powerful old cards all the time. Time Spiral had a cycle at rare that did this. Wheel of Fate is a callback to Wheel of Fortune. The same card was also referenced with miracle in Avacyn Restored as Reforge the Soul.

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