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I’m deadly serious – I loved The Bedlam Stacks even MORE than Watchmaker, if that’s possible. the same ‘here’s a weird, random period of history’ setting, the same ‘here are some really niche things you know nothing slash don’t care about’ plot, the same ‘here’s the quietest, sneakiest love story you’ve ever not noticed creeping up on you’ romance. but with more ADVENTURING. and PERIL. and a CAMEO from a certain CLAIRVOYANT, eh eh eh 

buuuuut it doesn’t come out until July, so to tide you over here are some lists for books in the same-ish vein: queer historical novels, queer fantasy (almost exclusively YA), and some non-YA, adult, classic novels

Hey Wheel of Time and Cosmere fandoms-

I have been kicked out of my parents’ home, and am in desperate need of cash to cover medical expenses, among everything else. (For example, I need $328 to cover the medication that allows me to function as an average human being.)

So if you want some fanfic written but you don’t want to write it yourself, here’s your opportunity. I will write anything you want me to, absolutely any fanfic based on either WoT or the Cosmere, at a penny a word. So $1 gets you 100+ words, $20 gets you 2000+ words, etc.

My PayPal email is avagracecash@gmail.com, message or email me to figure out details for the fanfic. Even $1 would be appreciated.

Thank you.


So I’ve been really, really, short on new fic in my main squeeze fandom, lately, which means I’ve been taking the opportunity to read more in my other fandoms! Will you look at that. And I figure they deserve some rec love, especially the small book ones. 

can you feel my past, can you find my future by honey_wheeler. A Song of Ice and Fire. Jeyne Westerling/Jon Snow. I wouldn’t have normally picked up a fic with this pairing - Jeyne/Robb is an OTP - but I was intrigued by the summary and I loved what this author ended up doing with the two of them, tied together in part by their grief. 

two wonders as one vow by impertinency. A Song of Ice and Fire. Robb Stark/Jeyne Westerling. A lovely little fic for these two. Beautiful and sweet and, knowing what’s coming, terribly sad.

A Walk in the Westwood by Port. Wheel of Time. Rand al’Thor & Mat Cauthon. Look, I’m a sentimental loser who wants all of the post-AMoL fic of Rand and people, and this was a very satisfying fic. Rand and Mat meeting up for a brief time, after everything.

And Tore the World Asunder by Devilc. Wheel of Time. Jahar Narishma. I’m always here for fic about minor Asha’man and I was delighted to find this one about Jahar Narishma (and Eben Hopwil). 

Dance With the Devil by Tedronai. Wheel of Time. WIP. Mazrim Taim/Logain Ablar. It’s imcomplete - missing a last chapter - but still!! All the Taim POV I didn’t get and would really have liked, and this fic really gets into his head and explores the tension between him and Logain and yeah, it’s very satisfying. Into it. (Worth noting I have a bunch of other fics queued up by this author to read, just haven’t gotten to them yet.)

The Sundered Sword by indecisive_lotus. Dragon Age: Origins. Cullen Rutherford. This is basically Cullen angst at Kinloch Hold, and it is quality Cullen angst.

Frame of Reference by DashingApostate. Dragon Age II. WIP. Anders/Fenris. This fic kicks off with the tropiest deageing premise ever but it is so good, okay, the characterization is delightful and Fenris especially is heartbreaking. 

Exit Light by Dragonflies_and_Katydids. Dragon Age: Inquisition. Cullen Rutherford/Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull. Another fic I might not have read without a specific recommendation, and boy am I glad I did read it. Because oh boy it’s good - Cullen during DAI, dealing with his lyrium addiction/withdrawal, being a fucking mess and finding a way to cope with it. With help. It’s great.

Fell White by misslonelyhearts. Dragon Age II. Cullen Rutherford. Cullen during Dragon Age II, trying to recover from Dragon Age: Origins, with middling success.

afraid of all that i’ve built by loveandthetruth. Dragon Age. Cullen Rutherford. Cullen in between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and some truly stellar character writing.

Redemption Merry-Go-Round by astolat. Lucifer. Dan Espinoza/Lucifer Morningstar/Chloe Decker. The best kind of threesome fic. And it’s hilarious.

Klytemnestra, in fragments by prozacpark. Greek Mythology. Elektra & Clytemnestra. Truly fantastic fic by an author who has written also some of my other favorite Greek mythology fic. Elektra POV (mostly) of the Oresteia, also with some interjections of Clytemnestra POV, and overall just a great portrait of both characters.

Becalmed by lightningwaltz. Greek Mythology. Iphigenia/Artemis. UGH THIS FIC IS INCREDIBLE, honestly I don’t really have more words than that. Based on the events of Iphigenia at Tauris, sort of, but it’s a lot more than that. Just. [handflaps] if you have feelings about women in mythology, read this.

This young war will war for years by dollsome. Merlin. Morgana/Morgause. Extremely creepy post-season three fic of Morgana trying to bring Morgause back to life. It’s dark, I like it. 

The coward does it with a kiss by dollsome. Merlin. Morgana Pendragon. This is the fic I’m trying to write, except done so well, about Morgana recovering from being poisoned with Morgause.

Lighthouse Maintenance by Tedronai. Doctrine of Labyrinths. Mildmay & Felix Harrowgate. Some nice post-Corambis brother time. Lord knows they need it.

Ephialtes by Harukami. Doctrine of Labyrinths. Felix Harrowgate/Malkar Gennadion. This is a great fic I literally just found today about Felix and Malkar and Felix struggling to escape Malkar’s orbit - flashbacks and flash-forwards. It’s well-written and perfectly characterized and I’m always here for more fic about Felix’s fucked up Malkar shaped problems.

I went to the used bookstore looking for Scientology books but I found something actually good, and I never came across this cover before

Also lets not talk about my compulsive need to buy every cover of Wheel of Time that exists

Lily the Pink: sneering at the ability of young people to engage with politics in a meaningful way.

Also Lily the Pink: can’t spell “have”