The Forsaken + Onion Headlines

Just to be clear this is @veliseraptor‘s fault. (Their’s are funnier anyways.)

(Art Seamas Gallagher and Ariel  Burgess, all from the WoT wiki’s)


It’s time for FORESHADOWING and GIFS. As soon as I knew this chapter was coming up I wanted to draw all the boys. I’m sure Min doesn’t have her viewings as pictograms but I like to imagine what if. I remember loving this sequence when I first read it, getting goosebumps at all these future hints, but in retrospect I wish some scenes weren’t foreshadowed. When you build up something for so long it can make it feel perfunctory when it actually happens.

There’s so much journey and heartache ahead for all these characters. I was flipping through A Memory of Light the other day and for all my waxing and waning interest in the series it was still emotional to see it all come to an end.

My brother looked up what Sony Pictures Television produces and it looks like they mostly do game shows, talk shows, and reality tv. Petition for the Wheel of Time series to be done in the style of a reality tv show because it would be the perfect way to depict the characters’ inner monologues. Imagine Nynaeve telling the confession cams that she doesn’t trust Moiraine. I’m joking but I’m also not.


In which Moiraine has a history lesson for angry villagers. Had some lighting fun in this, also hit the Procreate layer cap but it’s good to know I can get decent comic pages out of my iPad. There’s no text tool so y’all get my suspect handwriting though.

The lore-building in the early books was always some of my favourite content. I love that you could just feel the weight of the past and how the world had changed. Also heraldic eagles are pretty cool looking, you should go check ‘em out.