It’s done. Or, it’s a third done. What will be the first book of the Arram/Numair trilogy is done yet again. It’s a moose. 500 pages chockablock with teen mages, curious teachers, emperors and their heirs, gladiators, intrigue, and a bird. I’m gonna kick back and read books for a day or two before I try some short stories I owe. And there’s the next book to prep … .

Oh, and I still don’t have a title. But it’s done. For now.

My Korrasami Analyses Masterpost [Anon Requests]

I have received countless requests (meaning 80% of my messages) to create a masterpost for all of my Korrasami analyses. How can I say no? 

Here are all the analyses I have written thus far and as I write new ones, this post will be updated. I have also added this to my Main Page under “ Korrasami Analyses”. Enjoy! 

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