What’s in my Backpack: Everyday of Summer 2017

My Backpack was bought in 999 Mall in Divisoria. I bought the bag for Php. 250 only which is the reason why I bought it immediately; I ironed some patches on it and placed some pins on the front pocket. 

(closer look)

starting with the front pocket, I have 

  • my handy double mirror
  • an eos lip balm 
  • glasses cleaner (I wear glasses daily)
  • a usb 
  • scissors (never know when you might need it)
  • contact lenses
  • hand sanitizer, and 
  • my two favorite lippies (Nivea Pinkish Boost with SPF 15 and Skin Genie’s Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Tulip Red

inside the bag

  • My make-up bag
  • Wallet from Nine West
  • Pink pouch from Forever 21 (I use it for my earphones)
  • Pen Roller from filed
  • important documents (resume and forms)
  • Van Gogh mini-notebook
  • Muji B5 dotted notebook


This is my first ever ‘What’s in my school bag’ post and my last because I am going to graduate in a few months. I decided not to renew all my school supplies. It wouldn’t make sense since I approximately only have 3 months of school left and then exams start.


*some items may be non vegan and from non cruelty free brands. I’m transitioning and still have stuff I bought a year or longer ago. I’m using them up since throwing them away would be a waste*

  1. BAGS I have 2 bags for school. I use the black one from H&M when I do not have to carry a lot of stuff and my Kanken when I have to bring heavy text books.
  2. PLANNER  I decided not to buy a new planner because - like I mentioned before- I only have 3 months left and it would be a waste of paper. I am going to use my Bullet Journal instead.
  3. BOOK I always bring something to read because sometimes i have some spare time during the day.
  4. GUM I keep them in this little tin box from Nanu Nana
  5. Formulary I always have this with me. It is very handy especially if you want to look up a formula you’ve already forgotten about.
  6. TISSUES I never leave the house without them. NEVER. I usually put 3 packs of them in my bag. 
  8. WATER
  9. UMBRELLA I ALWAYS carry an umbrella with me. In the winter and summer time.
  12. LINT ROLLER I usually only wear dark/black clothing and every cat owner knows the struggle with cat hairs. I ALWAYS have cat hair on my clothes no matter how much I use the roller. The struggle is real.
  13. COIN PURSE Recently I started taking some change with me because I often have no time to make breakfast. And sometimes,out of the blue, teachers decide to collect money for copies.
  14. FOLDERS I have a folder for every subject because I use loose paper instead of exercise books
  15. BINDER Every year I costumize a binder or folder where I keep my paper in. 


  1. permanent marker
  2. white out
  3. black pen
  4. a black pen for transparent sheets (don’t know if there is word for them in Engish)
  5. black gel pens 
  6. fountain pen by Pelikan
  7. ruler from Nanu Nana
  8. 3 regular pencils and a mechanical one by BiC
  9. 1 fineliner (orange) and 2 felt tips (black and red) by Stabilo
  10. glue stick
  11. lead 
  12. USB
  13. chap stick by Bee Natural in the flavour pomegranate
  14. black ink
  15. I forgot to label this: a -of course- black eraser


  1. highlighters pastel (Faber Castell) neon (Pelikan)
  2. flashcards
  3. paint brush art is one of my main subjects and I always have a paint brush with me because those in school are of bad quality and I really dislike using them. And I never know when I will be needing one.
  4. protractor


  1. pads and tampons ALWAYS carry either one of them with you even if you are not on your period. I saved the lives of my friends multiple times. Your friends (and you) will be thankful.
  2.   valerian-, carsickness tablets & painkillers
  3. bobby pins
  4. mini comb
  5. hand sanitizer
  6. scrunchie
  7. I accidentally labelled the handsanitizer twice. Oops
  8. mouthwash
  9. forgot this number completely  sorry😅
  10. oil control sheets
  11. powder
  12. concealer
  13. Victoria’s Secret bodyspray in Coconut Passion 
  14. lipliner by Essence in the color 05 Soft Berry

Lastly I wanted to talk about my binder/folder. I printed pics out (hooray for shitty printers) and glued them to my folder.(obviously) I keep loose checkered and lined paper in there, sheet protectors in which I put my notes in afterwards. I also made this DIY where I put paper in sheet protectors for note taking. I don’t know about you guys but I hate having to erase all the pencil from  my notes when I  rewrite them. With this method I can  rewrite my notes without all that erasing.

This turned out to be a long post but I hope this is helpful for those who want some inspo or do not know what to pack in their bags. And I hope this is enjoyable for those who like posts like this.


|| What’s in my bag ||

So, here are my essentials for day to day life in clinical year:

Books: I try to bring small, concise reference guides that I can quickly read between cases. Saves me from scrambling through notes and textbooks if I quickly need to check something. Plus they are handy for creating ddx lists!

Laptop: I always bring my laptop for research, access to VIN, (Tumblr) etc etc. 

Nurses Pouch: See my previous post on what I carry with me at all times whilst in the hospital.

Spare name badge: My name badge has a habit of getting lost or left on yesterday’s scrub top, so keeping one in my bag ensures that the clinicians can remain comfortable whilst they forget my name ;)

Spare scrubs: Depending on what rotation I am on, I keep a spare set of scrubs or overalls in my bag or locker just in case I get blood/poo/wee/god-knows-what-else on me.

Makeup: You know those days where you have had zero sleep, you feel gross and everything is going wrong? I always keep some concealer, mascara and a brow kit in my bag to spruce myself up during the day. I know it seems superficial, but it makes me feel better when I am on the verge of tears for getting drilled for the fifth time that day on a topics that my knowledge isn’t strong in. 

Travel Coffee Mug: Do I really need to explain why?

Phone charger: Your phone can be handy to quickly google on the run, call your mum to have a cry or watch some cute cat videos to destress at lunch (if you have time to have lunch). If your phone is like mine and likes to die half way through the day, then keep a charger handy!

Deodorant and Perfume: Maybe you have been running your patient all over the hospital or you got anal glanded on or you just can’t work out where THAT smell is coming from, make yourself smell nice for your clinicians and clients!

Spare change: For the all important dash to the coffee van/vending machine/chocolate fundraising box! All essential fuels for a vet student on the run.

Planner: My life is ridiculously hectic so keeping a planner helps me stay organised. When your schedule changes every 1-2 weeks, it is handy to know where I need to be and when.

Also, not pictured here, I bring a delicious lunch and snacks to keep me fueled throughout the day. Tea and coffee also tag along too. 

What are your quintessential items that you carry with you to vet school each day?