Most students spend 40 hours a week at the hell-hole we call school, yet somehow, people show up with only their phones and a charger. If you find it hard to pack your bag on the weekends, you can follow this guideline to make it a little easier (customize it if you want!).

(What I carry with my everyday >_<)

  • BOOKS: explanatory. you can’t go to school to stare at your professor all day.
  • FOLDER:  to keep blank paper, lined paper, graph paper, any hand-outs given by the teacher, or assignments.
  • STATIONERY: make sure you have black and blue ink pens, a mechnical and wooden pencil, highlighter, scissors and glue stick, whiteout, and fancy coloured pens for your journal ;)
  • CALCULATOR: even if you don’t do STEM subjects, its always gonna be helpful.
  • UMBRELLA & SWEATER: the weather is noone’s friend! Invest in a small light-weight umbrella and you won’t be sorry!
  • WATER:  Stay hydrated kids!
  • JOURNAL/PLANNER: Stay organized kids! And, like the exemplary student i am, I spend free sessions doodling in my journal, so its essential for me.
  • ELECTRONICS: I’m not allowed to bring devices to my school (government rules) but a tablet, laptop, or phone might be essential for you guys so make sure to tick it off your list alONG WITH A CHARGER AND EARPHONES!!

Now here’s some essentials for all my lady friends:

  • WIPES/RAG: for makeup, for sweat, for tears(lets be honest, every time i get another assignment i sob)
  • MIRROR: for touchups
  • HAIR BANDS/PINS: for flyaways, or hairstyles that fails us and fall apart during the middle of the day (im looking at you floppy messy bun!)
  • LOTION: for classes in AC
  • SANITIZER/TISSUES: for trips to the bathroom
  • LIP GLOSS/BALM: lip gloss isn’t as essential I just like how it looks on me, but chapped lips are the worse.
  • NEEDLE & THREAD: for emergencies, I always go with black thread.
  • PERFUME: my scent is D&G #13 and sweet smelling purfume improves my moood by 95%
  • SUNSCREEN: my school has random general meetings where we stand up in the sun, and i’m not about that burnt skin.

Okay that’s it for this post, Love you Studyblr Community!

-remember to comment what i forgot to add on the list or what you bring!


This week I decided to give notebook-making a break and instead extend my previous photo documentation of bookbinding and everyday essentials into a ‘serlf-portrait’ series. The photos look at items and accessories I naturally find myself pairing together in day-to-day use. And draws attention to similarities between items in materials, colours, and moods.

I’m thinking of further exploring these series of photos by including things like.. meals I usually cook for myself for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Or items I associate with work juxtaposing with items I associate with play. 

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